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Quaker Lane Community News and Local Gossip

 Quaker Lane
(Located first crossroad south of McNabb, where the Friends Meeting House is located)

Henry Republican, Henry IL, May 31, 1883
Quaker Lane
Louis Mills, son of Joseph Mills is at home. He does not think Dakota the best place in this little world. He expects to go to Decatur, work in the law office with his uncles Ike and Andrew.
Louis I. Beck is lying very sick but we hope his disease will be of short duration and that he will soon be about.
Frank Griffith expects to start back to Montana soon. He says that territory is far ahead of old Illinois in respect to climate. All we have to say is, if it isn't it had better be sunk.
The tile factory is now running by steam power. The boys say it is far ahead of horse power. They finished brningg their second kiln last Sunday evening at 6 o'clock. They are meeting with good success. Many good judges have been to see the clay and tile and pronounce them first class.
Mason Wilson had a cow killed by lightning last week and the insurance company will have to "pony up."
Miss Emma Barnaby is visiting friends here.
Several farmers are nearly ready to take the regular review in corn planting. Strange some will never learn that haste makes waste.
J. L. Mills has gone to Indiana to attend quarterly meeting. J. L's girls have a new organ and expect to take lessons in clawing the ivory.

The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, June 14, 1883
Quaker Lane
Corn is backward and the fields are getting pretty green.
He came to the home of W. B. Mills, June 5th, and he stays with him till June 5, 1904, he will be 21 years of age. He has no name and no teeth and all he can say is "wah-wah-wah," and W. B. answers him with "Humpty dumty, tra-la-la" and then the little fellow sinks into a quiet sleep and dreams about how he will arrange things when he gets to work in the tile factory.
Notwithstanding the extreme bad weather last Sunday, quite a number of friends responded to the invitation to the silver wedding at Henry Atherton's.
Will Griffith and wife are here on a visit.
Ice cream was served at F.K. Smith's last Saturday afternoon.
Center school has closed after a year of successful work. Miss Jennie L. Wood, who has had charge of the school will not go to see her friends in Ohio. She is a thorough teacher and a valuable member of society. She has given general satisfaction and the pupils as well as parents, hope to see her in charge of the school again next year.

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