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Randolph County Illinois
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1835 Census of Pensioners


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Rank, Name, Description of service, Commencement of pension, remarks

Invalid Pensioners

Pvt Julian Bart, ILL Militia, 01 Sep 1815, trans from VA

Pvt David Hoar, 31 US Inf, 04 Jun 1816, trans from MA & OH

Pvt William Henley, Dy'er's Reg of Mil, 28 Apr 1815, trans from W TN

Pvt Armistead Jone, ILL Militia, 09 Jan 1834, ----

Pvt William Lippencott, 2nd US Inf, 10 Jul 1815, trans from NY

Pvt William Lane, TN Vol, 27 Jan 1823, ----

Assistant Forage Muster Eli Short, KY Vol, US Service, 30 Mar 1814, trans from KY

Heirs of NCO and Privates who died in service

Pvt Ephraim Carpenter, 24th Reg Inf, died Mar 1814, heir--William Carpenter, began 13 Mar 1821


Pensioners under the act of Congress 18 Mar 1818

Pvt & FM Charles McNabb, MD Cont'l, 27 Jun 1818, died 01 Feb 1822

Pvt George Stamm, MD Cont'l, 28 Apr 1819, ----


Pensioners under the act of Congress 15 May 1828

Capt John Edgar, US Navy, 03 Mar 1826, represenative was Atty EK Kane, admitted by special act, died 19 Dec 1830


Pensioners under the act of Congress 07 Jun 1832

Pvt William Fowler, SC Militia, 04 Mar 1831 age 69

Pvt Paul Harrolson, SC Militia, 04 Mar 1831, age 73

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