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Randolph County Illinois
Genealogy and History


Black Hawk War, 1832

3rd Regiment, 3rd Brigade ILL Mounted


Capt Briggs, Josiah S.



1st Lt Morrison, John


2nd Lt Thompson, John Left at Winnebago with Col. Sharp and by him ordered to Galena, horse lost.
1st Sgt Mann, Robert  
2nd Sgt Jones, Francis S.  
3rd Sgt Alcorn, John  
4th Sgt Harman, James  
1st Cpl McFarlin, Andrew Horse lost.
2nd Cpl McFarlin, John Horse lost.
3rd Cpl Bradley, Richard Horse lost, discharged at Winnebago on July 15th.
4th Cpl Hathorn, Samuel Horse lost.
Anderson, David Supposed to be discharged at Cosconong.
Anderson, Thomas  
Barbour, James Left to attend to Samuel Barbour, sick at Winnebago.
Batman, James Horse lost on forced march on August 1st.
Brown, Samuel  
Burns, Samuel  
Caldwell, Robert Sick, left at Prairie Du Chien.
Campbell, Alexander Furnished William Harper Substitute. Transferred to Capt. Lindsey’s Company, by General Order dated July 25th.
Campbell, Samuel Sick
Christie, Eneas Left at Winnebago with Col. Sharp on detached service.
Clendinen, William S. Horse lost.
Crawford, Samuel Sick, left at Prairie Du Chien.
Galbreath, John R.  
Harr, Sanford  
Hathorn, John Promoted Sgt. Major on June 21st.
Huey, John C.  
Hughes, John M.  
Jernigan, Bryant B.  
Jones, Moses  
Kilpatrick, Isaac A. Sick, left at Fort Hamilton.
Laird, John  
Lee, James F.  
Lee, John  
Lee, Thomas  
Lively, James  
Lively, Joseph Horse lost.
Maxwell, Samuel Left to attend to sick at Prairie Du. Chien.
McDill, Samuel  
McHenry, John  
Morgan, Hiram Left to attend to sick at Prairie Du Chien.
Murphy, David  
Oliver, Duritt Sick, left at Blue Mounds.
Patterson, James H. Sick, left at Prairie Du Chien.
Pettitt, Samuel  
Robinson, Richard Horse lost.
Sadler, Benjamin  
Sheets, Firman Horse lost.
Short, Thomas Killed in battle, July 21st 1832.
Smith, Francis  
Swanwick, Francis Left to attend to sick at Prairie Du Chien.
Thomerson, George  
White, John Wounded in battle August 2nd, left at Prairie Du Chien.
Woods, John  

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