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Randolph County Illinois
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Note: These are extractions, not complete transcriptions, except where noted.
If anyone would care to transcribe the originals to replace these extractions, we would be VERY grateful!

Samuel B. Adams

Adams, Samuel B was born 13 Sep 1815. In Jun 1849 he married Candace Owen the d/o Levi. She was born in RC in 1825. Their children were: Eliza Jane, Andrew C, Levi K and John Q. Samuel's father was John who came to RC in 1820 probably from KY and settled in Sec 20 T4 R7. He had married Jane Carson who lived near King's Mt in NC, she died in Jul 1847. They had 9 children. The Adam's family came from Ireland to NC about 1804 then moved on to KY. (1875)

John R. Allen
Allen, John R was born 21 May 1839 in RC. During the CW he was in Co I 22nd IL Inf, In Sep 1863 he was shot in the leg losing it. He was taken as a POW and was exchanged in Oct 1863. Upon returning to RC he opened a store in Sparta. On the 29 Apr 1864 he married Mary C McClinton the d/o Samuel. Their child was CF. John's father was Andrew M born in 1810 in Preble Co, OH, He came to RC in 1816 and died 05 Jul 1845. Andrew was a tanner. John's mother died in 1826. John also had a brother named William. John's grandparents were John (b NJ) and Sarah (Allen) Allen (b SC). They were married in Jefferson Co, GA then moved to OH>RC. John's great grandfather was Robert who came from England to NJ before the Rev War. He was a ship owner. (1894)

George B. Allison
Allison, George B was born 10 Mar 1862 in Marion Co, MO. He was the Post Master and a lawyer in Chester. On 08 Sep 1886 he married Flora Gant the d/o Robert & Kate. Their children were: Maggie M, Robert G and William E. George's father was Ebenezer who was born in Fifeshire Scotland. He married in 1856 in Scotland to Margaret (Gow) who was born in Perthshire Scotland. Her parents were William and Elizabeth (in 1894 she was still alive at age 101) Ebenezer and Margaret came to the US not long after they married to Rochester, NY. In 1859 the family moved to Rolla, MO where Ebenezer fought for the Union Side in the CW. In 1866 the family came to Chester. They had 7 sons and one daughter. In 1894 William G, George B, Ebenezer, Alex G and David were still living. Ebenezer Sr died in Mar 1886 in RC. (1894)

Henry J. Armbruester
Armbruester, Henry J was a doctor in Steeleville. He was born 04 Mar 1857 in St Louis, MO. He married on 17 May 1883 to Louise W Stahlberg the d/o Charles and Lousia (Long).. Henry had one child named Charles A. Henry's parents were Henry, an architect born in Germany, and Louise (Unfried) also of Germany. Henry had 10 brothers and sisters. (1894)

Max Azmann
Azmann, Max was a doctor in Chester. He was born in Chester on 26 Mar 1865. His father was F WAzmann, born in Germany and came to Chester in 1858. He was also a doctor. He died 05 Aug 1880. His mother was Lucy Propst, who was born in Germany and died 12 Oct 1887 in Chester. Max had 10 siblings. (1894)

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