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Randolph County Illinois
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John T. McBride
Few counties possess a set of officials so popular as those of Randolph. The persons who fill the County offices, beside being men of honor and integrity, are gentlemen, whose social feelings and generous instincts have won them a warm place in the affections of the people of the County. None will gainsay that this is true of John T. McBride, who is now serving his first term as County Clerk, and who had previously filled for two terms the office of Sheriff, and for a like period of time the position of Treasurer and Assessor.
The family, with which Mr. McBride is connected by descent, is one of the oldest in Randolph County outside the descendants of the early French settlers. On his father's side he is of Scotch-Irish blood. His grandfather was born and raised in the north of Ireland, whence he emigrated to America, and settled in South Carolina. He had previously been married in Ireland. His family was made up of several children, of whom the youngest was William McBride, the father of John T. McBride. William McBride was born in South Carolina about the year 1784, and there received a moderate education, and there also he afterward married. About 1804 the family, including Mr. McBride's grandfather, whose name was also William McBride, emigrated to Illinois The journey from South Carolina was made by wagon, and the family settled at first a few miles south of the present town of Baldwin. There were at that time only a comparatively small number of American families in the territory embraced in Randolph County, by far the larger proportion of the early settlers being of French origin. After a residence of some years south of Baldwin, the family moved to the west side of the Kaskaskia river, and located on Section thirty, of Township four, Range eight. William McBride, the grandfather, is spoken of as a valuable constituent of the Irish settlement. His life was one of industry, and he lived in a manner which rendered him a favorite in the community. Though somewhat advanced in years on coming to Illinois, he endured well the hardships of western pioneer life and died in 1818. William McBride, the father was also a man of considerable standing in the community. He was Captain of a militia company in 1813.
On the death of his first wife, whom he had married in South Carolina, William McBride was the second time united in the bonds of matrimony, to Miss Eliza Nelson. She was the mother of John T. McBride. The Nelson family is of English origin. They settled at an early date in America, in the old Abbeville district of South Carolina, and some of the members of the family participated in the Revolutionary war. William McBride had ten children, and equal number of boys and girls, and of these three boys and four girls are living at the time of this writing. John T. McBride was the youngest of the boys, and next to the youngest child, having only a sister younger than himself. He was born on the place of the early settlement of the family, Section thirty, of Township four-eight, within one hundred yards of the Monroe County line. The date of his birth was the fifth of October, 1838. His father owned a farm, and Mr. McBride was brought up as a farmer. The schools in the neighborhood were of an average character, and in these he received the principal part of his education, supplementing, however, the instruction he received at school with subsequent careful reading and study.
In the year 1856 his father died. Mr. McBride was then a young man of eighteen, and he remained on the farm, and attended to its management, his older brothers with one exception having married and moved away. He was still on the homestead farm at the time of his marriage, which was celebrated on the twenty-first of April, 1859. The bride was Miss Mary Wilson, whose father was one of the early residents of Randolph County. Gilbert Wilson was a man of original character. Among his traits was a peculiar fondness for hunting, which he followed with great zeal and much success. The last wild horse killed in Randolph County fell from a shop of Gilbert Wilson's rifle. After his marriage Mr. McBride retained possession of the old homestead where he continued to farm, though the succeeding fall he was so afflicted with rheumatism that he was unable to engage in active employment. His wife died in December 1861.
In the fall of 1860 Mr. McBride had been elected Assessor and Treasurer for Randolph County. This position he filled for two terms of two years each, and in the discharge of its duties he acquitted himself with credit. At the fall election of 1864, Mr. McBride's name was presented as a candidate for the office of Sheriff, to which he was elected. By the provisions of the old constitution, Mr. McBride was ineligible to serve a second term immediately succeeding the first, but in 1868 he was again a candidate, and was again chosen to the position, which he ably filled for the term of two additional years. His term of office expired in 1871, and this and the following year, were devoted to his own business affairs. At the fall elections of 1873 Mr. McBride was chosen County Clerk for the term of four years, the office with whose duties he is a present occupied. His majority of over fifteen hundred is sufficient evidence of his popularity throughout the county, and of the esteem in which he is held as an efficient and faithful public officer.
Mr. McBride's second marriage took place on the fourth of March, 1873. Mary C. Smith was the former name of his wife. She was born and raised in Chester, and was the daughter of the late Davis Smith. Mrs. McBride's family was originally from Tennessee. Mr. McBride has two children, one by his first , and one by his second wife.
Mr. McBride has been a steadfast Democrat in politics, and has always taken an active interest in public affairs. His honesty and integrity of character form the basis of his popularity. He is a man who never betrayed a trust. He has been loyal to the interests of the County, to his party, and to every confidence reposed in him. For two terms he was Mayor of the City of Chester, and few citizens of the County have enjoyed higher marks of the popular esteem. ["An illustrated historical atlas map of Randolph County, Ills. : carefully compiled from personal examinations and surveys". (1875) - tr. By Stephanie Thornton]

James V. McClenahan
McClenahan/McClanahan, James V, The RC McClenahan's originated in Scotland. They went to Ireland, and then VA. In 1796 they came to Ste. Genevieve Co., Mo., and one of the sons settled in RC about 1870. He was James V. McClenahan b. 1842 Ste. Genevieve Co., Mo., and married Marie Clementine Dufour. They lived in Prairie du Rocher, Randolph C., IL., and their children were - Sarah Lucille, Francis Vandorn, Mary Felicity, Elias, Julius, Aluna Vina, William S. and Emma. James and Clementine are buried in St. Joseph's Cemetery in Prairie du Rocher, as well as many of the children and their spouses. [Submitted by Ghursey]

Matthew McClurken
McClurken, Matthew was born 26 Aug 1823 in Sparta. His first wife was Catherine Peep, their child was Emma. His second wife was Rosa Gaston, their children were: Mary, James and Clara. Matthew's father was James born in SC and married Susan Leaper (born in KY d/o John), they married in OH. In 1818 the family moved to RC and in 1820 to Sparta. In Sparta James opened a cotton gin and Castor oil factory. James died 08 Jan 1854 in Sparta. His children were Florence, James, Thomas (CW Maj of 33 IL Inf, killed at Bellmont, MO), Jane, Samuel (d in St Louis), Sarah ( d c 1860) and Matthew. Matthew's grandfather was Matthew from Ireland and he served during the Rev War. During the battle of Bunker Hill he was wounded. He first settled in SC before moving to Preble Co, OH where he died. (1875)

David McConachie
McConachie, David lived in Sparta. He was born 11 Feb 1834 in Ireland. On 22 Apr 1862 he married Eliza Foster the d/o AP and Mary (Crawford). She was born in RC. Her grandparents were James and Ann (Morrow) Foster. David's children were: Larcros G, William E and Mary V. David's father was also named David. He was born in Co Antrium, Ireland in 1800. He came to the US in 1848 via New Orleans and died in 1885 in Sparta. His wife was Violet Hunter. David and Violets children were: John H, David, Violet H, Robert C, Eliza Jane, William A, Jennie, Alex, Ann, Thomas and James. David Sr's second marriage was to Mrs Eliza Holliday in 1881. She died in Apr 1893. (1894)

William K. McDill
McDill, William K was born in SC in 1797 near the City of Columbia. He came to RC T4R5 in 1818 with his parents. His father, John was from Ireland and fought in the Rev War. He died in 1824. His mother was Jane Bell who died in SC. William married Janett Munford in 1823. Their children were: John and James (both of Sparta and in the CW), Robert, Janette, Mary (d 1849), Thomas and Margaret. William K died 12 May 1839, his wife died in 1865. (1875)

John R. McFie
McFie, John R was born in Scotland and was a lawyer. His parents were John and Elizabeth (Borland) McFie. They married in Ireland, having 7 children born there. They came to the US in 1845. John Sr married again and had the following children: John R and William. John R was in Co E 30th IL. John Sr was a teacher. (1875)

Eliha B. McGuire
McGuire, Eliha B was the mayor of Sparta and a Banker. He was born in Washington Co, IL in 1844. His father was Henry L, born in 1805 in Chester Dist, SC. In 1866 the family moved to Sparta. Henry died in 1875. Henry's first marriage was to Eliza Campbell, who died in 1837. Their children were: Jane Matilda, Nancy T and Eliza (died by 1894). Henry's second marriage was to Mary Lyons. She was born in Co Antrim, Ireland 01 Aug 1803 and came to the US in 1805. Her father was named James. Mary died 26 Sep 1893. She and Henry had 6 children, but by 1984 only Eliha and John were still living. Eliha's grandfather was John, born in Ireland and came to SC. He was a soldier in the War of 1812. (1894)

Daniel McIntyre
McIntyre, Daniel was from Scotland. He came with his father John to the US in 1839. In 1840 the rest of the family came to RC and they settled in T4 R6. Daniel married Elizabeth Edmiston the d/o John. Daniel's siblings were: John, Thomas and a sister. (1875)

Daniel R. McMaster
McMaster, Daniel R was born in RC T4 R6 on 14 Aug 1835. His first wife was Anna Colwell which he married in 1864. Anna was born in Ireland and died 27 Sep 1871. She and Daniel had 3 children. Daniel's second wife was Mattie Fulton the d/o of David. Daniel's father was James, who came to RC in 1831, he was married to Mary Wright of SC. Their children were: Daniel R, John R, James, Jane and one other daughter. Daughters Nancy and Mary both died before 1875. Daniel's grandfather was also a James, who came to SC c 1776 from N Ireland. He had two brothers who were in the Rev War. One was hung by Tories and the other starved to death on a British prison ship. His children were: James, Hugh (d young) and two daughters. The McMaster family originated in Scotland then moved to N Ireland before coming to the US. (1875)

John McMillan

McMillan, John 1789-1857 was born at sea on a voyage from Ireland to SC. One of 12 children, he was raised at Land's Ford in Chester Co, SC. He married Eliza Hemphill of SC in 1812 and brought his family to RC in 1818, settling near Eden. His farm was illustrated in the 1875 RC Atlas under his son's name, William H McMillan. His other children included: Jane, Robert H, Mary Nancy, Margaret E, Eliza Ann, Hannah Alice, and Eleanor. He was a money lender and active in politics and the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. (1875) [Submitted by Rob Livingston]

John C. McQuiston
McQuiston, John C was born 20 May 1825 in Elkton, KY. He was the city clerk of Sparta. He married Rebecca McNabney and they had children: James W and Edmund E. John later owned the Broadway Hotel. John's father was James McQuiston born in Chester Dist of SC. He married in KY to Elizabeth Cunningham. Their children were: John C, Eliza, Martha, Mary, and James W (to MO). John's grandfather was William born in Ireland and he came to the US in the 1770's. He married Jane Chestnut from KY. They moved to OH in 1830 then came to RC in 1839. Their children were: William and James. William Sr died in SC. (1875)


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