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Randolph County Illinois
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Note: These are extractions, not complete transcriptions, except where noted.
If anyone would care to transcribe the originals to replace these extractions, we would be VERY grateful!

Henry O'Harra
O'Harra, Henry was born in Frederick Co, MD on 18 Jul 1806. Henry Jr married in Oct 1829 to Lucretia Mudd. They had 11 children: in 1875 Margaret, Sarah, Helena, Amelia and Thomas B were living. His parents were Henry and Margaret (Brown) who were both born in MD. They had 10 children. In 1811 they moved the family to Nelson Co, KY. In 1818 they moved to RC where O'Harra settlement was on Walnut Ridge southwest of Ruma. Henry Jr's grandfather was also named Henry and he was born in Frederick So, MD. He also married in MD and had 6 children. (1875 & 94)

David Ohlwine
Ohlwine, David was born in Montgomery Co, OH 15 Dec 1815. He came to RC in 1839 settling near Red Bud. On 14 Sep 1837 he married Charlotte Taylor. She was born in Greene Co, OH. They had one child born in OH but it died shortly after the family moved to RC. They had 11 children: Clementine, Walter, George, James, Franklin and Cora were still living in 1875. David's father was Charles who was born in MD. Charles' parents died when he was young and he lived with a tanner. Charles married Elizabeth Schrieter who was also orphaned very young. They moved from MD to Warren Co, OH and in 1817 to the village of Yellow Springs, OH. (1875)


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