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Randolph County Illinois
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Note: These are extractions, not complete transcriptions, except where noted.
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Reuben L. Patterson
Patterson, Reuben L was born 26 Apr 1814 in Preston. He studied at Oxford for a while and then became a doctor, which he gave up for farming. He married Alethe McNulty and they had 10 children: James H, Lewis H, John C (to MO), Samuel W, Rueben L and Aletha J. His father was James Patterson born in SC. James came to RC in 1800 and served as a Ranger. He first married a Miss Boggs in SC, she died in RC. He then married Bethiah Lacy the d/o Col. Lacy. Reuben's grandfather was from Ireland and fought in the Rev War. (1875)

Capt. Jonathon Penrod
Penrod, Capt Jonathon was born 07 Jun 1810 in Lancaster, PA. At the age of 15 he began his career on a steamboat. His parents were Samuel and Jane (Kimmel) Penrod having 11 children. They came from PA to Union Co, IL and settled near Jonesboro. Samuel died when Jonathon was 6 or 8 y/o. So Jonathon went to RC to live with Henry Will. Jonathon married Mary A Anderson of Baltimore. She died Sep 1869. Jonathon died at Rall's Ridge on 25 Aug 1875. (1875) Pillars, James Francis was born in KY. He came to RC in 1795 from Jefferson Co, KY, and settled near Ellis Grove. He served in the Rev with the Jefferson Co militia. He married a Mrs Martha Hughs (whose first husband was Hughes). Their sons were: John (1786-1852), Richard (abt 1791-1844), Elizabeth (abt 1788-1847) and Sarah. According to a bio there was a daughter named Mary but this may have been one of the other girl or a child who died very young. James also lived in Ste. Genevieve County Missouri, returning to Randolph County around 1825, where he died on 17 May 1834. His wife Martha died there in 1837. (1894) [added to, by Carolyn Pillers Dobler]

William Phegley
William Phegley was born in Spencer County, Kentucky, April the twenty-fifth, 1818. His grandfather, Simon Phegley, emigrated from Pennsylvania to Kentucky at an early date, and Abraham Phegley, the father of William Phegley, was born in the latter state about the year 1796, and there also married Susan Smith.  In 1833 Abraham Phegley, moved with his family to Randolph County, and located in Township 5, Range 8, about four miles west of Evansville. There were six children by the marriage mentioned above, and William was the oldest. He was about fifteen on coming to Illinois. His father died in January, 1848. Mr. Phegley was married  in 1844, to Hannah Mudd, the daughter of James and Amelia Mudd. Mrs. Phegley was born in Randolph County, April 28, 1825. In March, 1845, Mr. Phegley moved on the lace which he now owns and occupies. The first one hundred and forty acres of land he bought for three hundred dollars. He now owns about five hundred acres of land and is one of the best farmers in his section of country. . [Source: "An illustrated historical atlas map of Randolph County, Ills. : carefully compiled from personal examinations and surveys". (1875) - Tr. by Stephanie Thornton]

John B. Pillers
Pillers (Pillars), John B (27 Jul 1786-11 Jan 1852) came to Randolph County in about 1795 with his family (see James Francis Pillars). He married Margaret Gaston on 25 Nov 1809. They raised 6 daughters and 1 son to maturity: Ann (12/25/1810-3/24/1888) married Abraham Harmon; Sarah (11/12/1812-7/20/1900) married James Thompson Jr, then Samuel B. Crozier, then Samuel Alexander Mann; Catherine (6/12/1814, abt 1840) married Calvin Elsey; Jane (6/10/1816-2/10/1892) married John Douglas; Margaret (4/28/1825-2/15/1869) married John H. McCarty; Mary (b. 3/6/1827) married first Jonathan Pettit, then Dr. John Glen; and Peter Wylie B. (7/21/1832-4/5/1886) married Jane Wilson. Two sons, James H. (b. 12/24/1817) and John W. (4/21/1820) died in infancy. John Pillers was the first settler in Blair. He purchased 320 acres from the government on 4/21/1815 for $2 an acre; although shortly thereafter he sold a portion of this land. He remained on this land until his death. John Pillers served in the Illinois Territorial militia and the Randolph County militia, where he eventually became a major. (1875) [Submitted by Carolyn Pillers Dobler]

John Pinkerton
Pinkerton, John was born 21 Feb 1811 in SC. He married Dovey Hughey in TN. John arrived in RC in 1844 and his wife died the folowing year. They had four children: James M, William H, Luther (to KS) and Isaac (to CA in 1852). In 1846 he married Mary McKane the d/o James. Their children were Minerva and Sarah. John's father was John, born in SC and married to Sarah Gilmore. They had 6 children in SC before moving to Lincoln Co, Tn were they had 5 more. Sarah died in TN in 1831. John Sr moved on to MS in 1844 before finally moving to TX with his daughter Sarah, were he died. John Jr's grandfather was James, a sea captain. He was a Rev War soldier and teacher in SC and TN. He died at the age of 82 in TN. (1875)

Dr. J. T. Pollack
Dr. Pollock, one of the old established and popular physicians of Randolph County, began practice in the year 1855. He is a native of the County, having been born at Sparta, in September, 1829. His family, both on his father's and mother's side, were old residents of the County. His father's name was Robert Pollock, who was from beaver County, Pennsylvania, and came to St. Louis about the year 1818. He subsequently located in the town of Sparta, and there followed the occupations of tanner and butcher. He married Hannah Thompson, the daughter of John Thompson, and a member of a family among the earliest to settle in Randolph County, coming to the Irish Settlement in the year 1804.
Dr. Pollock's history begins with that of Sparta, which, in the early part of its history was known as Columbus. The town had just been founded, and at the time of Dr. Pollock's birth its future was largely a matter of conjecture. His father died when the subject of this biography was two or three months old. His mother subsequently married William McDill. The Doctor was brought up in the town of Sparta, and there received his early education. Although Sparta was at that time a small and unpretentious village, its schools were of an excellent character, and surpassed those of some of the other older settled places. In this respect the town has well maintained its reputation. Dr. Pollock consequently enjoyed the advantages of good instruction. Having completed his eduation at the schools of the town, he began the study of medicine, in the winter of 1848-49, with old Dr. Joseph Farnan, who had located at Sparta in 1830 and was a leading physician of that section of the country for many years. He read medicine with Dr. Farnan for two or three years, and then in the fall of 1851, went to St. Louis, with the purpose of attending lectures at the St. Louis Medical School. He attended the full courses of lectures, and thoroughly prepared himself for the successful practice of his profession. He afterward received diploma from this institution. In 1853 he sustained a misfortune, which for the time impede his progress, and prevented him from entering on his medical practice. He lost his eyesight, and for two or three years was unable to do anything by reason of this affliction. For two years, from 1853 to 1855, he was in St. Louis under treatment for his eyes. The efforts of the physicians in charge of the case proved successful; his vision was restored in its natural strength and clearness, and in 1855 Dr. Pollock began the practice of medicine at Sparta, in connection with Dr. Farnan, his old preceptor.
Of Dr. Pollock's career as a physician, it is only necessary to say that it has been one of uniform success. He largely combines the qualities requisite of the skillful and popular practitioner of medicine. He remained in Sparta till 1857, when he took up his residence at Chester, where he has since been engaged with the active duties of the medical profession. The year after coming to Chester, 1858, he was married to M. F. Warren, a resident of Chester at the time of the marriage, and a native of Illinois, much of whose previous life before coming to Chester had been spent in the South. This union was broken in January, 1873, by the death of Mrs. Pollock. There were three children by the marriage, of whom two are now living. Dr. Pollock possesses decided convictions on most of the questions at issue before the people, and has been a Democrat in politics. His attention has, however, been strictly confined to the duties of his profession, in which he has proved himself capable and successful. [Source: "An illustrated historical atlas map of Randolph County, Ills. : carefully compiled from personal examinations and surveys." (1875) - tr. By Stephanie Thornton]

William M. Pollock
Pollock, William M was born 10 Jul 1832. He was a tanner. On 27 Oct 1864 he married Mary J Burns. They had one child: Etta. William's father was James Pollock who was born in Newcastle, PA 19 Oct 1796. He died Oct 1867. On 19 Dec 1822 James Married Ann E Conway in St Louis. They had 12 children. In 1824 the family came to RC and settled on what is now Preston. (1875) Paulter, Paul was born in Premnelbach in the canton of Soultz, Alsace (in 1834 a part of France) on 18 Mar 1834. It is not known when he came to RC but in 1855 he bought land at survey #442 claim # 1395. In 1857 he married in NY to Rosine Daniel. Their children were: Cornelius Daniel, Mary Margaret, Rosa Julia, Joseph Franz, Clara Catherine, Mary Christina, John Edward and Albert Joseph. In 1874 Paul owned the Paulter Hotel in Evansville. Paul's father was Joseph who came to the US in Nov 1847 to Erie Co, NY. In 1856 he came to RC (but I believe he died in NY) in 1873. Joseph was married to Margaret Weckerle. They had 8 children, besides Paul one was Margaret who married Nicholas Gross and moved to RC. (1875)

Robert H. Preston
Preston, Robert H was born in Seo 1810 near Freehold, Monmouth Co, NJ. From age 14 to 29 he worked in a woolen factory. In Aug of 1839 He married Elizabeth Flemming. He moved his new family to RC in 1840. His parents were William and Sarah (Hutchinson) Preston. His grandfather was Joseph Preston, Capt of the NJ troops in the Rev War. (1875)


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