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Randolph County Illinois
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Ava Cemetery     Percy  
Baldwin Cemetery 381145N 0895046W Baldwin  
Barber Cemetery     Rockwood  
Barnfield Cemetery     Rockwood  
Bethel Grave Yard Old        
Bowerman Cemetery        
Boyd Cemetery     Sparta aka Will Boyd
Bremen Cemetery        
Brickey Cemetery        
Brickley Cemetery        
Brown Cemetery 374951N 0894027W Rockwood T6-6
Buening Cemetery     Chester  
Caledonia Cemetery 380730N 0894047W Sparta T6-6
Campbell Cemetery       T6-6
Carbon Hill Cemetery        
Catholic Cemetery        
Catholic Cemetery        
Catholic Cemetery        
Catholic Cemetery     Ruma  
Chester Cemetery        
Clark Cemetery        
Clendenin Cemetery       T7-7
Comby Cemetery        
Coulterville Cemetery: A-G | H-O | P-Z     Coulterville  
Crisler Cemetery        
Crisler Cemetery        
Darwin Cemetery     Chester  
Dennis Cemetery       south of Steeleville
Diamond Cross Cemetery        
Draves Cemetery 375342N 0894344W Rockwood  
Ebenezer Cemetery 375132N 0894049W Rockwood  
Ellis Grove Cemetery     Ellis Grove  
Emery Cemetery 375350N 0894123W   T8-5
Engelhardt Cemetery       T4-7 Sec 15
Evangelical Cemetery        
Evansville Cemetery        
Evergreen Cemetery 375458N 0894930W Chester  
Fairview Baptist Cemetery       T5-6
Finley Cemetery       T4-7, Baldwin Road
Fowler Cemetery     Bremen  
Frazer Cemetery 375209N 0894438W    
Fulford Cemetery 375315N 0894254W    
Garrison Hill Cemetery     Chester  
Gillespie Cemetery 375638N 0893737W    
Gillespie Prairie Cemetery        
Grah Cemetery 375335N 0894350W Rockwood  
Grefe Cemetery       Blair Twp Sec 14
Hill Prairie Cemetery 381058N 0894425W Sparta  
Hindman Cemetery #2     Rockwood  
Hindman Cemetery 375051N 0894236W Rockwood  
Houston Cemetery     Randolph  
Hughes Cemetery 380205N 0894929W    
Hughes Burying Ground        
Hull Cemetery     Brewerville  
Husband Cemetery        
I.O.O.F., Percy Lodge Cemetery 380047N 0893748W Percy  
Immaculate Conception Cemetery        
Jenkins Cemetery        
Jones Cemetery       T6-5
Jordan Grove Cemetery 381209N 0894732W Wine Hill  
Kane Cemetery        
Kaskaskia Cemetery 375506N 0895602W Kaskaskia  
Kelly Cemetery 380546N 0895423W Evansville  
Kent Cemetery     Evansville  
Kirk Cemetery 375138N 0894436W    
Krotz Cemetery        
Krueger Cemetery     Chester  
Langbein Cemetery        
Leavitt Cemetery     Ellis Grove  
Lessley Cemetery 380949N 0894732W    
Lively Cemetery 380709N 0894617W Sparta  
Lord's Corner Evangelical        
Lutheran Cemetery        
Lutheran Cemetery        
Lutheran Cemetery     Horse Prairie  
Mann Cemetery 375750N 0895009W    
Mansker Family Cemetery     Chester T4-7
McConkey Cemetery        
McCormick Cemetery 380323N 0895306W    
McLaughlin Cemetery        
Menard Cemetery       T7-8
Methodist Cemetery        
Mill Creek Cemetery 375503N 0894119W Chester  
Moore Cemetery 375202N 0894330W Rockwood  
Morrison Cemetery     Rockwood  
Mount Summit Cemetery 375327N 0894101W Rockwood  
name not known     Red Bud Despoiled
Nelson Cemetery 380914N 0900014W Ruma  
New City Cemetery     Red Bud  
New Palestine Methodist     Palestine  
Oak Grove Cemetery        
Odd Fellows Cemetery        
Old Bethel Cemetery     Sparta  
Old City Cemetery     Red Bud  
Old Zion Luthern Cemetery       aka Saint John's Old
Paradise Cemetery 375826N 0894354W    
Peace Cemetery 380104N 0893931W    
Peace Lutheran Cemetery     Steeleville  
Pillers Cemetery     Blair  
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery     Rockwood Twp  
Prairie Du Rocher Catholic Cemetery     Prairie DuRucher  
Preston Cemetery 380614N 0895157W Evansville  
Private Cemetery       aka Hasselman
Protestant Cemetery        
Ralls Cemetery 381237N 0895541W    
Randolph Cemetery       T6-6
Redbud, Old City Cemetery        
Reid / Reed Cemetery 375038N 0894209W Rockwood  
Robinson Cemetery     Rockwood Twp  
Rockwood Cemetery        
Rosedale Cemetery     Sparta  
Saint Boniface (New) Cemetery     Belleville  
Saint Boniface (Old) Cemetery     Belleville  
Saint Boniface Cemetery 380523N 0895520W    
Saint John Cemetery 380806N 0895814W    
Saint Johns Cemetery 381244N 0900042W    
Saint Johns Cemetery 381049N 0895105W    
Saint Johns Cemetery 375556N 0894920W    
Saint Johns Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery     Chester  
Saint Johns Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery     Red Bud  
Saint Johns Lutheran Cemetery        
Saint Johns Lutheran Cemetery     Bremen  
Saint Johns Old Cemetery       aka Old Zion Luthern
Saint Josephs Cemetery     Prairie Du Rocher  
Saint Leos Cemetery     Brewerville Modoc, IL
Saint Lukes Lutheran Cemetery     Bremen  
Saint Marks Cemetery     Prairie DuRocher  
Saint Marks Cemetery     Steeleville  
Saint Marks Lutheran Cemetery     Bremen  
Saint Marys Catholic of Help Cemetery     Chester  
Saint Marys Cemetery 375525N 0894915W    
Saint Patricks Cemetery     Red Bud  
Saint Paul Cemetery        
Saint Pauls Lutheran Cemetery     Steeleville  
Saint Peters E & R Cemetery 3821250N 09000750W Red Bud  
Saint Peters Lutheran Cemetery 3808830N 08992530W Evansville  
Saint Peters Lutheran Cemetery     Wine Hill  
St Peter's Lutheran Cemetery #1       Bremen, T6-6
St. Peter's Lutheran Cemetery #2       Bremen
Saint Pius Cemetery 380509N 0895103W    
Sauers Cemetery     Evansville  
Schmoll Cemetery 380958N 0895143W    
Sehnert Cemetery        
Shiloh Hill Cemetery        
Short Cemetery     Percy  
Sparta Cemetery        
Spitz & Bilgere Cemetery        
Springvale Cemetery     Rockwood  
Steele Cemetery        
Steeleville Cemetery     Steeleville  
Stipe Cemetery 380158N 0895346W    
Stoker Cemetery 375951N 0893641W Steeleville  
Strahan Cemetery       T4-6
Tegtmeyer Cemetery        
Tilden Cemetery        
Tilden City Cemetery 381232N 0894030W    
Tilman Cemetery     Brewerville  
Tindall Cemetery 375227N 0894415W Red Bud Inactive
Trinity Lutheran Cemetery     Red Bud  
Union Cemetery 380517N 0894318W Sparta  
Union Grove Cemetery     Granville  
Wicklein Cemetery     Red Bud Inactive
Welge Cemetery       T6-6
Will Cemetery     Brewerville  
Wine Hill Cemetery        
Woods Cemetery 375112N 0894333W   Inactive
Zion Cemetery 380017N 0894624W   T5-7

Sources: GNIS, ISGS, Jeana Gallagher

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