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Randolph County Illinois
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Census of 1825
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Source: "The Egyptian Republican"

donated by Sharon Bradshaw-Hampton

AN interesting bit of history came to light when county recorder William Lister uncovered a copy of the census of Randolph county taken in November 1825. The census showed a total of 3,820 persons. Randolph county of course took in not only the territory of Randolph, but also took in practically all of Perry county. This total of 3,820 persons were distributed as follows:

759 white males 21 years of age and over

1075 white males under 21

1655 free white females

131 male slaves

109 female slaves

47 male free persons of color

44 female free persons of color

These latter included freed colored persons as well as Indians and all who were not of the Caucasian race. This census included the townships of Mary, Springfield, Plum Creek, Williamsburg, Rocher and Kaskaskia. In the back of the book containing the foregoing census was a list of manufacturies in the county:

8 distilleries, 6 tanneries, 8 horse band mills, 1 horse band mill, 3 inclined wheel grist mills, 1 water grist mill, 2 water saw mills, 3 cotton gins, 1 wool carding machine, 2 house carpenters carrying on business, 3 shoe manufactories, 2 hat manufactories, 1 bake shop, 1 saddle manufactory, 1 spinning wheel manufactory.

I certify the forgoing to be correct this 25th day of November, 1825.

Out of the 17 different industries named there are only 5 of them remaining in one form or another. That is, there aren't supposed to be any distilleries, and the blacksmith shops have become garages or filling stations. We still have carpenters, shoemakers, bakeries and tailors.

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