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Randolph County Illinois
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Record Book of Col. John Todd

Excerpt from a paper by the Chicago Hx Society 1881
Transcribed by Jeana Gallagher

Col. John Todd was the first civil governor of what was then Illinois County.   Kaskaskia had been taken 04 Jul 1778 by Gen Clark.  Patrick Henry choose Col Todd to head the new government.  Col Todd was born in PA and educated in VA as a lawyer.  In 1775, he moved to KY.  He was one of the men who met in Boonesboro to set up the so called Colony of Transylvania.  He was a land owner near Lexington, KY.  In 1777, he was the Justice in the 1st KY court at Harrisburg.  Then in 1778, Col Todd came with Gen George R Clark to Illinois and was appointed on 12 Dec 1778.  The British commandant at Kaskaskia, a Mr Rocheblave, was taken prisoner to VA. St Vincent was then taken 24 Feb 1779,  Col Todd returned to KY and came back to IL in the later spring of 1779.

From his records:

14 May 1779, Military Commissions in the District of Kaskaskia:

Capt Richard Winston, 1st Co Capt Nicholas Janis, 1st Lt Baptiste Charleville, 2nd Lt Charles Charleville, Ensign Michael Godis, 2nd Capt Joseph Duplassy, 1st Lt Nicholas LeChanie, 2nd Lt Charles Danee, Ensign Batiste Javis

17 May 1779, Col Todd sent a commission of command of Prairie du Rocher & Kaskaskia:

Capt of the Militia was Jean B Barbeau (Prairie du Rocher)

(at Kaskaskia) Commandant Francis Trotter, 1st Capt Tourangean, 2nd Capt Beaulieu, Lt Guradin, Lt P Marthir, Ensign Sanfaron

He appointed, Richard Winston as sheriff in Kaskaskia & Jean B Barbeau in Prairie du Rocher.  Nicholas Janis and Charles Charleville were judges with Lt Col P Legrar as Chief Justice.  Richard McCarthy was given a license for trade on 05 Jun 1779.  On the 14 Jun 1779, they new government borrowed $33,333.33.  Henry H Crutcher was the commissioner and bonded with George Slaughter and John Roberts as sureties.

(Happening at Kaskaskia) A Negro slave named Manuel, who made a honorable fine at the door of the church was (arrested)  He was sentenced by Col Todd for the crime of Voodoo.  He was sentenced 13 Jun 1779 by Col Todd to be chained to a post and burned alive with his ashes scattered.  The sentence was carried out by sheriff Richard Winston.  Another sentence was sent to Capt Nicholas Janis 15 Jun 1779, in which he was to consult with Mr Coy, Capt Placey and Mr JBL LaCroix.  (there was a note in the book Capt Placey was possible Joseph Duplessis). A slave named Morean was sentenced to be hung southeast of Cahokia in the town of Kohos. (the man's offense was not given) 

In the spring of 1780, Col Todd was elected a delegate in KY, he returned there and was married.  In Nov 1780 Ky was divided into Layette, Lincoln and Jefferson counties.  Thomas Jefferson appointed Col Todd over Lafayette County.  Daniel Boone was Lt Col and Thomas Marshall was survyer.  In Dec 1781, lots were sold in the town of Lexington.  Then in the summer of 1782 near Lexington there was an Indian attack.  Col Todd along with Daniel Boone and 180 others went to take care of the matter.  There was a battle on 18 Aug 1782, in which 1/3 of the men died including Col Todd.

(Apparently Col Todd had left his book back in Illinois and some continued to write in it for a while)

14 Sep 1779, Petty Account for $30,000 to a Monsier Beauregarde of St Louis for supplies for the garrison at Kaskaskia ordered by Col John Montgomery and at Cahokia by Richard McCarthy.  The main item was Taffin a beverage.  10 Jul 1872, an oath of allegiance was taken by James Moore of Kaskaskia. 

A later note 29 Apr 1782, has sheriff Richard Winston arrested by J Neal Dodge on the orders of John Dodge on allegations (not mentioned) made by John Williams and Michael Pevante.

Court Judges 05 Jun 1787-15 Feb 1788 were Antoine Beauvais, Vital Beauvais, St Gemme Beauvais and 2 others

Seanor Thimothe Demunbrunt was deputy in Col Todd's place.  25 Oct 1787, he was in court with Francis Carboneaux over some Taffin that was bought and given to the Indians.  There was no verdict in the case. 15 Jan 1788 there was a case of John Edgar V Thomas Green.  Court did not rule on the case

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