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Historical Atlas Map, by W.R. Brink; pub. 1875

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Short Histories of the Townships

[Note: We've had these histories online since BEFORE April 2000. Even though the exact same files are showing up at Illinois Genweb (typos and all!) and are being noted as "submitted" in 2002, they were online here at Genealogy Trails first and we have those original files to prove it. They were all transcribed by our long-time host, Jeana Gallagher, who most assuredly did NOT grant permission for them to copy her work.
We have now re-organized our files to make it quicker to navigate.]

  • Coulterville, Tilden: T4-5
  • Hill Prairie, Houston (aka Huston): T4-6
  • Heacock and Horse Prairies, Baldwin, Grigg, Ralls Ridge, Lafayette , Cox Ferry: T4-7
  • Horse Prairie and Horse Creek, Red Bud (formerly Prairieville), Prairie: T4-8
  • Sparta (formerly Shannon's Store), Eden, Higgin's Fort, Roseborough: T5-5
  • Lively Prairie, Schuline: T5-6
  • Irish Settlement, Preston, Walsh, Pautler , Wilson's Fort: T5-7
  • Ruma, Evansville, Marigold (formerly Dogwood), Clark: T5-8
  • Prairie du Rocher, Modoc (formerly Breverville): T5-9
  • Fort Chartres, Fort Chartres Landing and Fort Chartres Village: T5-10
  • Steeleville (formerly Alma, Georgetown and Steele's Mill), Percy, Kampensville: T6-5
  • Randolph, Blair, Welge (formerly Bremen): T6-6
  • Fort Gage and Riley's Mill, New Palestine (Florence), Diamond Cross, Riley's Lake or Mill ( Paget's Mill), original Kaskaskia: T6-7
  • Flinton, Roots, Collins: T6-8
  • Turkey Island, Kellogg, Mudds Landing: T6-9
  • Will Hill (Lakeville), Shiloh Hill (Steuben), Leanderville, Little Chicago, Jone's Creek: T7-5
  • Campton, Poland Station, Clores Station , Ford, Drakesville: T7-6
  • Menard (formerly Portland), Chester (formerly Buena Vista, Smith's Landing), Kaskaskia, Cole's Mill, Pugol, Hickoryville, Degoigne City: T7-7
  • Dozaville: T7-8
  • Rockwood (formerly Jones Creek and Liberty), Liberty Island: T8-5
  • Crane's Island -- T8-6

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