Co E 31st IL Inf

joined for service 26 Aug 1861 for 3 years, mustered in 18 Sep at Cairo, IL by Capt Pitcher. All persons are farmers unless otherwise noted. Place of residence maybe the nearest post office and not where they actually lived.

name, age, height, hair, eyes, complexion, married/single, place of birth, place of residence at enlistment, remarks

Capt Irvin C Batson, 30, 5'?" light, blue, light, married, TN-- Anna, Union Co, IL--resigned 30 May 1863

Capt Martin VP Murphy 27, dark, blue, light, married, Union C, TN--Anna, Union Co, IL--promoted Major 01 Jul 1863

Capt John B Raymond 17, brown, hazel, fair, single, clerk, Lockefort, Niagard Co, NY--Peru, LaSalle Co, IL--MO 31 Dec 1864--promoted Sgt Major of 31st IL

Capt James N Sanders 24 6'0" light, blue, light, married, soldier, Camden, Benton Co, TN--Marion, Wmson Co, IL--MO 19 Jul 1865 Louisville, KY

1st Lt Josephus C Gilliland 28, 5'11", light, Blue, Light, married, no birth place--Anna, Union Co, IL--resigned 03 Feb 1863

1st Lt William Miller 42, 5'4", light, blue, light, married, Raleigh, Rowan Co, NC--Anna, Union Co, IL--resigned on surgeon cert of disablity 20 May 1862

1st Lt William V Sanders 24, 5'4", dark, blue, light, single, Huntington, Benton Co, TN--Anna, Union Co, IL--resigned on surgeon cert of disablity 01 Sep 1862

1st Lt Thomas M Logan 25, 5'8", light, blue, light, married, Jackson Co, IL--Murphysboro, Jackson Co, IL--resigned 28 Feb 1863

1st Lt Surry Steele no information--no information--commission cancelled

1st Lt James N Sanders (see above)

1st Lt James Pennegan 27, 5'7", dark, hazel, dark, single, soldier, Smithsville, DeKalb Co, TN--Jonesboro, Union Co, IL

2nd Lt Robert E Elmore 28, 5'8" dark, gray, light, married, Huntingdon, Carrol Co, TN--Anna, Union Co, IL--resigned 03 Feb 1862

2nd Lt Martin VP Murphy (see above)

2nd Lt Robert Moore 30/36, no description, married, physician, Sumner Co, TN--Saratoga, Union Co, IL--dismissed 23 Mar 1863

2nd Lt John B Raymond (see above)

2nd Lt Martin L Coonce no age, 6'1" dark, hazel, light, Gainesboro, Jackson Co, TN--Anna, Union Co, IL--never mustered as 2nd Lt MO as Sgt 19 Jul 1865

1st Sgt William Miller (see above)

Sgt William V Sanders (see above)

Sgt John S Prickett 19, 5'8" red, gray, light, single, Collinsville, St Clair Co, IL--Carbondale, Jackson Co, IL--Killed in battle of Ft Donelson 15 Feb 1862

Sgt Samuel B Grower 45, 5'7", gray, gray, light, married, Nashville, Davidson Co, TN--Carbondale, Jackson Co, IL--discharged for over age 04 Jul 1862 at Jackson, TN

Sgt Jesse Watson 25, 5'11", dark, blue, light, married, Camden, Benton Co, TN--Anna, Wmson Co, IL--transfered to Invaild Corps 19 Sep 1863 at Keokuko_____.

Cpl Ily W Oakes 24, 5'10", dark, gray, light, single, schoolmaster, Fosterville, Rutherford Co, TN--Marion, Wmson Co, IL--deserted 30 Apr 1862 at Ft Donelson, TN

Cpl Jonathon A Baker 41, 5'3", dark, gray, dark, married, Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co, NC--Marion, Wmson Co, IL

Cpl William J Baker 21, 5'7", light, blue, light, single, Jonesboro, Union Co, IL--Marion, Wmson Co, IL

Cpl Jonathon U Rodden 24, 5'8", light, blue, light, single, Huntingdon, Carroll Co, TN--Marion, Wmson Co, IL--re-enlisted as Vet

Cpl Thomas J Perhamous 20, 5'11", light, gray, light, single, blacksmith, Ackron, Summit Co, OH--Marion, Wmson Co, IL--re-enlisted as Vet

Cpl, James N Sanders (see above)

Cpl Thomas J Jolly 32, 5'9", dark, blue, dark, married, Gallatin, Sumner Co, TN--Anna, Union Co, IL--re-inlisted as Vet

Musician-James N Peneagar 20, 5'7", dark, hazel, dark, single, Smithsville, DeKalb Co, TN--Anna, Union Co, IL--re-inlisted as a Vet