Co I 43rd IL Inf

by Candi Horton

age, height, hair, eyes, complexsion, married/single, occupation, where born, (residence), remarks

--means unable to read, if nothing there means it was not listed on the roll

Capt Charles Stephani --, --, brown, gray, --, married, officer, Prussia, (Belleville, St Clair Co, IL), Commander? Major

Capt Henry Kroeger --, --, --, --, --, --, transfered to Co F

1st Lt Henry Sacker 36?, --, brown, gray, --, married, --, Switerland?, (Ripley, Brown Co, OH), killed 06 Apr 1862 Pi--b-ng, TN

1st Lt John J Meyer 33?, no other inforamtion resigned 03 Apr 1862

1st Lt Samuel Keymer--, no other inforamtion discharged 23 May ----

1st Lt Charles A Harmes 2?, no other inforamtion transfered to Co F

2nd Lt Julius Phillips 54?, --, brown, gray, dark, married, druggist, Prussia, (no residence listed), resigned17 Jul 1862

2nd Lt Jacob Roth, 30, 5'-", brown, Blue, dark, married, farmer, Switerland, (Ripley, Brown Co, OH), resigned 23 Feb 1862

2nd Lt Frederick W Burger, no information

2nd Lt Charles A Harmes (see above)

1st Sgt Jacob Roth (See above)

Sgt Arnold Zaph 36, 5'6", --, gray, dark, married, carpenter, Baden, (Winesville, Warren Co, OH)

Wagoner, John Wagner -8, 5'5", brown, blue, light, single, farmer, Ripley, OH, (Ripley, Brown Co, OH)


Franz Andreas 46, -9", --, blue, light, married, carpenter, Bavaria, (Highland, Madison Co, IL), d/c 07 Nov 1862 Bolivar, TN

John Biri (Bere) 50, 5'4", --, blue, dark, married, shoemaker, Brown Co, OH, (Russellville, Brown Co, OH), d/c 09 Oct 1862 at St Louis, MO

Adam Becker --, 5'6" brown, blue, light, single, farmer, Baden, (Highland, Madison Co, IL)

George Buck 52, 6'0", spike, gray, dark, single, shoemaker, Baden, (Bright?, Madison Co, IL) d/c 26 Sep 1862 at St Louis, MO

Anton Berling 28, 5'4", light, blue, light, married, tailor, Bavaria, (Ripley, Brown Co, OH)

Oscar Beyse 32, 5'8", brown, gray, dark, single, architect, Prussia, (St Louis, MO)

Peter Bourlier 32, 5'8", brown, gray, dark, married, cooper, France, (Ripley, Brown Co, OH) discharged

Frederick William Burger 18, 5'11", light, gray, light, single, farmer, Brown Co, OH, (Georgetown, Brown Co, OH), re-enlisted as a veteran

George Byron 26, 5'8" red?, light, light, married, labor?, Dublin, Ireland, (Ripley, Brown Co, OH), d/c 11 Apr 1863 at Bolivar, TN

Samuel Dregrow 18, 5'8" brown, brown, dark, single, farmer, Ripley, Brown Co, OH, (Ripley, Brown Co, OH), d/c 11 Oct 1862 at Jackson, TN?

Joseph Fritz 21, 5'9" brown, gray, dark, married, farmer, Baden, (Ripley, Brown Co, OH), d/c 18 Jul 1862 at --