Co K 81st IL Inf

Name, age, height, hair, eyes, complexion, occupation, place of birth, residence, remarks

Note: all persons are privates unless otherwise noted.This unit was mustered into service 26 Aug 1862 at Camp Anna, IL. The general muster out was 05 Aug 1865 at Vicksburg, MS unless otherwise noted.

Vancil, Patrick, 28, 5' 4" brown, gray, dark, single, farmer, Jackson Co, IL, DuQuoin, IL, MO 03 May 1865 as Cpl

Webb, Jacob B, 25, no decription, Jackson Co, TN, Benton, IL, died 18 May 1863 at Lake Provence, LA

Wells, John H, 21, no description, Perry Co, IL, DuQuoin, IL, MO'ed

Welsh, Thomas J, 22, no description, Smith Co, TN, Benton, IL, MO'ed as Cpl

Welsh, William T, 24, no description, Jackson Co, TN, Benton, IL, died 30 May 1863 at Lake Provence, LA

Whalen, Micahel, 32, no description, Ireland, DuQuoin, IL, d/c 25 May 1865 at Memphis, TN disabled

Williams, David, 31, no description, Jefferson Co, IL, Benton, IL, deserted 19 Feb 1863 at Memphis, TN

Wilson, Archibald, 21, 5' 9" light, hazel, dark, married, farmer, FL, DuQuoin, IL, d/c 19 Dec 1862 at Lagrange, TN disabled

Wilson, George, 22, 5' 8", black, gray, dark, single, farmer, St Louis, MO, died 31 Jan 1863 at Lagrange, TN

Wohlgaword, Josiah F, 30 no description, VA, DuQuoin, IL, died 11 May 1863 at Grand Gulf, MS

Young, Richard C, 25, no description, Origan Warren Co, OH, Murphysboro, IL, MO'ed