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Randolph County Illinois
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Elijah C Berry is the Auditor of Public Accounts
["Western Intelligencer", 04 Dec 1817]

J Cheek has opened a school in Kaskaskia
["Western Intelligencer", 06 Nov 1817]

Clement C Conway will return to making hats in Kaskaskia on Popular and Franklin St
["Western Intelligencer", 18 Dec 1817]

D.P. Cook, lawyer, ad for services also editor for the paper. [Western Intelligencer, 15 May 1816]

D.P. Cook, editor has taken on Robert Blackwell as a partner [Western Intelligencer, 29 May 1816]

Daniel P Cook has returned to Kaskaskia and will be a lawyer with Major Maxwell
["Western Intelligencer", 25 Dec 1817]

Thomas Cox has a tavern in Kaskaskia [Western Intelligencer, 24 Jul 1816]

Mathew Duncan wishes to close his business and requests all accounts be paid. [Western Intelligencer, 15 May 1816]

Ninian Edwards has land for sale. [Western Intelligencer, 15 May 1816]

Dr Joel C Frazer will now practice in Kaskaskia ["Western Intelligencer", 18 Sep 1817]

Isam Gilham has est a ferry on the Mississippi River just below the mouth of the Missouri River. [Western Intelligencer, 22 May 1816]

Charles Gregoiree and son have come from Philadelphia to open a store in Kaskaskia ["Western Intelligencer", 09 Oct 1817]

John Halberstadt of Horse Creek wants to hire a mill wright ["Western Intelligencer", 12 Mar 1817]

John Halberstadt has opened a store in Kaskaskia
["Western Intelligencer", 06 Nov 1817]

Thomas W Ker of Londonderry, Ireland has opened a tanning buiness near John Edgar's distillery in Kaskaskia
["Western Intelligencer", 12 Mar 1817]

Hugh H Maxwell to sell six horses at auction [Western Intelligencer, 05 Jun 1816

Archibald McNabb opened a house of private entertainment in Prairie du Rocher. His stables are always full. [Western Intelligencer, 23 Oct 1816]

Thomas Reynolds will open a law office in Kaskaskia
["Western Intelligencer", 10 Sep 1817]

Benjamin H Sturges opened a school in Prairie du Rocher [Western Intelligencer, 28 Aug 1816]

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