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Randolph County Illinois
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On Saturday, the 11th inst., in the bottom in Missouri, opposite the city of Chester, at a horse race, John Crain stabbed and killed his brother Curtis.  John Crain has given himself up to the authorities, and is now confined in the Perryville jail, Perry county, Missouri, to await the action of the court in his case.  The Crains are old residents in this section, but of a very rough compound, forever in difficulty with some one.  [Daily Illinois State Register (Springfield, IL) – Monday, September 20, 1869; JD, Sub by FoFG]

An Old Offender
The Sheriff of Randolph County took up on the 20th and handed over to the tender mercy of the penitentiary for ten years, a man named Thomas Duncan, convicted of horse stealing.  He gave his age as 67 years.  He acknowledged having followed theft for a business all his life and there is every warrant for believing that he once belonged to the great Murrell gang, so long the scourge of the western country.  The old man will hardly have a chance to steal any more horses.  He can hardly expect to live through this long incarceration. [Stark County News, Toulon Ill., November 5, 1859 - Sub. by N.P.]

Joseph Hogan warns against trading with William Garret due to two notes in July being fraudulent
[Western Intelligencer, 24 Jul 1816]

Mr M'Arthur and A DeMun were in a fight in St Geneveive and the later died from wounds recieved [Western Intelligencer, 05 Sep 1816]

After being absent since Wednesday afternnoon, Keith McKelvey, School Superintendent at Coulterville, Illinois, returned early yesterday and said he had been forced to drive to Memphis, Tennessee, and there robbed of $35 by a hitchhiker he picked up on the road.  McKelvey, whose family had reported his absence to police, said he picked up a hitchhiker Wednesday afternoon while driving from Marissa to Coulterville.  The hitchhiker, a youth, he said, covered him with a revolver and forced him to drive to Memphis.  He was permitted to make on stop en route, he said, and this at a dimly-lighted filling station beside the highway.  The hitchhiker, he said, got out of his car on the outskirts of Memphis and made McKelvey hand over his purse, which contained  $65.  He returned $30 to McKelvey, so the latter could get back home.  McKelvey said he drove on into Memphis and reported the incident to police, went to a hotel, rested, and started home.   [Note: I have no date for this, but it was the Coulterville Newspaper - sub. by Kathryn Todd]


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