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Randolph County Illinois
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Jonathon Bowerman found a horse on Mary's River
["Western Intelligencer", 06 Nov 1817]

Robert Carpenter found a flat boat in the Mississippi
["Western Intelligencer", 14 May 1817]

John D Cook, lawyer, lives in Kaskaskia but will practice in MO. [
"Western Intelligencer", 2 Jul 1817]

Thomas Cox has goods for sale on the Kaskaskia River which Joseph Smith brought from Europe
["Western Intelligencer", 20 Nov 1817]

Louis Jefferson Decouagne offers reward for missing horse. [Western Intelligencer, 23 Oct 1816]

Edmund Depestre has goods for sale in Kaskaskia
["Western Intelligencer", 2 Jul 1817]

John Ezell found a horse.
["Western Intelligencer", 07 May 1817]

Paul Haralson found a horse
["Western Intelligencer", 14 May 1817]

James Johnson found a horse
["Western Intelligencer", 14 May 1817]

Shadrach Lively found a horse, he lives on Nine Mile Creek
["Western Intelligencer", 14 May 1817]

John M'Ferron has a farm 25 miles north of Kaskaskia to rent, was the property of deceased Benjamin Allen
["Western Intelligencer", 19 Feb 1817]

Franklin E Owen found a horse on Kemps Creek
["Western Intelligencer", 11 Dec 1817]

Nat Pope offers reward for missing horse [Western Intelligencer, 23 Oct 1816]

Dr William L Reynolds has returned to Kaskaskia ["Western Intelligencer", 07 May 1817]

Dr W L Reynolds will reduce his practice due to health reasons
["Western Intelligencer", 18 Dec 1817]

William Smith found on horse on his plantation on Mary's River
["Western Intelligencer", 25 Sep 1817]

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