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Updated: February 15, 2008

Until this project was begun six years ago, there had never been an attempt to account for all of the Confederate military veterans who died and are buried in Illinois. This project is an attempt to find the graves of all of those men and to learn all we can about each of them in order to preserve the memory of the service they performed for their country. This listing reflects contributions from many people and sources, and is an on-going project. I try to keep the list as accurate as possible, but there may be some errors. If you know of any other Confederate Veteran graves located anywhere in Illinois or can make corrections or add any information on the men already on this list, please contact Gale F. Red, 5 Hunters Pointe, O'Fallon, IL 62269-3133, telephone 618-622-8949, email:,
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Curless Cemetery, Keene Twp near Loraine:
ROSENBERGER, George, M.D., Pvt., Co. H., 10th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 4 Mar 1821 (VA), d. 14 Jun 1894
(This is the unit indicated on his grave marker. But that may be an error as to his unit, as at least one record says the man in this unit was only 20 years old when he enlisted and that he died in VA.) He was a M.D.

Franklin Cemetery, due east of Marcelline:
THORNTON, James Southard, Pvt., Co. F., 7th KY Cavalry, CSA, b. 20 Aug 1844 (KY), d. 1911 (Unit should probably be Co. C, 3rd Battalion KY Mounted Rifles, but am not positive.)

Hebron Cemetery, Camp Point Twp., near Camp Point:
MCCRAY, William Joseph, Pvt., Co. I, 57th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 11 Aug 1845 (NC), d. 24 Jan. 1906

Home Cemetery (also known as Stahl Cemetery), Fowler:
VOWELS, Daniel Washington, DR, Col., Aide-de-Camp, 2nd Division, MO State Guard, CSA (served with Sterling Price in MO), b. 1826 (VA), d. 14 Aug 1919

Mt. Horeb Cemetery, Golden:
DUTTON, William W., Pvt., Co. I, 6th Battalion VA Reserves, CSA, b.4 Sep 1846 (VA), d. 28 Jan 1922
STEED, Henry Lynden, Col., 63rd NC Militia, CSA, b. 27 Sep 1830, d. 6 April 1891
WRIGHT, Joseph F., Pvt., Co. A, 42nd NC Infantry, CSA, b. 31 Jul 1842 (NC), d. 12 Oct 1904

New Providence Cemetery, Ursa:
MYERS, Angus J., Pvt., Co. G, 12th Regt. VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 26 Jul 1843 (VA), d. 11 Mar 1927, L 55

Old Loraine Cemetery, Loraine:
KENNEDY, George Thomas Pvt., Pvt., Co. B, Searcy's Battalion, MO Sharp Shooters, CSA, b. 3 Mar 1836 (KY),
d. 14 Jul 1901, PHS

Quincy National Cemetery, Quincy:
WEIDNER, Hieronimus (Hyeronamus), Pvt., 9th MO Cavalry, CSA, b. 22 Oct. 1814, d. 22 Sep 1863, S A, R 0, Site 510 (Apparently captured, took oath and then galvanized & joined Co. E, 16th IL Cavalry, US. The MO state soldiers database shows him in the 10 MO Cavalry, Co. C, US.),

Stewart Cemetery, Plainville, IL:
CARTER, James Jefferson, 2nd Lt., Co. K, 18th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 15 Mar 1841 (WVA), d. 30 Jul 1916

Sunset Cemetery, Quincy:
DAVENPORT, George W., Pvt. Co. H, 29th AL Infantry, CSA, b. May 1842 (AL), d. 27 Oct 1930 (Soldiers Home) (Died in Riverside Twp., death cert #0010243.)
(There are two Union stones there that reflect different day of birth and different years of death. Will have to reconcile the differences.)

Valley of Peace Cemetery, (Jewish Cemetery), Quincy:
OBERMEYER, Jacob, Pvt., unknown Confederate unit from Rockbridge Co., VA, or possibly Bristol, TN, served 2 ½ years, b. 11 Dec. 1831 (Kriegshaber, Bavaria, Germany), d. 10 Sep 1885 (Scotia, McDonough Co.) (Block 2, Lot 5) (Also spelled Obermayer)

Woodland Cemetery, Quincy:
BYRD, William Andrew, MD, Ensign, Co. H & K, 1st and 4th Consolidated MO Infantry, CSA, b. 3 Oct 1843 (VA), d. 14 Aug 1887, B 10, L 20
CHRISTIE, Robert J., MD, Surgeon, 10th & 12th MO Infantry, CSA, b. 17 Jun 1831, d. 27 Jul 1909
DEADERICK, David Franklin, Lt., Co. F, 34th VA Cavalry Battalion, CSA, b. 16 Jun 1840 (TN), d. 18 Feb 1899, L 102, B 11 (CWSS site shows him as a 2nd Lt with Co. F, 60th TN Mounted Infantry and Crawford's Regt, 19th TN Infantry)
DRAKE, George Washington, Capt., (attached to the Command of Gen. John Hunt Morgan) 14th KY Cavalry, CSA, b. 1842 (KY), d. 14 Nov 1888
ELGIN, Thomas H., Lt., Co. E., Marmaduke's Div. of Cavalry (Wood's Regt., MO Cavalry), CSA, b. 18 Oct 1840 (MO), d. 11 Jul 1898 (age 57 yrs, 7m, 23d) G EG, L 39, B 11 (obit says Colonel) (The unit was also known as the MO 14th Partisan Rangers Cavalry.)
HEARN, Campbell S., Pvt., Co. D, 5th MO Infantry, CSA, b. 20 Nov 1844 (KY), d. 28 Aug 1914 (Was a State Senator)
TAPPE, William Davis, Col., CS Gen & Staff, b. 1833 (VA), d. 22 Jan 1904

Unknown Cemetery, Quincy: (probably the Woodland Cemetery)
ROSE, Thomas Benton, Capt., MO bushwacker (Guerilla), b. 1837 (MO), d. 31 May 1865 (hanged)


Baumgard-Cache Cemetery, Miller City, IL:
FOSTER, John Henry, Pvt., Co. B, 2nd MO Cavalry (Forrest's Cavalry), CSA, b. 4 Aug 1843 (MO), d. 7 Mar 1891 (Was a POW in IL, then sent to MD) Married Melissa Davis, 15 Nov. 1865, Alex. Co.
(Per phone call from Bob Herr, Bill Jones of Mt. Vernon say his great grandfather is buried in the Hulen Cemetery 5 miles west of Tamms in what is now the Shawnee National Forest. He was a Confederate soldier. Bill says there are several others buried there and none have markers. He says he has a plat of the cemetery and can help identify the graves.)

Hulen Cemetery, 5 miles west of Tamms in what is now the Shawnee National Forest::
DUNNING, Henry, Pvt., Co A & K, 16th AR Infantry, b. 28 Nov 1844 (KY), d. 4 May 1900
HULEN, William, Pvt., Co. A, 8th Arkansas Infantry, CSA, b. 1 Jan 1825, d. 30 Nov 1892
LIPE, William A., Pvt., Co. G, 42nd NC Infantry, CSA, b.a. Feb 1843 (NC), d. 18 Apr 1909
KING, William R., b. 4 Apr 1834, d. 4 Mar 1900 (Cannot determine his unit, but may have been in MO.)
SITTON, James M., Pvt., Co. D, 39th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 30 Dec 1844 (MO), d. 20 Dec 1919

Marion West Cemetery in Delta area:
Miller, Daniel, Pvt., Co. C, 58th NC Infantry, CSA (Joined the confederate army July 11, 1962 at Burnsville, North Carolina, enlisted by Capt. Peek. He was a private in Co. C G, 58th North Carolina Infantry. He was captured December 25, 1864 at Pulaski, Tennessee and confined at Rock Island Prison, Rock Island, Illinois. He was discharged February 15, 1865. Daniel was the father of Lucinda Miller Thompson. He is buried in the Marion West Cemetery in the Delta area in an unmarked grave.)


Bethel Cemetery, Shoal Creek Township, Reno, IL:
HERNDON, Julius C., Pvt., Co. I, 19th (Biffle's) TN Cavalry under N.B. Forrest, CSA, b. 20 Apr 1845 (GA), d. 4 Jun 1909 (Same man as shown in Montgomery Co., Bethel Cemetery)

Elm Point Cemetery, LaGrange, IL:
PHILLIPS, Louis Brown, (POSSIBLY- 1 Sgt., Co. F, Schnabel's MO Cavalry or Cpl., Co. K, 2nd MO Inf., CSA) b. 1838 (KY), d. 1906 (?) Sec. 6, T-6W, R-3W

Fillmore Cemetery, Sorento:
BLAYLOCK, Alfred Newton, Capt., Co. A, 35th Arkansas Infantry, CSA, b. 11 May 1841 (GA), d. 22 Jan 1910 (Was captured and galvanized as Pvt., Trumpeter, Co. D & E, 3rd IL Cavalry, US.)

Green Cemetery, Millersburg, IL:
DAYHART, Jacob, Pvt., Co. H, 56th NC Infantry, CSA, b. a. 1836 (NC), d. 1900- 1909, G W1/2, L 47, Sec- new (He was from Catawba Co. and enlisted in Alexander Co., NC at age 26 on 17 Mar 1862. His actual name was Jacob B. Dagenhart, was wounded near Petersburg, VA in June 1864. He deserted 9 Mar 1865 and took oath of allegiance 13 Mar 1865. He also used the named spelled Dahart.)

Hug Cemetery, Burgess, IL:
RAGLAND, Isaac Monroe, Pvt., Co. H, 28th MS Infantry, CSA, b. 25 Mar 1845 (VA), d. 26 Apr 1919, (Other sources list his birth as 23 Mar 1844)

Maxey Cemetery, Pleasant Mound, IL:
DUFF, Samuel Goodson. (Rev), Cpl., Co. H, 37th VA Infantry, CSA, b. 2 Nov 1842 (VA), d. 16 Dec 1915 (Ontario, Canada)

McKendree Chapel Cemetery, Tamalco, IL:
HARRIS, Walter M., CSA veteran, (farmer, b.1822 KY, wife- Margaret) - NEED DOD (Listed on 1929 honor roll)
HARRIS, Walter W., Pvt., Co. A, 4th Battalion NC Junior Reserves, 4th Battalion NC Infantry, CSA, b. 1847 (NC), d. Mar 1894 (son of Walter M. Harris above)

Montrose Cemetery, Greenville, IL:
BLAKELY, Pleasant E., Pvt., Unknown KY unit, CSA, b. 12 Oct.1849 (KY) d. 26 Jan 1910
POINDEXTER, Emmett Patterson, M.D., first was Pvt. Co. A, 5th MO Infantry, then 1Lt.., 38th MO Cavalry, CSA, b. 10 Aug 1838 (VA), d. 16 Nov 1926 (Known as Emmett Patterson Poindexter though Family Histories from Bond Co. show him as Thomas Emmett Patterson Poindexter.) (An obit for George B. Crawford says he was a prisoner of this man, a CSA Major.)
WALLACE, Elmore Douglass, Pvt., Co. C, 16th Texas Cavalry, CSA, b.26 May 1841 (TN), d. 23 Nov 1921 (His biography says 10th TX Cavalry, but that should be the 16th that was part of Wheeler's Cavalry.)
WILSON, William Thomas, 2Lt., Capt. Donald's Co., 2nd VA Light Artillery, CSA, b. 28 Aug 1839 (VA), d. 22 Aug 1915 *CWDB shows Co. A, 18th VA Infantry, CSA- He served in that unit first.

Mulberry Grove Cemetery, Mulberry Grove, IL:
DAVIS, William H., unidentified CSA unit, b.3 Dec 1846 (TN), d.23 Feb 1906
GLASGOW, William Henry, Surgeon, Private, Co. C, 55th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 17 Dec 1842 (NC), d. 18 Mar 1927
FISHER, George W., He was a courier and served under Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, poss. In a VA unit CSA, b. 22 Dec 1835 (VA), d. 29 Jul 1906, lot 64
MARTIN Charles, NC Conf., b. 1838 (NC), d. Jul 1905 (probably the brother of Charles)
MARTIN, Isaac Henry, Pvt., Co. F, 45th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 28 Jun 1832 (NC), d. 12 Jul 1901
RAGLAND, Carroll Jackson, (M.D), Pvt., Co. E, 16th VA Infantry, b. April 22, 1834 (VA), d. 11 May 1881 (Was a MD after war, lived in Halifax Co., VA until 1871, died of typhoid fever in Bond Co., IL, 1881.)

Noffsinger Cemetery, Pleasant Mound Twp, IL:
DAUGHERTY, Elliott Clinton, Pvt., Co. I, 48th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 20 Apr 1843 (NC), d. 23 Aug 1915 (Enlisted in Cleveland Co., NC 16 Aug 1862) (Other records show year of birth as 1847.)

Paine Cemetery, Tamalco, IL:
BIGGS, Henry Pinkney., MO CSA, b. 15 Jun 1847 (KY), d. 25 Jan 1921

Peterson Cemetery, Shoal Creek, IL:
KEELING, Benjamin Franklin, Pvt., Co. C, 14th (Powers') Ark. Infantry, CSA, b. 20 Nov 1836 (TN), d. 6 Sep 1912,

Robinson Cemetery, Old Ripley Twp, IL:
CALL, James, , CSA, b. 7 Sep 1820 (NC), d. 28 Apr 1905
GORDON, John H. (MD), conscripted into CSA Army, Pvt., Co. F, 26th AL Infantry, 29 Oct 1842 (AL), d. 13 Jan 1929
VALENTINE, Edmund S., Pvt., Co. H, 1st Battalion MO Infantry, CSA, b.25 Jan 11842 (NY), d. 10 Aug 1925 (He deserted and joined Co. K, 1ts WS Cavalry, Union.)

Seagraves Cemetery, Pleasant Mound Twp.:
DAVIS, William Henry, Cpl., Co. C, 57th VA Infantry, CSA, b. 1 Nov 1830 (VA), d. 22 Feb 1907

Zion Cemetery, Greenville, IL:
GARRETT, Isaac Thomas, Pvt., Co. C, (Voorhies') 48th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 28 Jun 1828 (TN), d. 12 Aug 1910
KELLER, John P., Pvt., Co. F, 4th TX Cavalry, CSA, b. ? , d. 29 Aug 1929, G corner lots 137-138
SCOTT, James U., Pvt. Co. F, 34th MS Infantry Regt., CSA, b. Feb 1841 (NC), d. 2 Feb 1922

Unknown Cemetery, possibly Greenville, IL:
PREDDY, Joel S., Pvt., Co. A, 1st NC Infantry, CSA, b. 1 Oct 1836 (NC), d. 1910 (in 1880 lived in Cottonwood Grove, Bond Co, in 1910 was living Greenville Ward 2, Bond Co.)


Belvidere City Cemetery, Belvidere, IL:
LEFEVRE, Pierre G., MD, Pvt., Co. E, 16th LA Infantry, CSA, b. MD, d. 30 Apr 1897,
John, (prob. An officer), Army of TN HQ, CSA ?, b. 1819 (Eng), d. 10 Sep 1918

St. James Catholic Cemetery, Belvidere, IL:
HAGGERTY, James, Pvt., Co. E., 1st LA Heavy Artillery, (LA Tigers), CSA, b. 6 Jan 1838 (Ireland), d. 26 May 1902, (Irish Catholic), row 16 #501 (The cemetery record spells his name Hagerty vs. Haggerty. The obit shows Haggerty)


Benville Union Cemetery, Mt. Sterling, IL:
HARRIS, Green, Pvt., Co. E, 4th BN LA Infantry, CSA, no HS

Hoover Cemetery, Hoover Twp. (in Buckhorn State Park), IL:
DOBEY, George M., Pvt., Co. B, 48th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 1 Jan 1840 (NC), d. 10 May 1923
(Enlisted 8 Aug 1862)

William A., Pvt., Co. B, 48th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 10 Nov 1836 (NC), d. 14 Jun 1917
(Both brothers enlisted on 8 Aug 1862, George age 22, William age 25)

Mt. Sterling City Cemetery, Mt. Sterling, IL:
STUBBLEFIELD, STUBBLEFIELD, William B., 3Lt., Co. D, 4th Infantry Regt., 1st Division, MO State Guard, CSA, b. 6 Feb 1823 (MO), 4 Jul 1909

Westside Versailles Cemetery, Versailles, IL:
FIELDS, George Isaiah, Pvt. Co. C, 9th (Elliott's) Missouri Cavalry, CSA, b. 16 May 1837 (VA), d. 1912, L 40, PHS
(Also shown in Co. C, MO 1st Cavalry)

, Thomas R., CSA, d. 21 May 1923, L 144, PHS (Maybe this should be Thomas H. Graves. See 1880 census for Versailles.)
John David, Capt., Co. D, 3rd NC Junior Reserves, CSA, b. 4 Jul 1852 (KY), d. 11 Mar 1921, L 246, PHS


Malden Cemetery, Malden, IL:
SHIFLETT, Marshall G., Private, Co. H, 56th VA Infantry, CSA, b. 1842 (Albemarle Co., VA), d. 26 Oct 1865
James, Confederate soldier, probably Pvt., Co. B, MO 7th Cavalry, CSA, db. 1880

Shefield Cemetery, Sheffield, IL:
HIGBY, Andrew Jackson, Pvt., 51st VA Militia, CSA, b. 1841 (VA), prob. db 1880

Union Cemetery, (Clapp Cemetery) Ohio, IL:
CONNER, Samuel T., Pvt., Co. C, 35th Battalion VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 17 Aug 1848 (VA), d. 14 Jan 1907, L 88.

Unknown Cemetery, Walnut Twp: (probably Red Oak Methodist Cemetery or Walnut Cemetery)
COOL, James, Pvt., Co. B, 114th VA Militia, CSA, b. 1828 (VA), d. after 1880 (was in 1880 census)


(One man has been found buried in Golden Eagle, but not in a grave and not identified.
He was possibly one who escaped from Alton and was trying to get back into Missouri.)


Brethren Cemetery Association, Shannon, IL:
CENEDY, Daniel, Pvt., Army, Conf., d. 14 Sep 1879, L 66, B 1, PHS

(Upper) York Cemetery, Fairhaven Township, IL: (Could be the York Cemetery aka Argo Cemetery in York Twp., IL.)
TURNER, Thomas W., CSA, b. ? , d. 2 Aug 1918


Ashland Cemetery, Ashland, IL:
ARMSTRONG, Porter, (prob. Pvt., Co. D, 5th MO Infantry) CSA, G 2, L 1, B 122, Sec SW ¼, -
BUICE, Clinton (Clint) N., Pvt., Co. F, 56th GA Infantry, CSA, b. 1847 (GA), d. 16 May 1929, G 1, L 1, B 79, Sec SE ¼,

Beardstown City Cemetery, Beardstown, IL:
BORDEN, Edward R., Pvt., 7th TN Mounted Infantry, CSA, b. 4 Jan 1844 (NY/OH), d. 7 July 1915
(one record says he was born 24 Jan 1844 in NY, the 1880 census shows 1843 Ohio)

Chandlerville Cemetery, Chandlerville, IL:
BOONE, Nathaniel Howard, MD, Surgeon, Pvt., Co. A, AR Dawson's-Hardy's Infantry Regiment, CSA b. 6 Jun 1834 (GA), 14 Feb 1922, L 2, B 34, Sec 2

Walnut Ridge Cemetery, Virginia, IL:
DILLON, John, Pvt., Army, Conf., L W ½ 1, B 309, Sec 5
DUNCAN, Robert L., Pvt., Co. F, 24th TX Cavalry, CSA, b. 8 Mar 1848 (TN), d. 24 Jan 1909, L 2, B 31, Sec 5, (served 9 mos. Then joined US Army for 3 years)
NESTER, James Matthew, Pvt., Co. B, 54th VA Infantry, CSA, b. 30 May 1848 (VA), d. 11 Jan 1931, L 1, GHS ( CWDB shows he served under name Matthew Nester in Co. E, 14th LA Infantry, CSA. )
PATE, Jerry, Pvt., Army, Conf., d. 9 Feb 1917, L W ½ 2, B 407, Sec 4, GHS
SMITH, John Walker, Pvt., Army, CSA, b. 16 Mar 1842 (VA), d. 19 Jan 1924, B 285, (POW from Gettysburg. - There are 16 J.W.s listed but so far no John W.s)
SNYDER, John Francis, MD, Capt., 8th Conf. Div. Ordinance Officer, b. 1830 (IL), d. 30 Apr 1921, L 2, B 22, Sec 1, PHS

Unknown Cemetery, prob. at Chandlerville, IL: (possibly Chandlerville Cemetery)
BOWMAN, Benjamin E., Sgt., 45th TN Infantry Reg., CSA, b. 23 Apr 1844 (TN), d. after 1882 - before 1916

Unknown Cemetery, Virginia, IL:
BOWMAN, William Cicero, Pvt., Co. C, 34th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 14 Nov 1849 (NC), d. 30 Jan 1922
CALVERT, William F., Co. I, 29th VA Infantry, then Co. B, 45th VA Infantry, CSA, b. 1835 (VA), d. 4 Dec 1894
(Also shown born 1839) (May have drawn a pension through Arkansas.)


Lynn Grove Cemetery, Sydney, IL:
COLE, Richard G., Confederate soldier (per 1929 HR), b. 1845 (VA), d. 6 Nov 1885 (Shown in 1880 Champaign Co. census)

Maplewood Cemetery, Rantoul, IL:
HODAM, James H., Pvt., 17th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 15 Aug 1841 (VA), d. 24 Mar 1903, L 14, Sec 6, PHS

Mount Hope Cemetery, Urbana, IL:
KNOTT, John Wesley., Pvt., Co. A, 6th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 18 Feb 1842 (NC), d. 15 Feb 1912, PHS
, Thomas J., Pvt., Co. H, 9th VA Infantry, CSA, b. 1840 (VA), died after 1880 census
, Francis A., Pvt., Army, Conf., b. 1828 (MD), d. 1 Aug 1894, L 7, B 185, Sec Burt, PHS
* (Unknown Confederate soldier, possibly surname McClellan is supposed to be buried in the Munhall plot. Died 1865 as he was being transported north probably to Camp Douglas at Chicago.)

Sadorus Cemetery
CARTER, William R., Conf. Army (probably VA), CSA, b. 7 Nov 1832 (VA), d. 19 Apr 1893 (Wife Lucinda, b. 1832 - d. 1906)

Shiloh Cemetery, Fisher, IL:
THOMPSON, William R., Pvt., Army, Conf., b. 7 Feb 1844 (NC), d. 12 Sep 1903, L 143, PHS

Stearns Union Cemetery, Ogden, IL: Gary Cromwell - Sexton - 217-548-2489)
McGEE,Peter Light, Pvt. Co. D, 89th VA Militia, CSA, b. 8 Mar 1831 (VA) d. 19 Jul 1899, G 18N, L 180, Old Sec, PHS

Woodlawn Cemetery, Seymour, IL:
SCOTT, Abel Seymour, Capt., 13th VA Infantry, Co. E., 18th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 31 Aug 1839 (VA), d. 8 Nov 1917

Unidentified Cemetery, ? , IL:
MURPHY, Thomas Richmond, Sgt./Musician, Co. B, 28th Consolidated TN Infantry, b. 1837 (TN), d. 10 Apr 1919

Unidentified Cemetery (probably in Champaign area):
HINKLE, Nathan G., Pvt. Co. D, 22nd VA Infantry, CSA, b. 1842 (VA), d. 2 Jan 1929

Unidentified Cemetery
PARKER, Isaac N., Pvt., VA Infantry, CSA, b. 23 Jun 1842 (VA/WV), d. 8 Jan 1910
(Isaac was conscripted and deserted the CSA and joined Co. G, 95th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, US on 4 Aug 1862.)


Grove City Cemetery, at or near Mt. Auburn, 3/10 miles west of Co. hwy 22:
PARRISH, George Abraham, Pvt., Co. B, 14th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 28 Sep 1838 (IN) , d. 22 Sep 1922
* CWDB shows him buried in Oakhill Cemetery at Taylorville and having served in Co. B, 3rd BN NC Light Artillery

Morrisonville Cemetery, Morrisonville, IL:
OFFLIGHTER, , Joseph Dallas, Pvt., 2nd Co. E. 36th VA Infantry, CSA, b. 28 Jul 1844 (VA), d. 14 Aug 1907, G 2, L 21, B 3, Sec 2
(OFFLIGHTER, JOSEPH DALLAS-b. Rockabridge Co., VA, enl. at Dublin, VA 9/10/64; present until captured at Waynesboro, VA, 3/2/65; POW at Ft. Delaware, Del.; released on oath,6/20/65;5'6" tall, blue eyes, sandy hair)

Oak Hill Cemetery, Taylorville, IL:
DICKSON, Daniel D., QM, Sgt., MO Cavalry 1st Regt, State Guard, CSA, b. a. 1818 (TN), d. ? ., L 194, B 17
(1929 HR shows as Dickerson. If David D. Dickerson, poss. Pvt., Co. K, 33 rd Ark Infantry))

Martin. L., MD, Pvt., Co. D. 5th KY Cavalry & Morgan's Men, b. 1 May 1840 (KY), d. 10 Jul 1919, L 12, B 14
, George E., Pvt., Army (prob. VA), Conf., b. 10 Nov 1847 (VA), d. 1 Aug 1912 (MS) L 9, B 14
(There is a George E. Estes shown as a 2nd Lt. with Co. A, 14th MS Infantry, but since he was so young at the
time it is unlikely to have been this man. He was most likely at Pvt. in a VA unit.))

, James Austin, Sgt., Co. H, 3rd & 5th Consolidated MO Infantry, CSA, b. 1829 (NC), d. 9 Jul 1897
, Benjamin F. (poss. Pvt. Co. F, 4th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 1845 (VA/WV), d. 22 Aug 1910
Joseph J., Pvt., Co. B, 3rd Battalion NC Light Artillery, CSA, need dates

Pana Mound Cemetery, Pana, IL:
TRIBBETT, William M., Corporal, Co. H, 4th VA Infantry, Stonewall Jackson Brigade, CSA, b. 27 Nov 1841 (VA), d. 21 Jul 1920


Casey (MEADE) Cemetery, Casey, IL:
LAMB, Peter Fleisher, Pvt., 31st VA Infantry, CSA, b. 19 Jan 1837 (VA), d. 6 Feb 1901, (LAMB, PETER FLEISHER (FLETCHER?) -5'8" tall, fair complexion, dark hair, gray eyes.) * Note- Clark Co. website says Meade Cemetery and shows him in 30th VA Infantry, CSA. * CWDB shows him Pvt. Co. F, 25th VA Infantry, CSA.
, Henry, (unknown GA Cavalry unit), no dates.
, Washington Miller, Pvt., Co. E, 16th TX Cavalry, also Co. A, Well's BN. TX Cavalry, CSA, b. 1845 (VA), d. 1907, row 5 (The 1929 Roll of Honor says that he is in the Meade Cemetery)

Dennison Cemetery, Dennison, Wabash Twp.:

TAYLOR, Andrew Jackson, Confederate soldier (per obit), b. 1842 (TN), d. 21 Jun 1921 (There are five A.J. Taylors from TN who may be this man, but unable to verify which one.)

Marshall Cemetery, Marshall, IL:
ALLRED, Eli Washington, Pvt., Co. I, 22nd NC Infantry, CSA, b. 16 Aug 1841 (NC), d. 8 Oct 1920
(Enlisted from Randolph Co., NC 1 Mar 1862. Listed as deserted 28 Jan 1865.)

, John M., 1Lt., Co. F, 15th TX Cavalry, CSA, b. 7 Feb 1834 (IL), d. 24 Mar 1917
, John Robert, Sgt., Co. A, 3rd KY Mounted Infantry, CSA, b. 3 Aug 1837 (KY), d. 2 Jun 1916 (Enlisted 5 Jul 1861 at camp Boone, TN, age 25, served throughout the war)
, Greenberry B., Pvt., Co. B, Fristoe's Regt., MO Cavalry, CSA, no dates (name also shown as Greenbury)

Martinsville City Cemetery, Martinsville, IL:
DELASCHMUTT, William H. (Grason), Pvt., Co. D, 1st MD Cavalry, CSA, b. 10 Jul 1838 (MD), d. 16 Dec 1915 (family vault) (According to Co. History book, he served under Gen. Jubal Early) (see obit CV v.24, p. 180)

Mt. Olive Cemetery, Martinsville, Orange Township, IL:
NUTT, Holden H., Pvt., Co. F, 3rd NC Infantry, CSA, b. 19 Oct 1832 (NC), d. 7 Jan 1877 (Holden enlisted from Forsyth Co., NC 29 Oct 1863 and is reported to have deserted 17 Nov 1863)
, Albert, Pvt., VA Infantry (served under Col. Chancellor at Leesburg, VA), CSA (not sure if he is at this cemetery for sure, only that it is in Orange Twp.), b. 1829 (VA), d. ?

St. Mary’s Catholic Church Cemetery, Marshall, IL:
WILSON, Hiram J., Pvt., Co. A, 18th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 20 Nov 1844 (TN), d. 11 Feb 1918

Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Martinsville, IL:
WARD, Jacob L., --- , VA Army, Conf., b. 1819 (VA), d. 30 Oct 1881, G 11, B 21 (unit not found)

York Cemetery, York, IL:
NEWMAN, Marmion Rush, Color Corporal, 17th VA Infantry Regiment, CSA, b. 1841 (VA), d. 1915 (age at death- 74y, 3m, 23d)


Dillman Cemetery, Hoosier Twp:
WHITTINGTON, Elisha D., Pvt., Co. A, 16th LA Infantry, CSA, b. 2 Mar 1834 (LA), d. 19 Jul 1918, L 15, B 3

Golden Cemetery, Louisville:
HUMPHREYS, John S., Pvt., Capt. Lynch's Co., TN Light Artillery, CSA, b. 1844 (TN), d. 1922

* Hoosier Cemetery, Hoosier Twp.:
* WYATT, Jonathan F., Pvt., Co. B & D, 26th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 30 Jun 1846 (NC), d. 8 Nov 1922

* Ingraham Cemetery, Pixley Twp.:
* LEONARD, Nicholas Barger, Pvt., Co. B, 63rd VA Infantry (McMahon's), CSA, b. 14 Aug 1844 (VA), d. 2 Jan 1926

Maysville Cemetery, Clay City:
DUFF, James Newton, 1st Sgt., Co. F & A, 6th NC Cavalry, and Co. F, 7th Battalion of NC Cavalry, CSA b. 17 Jun 1834 (NC),
d. 4 Dec 1912 (a brother-in-law of Tilley below)
SATTERFIELD, John W., Sgt., Co. A, 11th VA Cavalry, CSA (originally in Co. A, 67th VA Militia), b. 24 Aug 1839 (VA),
d. 8 Nov 1910

TILLEY, David G., Sgt. Co. F, 7th Battalion of NC Cavalry, then Co. A & F, 6th NC Cavalry CSA, b. 6 Nov 1834 (NC),
d. 9 Jul 1916

* Odd Fellows Cemetery, Xenia, IL:
GRIFFIN, Edward, Pvt., Co. E, 29th GA Infantry, CSA, b. 14 Dec 1833 (England), d. 12 Jul 1902

Oskaloosa Cemetery, Oskaloosa:
KURTZ, Henry R, Pvt., Co. E, 10 (Johnson's) KY Cavalry, CSA, b. 1840 (KY), d. 2 Jan 1912

Stipp Cemetery, Oskaloosa Twp.:
BROWN, James D., Pvt., Co. I, 13th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 1 Jun 1850 (TN), d. 22 Nov 1939 (It is supposed that he served with this regiment as it is the only one showing a James D., though there are many James (MNI)


* Lake Branch Cemetery, Aviston:
* LINDSEY, Benjamin Franklin, Pvt., Co. G, 14th AL Infantry, CSA, b. 29 April 1838 (GA), d. 16 Mar 1878 (no headstone)

Trenton City Cemetery, Trenton, IL:
BAUCHENS, Phillip Friederick D. ("Fritz"), Sr., Corp., Co. D, 24th AL Infantry, CSA, b. 28 Dec 1840 (Germany), d. 2 Sep 1896, L 110, B 3, Sec S (was a tinsmith)
FRAZIER, George L., Pvt., Co. E, 22nd NC Infantry, b. 1824 (NC), d. about 1904
FRAZIER, John J. ("Pap"), Pvt., Co. C, 7th NC Senior Reserves (also known as 77th NC Infantry), CSA,
b. 16 Jun 1829 (NC), d. 7 Jul 1901, L 89, B 3, Sec S (brother of George L. and uncle of John L.) (Bob Frazier says that he was in Co. A., 10th Battery NC Heavy Artillery)(Bill Underwood says his records show John as having died of acute dysentery at Point Lookout on 1 Feb 1865)
FRAZIER, John L., Pvt., Musician, Co. B, 53rd NC Infantry, CSA, b. 9 May 1951 (NC), d. 17 Feb 1922 (son of George L. Frazier above)
HILL, William Alexander, Pvt., Co. A, 8th MO Volunteer Cavalry, "Swamp Rangers", CSA, b. 28 Dec 1842 (MO), d. 3 May 1886, L 51, B 3, Sec S
SULLINS, Thomas Howe, Pvt., Co. C, 10th MO Inf., CSA, b. 14 Sep 1841 (MO), d. 31 Jan 1926, L 98, B 3, Sec S, (Enlisted 4 Aug 1862)


Craig Cemetery, Charleston:
STORY, Joseph Manning, Pvt., Co. A, 10th Missouri Infantry, b. 1834 (TN), d. 26 Feb 1882, PHS

Dodge Grove Cemetery, Mattoon:
UNKNOWN CONFEDERATE COLONEL (see article/pictures)

Graceland Cemetery, ? :

WALLACE. James D., Pvt., Co. C, 10th (Johnson's) KY Cavalry (Morgan's Men), CSA,

Huckaba Cemetery, Charleston Twp.:
CASE, Phillip Brizendine, Pvt., Co. H, 30th MS Infantry, CSA, b. 6 Oct 1834 (NC), d. 17 Nov 1904, PHS
(1880 census says he was born in 1836, family correspondence says 1834.)

IOOF Cemetery, Humboldt Twp.:
NEWMAN, Alva J., Pvt., Co. H., 1st (Field's) TN Infantry, CSA, b. 26 Feb 1831 (TN), d. 17 Mar 1911

Mt. Tabor Cemetery, Pleasant Grove Twp.:
NEWMAN, Wade Hampton, Pvt., Co. H, 5th (McKenzie's) TN Cavalry, CSA, b. 16 Oct 1837 (TN), d. 9 Oct 1923
(May have in fact been in Co. E, 1st TN Cavalry, US, and not in CSA at all - still checking.)
REDWINE, John Calhoun, Pvt., Co. A, 21st VA Infantry Battalion. & Co. K, 64th VA Infantry, CSA,
b. 18 Oct 1846 (VA), d. 6 Apr 1874

Rosedale Cemetery (East Oakland Cemetery), East Oakland Twp.:
JACKSON, Charles Luther "Stonewall", Pvt., Co. H, 22nd VA Infantry Regiment, CSA, b. 4 Jul 1843 (VA),
d. 1 Dec 1924, G 6, L 39, Sec 2, PHS
KIDD, Joshua, Pvt., Co. C, 55th VA Infantry, CSA, b. 1825 (VA), d. 21 Sep 1917

Union Cemetery, Morgan Twp.:
EAST, Cornelius "Neal", Pvt., TN-CSA b. 28 Feb 1833 (KY), d. 6 Feb 1912

Unknown Cemetery; probably Charleston or Mattoon:
HOLLAND, Ambrose M., Pvt., Co. K, 19th GA Infantry, CSA, b. ? (GA), d. after Oct 1882

Unknown Cemetery, Charleston:
PATE, William, prob. Conf. Soldier, b. 1838 (TN), d.

Well Cemetery, 2 ½ miles so. Of Ashmore Twp.:
UNKNOWN CONFEDERATE (There is supposed to be an unknown Confederate soldier buried in this cemetery. As the story goes, a trainload of soldiers came through this area and one soldier jumped off the train, injuring himself severely enough to eventually die of his injuries.)


Calvary Cemetery, Evanston, IL:
LYONS, James, Pvt./2 Lt., Co. H 15th TN Infantry, CSA, b. about 1840, d. 1 Apr 1865 (One of only two known from Camp Douglas not buried at Oakwood. Was re-interred 6 Jun 1869)
, James, Maj., Engineers, CSA, b. Sep 1825 (France), d. 5 Oct 1890 (Chicago)

Dunning Street Cemetery, Chicago, IL(Cemetery paved over and now a parking lt for Wal-Mart according to Jim Barr.)
MCCRAY, Thomas Hamilton, Col., 31st Arkansas Infantry Regt. (McCray's Battalion), b. 1828 (TN), d. 19 Oct 1891 (A commercial traveler.)

Elmwood Cemetery, Leyden Twp., River Grove, IL:
AINAR, Von Johne, (possibly listed as A. Ainar with 3rd Co., 3rd Regiment European Brigade on roll dated New Orleans 2 Apr 1862)
, William Carroll, Pvt., Co. D., 3rd Regiment, TN Cavalry (Forrest's), then Co. I, 7th KY Cavalry
(Morgan's), CSA, b. 16 Mar 1835 (KY), d. 1 Dec 1926 (Held honorary title of Colonel as Commander of UCV Camp #8, Chicago)

Fairmont Cemetery, Palos Twp, Willow Springs, IL:
BELL, John E., b. 1844, d. 9 Jul 1935, GF 1, L 209, S 14

Forest Home Cemetery (formerly called the Waldheim Cemetery), Forest Park, IL:
(There's a reasonable chance others are buried in this cemetery)
BLACKNALL, Thomas Henry, Maj., 37th AR Infantry (Bell's Regiment, Fagan's Brigade, Trans Mississippi Dept., CSA, b. 1833 (NC), d. 15 Oct 1918 (Maj. T. H. Blacknall resided at 209 East Forty Second Street, Chicago, IL.)
LEITCH, Samuel Gooch, Lt. (Adj. To Gen. Rains & Lt., Co. F, 19th VA, Infantry, CSA, b. 11 Mar 1840 (VA), d. 7 May 1923 Oak Forest Hospital. (He was a physician and lawyer in postwar Chicago.) Sec. L, G 857.
MCBRYDE, Alexander, d. 1 Aug 1929 (unit ?) (according to cemetery information he was age 59y, 9 m, and 3d when died so could not have been CS vet.)
NOEL, Theophilus, Pvt., Co A, 4th Texas Mounted Volunteers, b. 3 Jul 1840 (MI), d. 10 Apr 1918 (Berrien Springs, MI,
but buried in Chicago, IL), Sec 31, #146.
PARSONS, Albert Richard, Corporal, "Lone Star Grays", also an artillery unit that fought at Sabine Pass, & with "Parson's Brigade, CSA, b. 24 Jun 1848 (AL), d. 13 Nov 1887 (Executed for his part in the Haymarket murders.) *CWDB shows him in Co. B, 11th Bn CTX Cavalry, CSA
SULLIVAN, Samuel J., Pvt., Co. B, 3rd KY Cavalry, CSA, Morgan's Men, b. 17 Jan 1842, (MD), d. 19 Apr 1908 (River Forest) (He was a coffee broker.) (Was commandant of Camp Douglas Chicago, No. 8 UCV)

Graceland Cemetery, Chicago:
* MARTIN, Player, Pvt. C. D, 19th TN (Biffle's) Cavalry, CSA, b. 1845 (TN), d. 1 Apr 1888 (The death notice in the Chicago Tribune said he was to be buried in the Rosehill Cemetery and/or Graceland, but Rosehill has no record of him. He was a lawyer from a well-to-do TN family and was a former attorney in Nashville, TN).
WALLACE, James Douglas, Pvt., Morgan's Cavalry, Co. D, 2nd (Duke's) KY Cavalry, CSA, b. 7 Jun 1842 (KY), d. 11 Dec 1919 (Also Pvt. In Co. C, 10th (Johnson's) KY Cavalry. Both units were part of Morgan's Cavalry Brigade.)

Hebrew Benevolent Society Cemetery, Chicago, IL:
HIRSCH, Theodore, Pvt., Capt. Holmes LA Light Artillery, CSA, b. in Germany, d. 12 Dec 1864 (Hirsch was a German Jew. He enlisted 1 Aug 1864, captured 6 Oct 1864, died at Camp Douglas.)

Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Hillside Station (West), ? , IL:
* LINDE, Theodore Frelinghuysen, Pvt., Co. A, 3rd (Forrest's) TN Cavalry, CSA, b. Aug 1845 (TN), d. 8 Jan 1917 (Chicago), Sec. T, block B 16, grave 2. ( He was a former Mayor of Hot Springs, Arkansas and a real estate dealer in Chicago. His wife Emma is also buried there.)
SLAUGHTER, John C., Pvt., Co. E, 14th KY Cavalry, CSA, b. 27 Jan 1838 (KY), d. 30 Mar 1920, Block 7, lot 60, Sec. O (Is he a brother/cousin of Arthur buried in Rosehill Cemetery?)

Mt. Hope Cemetery, Blue Island Township, Chicago, IL:
RIOUFFE, Alexander, Capt., Co. B, 5th LA Infantry, CSA, b. 1836 (OH), d. 17 Mar 1898, L69, B NM, S 18 (He was a bookkeeper in New Orleans, Omaha and Chicago.)

Mt. Mary Cemetery, Jefferson Township, Chicago, IL:
FLEISCHMAN, Simon, Pvt., CO. B, 6th Florida Infantry, b. 1840 (Bavaria, Germany), d. 28 May 1908, G3, L4, S F

Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Jefferson Twp, Chicago:
BEHAN, Frank A., Pvt., Co. C., 1st Special Battalion (Richtor's) LA Infantry, then transferred to Capt. Green's Co. LA Guard Battery LA Artillery, then to 4th (later 5th) Co. (Battalion) Washington Artillery, LA, CSA, b. 1842 (LA), d. 5 Dec 1918 (Chicago) Sec. 31, Lot S 257, sec. 31grave SS center 21/2'.. (He was President of a jute manufacturing company in New Orleans in 1892.)

Oak Woods Cemetery, Chicago, IL:
There is a separate listing for over 4200 Confederate soldiers who died at Camp Douglas. (The co-ordinator, Mr. Gale Red has the transcript.) While there are only 4200 names on the monument, there were more than 6,000 bodies buried at the site. Even more were lost through being washed out into the lake before being moved, some were sold as cadavers to the medical schools, and some just got lost to the tides of time)
In addition to the men buried in the Oakwoods Confederate Mound, the following men are believed to be buried in the Oakwoods Cemetery, not in the Confederate Mound:

* BROOKS, Almon F., Pvt., Co. A, 16th AL Infantry, CSA, b. 1841 (OH), d. 25 Dec 1909 (Chicago). (He was a physician.)
BUSK, Jerome S., Pvt., Co. F, 12th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 1846 (VA poss. MD), d. 21 Mar 1902. (He was a commercial traveler.)
FORRESTER, Capt., 3rd KY Cavalry, CSA, b. Nov 1839 (KY), b. d. 10 Nov 1913 (Died at the Palmer House in Chicago.) (He was a prewar newspaper published in Marysville, KY, then with Sprague, Warner and Co. in Chicago. He was 1st President of the Ex-Confederates Association in Chicago. His wife is buried in Oakwoods.) (Muster records only show as a Pvt. In Co. F)
MATHENY, Luther ?
PHIPPS, William B., Sgt., Co. C, 44th NC Infantry, CSA, b.1828 (Stratford on Avon, England), d. 9 Mar 1898 (Chicago) (He was a merchant in Greenville, NC and an upholsterer in Chicago.)
ROATH, Jasper C., QM Sgt., 3rd Battalion, South Carolina Light Artillery (Palmetto Battalion), CSA, b. Mar 1842 (SC), d. 8 Feb 1905 (Chicago)
RYAN, John George, Capt., Co. B, 12 MS Cavalry, [also called 16th Confederate Cavalry], CSA, b. 1842 (Canada), d. 5 May 1895 (Chicago)
( He was an ex-editor of a Pine Bluff , Arkansas newspaper and an attorney. His brother was Gen. William A. C. Ryan, the "filibusterer.)
SOUTHMAYD, Frederick Redfield, Jr., Pvt., Co. B, Crescent LA Regiment, CSA, b. 17 Aug 1839 (New Orleans, LA), d. 4 Apr 1893 (Lost an arm at Shiloh. He was a newspaperman in New Orleans.) ( shows he died in Wash D.C.)
STEWART, Ramsey Hans, Pvt., Co. C, 12th MS Infantry, CSA, b. May 1838 (Scotland), d. 21 Dec 1919 (Chicago) (He was President of his company.)

Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, IL:
* COFFEY (COFEE), Holland T., Capt., Co. A, 48th MS Infantry, CSA, b. Jul 1837 (MS), d. 18 Nov 1900 (Chicago) (He was a "capitalist" in Chicago in 1892. He was the camp commander 1887-1888.) (He originally enlisted as a Private in Co. A , 2nd Battalion MS Infantry. He became the Quarter Master Sgt. When the 48th MS Infantry was formed using the 2nd BN as its nucleus, Holland became the Captain of Co. A.)
FRANCE, Robert Lee, Sgt., Co. H, 1st MD Cavalry, and Mosby's Regiment of VA Partisan Cavalry, CSA,
b. 7 Jul1839 (DC/MD), d. 2 Nov 1908 (Chicago) (He was a wholesale coal dealer in Chicago. He was raised in Baltimore and graduated from Georgetown
GUNTHER, Charles Frederick, purchasing steward, Confederate steamer Rose Douglas), b. 6 Mar 1837 (Germany),
d. 10 Feb 1920 (buried in family mausoleum) (He was a wealthy candy manufacturer and patron of the Chicago Historical Society.)
HARRIS, Thomas W., Capt. Co. C, 12th GA Infantry, CSA, b. Oct 1837 (GA), d. 1 Jan 1891, Sec. F, G #35.
(Chaplain for the Immortal 600.) (This may be wrong. Harris had family in Chicago, but probably died in AR and was buried there. Still needs checking.) DO NOT COUNT IN TOTALS,
MORRIS, Buckner Stith, (Southern Sympathizer), b. 19 Aug 1800 (GA), d. 16 Dec 1879 (Chicago) (He was arrested for aiding in a Confederate attempt to free prisoners at Camp Douglas.)
NOFSINGER, Lewis, 2nd Lt., Co. D, 11th VA Volunteer Infantry, b. 5 Apr 1831 (VA), d. 13 Dec 1889 (He was the last surviving officer of his unit when it finally surrendered at Appomattox.)
NORFOLK, George S., Pvt., Co. B, 21st VA Infantry, and "G" Co Mosby's Regiment VA Partisan Cavalry, CSA, b. Jan 1840 (MD), d. 28 Mar 1894 (He was a railroad ticket agent.)
ROSE, Edward, Pvt., Co. B,4th GA Infantry Regt., CSA, b. 22 Feb 1838 (Germany), d. Mar 16, 1921 (Evanston) (Commander of Camp No. 8, IL Div. UCV in 1917 until he died) (1929 HR shows name as Edwin)
SLAUGHTER, Arthur Orville, 1st Lt., Co. A, 2nn Regt. Infantry, 8th Infantry Division, MO State Guard, CSA,
b. 28 Sep 1840 (KY), d. 22 Jan 1907 (San Antonio, TX)
SPICER, Lawrence A., Sgt, Major, Co. A, 3rd (Forrest's) TN Cavalry, then Co. B, 154th Senior Regt. of TN Infantry (1st TN Vols.), b. 24 Apr 1842 (MS), d. 31 Jul 1903 (He was an insurance agent.) (Apparently he was re-interred in the Apollo Cemetery, probably a Masonic Cemetery in Chicago area, or maybe the Graceland or Oakwoods Cemeteries.)

Sag Cemetery, Lemont, IL:
MULCAHY, Jeremiah, Army, CSA, b. 4 Nov 1847, d. 9 Oct 1910, McCarthy lot (listed as Muleahy on 1929 HR) (probably was Pvt. In O'Brien's Co., LA Irish Militia Infantry)

Town of Maine Cemetery, Park Ridge:
REID, Thomas J., Col., 12th Arkansas Infantry Regt., CSA, b. Dec 1837 (NC), d. 30 Oct 1907

Unknown Cemetery, Chicago, IL:
* BAKER, Samuel, ? CSA, b. 1843 (VA), (still alive in Chicago 1900 with wife Louisa)
(Member of Ex-Confederates Assn. Of Chicago.)

Almon F., Pvt., Co. A, 16th AL Infantry, CSA, b. 1841, d. 25 Dec 1909
, William W., Pvt., Co. I, 9th KY Cavalry, CSA, b. Jan 1842 (KY), d. Chicago 1910-1916
, Benjamin Franklin, Pvt., Co. E, 1st NC Infantry, then Pvt., Co. K, 3rd VA Cavalry, CSA, b. Oct 1843 (VA), d. 10 Aug 1906 (Chicago) (He was a salesman and grain inspector in Chicago with wife Florence in 1900.
Louis (Lewis), Pvt., Co. F, 2nd AL Light Artillery, b. 1842 (Germany), d. 11 Feb 1913 (Chicago) (Painter)
* LINDE, Theodore F
., Pvt. Co. A, 3rd (Forrest's) Tennessee Cavalry, CSA, b. 1843 (TN), d. 8 Jan 1917
* MILLIKEN, William D.,
Pvt., Co. D, 3rd KY Infantry, CSA, b. 28 Mar 1842 (Evansville, IN), d. 22 Apr 1889 (Chicago)
, Samuel H., Pvt., Co. B, 3rd AL Infantry, CSA, b. 1834 (AL), d. after 1898 in Chicago (He was a grain broker.)
, Morgan Ruseell, Pvt. (musician), Co. D, 4th AL Infantry, CSA, b. 1845 (AL), d. 28 Apr 1889 (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in a train accident. Probably brought back to Chicago to be buried. He was in the sewing machine business.)
, Jere S., Pvt. Co. G, 2nd MS Cavalry (Forest's Cavalry), CSA, b. Apr 1847 (MS), d. 14 Apr 1908 (Chicago) (possibly Jerry S. White) (He was a merchant in MS, LA, and Chicago.)

Waldheim Cemetery (Free Mason's Cemetery):
ETTLINGER, Charles Jacob, 11th Battalion LA Infantry, CSA, b. 1840 (probably Germany), d. 12 May 1912

Died in Chicago area but buried elsewhere:
* KNOEDLER, Lewis P., (Pvt.) 2 Lt., Cos. A & B, 2nd Battalion (Capt. Dortch's) KY Cavalry, then Co. F, 7th KY Cavalry (Morgan's), CSA, b. 1839 (NJ), d. 3 Feb 1919 (Chicago, IL), Buried in Augusta, KY
PICKETT, Joseph Desha, Chaplain, 2nd KY Infantry (Orphan Brigade), CSA, b. 6 Jan 1822 (KY), d. 1 Jul 1900 (River Forest, IL), buried in Beasley Cemetery, Mason Co., KY
WHITE, John Wycoff, Pvt. Co. H, 7th GA Inf., Pvt., Co. C, 1st VA Cavalry, and Pvt. in Mosby's Regiment of VA Partisan Cavalry, CSA, b. Jun 1845 (Richmond, VA), d. 9 Oct 1903, supposedly buried in Warrenton, VA (He was a Chicago Grocer.)


Bellair Cemetery, Bellaire, Licking Twp:
HACKETT, John Mack, Conf. Veteran, no dates

Berlin Cemetery, Oblong:
POINDEXTER, William, Pvt., VA Conf., b. 1837 (VA), d. 1915
(William Poindexter living in Martin, Crawford Co., IL 1900)

Jones Cemetery, Flat Rock:
FARN, David Madison, Pvt., Co. I, 29th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 13 Sep 1845 (TN), d. 19 Oct 1914 (Lawrence Co., IL),
Center Sec, PHS
FORD, John W., , Army C/U (?), d. 16 Mar 1904, West Sec, PHS
(Unable to verify military service so far, but shown as a Confederate in Crawford Co. veterans list.)

Newlin Cemetery, Robinson:
TRIMBLE, Thomas H., , Army, poss. KY Conf., d. 14 Sep 1889, L W, B So of Old, PHS
(Is he a brother of RL Trimble in Newman Cemetery, Douglas Co.?)

Prairie Cemetery, Oblong:
WISEMAN, Edward Livingston, Pvt., 2nd TX Infantry, CSA, b. 22 Jan 1839 (OH), d. 24 Jan 1917
(Cannot find Edward on the rosters, but two of his brothers served in that same unit. Nancy Wiseman says that he
served with the Texana Guards, 24th Brigade, Texas Militia, and that he was exempted from conscription into service.)

Rich Cemetery, Honey Creek Twp.:
LUTRICK, George Moses, Conf. Veteran, b. 1847, d. 15 Dec 1930, row 5 (wife- Elizabeth Baud)

Robinson Old Cemetery, Robinson:
CHEUVERONT, James M., Pvt., Co. E., 26th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 1840 (VA), d. 1912, buried west side

* Unknown Cemetery, probably Good Hope Cemetery, Honey Creek Twp.:
* ALLISON, John Harvey, Pvt., Co. C, 10th VA Infantry, b. 1842 (VA), d. 18 May 1926

* Unknown Cemetery, probably Robinson Old City Cemetery, Robinson Twp., Robinson:
* RUDDELL, James Collier, Pvt., Co. A, 1st Battalion KY Cavalry, CSA, b. 18 Sep 1819 (KY), d. 1892
(His father Charles Ruddell (War of 1812 veteran) is buried there, died 1886.)


Friends Grove (Quaker) Cemetery, Greenup, IL:
FOGELMAN, Anderson, Pvt., Co. H, 2nd NC Infantry, CSA, b. 1819 (NC), d. after 1880
FOGLEMAN, Anderson, Pvt., Co. A, 3rd Regiment, 4th Battalion NC Junior Reserves Infantry, CSA, b. 1846 (NC), d. ?
(This Anderson is the son of John and Eva Bowman Fogelman.)
FOGELMAN, William G. (maybe C.), Pvt., NC Infantry, CSA, b. 1850 (NC), d. 27 Dec 1877
STARBUCK, John Weatherly, Pvt., Co. K, 52nd NC Infantry, CSA, b. 7 Oct 1844 (NC), d. 19 Apr 1910

Greenup Cemetery, Greenup:
DEES, John C., Pvt. , Conf., b. 20 Oct 1845 (IL), d. 1914 (Served in an Arkansas unit) (Pvt., Corp., Sgt. - if John W. then served as Pvt. Co H, 1st Arkansas Infantry. If John then as Corp. Co. H, 8th Arkansas Infantry. If John, then he was a Sgt. With Co. K 25th Arkansas Infantry. Maybe all same man.)

Toledo Cemetery, Toledo:
THOMAS, William B., Pvt., Co. A, 1st Battalion KY Mounted Rifles, CSA, b. 1837 (KY), d. 1883

DEKALB COUNTY: none found


Dewitt Cemetery,
GABY, Isaac, Pvt., Co. D. 39th TN Mounted Infantry (Col. W. M. Bradford's Regiment Volunteers, 31st TN Inf., CSA, b. Mar 1842 (TN), d. 1913
(Cemetery shows his unit as Co. I, 8th TN. Cavalry (US), but no Isaac Gaby on rolls for the 8th, either side)

Heyworth Cemetery, Heyworth:
CHAUDOIN, Luther P., Pvt. , Co. D., 6th KY Mounted Infantry (became part of the Orphan Brigade), CSA,b. 14 Mar 1842 (KY), d. 16 Dec 1896 (Alternate spellings: Chadowin, Chandoin)

McCord Cemetery, Farmer City:
WILLIAMS, Thomas Jefferson, Pvt., Co. F, 53rd NC Infantry, CSA, b. Feb 1839 (NC), d. 26 Jul 1934

Woodlawn Cemetery, Clinton:
CONWELL, Charles, Pvt., Co. A, TX Cavalry, CSA,
(No Conwell's listed -any first name- for the Union. 3 shown for CSA, but no Charles, all mounted)
KELLY, Thomas L., Pvt., Co. F., 4th KY Infantry, CSA, b. 10 Jan 1844 (KY), d. 20 Jul 1926 (Also shown as Kelley, but Kelly seems to be correct spelling.)
KELLY, William S., Pvt., Co. H, 2nd KY Mounted Infantry, b. 1 Jun 1850 (KY), d. Nov 1884 (suicide in MO)

Unknown Cemetery, Farmer City:
HARPER, Isom A., Pvt., Co. A, 18th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 1841 (VA/WVA), d. 26 Feb 1915


Albin Cemetery, Wesley Chapel Church, Newman:
DAVIDSON, Henry Clay, Pvt., Co. F., 12th KY Cavalry, CSA, b. 1838 (KY), d. 26 Sep 1926 (Sergeant Twp)

Arcola Cemetery, Arcola:
BLACKWELL, Samuel Blackwell, 7th NC Senior Reserves (also known as 77th NC Infantry), CSA, b. 15 Nov 1832 (NC), d. 2 May 1920, Lot D
SPENCER, John Willoughby, Cpl., Spencer's Ranger's, Independent Cavalry (NC), CSA, b. 10 Mar 1844 (NC), d. 9 Nov 1877, Lot D-34
SPENCER, William Henry, Capt., Spencer's Ranger's, Independent Cavalry (NC), CSA, b. 11 Sep 1831 (NC),
d. 20 Jul 1889, Lot D

Arthur Cemetery, Arthur:
LITTLETON, Samuel H., Pvt., Co. C, 3rd Arkansas Infantry, CSA, b. 26 Aug 1825 (TN), d. 17 Apr 1906
MALLICOAT, Arthur, Pvt., Co. C, 12th Battalion (Day's) TN Cavalry, CSA, b. 2 Oct 1830 (TN), d. 17 Apr 1903
STONE, Ruben M., Pvt., Co. I, 12th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 1845 (TN), d. 22 Mar 1932
TINSLEY, Thomas J., Sgt./2Lt., Cos. C&D, 30th Battalion Virginia Sharpshooters (Clarke's), CSA Infantry,
b. 1840 (VA), d. 4 Aug 1891

Newman Cemetery, Newman:
RICHARDS, John Etezious, Pvt., Co. D, 1st Special Battalion Wheat's Louisiana Tigers, LA Infantry, CSA, b. 10 Jan 1842 (LA), d. 26 Mar 1909
TEAL, John L., Pvt., Co. A, 54th VA Infantry, CSA, b. 5 Mar 1832 Henry Co., VA, d. 4 Apr 1913 Broadlands, Champaign Co., IL (Was a minister)
TRIMBLE, Robert L., Pvt., Co. I, 5th KY Mounted Infantry, CSA, b. 30 Nov 1842, d. 24 Apr 1909, L 404, Sec 3, -

Tuscola Cemetery, Tuscola:
ROGERS (Doctor), , Army, Conf., d. 27 Sep 1913, L 60, B 1, Orig. Sec. (Check Tuscola area for a doctor by this name.)

Van Voorhis Cemetery (Deer Creek Cemetery), Bowdre Twp.:
HILL, James, , CSA Veteran, b. 6 May 1844, d. 13 Sep 1908, Old Sec. (died Sargeant Twp.)

Villa Grove Cemetery, Villa Grove, Camarge Twp.:
FRAZIER, George Anderson (Rev.), Pvt., Co. C, Wise Legion VA Light Artillery, CSA, b. 22 Nov 1845 (VA), d. 26 Apr. 1933, L 1, Sec 1


* Arlington Cemetery, Elmhurst:
* LEVIN, George W., Pvt., Co. E & G, 3rd Palmetto Battalion SC Light Artillery, CSA, b. 15 Mar 1846 (SC), d. 1 Nov 1917,
Sec. 15, lot 353 (Was a charter member of UCV Camp #8 and a Commander of that camp in Chicago, IL) died in Chicago but
was sent by train to Arlington Cemetery, Elmhurst in Du Page Co.)

Fullersburg Cemetery, Downers Grove (near Hinsdale), IL:
ANDRE, , John A., Pvt., Co. A, 1st MD Infantry, CSA, L 95 (probably transferred to Cpl., Co. F, 2nd MD Cavalry., CSA)

Naperville Cemetery, Naperville, IL:
EDWARDS, Isaac, Pvt., b. 1820, d. 1903 (Co I, 95th IL Infantry - US but stone is a Confederate stone with CSA below the 9th line. He probably was a POW and galvanized. I think he may have been from VA, but have nothing else yet.)
, Robert Burns, Pvt., Co. C, 1st VA Infantry, CSA, d. 28 May 1911

Unknown Cemetery, York Township, IL:
MILLICENT, M, Sr., (possibly a wrong name), b. 1818 - 1863 (I cannot find where I got this, but believe it was on the IL Adjutant General's Roll of Honor)


Edgar Cemetery, Paris Twp.:
BERGEN, Erasmus T., Pvt., Co. C., 8 KY Mounted Infantry (8th KY Cavalry), CSA, b. 1846 (KY), d. Jul 1910
CALE, James Madison, Pvt., Co. D, 7th Battalion VA Reserves, CSA, b. 19 Nov 1843 (VA), d. 23 Dec 1923
CLARK, Henry E., Col., 7th Missouri Cavalry, CSA, no dates * CWDB shows Co. S
GILES, John, Pvt., Co. E, 10 KY Cavalry, CSA, b. 1844 (KY), d. 6 Sep 1914

Franklin Cemetery, Edgar Twp., Chrisman:
BUSSART, N.N. (Confederate (also shown as Sgt, Co. E, 66th Illinois Vol. Infantry - may have signedoath of allegiance for parole) (all other listed Bussart(s) are Union)

Guymon Cemetery, Vermillion:
SANDERS, Elijah, Pvt., Co. K, 32nd Regt. TN Infantry, CSA, b. 7 Mar 1824 (TN), d. 10 Jun 1902

Prairie Township Chapel Cemetery (Ingram Cemetery/Scotland Cemetery), Prairie Township:
BOWERS, Aaron, Confederate soldier (no stone, no data)
LANDIS, Mahlon Ira, enlisted in VA Confederate, b. 1847 (prob. VA), d. 1934 (He may have used a different name as I cannot find either a Mahlon or Ira Landis/Landes)
LEGG, George W. ("Wash"), Cpl., 2nd (Ashby's) TN Cavalry, CSA, b. 1840 (IL), d. 1920, L CW, sect. 2.


Ridge Cemetery, Grayville, IL:
PENFOLD, James, Pvt., Co. K, 7th Regiment, TX Cavalry, b. 19 Aug 1835 (IN), d. 3 Nov 1892, GHS
, William, Pvt., Army, C/U (?), d. 4 Apr 1914, PHS
, R.A., Pvt., Army, Conf. TN Infantry, d. 5 Nov 1881, PHS


Brocket Cemetery, Mason:
PARKS, Marcus Lafayette, Pvt. Co. E, 1st TN Infantry (Turney's), CSA, b.1836 (TN), d. 11 Mar 1892

Loy Chapel Cemetery, south of Effingham, Watson Twp.:
SHARP, Thomas Jefferson, (Blacksmith), Pvt., Co. 1 C, 1st AL Cavalry, CSA, b. 5 May 1835 (AL), d. 2 Feb 1895
WILEY, James A., Pvt., Co. D, 2nd Confederate Infantry Regiment (later called the 52nd TN Infantry, then became the 55th AL Infantry Regiment) b. Jan 1821 (AL), d. May 1912

Oak Ridge Cemetery, Effingham:
CALVERT, Gideon B., Pvt., Co. E, 37th Battalion VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 1844 (OH), d. 31 Oct 1911
JACKSON, William H., Co. K, 8th KY Cavalry (Col. Clukes' Regiment), General Morgan's Cavalry Brigade, CSA,
b. 5 Apr 1844 (KY) d. 2 Feb 1929, G 1, L 29, GHS (His record in the CWSS shows he was in the 12th KY Cavalry vs. the 8th.)


Antioch Cemetery, ½ mile south of Herrick, in Bowling Green Twp.:
MCMANIMIE, Isaac, Pvt., Co. H, 17th Arkansas Infantry Regt. (Lemoyne's), CSA, b. 28 Apr 1843 (AR), d. 20 Dec 1928
(His name also shown as McManmie. His tombstone shows Isaac McManni , Co. G, 21st AR Infantry, CSA.)

Blankenship Cemetery, Carson Twp:
HUNT, James M, Pvt., Co. F, 7th Arkansas Infantry, CSA, b. 7 Mar 1846 (GA), d. 5 May 1911 (at Anna Hospital)
(Was possibly in Co. F, 10th Arkansas Militia before)

* Guy Cemetery, St. Elmo, Avena Twp.:
GUY, Franklin J., Capt., Co. D, 3rd VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 1831 (VA), d. ?

Liberty Cemetery, near Bingham, S. Hurricane Twp.:
ELLER, Nelson Alexander, Pvt., Co. K, 4th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 3 Aug 1841 (NC), d. 25 Jul 1930

McInturff Cemetery, Bear Grove Twp.:
CAVIN, Martin Dempsey, Pvt., Co. I, 7th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 22 Apr 1842 (NC) , d. 17 Jan 1912
(Brother-in-law of Joseph Pinkney Barkley below.)

Old State Cemetery (Old City Cemetery), Vandalia:
FORTUNE, William (later known as George William), Col., 1st Northeast Missouri Cavalry, b. 20 Dec 1802 (VA),
d. 20 Dec 1868 (I am not positive of the unit or the rank as the rank was from a descendant, probably a Pvt.) (possibly one of the two "unknowns" buried in the Old City Cemetery at Vandalia)
STAHL, Gustav, Confederate blockade-runner, b. 1830, d. ? (before 1928)
(No other information available. He was not military.)
WALL, William Jones, Pvt., (enlisted in Danville), Co. E, 57th VA Infantry Regt., CSA, b. 29 Aug 1843 (VA),
d. 26 Aug 1913
UNKNOWN CSA (no identity)

Ramsey Cemetery, Ramsey:
WEATHERLEY, Marion Morrison, Sgt., Co. H, Gordon's Regiment Arkansas Cavalry, CSA, b. 22 Nov 1840 (TN),
d. 7 Dec 1906

Sidener Cemetery, Wheatland Twp., Vandalia:
LIPSEY, Samuel Francis, Pvt., Co. B, 15th TX Cavalry, CSA, b. 20 Sep 1839 (IN), d. 7 Jun 1904, Sec NC, PHS
MOORE, James J., Pvt., Co. D, 3rd MO Infantry, then Co. H, 6th MO Infantry, CSA, b. 1833 (TN) d. 24 May 1908
(It is believed he served in MO since his children were born there.)

South Hill Cemetery, Vandalia:
BULLINGTON, John R., Jr., Corp., Co. K, 38th VA Infantry Regiment, Steuart's Brigade
(Gen. George H. Steuart of Md.), CSA, b. 12 Jul 1841 (VA), d. 30 Apr 1922
BARKLEY, Joseph Pinkney, Pvt., Co. B, 2nd NC Cavalry (renamed 19th NC Troops), CSA, b. 28 Jan 1836 (NC),
d. 10 Apr 1902, Sec. 1, B 16, L 7 (Brother-in-law of Martin Dempsey Cavin above.)

Welch Cemetery, Carson Twp.:
HUNT, Haraldson Lafayette, Pvt., Co. I, 27th Arkansas Infantry Regt., CSA, b. 19 Oct 1843 (GA),
d. 24 Mar 1911 (MO) (His tombstone says Co. F, 27th Arkansas Infantry, Confederate Army, "Father")

Wilberton Cemetery, St. Peter:
MILLS, William Allen, Pvt., Co. G, 21st Virginia Cavalry, Gen. Fitzhugh Lee's 2nd Brigade, CSA, b. 16 Dec 1844 (VA),
d. 6 Apr 1932

Unknown Cemetery, possibly Wilberton Cemetery:
SIDWELL, David, Pvt., Co., C, 28th TN Infantry (2nd Mounted Regiment of Tennessee Volunteers), CSA, b. 1818 (KY),
d. before 1870 (we still need to prove this out)


Drummer Township Cemetery (Gibson City Cemetery), Gibson City:
According to the write-up on the cemetery, there was probably another Confederate in a lost unmarked grave. The Old Jordan Cemetery was discontinued as a burying ground in the early 1880's, and all marked graves and tombstones were moved to the new cemetery. Some of the unmarked graves could not be located. In some cases no relative or friend could be found. One such grave is said to have been that of a Confederate soldier. A special place north of the circle was set aside for the graves of those who had no family lot. Some markers were of wood - long since unreadable.)

BARROW, Hamilton Jefferson., Pvt., Co. C, 51st VA Militia, CSA, b. 14 Dec 1839 (VA), d. 31 Dec 1941 P 128, Sec. 4, PHS
SLACK, George W., Pvt., Co. B, Exchanged BN, CSA, b. 1833, d. May 1876, Sec. 6, PHS (Listed as George J. Slack in CSA records for the Exchange Battalion. He may have been with Co. A, 5th TX
Cavalry before capture.)

Mount Hope Cemetery, Sibley:
CARNEY, John Henry, Pvt., supposedly served with General Beauregard, Army, Conf., b. 30 Sep 1848 (KY), d. 19 Mar 1932

Paxton's Glen Cemetery, Paxton:
STEVENS, James, Army, Conf., b. 1838, d. 9 Aug 1907, paupers' section 34 (prob. From VA)
CLARK, Hiram B., Pvt., Co. K, 1st (Field's) TN Infantry, CSA, b. 1832 (OH), d. 18 Jun 1908, paupers' section sec 35, block 5, sec. C

Waggoner Cemetery, Gibson City:
DOBBINS, David Foster, Pvt., Co. E 24th Tenn. Infantry, b. 8 May 1838 (TN), d. 10 Apr 1908, R 4, Orig. Sec., PHS
LEONARD, John Henry, Pvt., Capt. C.B Griffin's Co. Salem Light Artillery, VA, b. 31 May 1842 (VA), d. 29 Nov. 1937, R 8, Orig. Sec., PHS


Ewing Cemetery (King Cemetery), Ewing:
ELLIS, Abraham B., Corporal, Co. C, 24th Regt. TN Infantry, CSA, b. Feb 1831 (TN), d. 1913, Row 11
FLEEMAN, Joseph H., 3rd Sgt, Co. B, 7th BN (Bennett's) TN Cavalry, later Co. E, 22 TN Cavalry, Barteau's Regt., b. 8 Jan 1838 (TN), d. 10 Sep 1921

Jones Cemetery, Eastern Twp. (near Benton):
PUCKETT, Adam Hall, Pvt., Co. C, 8th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 8 Jan 1841 (TN), d. 9 Jan 1878

Liberty Riddlin Cemetery, Northern Twp.:
NOONER, Elisha P. (Elijah), Pvt., Co. F, 3rd KY Infantry, CSA, b. 1828, d. 28 Mar 1873
SHRUM, Joel F., Pvt., Co. K, 2nd TN Infantry (Walker Legion/ Irish Regiment), CSA, b. 24 Jan 1844 (TN), d. 7 Jul 1915

Macedonia Cemetery, Macedonia:
GULLEY, Thomas G., Pvt., Co. C, 63rd TN Infantry (Fain's) (74th Inf.), CSA, b. 1840 (IL), d. 20 Oct 1895 (GULLEY, T. G. PVT, ARK INF (CON) BUR FRANKLIN CO ) - SOURCE?
HAYES, Thomas L., Pvt., Wheeler's Co. H, 6th TN Cavalry, b 31 Jul 1841 (TN), d. 12 Mar 1923, Sec. 36
SWINEY, William Allen, (possibly 1Lt., Co. D, 10th TN Cavalry), CSA, b. 28 May 1848 (TN), d. 15 Jul 1877 (NOTE- Thomas L. Hays was William's brother-in-law and was the administrator of his estate when he died in 1877.)

Masonic and Odd Fellows Cemetery, Benton:
DANIELS, Joseph Benjamin, Pvt. Co. B, 2nd VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 31 Aug 1841 (VA), d. 24 Jan 1918
ESKEW, William L, Pvt., Co. H., 45th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 9 Nov 1837 (TN), d. 17 Jan 1917, B l, F, Lot L, Space 11
GULLEY (GULLY), John G., Sgt., 1st (Crawford's) Arkansas Cavalry, CSA, b. 1830 (TN), d. ?
HOWARD, Pleasant J., Pvt., Co. G, 7th Duckworth's) TN Cavalry, b. 1842 (TN), d. 5 Nov 1905
ORR, Alexander Green, Dr., Pvt., Co. A & C, 1st TN Heavy Artillery, CSA, b. 19 Sep 1841 (TN), d. Aug. 1908
OWENS, Logan (Login), PVT, Co. K, 17th TN Infantry, CSA, b.1833 (TN), d. 1908
ROBERTS, John F., , Army, Conf., b. ?, d. 27 Feb 1896, G 9, L 22, B A, Sec. 30
WINTZ, Lewelyn "Lewis" Powell, Pvt., Co. C, King's 1st KY Battalion & 1st Confederate Cavalry, CSA, b. 1833 (VA), d. 16 Nov 1915 (VA Cav. - according to 1929 HR))

Veterans Memorial Cemetery (Old City Cemetery), Benton:
NOONER, Joseph F., Pvt., Co. E. 3rd KY Infantry, CSA, b. 1833 (TN), d. 1878, Sec. 19 (also shown as Joshua or Jashney)
WINN (WYNNE), James A., Pvt., Co. D, 9th TN Cavalry (Ward's), CSA, b. 26 Jun 1812 (NC), d. 4-27-1881, Sec. 19

Pleasant Grove Cemetery, West Franklin:
HAWKINS, Pink, Lt. Col., 1st/2nd Creek Indian Territory Cavalry, CSA, b. ?, d. 1891, Sec. 24

Liberty Church Cemetery, Cave Twp.: (just east of Thompsonville, IL)
CHANDLER, Stucker T., Pvt., Kirkpatrick's Co. C, Ward's 9th TN Cavalry, b. 12 Sep 1825, d. 7 Jan 1892, R 6

Shilo Cemetery, Ewing Twp.:
LINK, Thomas J., Pvt., TN Army, Conf., b. 1845 (TN), d. 7 Mar 1923, Sec. 20 (Prob. joined from Wilson Co. area.)


Astoria Cemetery, Astoria:
FOSTER, William T., , Army, Conf., d. 3 Jan 1887, PHS (Probably not CSA. Looks like wrong info, identified by
Adjutant General's report as CSA.).)

Barker Cemetery, Farmers Twp.:
COYNER, James William, (probably Pvt., Co. G, 18th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 1 Feb 1844, d. 15 Oct 1868, East Sec., PHS
HARLAN, James, , Army, Conf., -East Sec., -

Cuba Cemetery, Cuba:
LEWIS, William Waller, Pvt., Capt. John Avis' Co., VA Provost Guard, b. 1830 (VA), d. 1911
RUSSELL, Samuel, , Army, Conf., Old Sec.,-
SCOTT, George Leroy, Pvt., Army, Co. B, 10th VA Stonewall Jackson's Division, CSA, b. 16 Nov 1846 (VA), d. 12 Mar 1932, G 2, L 640, Old Sec., PHS

* Fairview Cemetery, Fairview:
LOWMAN, William C., Cpl., Army, Co. K, 20th VA Cavalry, CSA, G 1, L 25, B E, Sec. 6 add, PHS
* WASSON, Joseph E., Pvt., Co. F., 52nd VA Infantry, CSA, b. 1832 (PA), d. 1900 - 1910

Foster Cemetery, Fairview:
MCBRIDE, William, --- , Army, Conf.

* New Ipava Cemetery, Pleasant:
* BOHANNON, Thomas O., Co. G., 62nd Tennessee Mtd. Infantry. (Rowan's Regiment. 80th Tenn. Infantry, CSA, b. Dec 28, 1842 (TN), d. Aug 14, 1911, lot 184 (Even though the marker gives his unit as Co. A, 7th VA Inf., he was with Co. G., 62nd Tennessee Mtd. Infantry. (Rowan's Regiment. 80th Tenn. Infantry. His initial should be shown as O not A. The Thomas A was born in 1840 and died in NC in 1927. This Thomas was born in 1842 in TN and died in 1911.)
* BOLTON, Albert Griffin, Pvt., Co. F, 27th VA Infantry, CSA, b. 28 Mar 1839 (VA), d. 26 May 1905 (brother of A.H.), lot 153
* BOLTON, Alexander H., Pvt., Co. D, 7th VA Infantry, CSA, b. Mar 22. 1841 (VA), d. Mar 27, 1926 (brother of A.G.), lot 165

Marietta Cemetery, Marietta:
TROXELL, Rice, Pvt., 11th Regiment KY Volunteer Cavalry, CSA, b. 1832 (KY), d. before 1900

Maryville Cemetery, Bryant:
BYBEE, William H., Pvt. Co. D, 23rd VA Infantry, CSA, b.30 Jun 1844 (AR), d. 1920 (Quincy, Adams Co.)
(It appears that he enlisted as a Pvt. In Co. G, 146th IL Infantry on 5 Sep 1864 and served until 8 Apr 1865.)
(Is this the same man?)
POST, Stephen, Pvt. Co. D, 20th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 26 Feb 1830 (VA), d. 6 Feb. 1917, L 4, PHS
(Wife Leah Regar, s/o Daniel and Mary Heffnar Post)

Oakhill Cemetery, Lewiston:
CLARYE, Joe, , Army, Conf., d. 24 Mar 1917
CLARRY, Perry, , Army, Conf., d. 3 Mar 1900, Sec. OH, PHS
CRISSMAN, William B., Pvt./Chaplain, CS General Staff (no unit given), CSA, b. ? , d. 4 Feb 1907, Sec. OH, PHS
HARBEN, Tyra Boone, 1 Lt./Chaplain, 11th Batt'n Georgia Infantry (State Guards.). CSA, b. 11 Jun 1824 (GA), d. ? L 305
REEVES, John, , Army, Conf., b. ? d. ?

Point Pleasant Cemetery, Marietta:
HARLAND, James M., , prob. LA, CSA, b. 1830 (LA), d. 4 Mar 1882, L 29, PHS

Salem Cemetery, Astoria:
ROBINSON, Alexander, Pvt., TN CSA, b. 1849 (TN), d. ? (poss. either Co. E, 4th (McLemore's) TN Cavalry or Co. E, 25th TN Infantry)

* Shields Cemetery, Buckheart Twp:
* KIRKPATRICK, James A., Conf. Soldier, b. 1841 (MO), d. 23 Aug 1910

Wilcoxen (Salem) Cemetery, Liverpool Twp.:
RAY, George Washington, Pvt., Co. D, 5th Battalion NC Cavalry, Co. D/B, 6th NC Cavalry, CSA, b. 24 Jul 1843 (NC), d. 31 May 1923 (OK)

* Unknown Cemetery, Buckheart Twp.:
* WASSON, Samuel C., Pvt., Co H, 2nd MO Infantry, then Co. A, 7th AR Cavalry, CSA, b. 1835 (KY), d. 1880 - 1900

* Unknown Cemetery, Cuba:
* EVANS, William J., Corporal, Capt. Griffin's Co., Virginia L. Artillery (Salem Flying Artillery), b. 1849 (VA), d. after 1930


Westwood Cemetery (Street Cemetery), Shawneetown, Gold Hill Twp.:
HOWELL, John Lloyd, Capt., Co. G, 1st KY Confederate Cavalry (Orphan Brigade), CSA, b. 18 Nov 1837 (KY), d. 1900

Unknown Cemetery, Shawneetown:
PARKS, William Allen, Pvt. Co. E, 1st TN Infantry (Turney's), CSA, b. 1821 (TN), d. 13 Jan 1879
(PARKS, William Allen, Sgt. He was b. c1821, Fayetteville, Lincoln Co., TN, d. 13 Jan. 1879, Shawneetown, IL. He m. Rebecca ROLEMAN. He was a son of Thomas Lodge Dennis PARKS and Elizabeth L. SMITH.~ * Residence Lynchburg. *Enr. 29 Apr 61 at Lynchburg, aged 40; admitted to Genl Hosp No. 18, Richmond, VA, on 8 Apr 62 with typhoid fever; presumed to have been discharged as a non-conscript, over-age.*)

(Note- per Mike Morgan ( who is doing a history of the 1st TN Infantry (Turney's)),Shawneetown was apparently a location for former Confederate soldiers who took the oath to the Union but were NOT sent home. Several other members from Parks Regiment show a stay in Shawneetown.)

Wilcoxen (Salem) Cemetery, Liverpool, Twp.:
RAY, George Washington, Pvt., Co. D, 5th Battalion NC Cavalry, then Co. B, 6th NC Cavalry, CSA,
b. 24 Jul 1843 (NC), d. 31 May 1923 (OK)


Carrollton Cemetery, Carrollton:
CLIFFORD, James H., Confederate soldier, buried in an unmarked grave in the paupers section. (CWDB has this man as John H. Clifford, Pvt., Co H, 42nd NC Infantry, CSA.)
CARLIN, John Clark, Col., Consolidated Texas and Missouri Cavalry, CSA, previously Capt., 1st Regiment, MO State Guard, b 14 Feb 1834 (IL), d. 25 Feb 1865, (John was the son of Thomas Carlin - founder of Carrollton and Greene Co. and Governor of IL in the 1840's.)
COSEY, William S., Pvt. Co. I, 1st Florida Regiment (Inf/ Cav ?), b. 31 Dec 1846, d. 12 Nov 1918 (Cannot be sure if CSA or Union yet)
SHIRLEY, Henry, Pvt., Co. B, 89th VA Militia, CSA, b. 1820 (VA), d. 17 Feb 1893

Fernwood Cemetery, Roodhouse:
ANDERSON, William Harrison, Pvt., Co B, 2nd NC Infantry, CSA, b. 19 Mar 1847 (NC), d. 6 Apr 1920 (Cemetery record says Co. H, 47th NC Infantry, but cannot find in muster listings.)

Jones Cemetery, White Hall:
REAVIS, Franklin Otis, , Army, Conf., d. 7 Feb 1936 (died in Wrights, IL) (The information I found says Frank Revis, b. 1834, d. 1903… maybe not same man)

Kinser Cemetery, White Hall:
OTEY, Daniel, Pvt., Co. J, 4th VA Reserve Infantry, CSA, b. 27 Jul 1847 (VA), d. 24 Sep 1929, GHS

Oakwood Cemetery, Greenfield:
CRIST, Hector Croson, Pvt., Co. G, 58th VA Infantry Regiment, CSA (also Co. I, 20 VA Cavalry, CSA) b. 1832-34 (VA), d. 9 Apr 1883 (Brother of Richard A. Crist buried in Oakwood Cemetery) (Originally thought to have been in the Almshouse Cemetery, near Carrollton)
CRIST, Richard Abraham, Pvt., Co. G, 58th VA Infantry Regiment, CSA, b. 1827 (VA), d. 1883

Patterson Cemetery, NW ¼ of Sec 19, Twp 12, Range 12
MCLANE, John D., Pvt. & 1st Lt, Co. K, 8tth TN Infantry, CSA, b. 29 Apr 1838 (TN), d. 5 Jun 1910

* Pine Tree Cemetery, Patterson:
* REMLY, Austin, Pvt., Co. D, 22nd VA Infantry, (1st Kanawha Regiment), CSA, b. Jun 1846 (Greenbier Co.,VA), d. 6 Feb 1932, (death cert.# 0310024) (On census records and death record, the name is spelled Remley)

White Hall Cemetery, White Hall:
BURKE, Michael , Pvt., Co. A, 11th Regt LA Infantry, CSA serving under Gen. Breckenridge & Bragg, b. 12 Jul 1828 (Ireland), d. 25 Jan 1915
EGAN, James, Army, Conf., b. 1818, d. 1903 (possibly b. 1824 in Ireland, came to US 1832.)
FRALEY, James H., Pvt., Co. H, 3rd VA Infantry, CSA, b. 31 Oct 1835 (MD), d. 2 Jul 1909
KISTLER, John Calvin, Pvt., Co. C 71st NC Infantry, CSA, b. 5 Apr 1847 (NC), d. 20 Oct 1923, L 263, PHS (May also have been Co. A, 2 NC Jr. Reserves Infantry)
LOWENSTEIN, Isaac, Pvt., 3rd GA Cavalry, CSA, b.19 Dec 1834 (Germany), d.28 Sep 1895
MCFARLAND, Hubert L., Pvt., Co. G., 2nd Regt. MO Cavalry State Guard, CSA, b. ? , d ? (His grave is not shown on the list for the cemetery, it may be unmarked.)
STOCKS, Zeno, Pvt., NC Infantry, CSA, b. 13 May 1846 (NC), d. 2 Aug 1918, L 334


*NEW* Unknown Cemetery, near Morris: (possibly Evergreen, Mt. Carmel or Sample Cemeteries)
CANADAY, James Daniel, Pvt., Co. I, 6th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 11 Apr 1839, d. 233 Aug 1917 (Morris) (Brother-in-law of James Thomas Faulkner in Will Co.)

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