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Until this project was begun six years ago, there had never been an attempt to account for all of the Confederate military veterans who died and are buried in Illinois. This project is an attempt to find the graves of all of those men and to learn all we can about each of them in order to preserve the memory of the service they performed for their country. This listing reflects contributions from many people and sources, and is an on-going project. I try to keep the list as accurate as possible, but there may be some errors. If you know of any other Confederate Veteran graves located anywhere in Illinois or can make corrections or add any information on the men already on this list, please contact Gale F. Red, 5 Hunters Pointe, O'Fallon, IL 62269-3133, telephone 618-622-8949, email:,
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Antioch Cemetery, Antioch:
MUSGRAVE, James Raford, Pvt., Co. F, 23rd TN Infantry, CSA, b. 15 Apr 1844 (TN), d. 5 Mar 1936

Gholson Cemetery, McLeansboro:
WILSON, Reuben Anderson, Pvt., Co. F, 15th AL Infantry, CSA, b. 10 Jan 1813, d. 1 Jul 1880, PHS
(Check to see if can find record for rank of Corporal)

Hebron Cemetery, Walpole:
WILLIAMS, Martin Van Buren, Pvt., Co. G. 15th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 1844 (TN), d. 1919

I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Dahlgren:
DULANY, James Marion, Pvt., Co. C, 25th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 13 Aug 1838 (TN), d. 20 Mar 1922 (Story Co., Iowa)
(Methodist Minister and school- teacher, brother of George Preston Dulany in Jefferson Co.)
DULANY, Thomas Asbury, Pvt., Co. C, 25th TN, CSA, b. 28 Apr 1846 (TN), d. 25 Jan 1899
(Brought home by his father and then he went off to join as a Pvt. with Co. D, 17th KY Cavalry Regt., US,
brother of George Preston Dulany and James Marion Dulany)

I.O.O.F. Cemetery, McLeansboro:
FERRIS, William, , Army, Conf., d. 1882, L 56, Orig. Sec.

Knights Prairie Cemetery, Flannigan Twp.:
JOHNSON, Francis Marion, Army (prob a TN or KY unit), Conf., b. a. 1837 (IL), d. 20 Sep 1922

New Hickory Cemetery Hill Cemetery, McLeansboro:
LEDFORD, Rufus Franklin, Pvt., Co. D, 1st NC Infantry, CSA, b. 9 Jan 1840 (NC), d. 25 Dec. 1917, L 18
(Another source gives the name as Tedford vs. Ledford) (Enlisted at Lincoln City, NC on 3 Aug 1861 at
age 21. He was captured at Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA on 12 May 1864, and was released 27 Jun 1865
at Elmira, NY.)

Richardson Hill Cemetery, Dahlgren:
GRIGG, Abner Monroe, Sgt., Co. K. 49th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 27 Feb 1837 (NC), d. 1911, G 1, L 59, Sec. 1
MARTIN, John, Pvt., TN Infantry, CSA, b. 1830-32 (TN), d. 5 Aug 1904, G 2, L 82, East Sec.
VENABLE, William H., Pvt., Co. A, 5th Battalion VA Reserves Infantry, CSA, b. 1841, d. 1893, L 70, L 70, West Sec.

Shelton Cemetery, near Dahlgren to west:
PARMLEY, James, Sgt., Cumberland Light Artillery, Green's Battery, KY Light Artillery, CSA, b. 17 Sep 1837,
d. 11 Aug 1915 (IN)

Unknown Cemetery,
RAY, George W., Sgt., Co. D,K & B, 25th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 1838 (TN), d. ?


Augusta Cemetery, Augusta:
HARMON, Edmund (Edmon), Pvt., Co. F, 8th LA Infantry, CSA, b. 17 Feb. 1832, d. 13 Feb 1890, Row 9, Sec 2,
Sec NW ¼ (row 9 sec 2)

West Basco Cemetery, Basco:
SEWELL, George G., Pvt., Co. B, 13th (Gore's) TN Cavalry, CSA, b. (TN), d. 16 Jul 1905


Cave-In-Rock Old Methodist Cemetery, Cave-in-Rock:
MAHAN, Gideon Blackburn (Rev.), Pvt., Co. I, 57th VA Infantry Regt., and Co. K. 5th TN Cavalry, CSA, b. 29 Jul 1847 (TN), d. 11 Jan 1927 (Alternate spelling is Mahon)

Methodist Cemetery, McFarlan Twp., Elizabethtown:
WILKINSON, Charles W., Pvt., C. K& H, 7th TN Infantry, Co. D, 7th Battalion (Bennett's) TN Cavalry, then Co. F, 22nd (Barteau's) TN Cavalry, CSA, b. 9 Feb 1842 (TN), d. 7 Jun 1875

Empire I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Elizabethtown:
MANHART, James Arthur, Pvt., Co. B, 14th KY Infantry Regiment, CSA, b. 26 Apr 1840 (IL),d. 16 Oct 1930 (May have taken oath and joined as a Sgt. In 11th IL Infantry, US) (May have also served with Morgan's Raiders)

Lavender Cemetery #1, Hicks Twp.:
CRABB, Thomas Wesley, Pvt., Co. K, 32nd MS Infantry, CSA, b. 25 Nov 1834 (TN), d. 12 May 1902 (Awarded Confederate Roll of Honor Citation)

Mt. Zion Cemetery, T11S - R9E Sect. 23, Forest Twp., Rock Creek Precinct
WALTON, William James, Pvt., Captain Kain's Company, TN Light Artillery (Mabry's Light Artillery),CSA, b. 15 Dec 1835 (VA), d. 19 Aug 1926 (obit says 8th TN Battalion)
AUSTIN, Henry Daniel, Pvt., 18th (Newsom's) TN Cavalry, CSA, b. 1841 (TN), d. 1897

Peters Creek Cemetery, T12 South - Range 9 E, Sec. 8, Cave-in-Rock Twp:
SMITH, Samuel, Pvt., Co. C, 6th TN Infantry, CSA, no dates

* Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Karbers Ridge:
* NEWMAN, John Lewis, Pvt., Co. E & B, 26th Battalion VA Infantry (Edgar's Battalion), CSA, b. 9 Mar 1844 (Monroe, VA), d. 16 Sep 1935 (Rural Twp.)

Vinyard Cemetery, Monroe Twp.:
ENOCHS, Robert R., Pvt., 2nd Lt., Co. B, 1st TN Infantry (Turney's), CSA, b. 1833 (TN), d. 20 Apr 1877 (Probably first served as a Pvt. in Co. D, 23rd Battalion TN Infantry (Newman's Battalion) in the Quartermaster Section before getting his commission and being in Turney's TN Infantry) (His sister Nancy Enochs Renfro is buried in the Vinyard Cemetery in Monroe Twp., Hardin Co.)



North Side Cemetery, Geneseo:
NICELY, Dudley S., Pvt., Co. H, 4th VA Infantry ("Rockbridge Grays"), CSA, b. 20 Mar 1827 (VA), d. 17 Dec 1917

Pleasant View Cemetery, Kewanee:
HEWLETT, Maddra Jackson, Pvt., Co. G, 1st KY Infantry, CSA, b. 27 Jul 1841 (KY), d. 13 Dec 1919, (Lot, 445, Space 3, h/o Mary A.)
LONG, Henry Harrison, Pvt., Co. E, 34th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 15 Dec 1839 (NC), d. 25 Jan 1915, (Lot 893, space 8, row west, buried 27 Jan 1915) (His obit says he was in the 50th NC Inf.)
SHARP, Samuel Jefferson (Dentist), Pvt., Co. F, 6th Battalion of VA Reserves CSA, b. 2 Aug 1847 (VA), d. 2 Feb 1927 (Mausoleum C2, Was the state's oldest dentist at the time of his death.)


Ashkum Cemetery, Ashkum:
SPRINGETT, Enoch, Pvt. VA Army, Conf (supposed), b. 1845 (Eng.), d. 22 Aug 1927
SPRINGETT, George Albert, 2nd LT., VA, CSA, b. 15 Mar 1841 (Eng), d. 7 Apr 1923
SPRINGETT, William, Pvt., Army, Conf., b. - (Eng), d. 30 Jun 1878, G 14, L 64, B 31, Sec. N

Maple Grove Cemetery, Milford:
SIVILL, Walker, Pvt., Co. K, 18th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 13 Dec 1845 (VA), d. 23 Sep 1906
(1929 roll says Walker, Sivel. He is listed as Saville in 18th VA Cavalry records)

Unknown Cemetery, probably near Sheldon:
TINDER, Amos, Pvt. , Co. L, 6th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 1842, d.

* Wenger Cemetery, Gilman, Douglas Twp.:
* KENNEDY, John H., Corporal, Co. C, 52nd VA Infantry, CSA, b. 30 Oct 1825 (Ireland), d. 28 Mar 1891 (Gilman)


Ava Evergreen Cemetery, Ava, Bradley Twp.:
HARRISON, Robert Amzi, Pvt., Co. F, 30th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 1829 (TN), d. 8 Dec 1906, L 44, B 7 (not marked) ( shows a record of his death on 11 Feb 1899 in Cabool, Texas Co., MO.)
KELLER, William Agun, , Army, Conf. (possibly a Union deserter and not a Confederate)

Bowyer Cemetery, Ava Twp.:
MCBRIDE, Abraham Martin, Pvt., Co. I, 36th AR Infantry, CSA, b. Mar 1832 (TN), d. 1915, PHS

Camp Creek Cemetery, Murphysboro:
JOPLIN, David C., Pvt., Co. B, 16th MO Infantry, CSA, b. 1834 (AR), d. 23 Mar 1899

City Cemetery, Murpheysboro:
BAIN, Charles, officer/MD, Physician (Commissioned) prob. AL or LA, CSA, b. 27 Dec 1825 (TN), d. 26 Dec 1895, B10, L 39 (He was also a minister.)
BOGLE, John B., Pvt., Co. A, 11th Battalion, Virginia Reserves, CSA, b. a. 1832 (VA), d. ? (no dates at cemetery- check with sexton)
BROWN, C. M., Pvt. , Co. K, 51st VA Infantry, CSA, b. ? (VA), d. ? (name is possibly Creed M. Brown)

Crab Orchard Cemetery (also known as the Hiller Cemetery), Murphysboro:
HANEY, James, Corporal, Co. A, Davenport's Bn. MS Cavalry, Co. B, 6th MS Cavalry, CSA, b. 1846 (MS), d. ?
HANEY, John, Pvt., Co. A, Davenport's Bn. MS Cavalry, Co. B, 6th MS Cavalry, CSA, b. 15 Apr 1850, d. 9 Dec 1865
HANEY, William M, Pvt., Co. G, 3rd MS Infantry Battalion, CSA, (no stone) (The older brother of John above.) b. 1848 (MS), d. ?

DeSoto City Cemetery, DeSoto:
MILLHOUSE, Clarence Abraham, Pvt., Co. A, 8th Regt. AL Infantry, CSA, b. 11 Sep 1836 (PA), d. 7 Nov 1894
SIGERS, William Harvey, Pvt., Co. A, 10th (Johnson's) KY Partisan Rangers Cavalry, CSA, b. Apr 1840 (KY), d. 28 Jan 1914

Dillinger Cemetery, Carbondale Twp.:
PLEASANT, Asa David, Pvt., Co. G, 8th TN Infantry Regiment, CSA, b. 22 Oct 1821 (NC), d. 2 Jun 1877 (aged 55y, 8 m, 11 d) Row 10, #9 & 10

King Cemetery, Sato:
RICHARDS, Leonidas Augustus, Pvt. Co. D, 13th GA Infantry, CSA, b. 26 Nov 1839 (GA), d. Mar 1870

Oakland Cemetery, Carbondale: (Gary Hefler- Sexton, 618-549-1712)
CALDWELL, Isaac Hodgen, Pvt., Co. C, 1st MS Cavalry, CSA, b. 11 Sep 1817 (KY), d. 7 Oct 1902, L 16, B 26, G 5, PHS
(Aged 85y, 26d)

* Parrish Cemetery, Vergennes:
* BEASLEY, Benjamin F., Pvt., 29th VA Inf., CSA, b. 1837 (WV), d. 18 Feb 1908, L 4, B 29,
(also shown as Beesley)
BERGER, John, Pvt. , Co. K, 60th VA Infantry, CSA, b.a. 1844 (VA), d. ? (I am certain he is the same man as John H. Burger
* HACK, Christopher, Pvt., Co. C, 2nd Battalion (State Troops) MS Infantry, CSA, b. 15 May 1839 (MS), d. 3 Nov 1900
TOMLINSON, Noel Henry, Pvt., Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry, Swan's Battalion VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 1847 (NC), d. 10 Dec 1921, L 3, B 44, PHS

Pate Chapel Cemetery, Murphysboro:
LAUNIUS, William H., Pvt., Army, Conf., b. 22 Feb 1842 (Franklin Co., IL), d. 22 Jul 1919, PHS (also shown as Lanius)

Snider Hill Cemetery, Carbondale:
LANEY, William H., Pvt., Co. E., Morgan's Men, 2nd KY Cavalry, CSA, b. Jul 1827 (TN), d. 23 Dec 1898 (west of drive row 4) (age 71 y, 5 mo)

Stearns Cemetery, Makanda Twp:
STEVENSON, Milton J., Pvt., Co. A, 34th Battalion VA Cavalry, CSA, b. (VA), d. ?

Tower Grove Cemetery, Murphysboro:
CARNES, James H., , Army, Conf., b. 1848, d. 1928, PHS, NW corner Block 12, row 10, S-N (Married Mary Monroe, 11 Apr 1890 Jackson Co.)
CORLEY, William E., Pvt., Co. D, 46th TN Vol. Infantry, CSA, b. 1831 (TN), d. 1912, L 73, Block 1 NW corner, row 1 moving N - S) PHS (Took the oath at Camp Douglas)
MULLIKIN, Walter Bowie, Pvt., Co. C, 2nd Battalion Maryland Infantry Regiment, (1st MD Battalion), CSA, b. 1846 (MD), d. 8 Sep 1901, G 8, L 89, B 15, - (Captured at Gettysburg)

Walnut Hill Cemetery, Grand Tower:
CADY, George Horton, Capt., Co. D, Maryland Line, CSA, b. 1828 (NY), d. 1881 (section OA-3) (wife, Mary E. b. 1853, d. 1952, son Thomas H. d. 7 Aug 1874 (1y, 3m,20d) m. 14 May 1872 Jackson Co., IL)
BAYSINGER, Daniel Hardin, MD, Surgeon (prob. Capt.), KY CSA prob. 12th KY Cavalry, (served under Gen. Kirby Smith), b. 19 Jan 1831 (KY), d. 9 Jun 1909 (wife Rebecca, b. 2 Aug 1844, d. 8 Aug 1920)

Woodlawn Cemetery, Carbondale:
UNKONWN CONFEDERATE SOLDIER - taken off at Carbondale from a prisoner train that was headed north and was buried in the Woodlawn Cemetery. (Information from Lisa Reime, City Planner for Carbondale.) (According to another account, there are at least two Confederate graves in this cemetery.)

Unknown Cemetery, at or near Carbondale:
SHELTON, Eldridge Monroe, Pvt., Co. G, 49th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 1838 (TN), d. 12 May 1934
Note: from Thomas Shawcross: Carbondale Township, Jackson County, IL Township 9 South Range 1 West Section 34, NW 1/4 of NW 1/4 Marberry's land

Two Confederate soldiers - no stones - iron pipes (one story is that they were crossing from Missouri to Kentucky and died of Smallpox
"This information had been typed by Rex Franklin. Rex was a member of the Jackson County Historical Society, and he compiled records of many of the cemeteries in Jackson County, IL The information on the Confederate soldiers does not appear to link them to any known cemeteries. It appears their bodies were discovered on Marberry's land (I don't know who he was) and they were buried there. "

Unknown Cemetery,
McBride, James Preston, Pvt., Co. G, 17th TN Infantry, CSA, b. Dec 1830 (TN), d. ? (brother of Abraham Martin McBride in Bower Cemetery)

* Zion Cemetery, Makanda:
* Ward, William H., Pvt., Co. H, 7 (Duckworth's) TN Cavalry, CSA, b. 29 Jan 1835 (TN), d. 25 Nov 1895 (He was almost certainly in the 4th TN Cavalry (McLemore's) with Cyrus Ward.)


Brockville Cemetery, Hunt Twp. (SW of Hunt):
HILTON, G.W., Pvt., Co. D, 10th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 20 Mar 1842 (VA), d. 3 Oct 1912 (Also spelled Hylton)

* Hunt Cemetery, Crooked Creek Twp:
CUMMINS, Roberts Scott, Corporal (maybe Capt.), Co. I 9th KY Mounted Infantry (5th (hunt's) KY Mounted Infantry, b.10 Feb 1842 (KY), d. 8 Dec 1916

McFadden Cemetery (aka Mattison Cemetery), Yale, Grandville Twp.:
PERKINS, Isaac, , Army, Conf., b. 1819 (SC), d. 17 May 1892, PHS

Mound Cemetery (aka Everman Mound), Willow Hill, Hunt Twp.:
KNOTTS, John K., Pvt., CSA, b. 15 Apr 1842, d. 10 Apr 1910, Row 38, center Sec., Grave 25, PHS (The M.I. could possibly be H vs. K. Cannot find him in census or muster rolls) Wife : Marinda, b. 6 Aug 1850, d. 14 Apr 1907
LANTER, James Lewis, Pvt., Co. A, 37th VA Infantry, CSA, b. 14 Apr 1831 (VA), d. 27 Apr 1909, Row 20, center sec.

Riverside Cemetery, Newton:
HAMBRIC, James L., Pvt., Co. K, 60th VA Infantry Regiment (3rd Regt., Wise Legion), CSA, b. 22 Jul 1818 (VA), d. 9 Sep 1894

Trexler (Kedron) Cemetery, North Muddy Twp:
JOHNSON, James T., b. 1835, d. Jan.6, 1896 age 60y 3m 23d, CW vet (possible Confederate - need to check more)
BROWN, Henry, b. 1845, d. 3 Aug 1870 (25 years, 8 mo.), CW (possible Confederate - need to check more)

* Unknown Cemetery, Newton, Wade Twp.: (possibly Riverside or Calvary)
* HALLEY, John H., Col., MO Infantry, then in AL on CS Staff as Recruiting Officer, CSA, b. 9 Jul 1828 (VA), d. after 1890 (information is from biographical sketch in Jasper Co., Crooked Creek Twp.)


Black Oak Ridge Cemetery, Bluford:
DULANY, George Preston, Pvt., Co. C, 25th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 31 Jul 1843 (TN), d. 4 Jun 1905

Delashment Cemetery, Centrailia:
DELASHMENT, David, Pvt., Army, TN Cavalry, (CSA?), d. 31 Jul 1896

* Kirk Cemetery, Spring Garden Twp.:
* ELLISON, William Green, Pvt., Co. G, 24th AR Infantry, Co. I, 3rd AR Infantry, CSA, b. 4 May 1839 (TN),
d. 13 Feb 1929 (per death cert. # 0410089)

Oakwood Cemetery, Mount Vernon:
CARPENTER, Robert Wesley, Pvt., Co. I, 3rd KY Mounted Infantry, CSA, b. 30 Sep 1837 (IL), d. 3 Mar 1923
COOPER, Samuel D., Sgt., Co. K, 3rd KY Infantry, CSA, b. 14 Feb 1842 (KY), d. 29 Jan 1924
GLOVER, James W., Sgt., Co. A 10th KY Cavalry CSA, b. 18 Aug 1840 (MO), d. 1 Jan 1938
RILEY, James H., Pvt., Co. I, 9th TN Infantry/ 22nd TN Cavalry (Barteau's), CSA, b. 1 Jul 1839 (KY), d. 6 Feb 1926 (His tombstone says Capt., Co. I , 9th TN Inf., CSA. He was not an officer as far as can be found.)
WARREN, Watkins, Private - Surgeon, Co. H, 5th VA Cavalry, b. 1834 (VA), d. 3 Jan 1903 (GA)

Old Salem Cemetery, near Wayne City:
GANT, John S., Army Conf. (?) (prob. TX or KY)

Sursa Cemetery, Mt. Vernon:
YEARWOOD, Samuel R, Army, CSA, b. 11 Jul 1824 (TN), d. 25 Feb 1911 (Evansville, IN) (Cannot find him listed, but his obit clearly says he was a Confederate soldier)

Williams Cemetery, Mt. Vernon:
CLIFTON, Thomas Franklin, Pvt., Co. K, 18th Tenn. Infantry, CSA, b. 11 Jul 1842 (IL), d. 27 Jun 1930


Fieldon Cemetery, Richwood Twp.:
BRYANT, William H., CSA? , b. 1828, d. 1903
(Jersey Co. Cemetery list shows dates b. 29 Apr 1852, d. 1 Mar 1917. Not sure if same man.)
CARR, Joseph S., Pvt., MO Regiment - possibly Co. M, MO 1st NE Cavalry, CSA, b.10 Jun 1826 (MO), d. 1896
(History from Jersey County says he was born in 1832 in St. Charles, MO and that he was a Colonel of a MO Regiment, but I cannot find any Colonel Carr from MO)) Cannot find grave. He was supposed to have been buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, but not there.

Kemper Cemetery (formerly Delaware Cemetery), Ruyle Twp.:
LYON, Samuel S., Dr., , Army, Conf., PHS, b. 1824 (ME), d. 1896 (Listed also at Oak Grove Cemetery on Jersey Co. Veterans List)

* Lofton Cemetery,
* MCQUITTY, James David, Pvt. Co. B, Snider's Battalion, Missouri Cavalry, CSA, b. 1843 (MO), d. 17 Jul 1871(Jersey Co listing shows him: McQuitty, James D. Fredenburg Otter Creek ***** 17-07-1871

* Medora Cemetery, Ruyle Twp.:
GARAGHTY, William R., Army Conf. (not shown with this spelling in rosters)
GAITHER, Zadock Leach, Pvt., Co. G & M, 7th NC Cavalry, CSA, b. 4 Apr 1841 (NC), d. 31 Aug 1932 *CWDB shows Co. F, 42nd NC Infantry
* HARDIN, Isaac, Pvt., Co. I, 49th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 29 Mar 1846 (TN), d. 27 Oct 1899 [possibly in Co. G & C, 2nd TN Infantry (Robinson's) (Walker Legion)]

Meadow Branch Cemetery, Rosedale:,
SUDDETH, John James E., Lt., Co. D, 2nd MO Infantry, CSA, b. 1824 (KY), d. 2 Mar 1888 (listed in Rosedale History as James E. Suddeth) (Granted pension from Mexican War)

* Oak Grove Cemetery, Jerseyville:
BRYANT, Edward T., Pvt., CSA, b. a. 1828 (TN), d. 2 Aug 1919 (poss. Co. H, 22nd AL Infantry, CSA) (Cannot find any record of his grave.)
* DUHADWAY, Caleb V., Surgeon, 9th KY Infantry, CSA, b. 1834 (OH), d. 21 Dec 1901
FULKERSON, William. Houston, Lt. Col., Co. A, 63rd TN Infantry, CSA, b. 9 Sep 1834 (TN), d. 3 Dec 1919, G 3, L 47, B 4, Sec 3, PHS
FULKERSON, Robert Francis ("Frank"), Maj., Co. F, 1st (Claiborne's) TN Cavalry, CSA, b. 1836 (TN), d. 1 Jan 1880, G 1 L 47, B 4, Sec 1
LOCKE, James Archibald, Pvt., 6th MO Cavalry, Maj. Gen. J. O. Shelby's Brigade, CSA, b. 26 Jun 1838 (IL), d. 5 Aug 1881, Locke plot
LOCKE, Morris R., MO CSA, b. 1843 (MO), d. after 1920
* SHOBE, Abraham A., Pvt., Co. E, 5th MO Infantry, CSA, b. 24 Aug 1846 (MO), d. 5 Dec 1917
* WEST, William H. H., Pvt., Co. G & B, 1st MO Cavalry, CSA, b. 1841 (IL), d. 14 Aug 1922
(I previously had in listed as in unknown cemetery, but the jersey county listing shows him here.)

Scenic Hill Cemetery, Grafton:
BRYANT, Arthur, Conf., MO, b. 1843, d. 1890 (shown in Elsah Cemetery)
CALLAHAN, John, b. 1829, d. 1917 (poss. CSA)
MEYSENBURG, Earnest, Sgt., Co. E, 2nd MO Cavalry, CSA, b. 1842 (Prussia), d. 25 May 1931


St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Elizabeth:
BURKE, Thomas M, Sr., Pvt., Co. K, 4th Missouri Cavalry, CSA, b. 24 Dec 1842 (Ireland), d. 26 Nov 1920, L2, B11, Sec 1
(This entry comes from the Illinois Veterans Commission List of 1956. There is no stone.)

Stockton Ladies' Union Cemetery, Stockton:
GOBLE, John G., Pvt., KY CSA, b. 16 Jun 1832 (TN), d. 15 Jul 1899
(His obit says he was born in Springfield, IL, but the census says he was born in TN) (All the Gobles who served CSA in KY were with 2nd KY Cavalry Mounted Rifles, 5th Reg. Mounted Infantry, or 10th Reg. KY Cavalry (Diamond's)


Berea Cemetery, Vienna:
KINDRED, William T., Pvt., Co. D, 46th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 1842 (TN), d. 1904, L16SW B 205, Sec 35,

Gilead Cemetery, Simpson:
SMART, David Richard, Pvt. Co. B, 51st Virginia Infantry Regiment, CSA, b. 20 Dec. 1838 (VA), d. 16 Aug 1896, L 2, B 15, Sec 9 (Note- shown in Adjutant General's Honor Roll as "Southern Sailor")

New Burnside Cemetery, New Burnside:
MARSHALL, John W., b. (according to census- 1930-34 AL) (according to Cemetery 1845 KY) (listed, Capt., Army, 7th VA Reg., no dates per 1929 Honor Roll)
WING, William Henry, Pvt., Co. D., 8th KY Cavalry, CSA, 12 Nov 1844 (TN)), d. 10 Apr 1923
WRIGHT, Pinkney, Pvt., Co. K, 48th (Nixon's) TN Infantry, Sgt., Co. G, 54th TN Infantry, CSA, no dates

Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Elvira Twp.:

HALE, Joseph A., Sgt.., Co. H, 32nd TN Infantry, CSA, b. Dec 1847 (TN), d. 27 Mar 1921, no headstone (also shown in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery at Burnside)
RAINBOLT, Joseph Lafayette, Pvt., Co. H, 7th KY Mounted Infantry, CSA, b. 1844 (KY), d. 18 May 1925
(The cemetery record on IL Genealogy Trails website says 4th KY Vol., and 1910 census says Union Cavalry.)

Reevesville Cemetery, Grantsburg Twp.:
JAMES, James E., Civil War, Corp., Army, Rebel Soldier, Grave 23, Lot R7, PHS (per 1929 Honor Roll) (possibly Corp., Co. I, 21st SC Infantry, CSA)

Reynoldsburg Cemetery, Grantsburg Twp.:
RECTOR, George William, Pvt. Co. A 4th Battalion (Brenner's) TN Cavalry, and Co. H., 2nd (Ashby's) TN Cavalry, CSA, b. 4 Apr 1842 (TN), d. 11 May 1927 (Williamson Co.), lot 12W Block 15S, PHS (Another record shows d. 1872- prob. An error)
TULLOCK, James F., Pvt., Co. K, 13th NC Infantry, CSA, b. Sep. 1839 (NC), d. 23 Aug 1903, lot 12W Block 15S, PHS (per 1929 Honor Roll) (also spelled Tulloch)

St. Francis De Sales Cemetery, New Burnside:
HAYES, Jacob, Capt, 7th NC Cavalry, CSA, b. 1843 (TN), d. 7 Sep 1919, (per 1929 Honor Roll), PHS

Unknown Cemetery, possibly in Cache Twp.:
BUSBY, Levi Crockett, Pvt., Co. G, 31st TN Infantry (Col. A.H. Bradford), CSA, b. 1845 (TN), d. a. 1899
(Also spelled Buzbee)


Bluff City Cemetery, Elgin:
CREIGHTON, William Robertson, Capt., Ark. Infantry, CSA, b. 19 Jan 1841 (Scotland), d. 1 Mar 1928, L 198, Sec 11, PHS
SPENCER, Loren G., Pvt., Co. C, 8th VA Infantry, CSA, (per 1929 HR) b. ?, d. 12 May 1888, #264
(It is possible the first name should be Lorenzo.)

Fullerburg Cemetery, Downers Grove:
ANDRE, John A., Pvt., Co. A, 1st MD Infantry, CSA,

Old State Hospital Cemetery, Elgin:
WILSON, Robert ("Uncle Bob"), Pvt., Co. H, 16th VA Infantry Regt., CSA, b. 13 Jan 1836 (VA), d. 11 Apr 1948 ("Uncle Bob" was African-American)

West Batavia Cemetery, Batavia:
SHEAHAN, John, Pvt., Co. D/B, 1st Special Battalion Louisiana Infantry (Wheat's Tigers), CSA, b. 3 Mar 1837 (Ireland), d. 27 Aug 1902, L 264, PHS (Also spelled Sheehan, apparently lived in Chicago for a while)

Unknown Cemetery, Aurora:
ESSEX, George S., Pvt., Cos. B & G, 6th KY Mounted Infantry (Morgan's Cavalry), CSA, b. , d. 23 May 1922


German Lutheran Cemetery, Pilot Township, IL:
VOIGHT, Ferdinand F., Capt., Co. G/B, 12th TX Infantry, CSA, prob. born Germany, no dates


Elmwood Cemetery, Yorkville, Bristol Twp:
HATCHER, Jeremiah B., Pvt., Salem Flying Artillery, 1st VA Artillery Regt., VA, CSA, b. 16 Jun 1841 (Salem, VA), d. 3 Nov 1913 (Bristol)

Little Rock Township Cemetery, Plano:
MCCORMICK, William Madison, Sgt, Co. I, 8th LA Infantry, then elected 1st Lt., Co. C, 27th LA Infantry, CSA, b. 17 Sep 1842 (KY), d. 12 Sep 1920, (His obit is in the Sep 20, 1920 Kane Co. News)

Seward Mound Cemetery, Minooka, Seward Two.:
TINDER, George W., Pvt., Co. D, 5th MO Cavalry (Stallard's Co.), CSA, b. 26 Jun 1837 (VA),d. 14 May 1919, L 52, PHS (also shown with Co. 10, Robertson's Regt, MO State Guard, CSA) (Originally enlisted as a Pvt. with the Saline Jackson Guards, MO State Guard, 1st MO Cavalry,
"Marmaduke's Escort")


Altona Cemetery, Altona, Walnut Grove Twp.:
WHITING, Carlton H., Sgt., Co. I, 10th TX Cavalry (Locke's), CSA, b. 21 Mar 1840 (CT), about 1874

Hope Cemetery,
Unknown C.S. soldier (have picture of marker) (There may be other unknown Confederate soldiers buried there.)

Knoxville Cemetery, Knoxville:
GOLD, Andrew Jackson, 4th Sgt., Co. K, 1st Florida Mounted Infantry, b. 1841 (MS), d. 25 Feb 1890 (Shown in 1929 HR as Gould, H.A.) * CWDB shows 1st FL Cavalry, CSA

Linwood Cemetery, Galesburg:
FISHER, Albert, Pvt., Co. I, 6th KY Cavalry, CSA, (Given on Jeannette Austin's Conf. Dead Database, but not shown on the CWSS or Broadfoot rosters)

Maquon/Simkins Cemetery, Maquon:
WELLES, Joseph Leonidas, Pvt. In Co. C, 7th TX Infantry, CSA, b. 1842 (VA), d. 1903, Old Sec.(Transferred into VA Brunswick Light Artillery)

St. Joseph Cemetery, Galesburg:
SULLIVAN, Michael T., Pvt., Co. F (Dick Dowling's Company), 1st TX Heavy Artillery Regt., CSA, b. Nov. 1833 (Ireland), d. 14 Mar 1914, S-O, L-39, Space 6 (Received a Medal as a member of the Davis Guard)

Unknown Cemetery, Princeville:
DUGAN, Dennis, Pvt., LA Tigers, CSA, b. 1834 (Ireland), d. 8 Nov 1916

Unknown Cemetery, Galesburg:
MOUNT, Michael, Pvt., Lynch's Co., Lynch's TN Light Artillery, b. 22 Jan 1841 (TN), d. 18 May 1920


Ivanhoe Cemetery, Mundelein:
GLASS, Henry, Pvt., Co. G, 3rd Battalion TN Infantry (Memphis Battalion- local Defense troops), Army, Conf., CSA, b. Oct. 1833 (Germany), d. 18 Apr 1904, L 130, Sec N

Lake Forest Cemetery, Lake Forest:
MCCLANAHAN, Edmund Burke, Capt., Co. G ("The Jackson Grays"), 6th TN Infantry, CSA,
b. 31 Oct 1837 (TN), d. 1 Aug 1889, L 67, Sec. A (Served as Judge Advocate General under General Braxton Bragg and was supposed to have been a Colonel.)


(Band Cemetery) West Serena Cemetery, Serena:
RULEMAN, Henry Donahue, Pvt., Co. K, 62nd VA Mounted Infantry, CSA, b. Dec. 1844 (VA/WV)), d. 15 May 1915
SNYDER, Henry, Army, Conf., d. 1915

Ottawa Avenue Cemetery, Ottawa:
HANEY, John, Pvt., 4th TX Cavalry, d. 8 May 1906, BU 33E (GAR lot) (died in train accident)
HEATH, James Ira, Sgt., Co. B, 7th KY Cavalry, Co. B, 2nd Battalion (Capt. Dortch's) KY Cavalry, CSA, b. 16 Jul 1847 (KY), d. 24 Jul 1934, Sec BU 39E (GAR lot)

Wisner Cemetery, Ophir Township, Serena:
MCCULLOUGH, Benjamin, --- , Army, Conf., b. 1848 (VA), d. 1917, L 115 (Listed in 1880 Census as McCulla)


Charlottesville Cemetery, RR#3 Lawrenceville:
DARNOLD, Alexander C., Pvt., Co. I, 4th KY Cavalry, CSA, b. 1841, d. Sep 1895, G 2, L Old Part, South Side (Tombstone shows name as Androville, death record shows name as Andrew Vill, and service record shows Andrew C.)
MATTHEWS, James A., Pvt., Co. B 1st Bolter's KY Cavalry, CSA, b. 22 Sep 1844 (KY), d. Oct 1920, G 2, East part, GHS

Derr Cemetery, Pinkstaff:
MEDLIN, Joseph Ashley, Pvt. Co. A, 48th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 1 Oct 1841 (NC), d. 26 Oct 1874
LEWIS, David, b. 1847, d. 1925 (Probably a TN or KY unit)

Lawrenceville Cemetery, Lawrenceville:
GLENN, Robert A., 2Lt., Co. I, 22nd NC Infantry, CSA, b.12 Aug 1842 (KY), d. 3 Jun 1928 (Enlisted from Randolph Co., NC 5 Jun 1861 - captured at Fredricksburg, VA 13 Dec 1862 - Subsequently exchanged and promoted to LT . 1 Aug 1863. Captured again at Jericho Mills, VA 23 May 1864.)
MURRAY, - , ,Army, Conf., (no first name/no dates or other information)

(Sand Ridge) May Chapel Cemetery, Lawrenceville:
EAGLE, James C., Corp., Co. B, 21st Battalion VA Infantry, CSA, b. 9 Jun 1937, d. 7 May 1918 (21st and 29th VA Infantry Battalions formed the 64th Regt. VA Mounted Infantry)
HARVEY, Prior, Pvt., Co. C, 12th (Day's) TN Cavalry Battalion, CSA, b. 1836 (TN), d. 23 Mar 1879

Pollard Cemetery, RR#3 Lawrenceville:
PORTER, Gilliam, Pvt., Co. K, 48th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 1842 (NC), d. 1885, East Side Old Part (Enlisted on 8 Aug 1862 at Davidson Co., NC where he was a farmer. He was captured near Petersburg, VA on 27 Oct 1864, and was released at Point Lookout, VA on May 15 1865.)

Price Cemetery, Russellville:
HALL, Thomas, Pvt., Co. E, 2nd Reg. KY Infantry, CSA,
MCCARTER, Alexander Hamilton, Pvt., Co. D 2nd TX Cavalry, b. 7 Aug 1834 (IL), d. 1 Aug 1935

St. Francis Xavier Cemetery, St. Francisville:
APPLEN, Edward Joseph, Pvt., Co. G 2nd Ark. Infantry Reg., d. 16 Oct 1935 (His wife - Tulia Francis Applen d. 6 Mar 1926)

Sand Ridge Cemetery, (Mefford family farm), Lawrenceville:
MEFFORD, George Washington, Pvt., Co. E, 5th KY Cavalry, b. 7 May 1843 (KY), d. ?

Shiloh Cemetery, Lawrenceville (?):
JENNER, Edward J., physician, , Army, Conf., b. 6 Jan 1846 (IL), d. 22 Mar 1907

Sumner City Cemetery, Sumner:
GARY, Andrew J., Pvt., Co. I, 18th TX Infantry (Ochiltree's), CSA, b. 2 Sep 1844, d. 16 Aug. 1931


Franklin Grove Cemetery, Franklin on Rte 30 east of Steward Rd:
BURKES, Jesse H., Pvt., Co. G, 9th KY Mounted Infantry, CSA, d. 13 Jun 1893 (Shows in roster as Burks)

Twin Grove Cemetery, Paw Paw in China Twp. in Wilson Creek Twp:
HARDY, Albert Franklin, Pvt., Co. C, 18th Regt VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 6 Apr 1844 (WVA), d. 16 Dec 1934


Graceland Cemetery, Fairbury, IL:
KERSCHNER, Madison M., Pvt., Capt. Co. A., Bryan's Co., 13th VA Light Artillery, CSA, b. 28 Dec 1844 (VA), d. 12 Jan 1918, G 4, L 6, B 8, Sec New Addition, PHS (shown as Kirschner in 1929 HR)


Green Hill Cemetery, Prairie Creek:
CUNNINGHAM, John H., Pvt., Co. A, 1st Mo Infantry Regiment, then with Capt John Hanson McNeill's Partisan Rangers, (1st VA Partisan Rangers), CSA, b. 17 Jul 1840 (VA), d. 18 Apr 1917, L 9, B E, Sec New, PHS buried in new section (1929 HR shows death date as 1918)

Richmond Grove Cemetery, Sheridan Twp., New Holland:
WHITE, James O., Pvt., Griffith's Battery (Salem Flying Artillery), 1st VA Artillery Regt., VA, CSA, b. 22 Sep 1835 (prob. VA), d. 4 May 1873 (38 yr, 7 mo. & 12 days)

Steenbergen Cemetery, Mt. Pulaski Twp.:
PAYNE, Willis Franklin, Pvt., Co. B, 3rd Battalion KY Mounted Rifles, CSA, b. 6 Aug 1843 (KY), d. 2 Feb 1925

Old Union Cemetery, Lincoln:
BEAN, Jacob, Pvt., Co. C, 14th (Gillespi's Regt.) LA Infantry, CSA, b. 6 Aug 1841 (Germany), d. 6 Mar 1909, L 42, B 4, Sec B (68 yr. 6 mo. 29 days)

Walnut Hill Cemetery, Williamsville:
COLLIER, Elijah S., Pvt., Co./ G, 6th TX Cavalry, CSA, b. 1835 (MO), d. 1913, L 41, B 2, PHS (also shown as Eliga)

Unknown Cemetery, Latham:
SHYRER (SHYER), Jacob Adam, Corp., Co. F, 5th KY Mounted Infantry, CSA, b. 20 Jun 1842 (KY), d. 23 Jan 1918


Friends Creek Cemetery, Argenta:
FRITZ, Peter, Pvt., Co. H, 9th KY Mounted Infantry, CSA, no dates yet

Greenwood Cemetery, Decatur:
(There are many Confederate prisoners, maybe several hundred (all unknown without records), buried here who died in transit on trains destined for Camp Douglas in Chicago. Many died from disease or gunshot wounds. It has been reported that some Confederates may actually have been buried alive. The Confederates were buried in the poorest and most undesirable section of the cemetery and on a fairly steep hillside. Rain eventually washed away the hillside and unearthed many bodies, including some Union men. They were gathered up and reburied in a mass grave below. None of the Confederate graves are identifiable as such today and no record was kept of how many or any names.)

Hall Cemetery, Blue Mound:
UNKNOWN SOLDIER, Army, Conf., B Old, Orig. Sec, -
WARE, William Francis Marion, , prob. KY, Conf. Army, b. 30 Jan 1840 (OH), d. 3 Apr 1910, L 2, B 54

Maora Cemetery, Maora:
KEMPSHALL, John, Pvt., Kain's Battery, 1st TN Artillery Brigade, CSA, b. 18 Oct 1844 (Eng), d. 17 Jan 1923, G 1, L N ½ 51, B 2 1, Sec. Add (POW at Camp Douglas)
SNOW, Winston T., Pvt., Co. D, 34th VA Infantry, CSA, b. 1844 (VA), d. 29 May 1917, L 227, B 3

Mt. Zion Cemetery, Mt. Zion:
BIGGS, Duncan Asbury, Pvt., Army, Conf. Co. D, 3rd Confederate Engineer Troops, CSA, b. 1825 (NC), d. 25 Dec 1915, G 3, L 17, B 2,
DAVENPORT, John Wesley, Pvt., Co, B, 22nd NC Infantry, CSA, b. 19 Nov 1847 (NC), d. 25 Jul 1931, L 41, B 1, S 6
FISK, Marion, , Army, Conf. (probably TN), b. 13 Dec 1838 (KY), d. 9 Mar 1929, G 2, L 60, B 3
FOSTER, Ezekial J., Pvt., 3rd & 5th Consolidated MO Infantry, CSA, b. 1837 (KY), d. Jan 1910, G 3, L 24, Sec 4
SMITH, John W., Army, Conf, no other info., b. 1827 (TN), d. ? (Per 1870 census, John Smith, b. 1827 TN, married in IL, had 2 children, moved to Texas where he probably fought with a Texas unit, then after the war he returned.)
STONER, Thomas Chilton, Pvt., Cos. C & E, 1 Battalion KY Mounted Rifles, then Morgan's Raiders,
CSA, b. 24 Mar 1829 (KY), d. 16 Sep 1914, G 2, L 55, B 2


Ashbury Cemetery (aka Ashbury Mound Cemetery), Barr Twp:
HINKLE, David Thomas, CSA, B. 22 Dc 1844 (VA), d. 2 Apr 1905 (shown in cemetery transcript, but also shown as 21 Apr 1909 in death index for County) (Cemetery transcription shows CSA, poet)

Bunker Hill Cemetery, Bunker Hill:
MCCAMBRIDGE, Alexander C., Pvt., Co. K, 3rd Arkansas Infantry, then Co. K, 3rd AL Infantry Regt., CSA, b. 1834 (Ire.), d. 9 Sep 1866
O'BRIEN, John C., , Army, Conf., b. 1839 (VA), d. 22 Mar 1923, L 453, B 1 (There are 18 John O'Briens from VA.)

Charity Cemetery, Bird Twp.:
SACRE, Jeremiah M., Pvt., Co. K, 14th (Wood's) Regiment Missouri Cavalry, CSA, b. 4 Apr 1845 (MO), d. 7 Jan 1905

City Cemetery, Carlinville:
BURNETT, Jackson S., Capt., Army, Conf., b. 12 Nov 1838 (TN), d. 4 Jul 1933, L W ½ 196, Orig. Sec, PHS
RICE, Samuel A., 5th Sgt., Co. I, 5th MO Infantry, CSA, b. 13 Sep 1839, d. 16 Apr 1931
FLETCHER, Burrell, Pvt., Army, Conf., b. Aug 1836 (IL), d. 8 Jan 1918, G 5, L 64, PHS

Girard Cemetery, Girard:
COWAN, Robert S., Dr, - Asst. Surgeon (prob. Major), Co. F & S, 6th MO Cavalry, CSA, b. 8 Mar 1833 (TN), d. 18 Jun 1920, G 1, L 171, Sec OP, GHS (Robert's obit says he was in the 3rd MO Cavalry, so maybe was in both.) (Cowen)
FISH, Charles E., 1st Lt., Co. H., 1st MS Light Artillery, CSA, b. ? (VT), d. 6 Mar 1880, G 3, L 142, GHS
HORN, George W., 1Lt., 14th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 16 Apr 1846 (NC), d. 8 Mar 1914, G 1, L 180
RUCKER, William Thomas, Pvt., Army, Conf., d. 13 Aug 1921 (The state death index says he died in North Litchfield Twp., Montgomery Co., 23 Jul 1922-maybe not same person)
TINNELL, Benjamin F, Pvt., Co. G, 23rd Battalion of VA Infantry, CSA, b. 1829 (VA), 20 Jun 1918

Medora Cemetery, Medora, Ruyle Twp.:
BROWN, Marcellus, Pvt., Co. D, Slayback's Lancers, MO Cavalry, CSA, b. 21 Feb 1845 (TN),d. 30 Apr 1933 (listed also as being buried in the Harmony Cemetery, Plainview, Hilyard Twp.)
GAITHER, Zadok Leach, Pvt., Co. F, 42nd NC Infantry, then Co. M, 7th NC Confederate Cavalry, then Co. E, 16th Battalion NC Cavalry, CSA, b. 4 Apr 1841 (NC), d. 31 Aug 1932
GARAGHTY, William R., , Army, Conf., no dates (possibly Pvt., Co I, 42nd TN Infantry, CSA)

(Miles Station Cemetery) Metcalf Cemetery, Brighton:
JOHNSON, Bushrod Rust, Major General, Army, Conf., d. 12 Sep 1880, PHS (Reburied in Old City Cemetery in Nashville, TN next to his wife. Had been highest ranking Confederate buried in IL.)

Oak Grove Cemetery (formerly Chapman's Point Cemetery), North Palmyra Twp., Modesto:
BURNS, Ibra Cannon, Pvt. then surgeon, 20th GA Infantry, CSA, b. 13 Oct 1841 (SC), d. 3 Jul 1923, G 2, L 62, B 2, PHS (wife Sarah Francis b. 16 Jan 1853 (IL) d. 232 Oct 1928 )
DUNCAN, Thomas Young, Pvt., Co. I, 63rd TN Infantry (Fain's) (74th Infantry, CSA, b. 1842 (TN), d. 19 Nov 1922 in Sangamon Co.

Oakhill Cemetery, Palmyra:
SHIPLEY, James S, b. Dec 1842 (KY), d. 23 Mar 1932 (Probably served in a KY or TN unit)

St. Michael's Cemetery, Staunton Twp:
BROWN, James C., Pvt., prob. Pvt. 4th or 7th KY Cavalry, CSA, b. Apr 1836 (Ire), d. 14 Oct 1905, G 2, L 4, B 16

Sulphur Springs Cemetery, Nilwood:
HAMILTON, Abraham F., Pvt., Co. A, 3rd Regiment of Missouri Cavalry, CSA, b. 10 Mar 1832 (TN), d. 11 Mar 1912

Unknown Cemetery, Palmyra (probably Oakhill):
MAHAN, James H., Pvt., Co. H, 3rd KY Infantry, CSA, b. 1833 (KY), d. 14 Jul 1924

Witt Cemetery, near Hettrick in Barr Twp.:
SHIRLEY, Elisha Peter., Pvt., Co. K, 5th VA Infantry, CSA, b. 1844 (VA), d. 27 Aug 1915


Alton Confederate Cemetery, Alton:
See separate listing showing about +1354 Confederate soldiers. Also see Small Pox Island listing (actually in Missouri, but came from Alton Prison). Records indicate that between 1534 and maybe as many 2000 prisoners died at the Prison. Approximately 270 additional prisoners died on Smallpox Island and were buried there. A separate monument was erected for them in April 2002.

Bethalto United Methodist Cemetery, Bethalto:
UZZELL, John Leonard, Pvt., Co. I, 13th Texas Volunteer Infantry Regiment, CSA, b.15 Oct 1817 (TN), d. 21 Oct 1874(Probably in same unit as his son Lemuel.)

Deck Cemetery, Between Highland and Marine on Rte. 143, Marine Twp. Sec 23:
FITCH, Samuel B., Pvt., Co. B 2nd BN (Capt. Dortch's) KY Cavalry and Co. K 7th KY Cavalry, CSA, b. 1848 (VA), d. ? Before 1880 (son of Samuel and Christina Deck Fitch)

Glenwood Cemetery, Collinsville:
THOMPSON, William H., Sgt, Co. D, 14th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 2 Jan 1842 (TN), d. 15 Sep 1929, Thompson Lot, Sec b, PHS

Highland City Cemetery, Highland:
ROMMERSKIRCHEN, Frank, Pvt., Co. K, 10th La. Infantry, CSA also as an orderly to Gen. Stonewall Jackson, b. 23 Jul 1836 (Germany), d. 22 Mar 1920

Milton Cemetery, Alton:
GUERRANT, Robert A. Pvt., served under Sterling Price in MO (unassigned CSA), b. a. 1835 (MO), d. Jun 18, 1914

Mudge Cemetery, Oakdale, (2 miles east of Grant Fork):
MUDGE, Elliott Wilson, Pvt., Co. A, 1st LA, Cavalry, CSA, b. 17 Jun 1845 (IL), d. 30 Dec 1933, G 2, Mudge Sec., GHS (Was originally a Corporal in Co. D., Crescent Regt., LA Infantry)
MUDGE, Hinkley Reddington, Pvt., Co. H, 7th LA. Infantry, CSA, b. 4 Sep 1843 (IL), d. 12 Aug 1863, Mudge Sec, NW, GHS (killed at Malverne Hills)

Mundis Cemetery, 2.7 miles east of Marine on Pocahantas Rd:

Woodlawn Cemetery, Edwardsville:
HUNTER, Robert M. PVT, Co. B, 8th KY Cavalry (served with Morgan's Men), CSA, d. 1885 (buried by GAR)

St. Ubaldus Cemetery, New Douglas:
LONG, Joseph Francis, Pvt. Co. B, 22nd & 23rd LA Consolidated Infantry, CSA, b. 19 Mar 1842 (LA), d. 29 Sep 1923, NW Sec, PHS

Unknown Cemetery at Venice:
MCCAMBRIDGE, Frank, Pvt., Co. K, 3rd AL Infantry, CSA, b. (Ire.), d. after 1880 ? (Worked for the railroad, then as a ferry boat captain until his death in Venice, IL. Was brother of Alexander McCambridge buried in the Bunker Hill Cemetery, Bunker Hill, Macoupin Co., IL)


Bell Cemetery, Kell:
SEIBER, Samuel T., Pvt., Co. K.& Co. B, Thomas' Legion NC Infantry Regt. (?), CSA, b. 1844 (TN),d. 1924, Buried near Center of Old Part

Elder Cemetery, Meachum Twp., North Meachum Rd, Kinmundy:
MCADOO, William H., Pvt., Co. G, 1st & 4th Consol. MO Infantry, CSA, b. 1845 (MO), d. Jun. 1915

Ellis Cemetery, near Kinmundy:
PROVINES, John G., Capt. Boone's Regiment MO Mounted Infantry, b. 1835 (MO), d. ?
(Confederate soldier buried as a Yankee according to Sheila Provines Booth. Assumed first name. Nothing more.)

Elmwood Cemetery, Centralia:
CLAYTON, I.M., Pvt., Co. C, 41st MS Infantry, CSA, b. ?, d. ?, G 1, L 53, B 40
WARNER, Jackson, Capt., Commissary, Libby Prison, VA, CSA, 3 Apr 1815 (OH), d. 14-11-1889

Evergreen Cemetery, Kinmundy:
BOUGHER, John Harvey, Sgt., Co. C, 8th MO Infantry, CSA, b. 15 Jan 1847, d. 8 Mar 1931
MOORE, Benjamin B., 1 Lt., 23rd GA Infantry, CSA, b. May 1831 (NC), d. 14 Feb 1877, L 3, Orig. Sec
MCGEE, Anderson, Pvt., Co. F, 29th VA Infantry Regiment, CSA, b. 20 Apr1838 (VA), d. 26 Jun 1891
MCKEE, Andrew, (Prob. Pvt. Co. G, 10th TN Consolidate Infantry), CSA b. ?., d. 1917, L 4, Sec J
ROTAN, John M., Lt., Co. K, 7th TX Infantry, Co. K, Granbury's Consolidated TX Brigade, CSA, b. 4 Sep 1837 (TN),
d. 9 May 1923, L 12, Sec J
STEWART, James H., Corporal, Co. B, 3rd MO Infantry, Co. H, 2nd MO Infantry, Co. A, 6th MO Infantry, b. 1840 (MO),
d. 3 Jul 1889, L 12, Sec 1
TAYLOR, Enos W., Pvt., Co. D, 17th VA Cavalry, b. 1843 (VA), d. 22 Nov 1862 (taken prisoner while at home, Hampshire Co., VA (WV) 3/17/62; became sick while at Johnson's Island and was sent to Vicksburg, MS to be exchanges; died 22 Nov 1862 on train near Kinmudy Station, IL) * CWDB shows 7th (McDonald's) VA Cavalry, CSA
TUCKER, Jarrott, Sgt., Co. G, 4th (McLemore's) TN Cavalry, CSA, b. 11 Oct 1818, d. 25 Apr 1903, L 21, E Sec
WHITE, William H., Pvt., Army, Conf., b. Jul 1838 (AL), d. 26 Feb 1907, L 190, Orig. Sec (There are 5 W.H. and 5 William H. Cannot tell which. Went to New Orleans Reunion in 1906 before he died in 1907)

Hillcrest Cemetery, Centralia:
NORFLEET, Benjamin Franklin, Sgt., Co. F 50th TN Infantry CSA, b. 29 May 1832 (TN), d. 20 Jan 1916,
sec 1, lot 205 (Was originally buried in Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Kell, IL: L 20, B R, sec. 1)
He was in Camp Douglas at Chicago.

Little Grove Cemetery, off Walnut Hill Road in Centralia Twp.:
SATTERFIELD, Samuel James Turner, Pvt., Co. E, 22nd (Barteau's) TN Cavalry, b.9 Nov 1829 (TN), d. 22 Dec 1884

Sandoval Cemetery, Sandoval:
FOSTER, Thomas, , Army, TX Conf. (possibly born 1840 in England per 1870 census.) (shown in book but not on microfilm)

Sandy Branch Cemetery, Foster Twp.:
NICHOLS, William H., (probably - Pvt., Co. L, 7th MO Cavalry, CSA), b. 15 Jan 1844, d. 6 Mar 1903, L 29, B W, Sec 5

Tilman/ Vernon Cemetery, Patoka/Vernon:
ADERHOLD, William W., Pvt., Co. F., Cobb's Legion, GA, Co. F, 7th GA Infantry, CSA, b. 22 Sep 1842 (GA),d. 26 Mar 1903, L 8, R 8 (per 1929 HR - 26th NC Infantry)

Unknown Cemetery, Centralia:
CASEY, Lewis F., signer of Texas Ordinance of Secession while representative from Shelby Co., TX b. 23 Apr 1821 (IL), d. 20 May 1892 (May have been a member of the Texas Cavalry, Co. E- 3rd, Co...A - 26th but not sure.)

Unknown Cemetery, Kinmundy: (probably the Evergreen Cemetery)
TUCKER, Solomon (Sol) R., Pvt., Co. G, 25th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 1819 (KY), d. ?

Unknown Cemetery, Omega Twp.:
MCGEE, Wesley, Pvt., Moorehead's Co., Moorehead's VA Infantry, CSA, b. 1847 (VA), d. after 1930

Unknown Cemetery, Haines Twp.:
WHITE, William Alexander, Pvt., Co. D, 24th TN Infantry, CSA, B. 1839 (TN), d. 12 Jan 1928


Belle Plain Baptist Cemetery, La Rose:
SNEED, William Boswell, Pvt., Motley's Co., VA Pittsylvania Light Artillery, McIntosh's BN., VA Artillery, CSA,
b. 1820 (VA), d. 1885, L6, B 9 (GHS)

Henry City Cemetery, Henry:
HELMANDOLLAR, George Washington, Pvt., Co. H, 45th VA Infantry, CSA, b. 29 May 1845 (VA), d. 21 Nov 1920
JONES, W.H., (Probably) Sgt., Co. A, 8th KY Mounted Infantry, CSA, no dates, prob. died before 1870 census.

Lacon Cemetery, Lacon:
JOHNSTON, James H, Pvt., Co. A, 7th KY Cavalry, CSA, b. 27 May 1841 (KY), d. 27 Apr 1915, L 309, B Old, (PHS)


Mason City Cemetery, Mason City:
RINER, Daniel W., Pvt., Co. A, 67th VA Militia and Co. A, 11th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 1834 (VA), d. 20 Feb 1909

Oak Grove Cemetery, Manito Twp., Sec 21:
BARKER, Cornelius Barkley, Pvt., Co. G, 59th TN Mounted Infantry (Cooke's Regiment 1 (Eakin's) Battalion of Infantry), CSA, b. Feb 1843 (GA), d. 17 Dec 1916


Masonic Cemetery (old section), Metropolis:
TRAMMEL, A.D., Pvt., Co. I, 8th AL Infantry Regiment, CSA, b.16 Jul 1837 (AL), d. 15 Apr 1904 (There is a question as to whether this is the right man. The man in the Metropolis Cemetery has a Union stone showing Co. D, 27th IL Inf., US, so need to check further.)

Masonic Cemetery, New Columbia:
ENGLISH, Henry Mesker, Pvt., Co. A, 3rd KY Infantry, CSA, b. 18 May 1838 (KY), d. 10 Oct 1913

New Hope Cemetery, New Columbia:
FARMER, Jonathan Scanlan, Jr., Pvt., Co. E, 2nd (Duke's) KY Cavalry, CSA, b. 16 Jan 1845 (KY), d. 29 Feb 1928

* IOOF Cemetery ( Odd Fellows Cemetery), Joppa:
* OGILVIE, James Benton, probably TN unit, CSA, b. 3 Jul 1823 (TN), d. 4 Feb 1909 (Age 75y, 7m, 1 d)
(Cannot find him listed yet, but per family history, he served in either TN or KY.)

* Odd Fellows Cemetery, Metropolis:
MCDANIEL, Marshall, Pvt., Co. H, 44th MS Infantry, CSA, b. a. 1836 (TN), d. 20 Jan 1903
(He could be the man M. McDaniels, Pvt., 59th Mounted Infantry (Cooke's Regt. 1st (Eakin's) Battalion of Infantry), CSA, but think was in MS Infantry)

* Pell Cemetery, ?
* BURGESS, John W., Pvt., Co. 2 I, 5th TN Infantry, CSA, b. Mar 1843 (TN), d. 9 Apr 1919 (deserted after Battle of Shiloh and joined Co. B, 49th IL Infantry, US )

Unknown Cemetery, in Metropolis:
BROWN, William P., Pvt., Co. G, 22nd (Barteau's) TN Cavalry, CSA, b. a. 1844 (TN), d. ? (This death date may not be for our man, still checking.)
DUNCAN, James Richard, Pvt., Co. G, 7th (Duckworth's) TN Cavalry, b. a. 1840 (TN), d. 5 Dec 1920 (Could be in an adjoining county. According to his death record, he was shipped to a cemetery in Murray, KY.)
* HERNDON, John F., Pvt., Phelan's Company, AL Light Artillery, b. 1834 (GA), d. ? (possibly moved to Padducah) (Was shown as a lawyer)
MCDANIELS, Martin, Pvt. 59th TN Mounted Infantry, (Cooke's Regiment) 1 (Eakin's) Battalion of Infantry, CSA, b. Sep 1836 (TN), d. ? (still alive in 1900 Metropolis City census. (Cannot find death date or record for him in Massac Co.))
* LUKER, Marion, Pvt., Co. I/D, 3rd KY Mounted Infantry, CSA, b. 1835 (TN), d. between 1880 and 1900 probably in Metropolis

* Unknown Cemetery, Jackson or Brookport:
* BAGGETT, William Riley, Pvt., Co. D, 37th TN Infantry (7th TN Regt. Prov'l Army. 1st East TN Rifle Regiment, b. 1839 (TN), d. between 1910-1920 supposedly in or near Jackson or Brookport (possibly buried in Southern Pope Co.)

* Unknown Cemetery, possibly Metropolis:
* LITTLEMEYER, John E., Pvt., Co. I & C, 30th LA Infantry, then 2nd Confederate Engineer Troops, CSA, Probably born in Germany, d. ? (account given in "7 brothers Luetkemeyer")


* Beckelhymer Cemetery, Sciota: (not positive of cemetery yet) (SE of SW of Sec. 15, T7N R3W)
* OBERMEYER, Jacob, unknown Confederate unit from Rockbridge Co., VA, or possibly Bristol, TN, served 2 ½ years, b. 11 Dec. 1837 (Germany), d. ? (This information comes from Sciota history write-up.)

Glade City Cemetery, Blandinsville:
SWEASY, Joseph V., Pvt., Co. A & K, 6th KY Mounted Infantry, CSA, b. 20 Feb 1845 (KY), d. 17 Jun 1889 (alternate spellings are SWEAZY or SWEEZY)

Good Hope Cemetery, Good Hope, Mound Twp.:
MOON, James A., Pvt., Co. G, 2nd (Ashby's) TN Cavalry, then Co. B, 4th Battalion (Branner's) TN Cavalry, CSA, b. 1839 (TN), d. 3 Dec 1929, L 50, Sec 2, PHS

Industry Cemetery, Industry:
COCHRANE, Joseph L., Sgt., Co. H, 35th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 1829 (NC), d. 10 Jun 1914, G 1, L 35, Orig. Sec. (Shown as Joseph L. Cochran)

Pennington Point Cemetery, Industry:
MONTGOMERY, James, , Army, Conf., B 1, Sec Add., PHS (probably from VA)

Unknown Cemetery, probably Mound Township:
MOON, John, possibly a CSA vet., b. Nov 1838 (TN), d.24 May 1914 (Macomb) (John O./P ?)

Unknown Cemetery, probably New Salem Twp:
MONTGOMERY, Alfred C., Sgt., Co. A, 29th NC Infantry, CSA, b. Sep 1839 (NC), d. after 1910 but before 1916


Union Cemetery,Coral Township, Union, IL:
JOHNSON, James, , Army, Conf., , L 25 (Grave not marked & not in 1870 census so may have died prior.)


Bellflower Township Cemetery, Bellflower:
SHAW, James William, Pvt., Co. B, 62nd Mounted Infantry, 2nd VA Infantry Regt., b. 9 Jun 1845 (VA), d. 12 Jun 1919, P21, Sec. 3, plot 21, PHS

Blue Mound Cemetery, Cooksville:
LAIN, Isaiah, Pvt., Co. G, 23rd TX Cavalry (Gould's), CSA, b. 1832 (KY), d. 26 Feb 1897, L 56, Sec 11, PHS

Cheney's Grove Twp. Cemetery, Saybrook:
CLARY, Perry, Pvt., Co. H, 9th KY Cavalry, CSA, (Mex. & CW), b. 1825 (KY), d. (prob. before 1880) ? GHS

Henthorn Cemetery, Hudson, Money Creek Twp.:
LYON, William, , Army, VA Conf., b. 1847 (VA), d. 5 May 1925 (Shown as Lyons in 1920 census. Was born in part of VA that became WV.)
WILLIAMS, Addison, Pvt., Co. G, 62nd VA Mounted Infantry, CSA, b. 1838 (VA), d. ?

Heyworth Cemetery, Heyworth:
CHAUDOIN, Luther Penick (Phillip), Pvt., Co. D, 6th KY Infantry (Orphan Brigade), CSA, b. 14 Mar 1842 (KY), d. 16 Dec 1896 (listed in CWSS as Chandoin)

Hopewell Cemetery, Downs:
HARMON, John, , Army, VA Conf., , b. Jan 1827 (VA), d. ? L 6, B 4
MULLINEX, Henry A., Pvt., Co. E., 31st VA Infantry, CSA, b. - , L 25, B 2, PHS (lived in Highland Co., VA after war, several spellings, including Mullinix, Mullenex, Mullinax)

Oak Grove Cemetery, Le Roy:
BLAND, James Stickley, Pvt., Co. A, 18th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 23 Jan 1845 (VA), d. 17 Jan 1917
HOUSEHOLDER, Robert J., Pvt., Co. C, 18th VA Cavalry, subsequently the 62nd VA Mounted Infantry CSA, b. Feb 1842 (VA), d. 15 Dec 1910, L 103, Sec 10, PHS

Stouts Grove Cemetery, Danvers:
ROACH, Andrew Edward, Pvt., Capt. Lowry's Company, VA Light Artillery (Centerville Rifles) then King's Battalion, VA, CSA, b. Apr 1837 (VA), d. 1 Apr 1906, PHS

Wiley Cemetery, Colfax:
CRICKENBERGER, Francis M., , Army, Conf (Prob. As VA unit, but not listed), b. Jul 1848 (VA), d. 28 Dec 1938, Orig. Sec, PHS
COX, Jacob S., Pvt., Co. A, 52nd VA Infantry, CSA, b. 4 Feb 1841 (VA), d. 20 Dec 1922
DAILEY, Lawrence C., Pvt., Co. B, 8th KY Cavalry, CSA, d. 20 Aug 1893, G 4, L 3, B 45, Orig. Sec, PHS
PITZER, Michael T., Pvt., Co. K, 17th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 26 Jan 1847, d. 24 Mar 1923, R 1, Orig. Sec., PHS
WILSON, Eldridge R. V., Pvt., Co. D, Va. 62nd Mounted Infantry, also Co. F, 25th VA Infantry, CSA,b. 21 Jul 1834 (VA) d. 14 Aug 1915, R 1, Orig. Sec., PHS

Unknown Cemetery, Money Creek Twp:
VARNER, William H., Pvt., 62nd VA Mounted Infantry, CSA, b. Feb 1840 (VA), d 8 Dec 1928 (Also in Co. F, 25th VA Infantry, CSA)

Unknown Cemetery, prob. Bellflower Twp:
LYON, Thomas, VA CSA unit, (prob. brother of William Lyon above), b. 1838 (WV), d. ?

Unknown Cemetery, probably Saybrook or Cheney Grove Twp.:
BLAND, George W., Pvt., Co. D, 9th VA Infantry, b. Apr 1836 (VA), d. 22 Sep 1919

* Unknown Cemetery, Hudson:
* PAXTON, Thomas N., Pvt., "B" Co. VA 52nd Infantry, then Donald's Company, Virginia Light Artillery ("2nd" Co.
VA Rockbridge 2nd Light Artillery ), CSA, b. 1844 (VA), d. 15 Nov 1923 (Hudson) (another source says died 5 Nov 1913)

* Unknown Cemetery, Stanford:
* HULVA, Solomon B., Pvt., Co. B, 7th VA Cavalry (Ashby's), CSA, b. 17 Nov 1829, d. 31 Mar 1909


Irish Grove Cemetery, Middletown:
LANG, Robert G., Pvt., Co. D, Phillips' Legion (GA), CSA, b. 1840 (GA), d. 2 Feb 1916 (The Cemetery shows his death as 9 Apr 1916) (Wife Eloise E., b. 1848, d. 1928)
* BEAN, Ezekial, Pvt., Co. K, 28th (Consolidated) TN Infantry, CSA, b. 1847 (TN), d. 1916, PHS (The cemetery lists him as Been.)

Oakland Cemetery, Petersburg:
CARVER, Robert T., Pvt., Co. D, 4th MO Infantry Regiment, CSA, b. Aug 1839 (VA), d. ? (Probably before 1930)
LEWIS, Charles T., Pvt., Co. B, 2nd MO Infantry Regiment, CSA, b. 29 Jun 1844 (MO), d. 29 Sep 1935

Rose Hill Cemetery, Petersburg:
RAINEY, Philip, Jr., Commissary Sgt., Co. G. 38th VA Infantry, CSA, b. 7 Oct 1829 (VA), d. 11 Dec 1889


Alexis Cemetery, Alexis, Suez Twp.:
BRUINGTON, George, Pvt., either the 17th or 22nd TN Infantry, CSA, b.21 Mar 1821 (KY), d. 15 May 1889
MCCALL, James R., Pvt., Co. F, 9th NC Cavalry, CSA, b. 10 Mar 1848 (NC), d. 12 Aug 1913 (There does not appear to have been a 9th NC Cavalry, and cannot confirm a correct unit yet. The 9th was provided in an article from the area, but is incorrect. Was possibly in Co. D, 1st NC Infantry.)

Bridger Cemetery, Alexis:
GREENWOOD, George F., Sgt, Co. F, 1st KY Cavalry, CSA, b. 12 Feb 1846 (KY), d. 8 May 1929, lot 23

Green Mound Cemetery, Keithsburg:
PATE, George F., Pvt., 6th KY Infantry Regt., CSA, b. Mar 1843 (KY), d. 2 Jan 1917, L N ½ 6, B 15, New Sec.

Unknown Cemetery, North Henderson Twp.:
PRICE, Stewart (Stuart), Pvt., Co. C, 36th VA Infantry, CSA, b. 1843 (VA), d. ? (prob. between 1900 and 1910)
STALLINGS, John, conf. Soldier, b. 1820 (NC), d. prob. between 1880 and 1900

MONROE COUNTY: none found


Asbury Cemetery, Raymond:
EPPS, William, CSA, b. 1805 (VA), d. Jan 1893 (I have some question as to whether he fought or if he had a son, same name, who fought.)
EPPS, Beverly Robert, Pvt., Co. B, 14th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 23 Mar 1842 (NC), d. 14 May 1920
NASH, Walker B., Pvt., Co. G, 9th KY Mounted Infantry (became part of the Orphan Brigade), b. Sep 1836 (KY), d. 25 Oct 1901 (was a sharpshooter)

Bethel Cemetery, Donnellson:
HERNDON, James Claudius, Pvt., Co. I, 19th (Biffle's) TN Cavalry, CSA, b. 20 Apr 1845 (GA), d. 4 Jun 1909 (Same man as shown in Bond Co., Bethel Cemetery)

Clear Springs Cemetery, Hillsboro:
HALL, Thomas Foster, Pvt., Co. C, 49th NC Infantry CSA, b. Aug 1836 (NC), d. 16 Apr 1910

Crabtree Cemetery, Litchfield:
FORAN, James, Pvt., Co. A, 63rd VA Infantry, CSA, b. 1846 (VA), d. 29 Jun 1934, G 2, L 2, West Side North End Sec.

Elmwood Cemetery, Litchfield:
ROBERSON, Robert Lasley, Pvt., Co. I, 59th AL Infantry, CSA, b. 22 May 1847 (AL), d. 2 Apr 1919 (1929?), G 9, L 22, B 5
SCHAFER, John Charles, Pvt., Co F, 1 VA State Reserves, Co. D, 22nd VA Infantry, CSA, b. ? , d. 12 Nov 1919, G 8, L 13, B 60

Irving Cemetery, Irving:
WHITMORE, David Henry, possibly Pvt., Co. I, 4th VA Infantry, CSA, b. 1839 (VA), d. 21 Apr 1928, G 1, L 6, B 11, -

McDavid Point Cemetery, Hillsboro:
NANCE, John H., Pvt., Co. D, 5th NC Infantry, CSA, b. May 1841 (NC), d. 6 Feb 1909
WILSON, Jacob, Pvt. Co. I, 8th KY Cavalry, CSA, b. 1814 (KY) , d. ? (m. Martha J. - b. 1833 TN)

Nokomis Cemetery, Nokomis:
FRIESLAND, Rufus Franklin, Pvt., Co. H, 8th NC Infantry Regiment, CSA, b. 23 Feb 1835 (NC), d. 9 Jun 1902 (Name on roster was spelled Freezland) (see info on brother in Oak Grove Cemetery)
MICHAEL, C.W., , Army, Conf.- , G 4, L 139, B 2, - (More likely it was G. W.)
ROBERTSON, George, , Army, Conf., d. 25 Mar 1899, G 8, L 409, B 5 (married Flora Sides 24 Nov 1880)
SALES, John, , Army, Conf., d. 9 Dec 1870, G 2, L 347, B 4 (probably from NC or VA)

Oak Grove Cemetery, Hillsboro:
ALLMAN, Martin Monroe, Pvt., Co. H, 8th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 3 Jan 1845 (NC), d. 25 Dec 1929 (Schram City), G 6, L 217, Sec 2, PHS
BOGER, William Harrison., Pvt., Co. G 42nd NC Infantry, CSA, b. 1844 (NC), d. 8 Jun 1914, G 2, L 316, Sec 2 (Also shown as serving in Co. C, 48th NC Infantry, CSA) (DOB varies between Mar 1840 and 1844)
EARNEY, Thomas C., Corp., Co. A, 22nd GA Infantry, CSA, b. 1843 (NC), d. 9 Oct 1917, G 6, L 263, Sec 2
FREELAND, Columbus A., Pvt., Co. A 57th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 1844 (NC), d 12 Dec 1912, G 1, L 162, Sec 1
FRIESLAND, Aaron Adam, Pvt., Co. H, 8th NC Infantry Regiment, CSA, b. 22 Jun 1830 (NC), d. 13 Oct 1909 (Name on roster was spelled Freezland) (see info on brother in Nokomis Cemetery)
GANN, Joseph F., Pvt., Co. A, Allison's Squadron TN Cavalry, CSA, d. 2 Nov 1922, G 4, L 310, Sec 2, PHS
GREENS, Hamp. (prob. Hampton), , Army, Conf., d. 13 Apr 1898, G 6, L 208, S 2, PHS
HARTLINE, Adam E., Pvt., Co. E, Bethel Regt., 11th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 3 Oct 1845 (NC), d. 30 Jul 1921, Mausoleum (listed as Adam, and also shown born 1847-8)
HARTLINE, Andrew, Pvt., Co. E, Bethel Regt., 11th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 1844 (NC), 30 Dec 1920
JOHNSON, Ben, , Army, Conf., d, 5 Jun 1888, G 3, L 203, Sec. 1, PHS
LIPPARD, Allison Lawson Jeremiah., Pvt., Co. K, 5th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 7 Jan 1842 (NC), d. 30 Mar 1913,G 1, L 386, Sec 2
MCGEE, George W., Pvt., Co. F, Thomas Legion, NC Infantry Regiment, CSA, b. 1848 (NC), d. 16 Jan 1913, G 6, L 311, Sec. 2, PHS (This was probably the correct unit, but not absolutely sure.)

Olive Hill Cemetery, Coffeen:
BRDIDGEWATER, J. Nathaniel, Pvt., Co. E, 11th MO Infantry, CSA, b. 3 Nov 1831 (MO), d. 13 Oct 1915

Shiloh Cemetery, Fillmore Twp.:
MOORE, Robert Dent, Pvt., Co. A, 1st NC Infantry, CSA, b. 31 Aug 1839 (NC), d. 27 Apr 1933 (Coffeen, IL)

Tennessee Cemetery, Oconee:
RAMSEY, William, , Army, Conf., b. ?, d. 22 Mar 1920

Ware's Grove Cemetery, Butler:
EPPS, Gales Bedford, Pvt., Co. C, 14th BN MS Light Artillery, CSA, b. 24 Mar 1847 (VA), d. 14 May 1878, L 40, Sec A
FOGLEMAN, Jerome G., Pvt., CK, 23rd SC Infantry, CSA, b. 14 Oct 1833 (SC), d. 27 Aug 1875, L 114, Sec A
FOGLEMAN, John F., Pvt., Co. F, 2nd Battalion NC Local Defense Troops, CSA, b. 30 Mar 1844 (NC), d. 4 Sep 1878, L 37, Sec B

Woodside Cemetery, Filmore:
UPCHURCH, Escue Hazeltiner, , Army, Conf., b. Feb 1841 (NC), d 16 Feb 1924, L 3, B 2

Zion Cemetery, Nokomis:
MARSHALL, Robert, Pvt., Co. G, 37th TN Infantry, CSA, d. 1875 (need more data, not sure if this is correct unit)


Arcadia Cemetery, Arcadia:
LACEY (LACY), James J., Pvt., Co. G, 19th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 28 Aug 1846 (TN), d. 10 Dec 1925, L 152, New Sec. (His obit says he served with the 9th TN Cavalry, Union, but cannot find him on their roster under any spelling. He probably galvanized.)

Bethel Cemetery, Murrayville-West Twp:
BREWBAKER, Richard Prear, Pvt., Co. B, 10th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 3 Mar 1839 (NC), d. 8 Apr 1922 (Murrayville)
OSBORNE, Benjamin Franklin, Pvt., Co. B, 44th GA Infantry, CSA, b. 16 Sep 1834 (IN), d. 9 Apr 1902, Old Sec, PHS

Chapin Cemetery, (aka Jordan Cemetery), Bethel:
MARKHAM, William B., Pvt. Co. C, Murphy's Battalion Alabama Cavalry (AL & FL BN), b. 15 Nov 1838 (IL), d. 24 Mar 1916

* Diamond Grove Cemetery, Jacksonville:
ALEXANDER, William A., Pvt., Co. K, 2nd LA Infantry (Louisiana Zouvaes), CSA, b. , d. 24 May 1934
WILLIAMS, Verla Harvey, Pvt., Co. D, 1st Special Battalion (Rightor's) Infantry, then transferred to Capt. Landry's Co. (Donalsonville Artillery) LA Artillery, CSA, b. Oct 1842, d. 25 Jun 1904

Old Baptist Cemetery (now called Yatesville/Sinclair Cemetery), Prentice:
TAYLOR, William H., Pvt., VA Army, Conf., b. 1832 (VA), d. 1915, L 20, Sec. A (per 1956 Roll of Honor) (There are 27 William H. Taylors listed.)

Waverly East Cemetery, Waverly:
BRADLEY, George Washington (Dr.), Pvt., Co. F. 5th MO Infantry, CSA, b.25 June 1838 (MO), d. 1 Nov 1921
BURNS, Harvey Merriman, Pvt., Co. E, 2nd Regt. SC Cavalry, CSA, b.15 Feb 1845 (GA), d. 18 Dec 1927 (w. Mary E. Hart)
EPLING, Floyd Anderson, Pvt., Co. F, 24th Regt. VA Infantry (Kemper's Brigade, Pickett's Division, Longstreet's Corps, b. 16 Mar 1844 (VA), d. 17 Sep 1916
NUNNELLY, Joseph Alexander, Pvt., 1st Missouri Infantry Regiment, CSA, b. 25 Oct 1841 (MO), d. 14 Jul 1927 (died in Jacksonville) (listed on the roster as Joseph Nunely)
TIMMONS, William Marion, Pvt., prob. 1st Regt. SC Infantry, CSA, b. 18 Sep 1837 (SC), d. 19 Apr 1928


(Marrowbone) Bethany Cemetery, Sullivan:
MAHAN, John S., Sgt., Co. E, 15th Ark. Infantry, CSA, b. 3 Jan 1828 (IL), d. 31 Aug 1909
PULLIAM, John W., Pvt., Jesse's Battalion, Kentucky Mounted Riflemen, CSA, b. 1839 (KY), d. 6 Apr 1907, G 2, L 14, Sec 3, (If his Middle initial really is a "B" instead, his unit could have been
PYATT, Eleazor A., Dr., Regt. Surgeon 19th TN Infantry Regt. (prob. A Major)., Assist. Surgeon General, CSA, b. 9 Oct 1832 (NC), d. 5 May 1902, G 6, L 2 (His obit says he was the Regimental Surgeon for the 16th IN Infantry Regt.)

Branch Side Cemetery, Gays:
LEMMON, George Henry, Pvt., Co. G, 2nd VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 1822 (VA), d. 25 May 1926, G 2, L37

Greenhill Cemetery, Sullivan:
CARTER, Robert W., Pvt., Co. A, 1st NC Infantry, CSA, b. 1844 (NC) d. 10 May 1894 (Enlisted at Guilford Co., NC 15 Jul 1862. He was wounded 14 Sep 1862 and again at Gettysburg, PA on 2 Jul 1863. He was present for duty through Dec 1864.)
COLLINS, Charles A, Corp., Independent Battery A, KY Light Artillery, US, d. 20 Feb 1928, G 6, L 6, Sec. 1 (He is shown in 1929 HR and 1915 Moultrie Memorial Day Veterans list as Confederate, though his unit given is Union. He was living at the time of the Memorial so, maybe he had galvanized after being captured.)
DUNSCOMB, John Harmon, Pvt., Co. G, McCord's Frontier Texas Cavalry, CSA, b. 8 Jun 1839 (OH), d. 31 Aug 1891
GEORGE, Robert, , Army, Conf., d. 29 Apr 1897
MATHESON, Joseph S., Pvt., Co. K (Capt. John E. Wharton's Co. of Partisan Rangers), (63rd Regt. NC Troops -5th NC Infantry, CSA., b. 1834 (NC), d. 10 Jul 1912, G 4, L 8

Smyser Cemetery, Gays:
ELLINGTON, James Dickenson, , Army, Conf., b. 16 Jun 1830 (VA), d. 14 Oct 1910, G 1, L 6 (It appears he was a Pvt. In Co. C, 46th NC Infantry, but may have been captures and galvanized as a man named James D. Ellington also served in two Illinois units)
LIVINGSTONE, W.B., , Army, Conf., (no stone) (per 1929 HR- Livingston)

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