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Revolutionary War Soldiers Who are Buried in Illinois

The soldiers are organized by county, and in alphabetical order within that county. Short biographies are given when available.


PLEASE NOTE that we do not actually WRITE the history --- we just transcribe the data we find in various history books and the source of the data is noted at the end of every soldier's information.

Yes, there are errors and they might have occurred MANY years ago!

No, we're not going to change the original source data we've transcribed, but we will add notes or separate biographies if you want to send us data that you yourself have found during YOUR research. (Don't send us someone else's research that you've copied from the internet).

No, we don't have anything further on your soldier ancestor.
No, this is not sufficient information to get accepted into the DAR.
No, we won't help you find further information to get accepted into the DAR.

You should not depend on these secondary sources as the final word -- you should always conduct your own research and verify your own findings with as many original sources as you can.

And please remember that we don't WRITE the history, we just TRANSCRIBE it!

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Newly Added Data for:
Hezekiah West -
Johnson County
Ebenezer Collins -
Will County
Nathan Rawlings -
Lawrence County
David Strong -
Pulaski County
William Kirk -
Macoupin County
David Pagan -
Randolph county
Joshua Armstrong's history
Further information on William Roark

Sources for this information include:

The "Genealogical Records, Illinois, 1938-1938, Illinois Society DAR" book compiled by Mrs. Edward J. Filbey and transcribed by Kim Torp

"Illinois Revolutionary War Veteran Burials", published in 1917 and transcribed by Kim Torp
This book was apparently originally published as "Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Illinois" By Mrs. Harriett J. Walker

Contributions by Illinois Genealogy Trails hosts as noted.

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