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Charles FERRIMAN -- was born in Albion, Edwards Co., Ill., July 28, 1842, and is the ninth of fifteen children born to George and Elizabeth A. (McGILL) FERRIMAN, natives of England and of the Island of Jamaica, respectively. George was brought up in the Parish of Westmoreland, was married there and followed mercantile pursuits, and was a sea captain, as his father owned vessels running from the West Indies to England. In 1837 he came to the United States, and to Albion, Edwards Co., Ill., followed merchandising until his death, June 14, 1863, in the communion of the Episcopal Church. His wife is a member and they founded that branch of the church which is in Albion. Charles received a good education, and at thirteen years of age went into his father's store. He remained until he was twenty, the went to Bridgeport and opened a general store for G. KLEINWART, remaining there eighteen months. In the spring of 1864, he enlisted in Company I, Eighteenth Illinois Volunteer Infantry, but was soon discharged, and in that fall engaged as traveling salesman for firms in Cincinnati until 1872, when he engaged in a wholesale trade on his own account there, in company with Gideon BURTON. In January, 1878, he sold out and was a traveling salesman and collector for Shipley, Crane & Co.'s boot and shoe house, in Cincinnati, and is still employed by them. In November, 1876, Mr. FERRIMAN came to Olney, and has lived here since. He has a large sample-room over the Olney National Bank, and his residence is very fine, and is tastefully arranged. He has been a member of the City Council for a term. Mr. FERRIMAN was married September 12, 1867, to Mary A., daughter of Henry OCORR, of Hartford, Conn. Her father participated in the border wars in Kansas, and now lives in Milwaukee, Wis. They have two children, a son and one daughter. They are communicants of the Episcopal Church. Mr. FERRIMAN is a member of A.F. & A.M.; R.A.M.; R. & S.M. and S.P.R.S., is a Republican, and for years has been chairman of the Republican Central Committee for the Sixteenth Congressional District. [Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical; F.A. Battey & Co, 1884]

William FERRIMAN -- was born in the Island of Jamaica, November 10, 1835, and is the fifth of fifteen children born to George and Elizabeth A. (McGILL) FERRIMAN. William was educated in the English subscription schools of Edwards County. At the age of twenty-one he went to Grayville, and was employed there as salesman in a wholesale and retail hardware and grocery store for about five years. On April 15, the day after the firing on Fort Sumter, Mr. FERRIMAN, being patriotic, went to Albion and helped recruit a company of 102 men, which was disbanded after repairing to Camp Anna, near Jonesboro, Ill., the quota being full. In September he helped recruit Company I, Thirty-Eighth Illinois Volunteer Infantry, and was elected First Lieutenant. In the spring of 1862 he was made Quartermaster of that regiment, and served till October, 1864, when it was mustered out of the service, at Jonesboro, Ga., by reason of expiration of the term. Our subject again engaged in a general mercantile trade at Noble, in this county, and was also a contractor on a railroad. In 1869, he went on the road as a commercial traveler, in which capacity he has been engaged ever since. Mr. FERRIMAN married, September 6, 1866, Alice H., daughter of Judge John M. WILSON, one of Olney's pioneers. They have one child, a son, Frederick H. Mr. FERRIMAN is a member of the A.F. & A.M., and S.P.R.S.  [Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical; F.A. Battey & Co, 1884]

Calvin U. FISHEL, was born in North Carolina, December 22, 1846, and is the second of nine children born to William and Regina (VOGLER) FISHEL, both natives of North Carolina, and of German descent. William FISHEL was educated and married in his native state, where he was engaged in agricultural pursuits for many years. In 1850 he removed to Batholomew County, Ind., where he was also engaged in farming. In 1867 he came to Richland County, Ill., where he resided until his death, which occured April 20, 1879. He and his wife were members of the Moravian Church. Calvin U. FISHEL, the subject of our sketch, received only an ordinary common school education in the primitive log school house of the Indiana frontier. He was employed on his father's farm until he was sixteen years old. In May, 1862, he enlisted in Comapny I, Sixty-Seventh Indiana Infantry, and in the following September he was taken prisoner at Munfordville, Ky., and after about forty days was paroled on the field. In November, 1862, he was transferred to the Eighteenth (United States) Infantry, from which regiment he was discharged in May, 1863, at Indianapolis, Ind. In December, 1863, he again enlisted in Company A, One Hundred and Thirtieth Indiana Infantry in which Company he was second duty Sergeant. On August 6, 1864, at Atlanta, Ga., he was severely wounded in the right hip, and was again wounded in the right breast, at Nashville, Tenn., December 15, 1864. He rejoined his regiment at Washington, D.C., in February, 1865, and accompanied it in the Wilmington expedition. He was mustered out with his regiment, December 2, 1865, at Charlotte, N.C. After his return from the Army, he was employed as a farm laborer in Bartholomew County, Ind. In 1867, he moved to Tipton County, Ind., in August, 1868, came to Olney, Ill., and in October, 1872, went back to Tipton County, Ind., but in December, 1876, he returned to Olney, where he has since resided. He was first married February 19, 1868 to Louvina A. BESS, a native of Indiana. Three children blessed their union, and all are yet living. Mrs. FISHEL died September 28, 1876. Mr. FISHEL was next married, October 31, 1879, to Mrs. Elizabeth J. (MIDKIFF) CLARK, who died May 18, 1883. She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mr. FISHEL was next married in November, 1883, to Mrs. Mary E. (LEMKEY) WACHTEL, a native of Illinois. She is a member of the P.M. Church. Mr. FISHEL is a member of Olney Post, No.92, G.A.R. [Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical; F.A. Battey & Co, 1884]

Francis H. FISK, M.D., was born in Cincinnati, Ohio., January 15, 1836, and is the eldest of six children born to Robert W. and Mary O. (RANSOM) FISK, the former a native of Duchess County, N.Y., and the latter of Cincinnati, Ohio. In early life, Robert W. FISK removed to Cincinnati, where he learned the trade of a boiler maker and machinist, at which he became an expert. He put in the engines and machinery for the first water works erected in Cincinnati. He also put in the machinery, and for a time was engineer on one fo the first steamboats on the Ohio River. In 1840 he removed to Ripley County, Ind., where he soon after commenced the study of medicine at Milan, Ind. In 1850 he graduated from the Eclectic Medical College of Cincinnati, Ohio. He then commenced the practice of his profession in Indiana, where he remained until 1861, when he came to Olney, Ill. Here he practiced with good success until his death, which occured in June, 1874. He was a member of the Universalist Church, and also of the Masonic and Odd Fellows fraternities. He was commissioned Assistant Surgeon in the Volunteer Service of the United States during the late Civil war, but soon afterward resigned. In 1856, he was elected by the Democratic party of Ripley County, Ind., to the State Senate. Francis H. FISK, the subject of our sketch, received a good common school and academic education in youth. At the age of eighteen years he commenced the study of medicine with his father, and in 1857 graduated from the Eclectic Medical Institute of Cincinnati, Ohio. In September of the same year, he went to Arkansas, where he commenced the practice of his profession, remaining about two years. In 1859 he went to the Choctaw Nation where he practiced for another two years, and then went into the Cherokee Nation, where he practiced most of the time during the late civil war, being a Surgeon of the First Cherokee Regiment(that of Col. Stand WAITE), C.S.A. WAITE was afterwards appointed Brigadier-General, and Dr. FISK served on his staff as Surgeon. In the latter part of  1865, he removed to Upshur County, Texas, where he practiced until 1869, when he went to Springfield, Mo., and where he remained until 1874; thence to Saint Louis, Mo., remaining only one year. In 1875, the Doctor came to Olney, Ill., where he has since practiced his profession with success. He was married in May, 1866, to Lizzie (HEASLET) WITCHER, a native of Texas, and a neice of Senator Matt WARD, of Texas. Three children have been left to them, one son and two daughters. Both the Doctor and his wife are members of the Congregational Church. He is also a member of Olney Lodge, No. 76, A.O.U.W., and of Olney Legion No. 18, Select Knights, A.O.U.W. He is Vice President of the Eclectic Medical Association of the State of Illinois, and holds a prominent position in the National Eclectic Medical Association. In politics he is a Democrat. [Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical; F.A. Battey & Co, 1884]

David FLEMING, farmer, was born March 17, 1837, in county Tyrone, Ireland; he is the son of James FLEMING, who followed the profession of teaching, in his native land, having taught on one school twenty-seven years. In 1849 the family emigrated to Highland County, Ohio,and there engaged in farming; in 1854, they came to Richland County, Ill. David remained in Ohio till the breaking out of the war, when he enlisted, in 1861, in Company I, Thirty-Ninth Ohio Infantry, served four years and fifteen days, and participated in the sieges of New Madrid and Island No. 10, and the battles of Iuka and Corinth, and was with SHERMAN in most of his engagements on his march to sea. At the close of the war, he returned to Ohio, remaining there but a short time; he then came to Olney, and has lived here and in the vicinity since. He owns a farm of thirty acres where he resides, and is devoted to farming pursuits. He was married in 1874 to S.L. BROWN of Saint Johns, N.B. One daughter gladdens their home. Mr. FLEMING is a member of the G.A.R.  [Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical; F.A. Battey & Co, 1884]

Robert FLEMING, of COMBS & FLEMING, saw, corn and feed mills, was born November 5, 1830, in Ireland, and was a son of James FLEMING and, a teacher in Ireland, for twenty-seven years in one school. In 1849, they emigrated to the United States, and came to Highland County, Ohio, and there followed farming. In 1854, Robert came with his parents to Olney, and has since followed the business of milling. The firm of which he is a partner was established on August 1, 1883. The capacity of this mill is about 200 bushels of corn and feed, and 4,000 feet of lumber, per day. Mr. FLEMING has been a member of the Board of school directors for four years in Olney, and of the Board of County Commissioners for one year. He was married in the year 1851, to Christina CALEY, a native of Highland County, Ohio. She died in 1876, leaving five sons and two daughters. She was in her forty-seventh year. In 1879, Mr. FLEMING married Mary E. BALDWIN, of Indiana, and she is the mother of three children.  [Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical; F.A. Battey & Co, 1884]

Charles B. FLETCHER was born in Hardin County, Ky., January 3, 1838, and the following year his parents came to Lawrence (now Richland) County, and located three miles east of Olney; there his father entered forty acres of land, lived there six years, then moved to this township and entered forty acres prairie, also forty acres in the timber. His father lived here till his death, which occurred in the fall of 1867, in his sixtieth year. Charles B. now owns this land, and having added to it, owns in all 120 acres. He married, in 1861, Aurelia F. BLAIN, of Hancock County, Ky. She died March 12, 1882, in her forty-fourth year, the mother of seven children -- William H., James A., Daniel B., John W., Jacob B., George F., and Mary E. The past seventeen years Mr. FLETCHER has been a school director. He is now Highway Commissioner. [Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical; F.A. Battey & Co, 1884]

Lorenz FRIEDLY was born April 23, 1828, in Switzerland, and is the son of Lorenz FRIEDLY, who came to Richland County, Ohio, in 1844, remaining there about eight years, and in 1852, came to Richland County, Il, and settled about nine miles north of Olney. They lived there six years, when his father died, in 1859, aged seventy-three years, and his mother in 1873, aged eighty-three years. In 1858, he came to this farm, consisting then of seventy acres, but he now owns 107 acres, about seventy acres of which is improved. Mr. FRIEDLY enlisted in August, 1861, in Company D, Eighth Illinois Infantry, and served three years and seventeen days. He participated in the battles of Fort Henry, Tenn., Shiloh, Port Gibson, Raymond, Jackson, Miss., Champion Hill, charge at Vicksburg and others, and was mustered out as Corporal. He was married on January 30, 1858, to Margaret ABBUHL, who was born in Switerland, July 28, 1839. They had two children- one living, Gilbert L.J. They lost Margaret J. in 1872, in her eighth year. They are members of the Reformed Church.  [Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical; F.A. Battey & Co, 1884]

Theo A. & Dan W. FRITCHEY, proprietors of the Olney Republican were the fifth and youngest respectively in a family of eight children born to Benjamin and Elizabeth (McQUEENY) FRITCHEY, both natives of Pennsylvania, and of German and Irish descent. Benjamin FRITCHEY was educated and married in his native state. He, early in life, engaged in mercantile pursuits at Harrisburg, Penn., where he remained for several years; he then removed to Peoria, Ill., where he remained for about two years, when he returned to Pennsylvannia. He next removed to Baltimore, Montgomery Co., Ohio, where he was engaged in the general mercantile business for several years, afterwards removing to Drake County, Ohio, where he remained for some ten years. He returned to Montgomery County, and in 1870 came to Olney, where he was engaged in merchandising until his death, which occured in April, 1876. Mr. FRITCHEY and wife both were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mrs. FRITCHEY is still living at Olney, and her sons, the subjects of this sketch, make their home with her. Theo A. was born in Montogomery County, Ohio, April 24, 1855. He received only a ordinary common school education, and at the age of twenty, formed a partnership with his cousin, G.W. FRITCHEY, in the grocery business at Olney. After about eighteen months, he retired from the business, and entered the office of WILSON & HUTCHINSON, as a law student, and was admitted to the bar in February, 1880. In June, 1881, he formed a partnership with Judge James C. ALLEN, the firm being known as ALLEN & FRITCHEY. It is one of the leading firms of the county. Mr. FRITCHEY was City Attorney for one, and the City Clerk for two terms. He is a member of K.of P., and belongs to the Methodist Episcopal Church. In May, 1881, he purchased The Richland County Republican, and since changed it to the Olney Republican. Dan W. was born in Darke County, Ohio, September 16, 1862, and received a good common school and academic education. At the age of thirteen he commenced to learn the printers' trade, with E.B. BARNARD, of the Olney Times, with whom he remained for four years. He was deputy postmaster at Olney for about eighteen months. Since, May, 1881, he has had the editorial charge of the Olney Republican, and is the accredited correspondent of the Saint Louis Globe-Democrat, and the Chicago Tribune for Richland County.

HON. THEODORE A. FRITCHEY, County Judge of Richland County, and the junior member of the law firm of Allen & Fritchey was born in Montgomery County, Ohio, near Dayton, April 24, 1855, and is the fifth in order of birth of a family of eight children. His parents, Benjamin F. and Elizabeth (McQueeney) Fritchey, were natives of Pennsylvania. The Fritchey family is of German descent and was founded in America by the grandfather of our subject, Godfrey Fritchey, who emigrated from Saxony to this country in 1775, and settled in Philadelphia, where the record shows that he was naturalized in the historical year of 1776.
Benjamin Fritchey was reared, educated and married in his native State. His wife, who bore the maiden name of Elizabeth McQueeney, was also born in Pennsylvania, and was of Irish descent. In early life Mr. Fritchey engaged in merchandising in Harrisburg, Pa., where he continued for several years. Emigrating Westward, he located in Illinois, taking up his residence in Peoria, but after two years spent in that place he returned to Pennsylvania. He next moved to Baltimore, Montgomery County, Ohio, where for several years he was engaged in mercantile business.
Subsequently he went to Darke County, Ohio, where he made his home for ten years, after which he returned to Montgomery County, of the same State, and later came from there to Olney, Ill., accompanied by his family. This was in the year 1871. Here he engaged in merchandising until his death, which occurred in April, 1876. He was a Republican in politics and a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. His good wife, who survives her husband, is a member of the same church and is still a resident of Olney.
The subject of this sketch came to Olney with his parents in 1871. He began his education in the schools of the Buckeye State and completed it in the public schools of this city. At the age of twenty years he formed a partnership with his cousin, G. W. Fritchey, in the grocery business, which connection continued for a year and a half, when he retired from the firm, having determined to enter the legal profession. He began the study of law with Wilson & Hutchinson, a leading law firm of Olney, and after thorough preparation was admitted to the Bar in May, 1880. He at once began practicing in Olney, and in June, 1881, formed the existing partnership with Judge J. C. Allen.
In his political views, Judge Fritchey is a supporter of Republican principles, and has held various official positions. In April, 1876, he was elected City Clerk and served four years in that office. In 1881, he was chosen City Attorney and served one term. In 1886, he was elected County Judge, was re-elected in 1890, and is now serving his second term in that position. In the spring of 1880, he purchased the Olney Republican, which he edited for several years. In company with his younger brother, Daniel, he still owns the office, while Daniel Fritchey is now editor and manager of the paper.
On the 26th of June, 1889, Judge Fritchey was united in marriage in Urbana, Ohio, to Miss Mary Elizabeth, daughter of John Bucher. The lad is a native of the Buckeye State, her birth having occurred near Dayton. They have two children, sons, Paul Bucher and Theodore Augustus. The Judge and his wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Socially, he is a Knight-Templar Mason, a member of Olney Lodge No. 140, A. F. &A. M.; of Richland Chapter No. 38, R. A. M.; of Gorin Commandery No. 14 K. T.; and of Salem Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S.
Judge Fritchey is one of a number of Richland County people who are interested in fruit culture, and who have great faith in Richland County becoming in a few years a noted apple-growing region. Experience of many years has demonstrated the adaptability of soil and climate to fruit-growing, and especially to the growth of apples, in which there is nearly always a good crop. The Judge has forty acres near Olney set out in Ben Davis apples and fifteen acres in peaches. The trees are thrifty and will soon be in bearing. He is also interested in the Olney Canning and Evaporating Company, which was organized in 1889. A sketch of this industry appears elsewhere in this volume.   The Judge has been an active member of the Republican party for years, has been Chairman of the Richland County Central Committee, and has done much effective work in conventions and on the stump. In his official capacity he has proved capable, faithful and efficient, and enjoys the confidence and esteem of his fellow-citizens in a marked degree. As a lawyer, he is studious, painstaking and thorough in the preparation of cases, and is sagacious and strong in their presentation and management. As an advocate he is the peer of any of the Richland County Bar and has won marked success in his profession.
Portrait and Biographical Record of Effingham, Jasper and Richland Counties Illinois, Containing Biographical Sketches of Prominent and Representative Citizens, Governors of the State, and the Presidents of the United States. (Chicago: Chapman Brothers, 1887), p.347 - Submitted by Judy Edwards

Jacob FRITSCHLE, was born October 25, 1814, in Baden, Germany. At the age of fourteen he came with his parents to Stark County, Ohio, there they settled on a farm. In 1839, he came to Lawrence (now Richland) County, where he entered ninety-five acres, which he improved as his means would allow, and added from time to time, until he had in all over 300 acres, ninety acres of which he sold to his son. He has a very comfortable brick house, which he built in 1862, at a cost of about $1500.00. He barn was built in 1881, and cost $500.00. Other buildings cost about $300.00. He was married, in 1838, to Lydia STEFFE, of York County, Penn. She died in 1855, aged thirty-five years, the mother of nine children -- John, Sarah, Jeremiah, Issac, Sophia, Henry, David, Louise and Margaret. His second marriage in August 1856, was to Elizabeth SMITH, of Carroll County, Ohio. They have had six children, five living -- Susanna, Mary, George, Martin and William. They lost Davis, October 6, 1872, in his eleventh year. Susanna is now the wife of the Rev. A.E. BEST, of New Bethlehem, Clarion County, Penn., where he is actively engaged in the ministry. [Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical; F.A. Battey & Co, 1884]

A. B. FARQUHAR, farmer, was born in Fayette County, Penn., January 5, 1841, is the son of William and Sarah (Moss) Farquhar, is the youngest of six children, and of Scotch descent. Our subject's parents were also born in the old Penn Commonwealth. His father died in that State in 1856. At sixteen years of age A. B. determined to become the architect of his own fortune, left his native State and came to Knox County, Ill., where he remained about one year, then returned to Pennsylvania and began the study of dentistry under the instruction of Dr. James Cope, at Fayette City. Here Mr. Farquhar practiced his profession until 1862, when he went to California and there for two years continued the practice, and then returned again to the State of his birth. He enlisted in Company H, First Battalion, Eighteenth United States Infantry, and was discharged in March, 1867, at Fort Phillip Kearney, Dakota Territory. In February, 1870, he came to Denver Township, Richland County, and settled where he now resides. His married life dates from January, 1870, when he was united by the marriage vows to Maria Eckard. To them have been born four children, viz. : an infant that died unnamed, Frankie, Eunice and Dessie B. Mr. Farquhar is one of the leading Republicans of Denver Township, and one of its representative men. Since 1874 he has been school treasurer of the township, and is a member, of the I. O. O. F., Olney Lodge, No. 180. No man in Denver Township possesses a greater degree of enterprise than Mr. Farquhar, nor has the place a more worthy citizen. [Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical; F.A. Battey & Co, 1884]

MICHAEL FORNEY was born in Somerset County, Penn., on January 14, 1811. When live years of age he moved with his father to Brother's Valley Township, where the latter owned about 200 acres of land, and he assisted his father on this farm until he attained his majority, when he took up the coopers trade, which he followed about twelve years, working at the trade during the winter, and on the farm the summer seasons. He purchased a farm of 283 acres, and in the autumn of 1835 he moved to this farm. In 1857 he traded this land for the farm he now occupies; coming to Richland County in 1858, he built his house, which cost about $1,000; in 1859 he built his barn, 84x40, which also cost about $1,000; in 1861 he built a cider press, and during that year made over 3,000 bushels of apples into cider. On February 16, 1834, he was married to Rachel Homer, who was born May 2,1817, and who died March 4, 1871. Mr. Forney is a German Baptist preacher, having commenced this work in September, 1857, and has since been actively engaged in it. The first communion service was held in his barn, in 1859, there being twenty seven communicants. Their membership here now is about sixty. Ten children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Forney. Eight of these are living, viz.: Mary (now Mrs. Smoker, living in Pennsylvania); Samuel M. (now in Nebraska); Edward (living in Ogle County, Ill.); Sallie (now Mrs. Snoveley, living in Nebraska): John M. (managing the old farm); Susanna (now Mrs. Rothrick, living in Nebraska); Catharine A. (now Mrs. Frimmon, of McLean County, Ill.) and Amanda, also of McLean County, Ill.   [Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical; F.A. Battey & Co, 1884]

A. W. FRITCHEY, druggist, was born June 4, 1839, in Dauphin County, Penn. At about the age of seven he lost his father. He was then taken and reared by his uncle, Benjamin Brightbill. At the age of sixteen he commenced to learn the carpenters' trade. This he followed there till the age of twenty-one. In 1859 he came to Richland County, and continued this business until he enlisted, in April, 1861, in Company D, Eighth Illinois Infantry. He served three months, then enlisted in Company A, Twenty Sixth Missouri Infantry, and was promoted to First Lieutenant, in 1862. He served in this capacity till the end of the war, and was honorably discharged at Saint Louis, June 15,1865. He was taken prisoner at the battle of Mission Ridge, November 26, 1863, and confined in Libby Prison till May 7,1864, then taken to Danville Prison, and there confined till June, 1864. He was then shipped to Macon, Ga., from there he made his escape, and unfortunately was recaptured at Lexington, N. C, by the bloodhounds, and returned to Macon, Ga. He was then sent to Charleston. S. C, and there placed under the fire of our guns. After remaining there about four months he was shipped to Columbus, S. C, where he again escaped. After being out about six weeks he was again recaptured, at Fayetteville, N. C., and shipped back to Libby Prison, where he was held till April, 1865, when he was released and honorably discharged. He then returned to Richland County, continued the carpenters' trade till May, 1881, when he opened a drug store at Claremont. This business he still continues. He was married, in 1867, to Mary J. Taylor, of Ohio. Two children bless this union, one son and one daughter.   [Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical; F.A. Battey & Co, 1884]

ISAAC FRITSCHLE was born, April 8, 1844, in Richland County, Ill., and was the son of Jacob Fritschle, an early settler of Olney Township. Isaac was reared on his father's farm, and in 1869 he married Susanna Mason. She was born in Richland County, and died in 1877, aged twenty six years. She left two children, one son and one daughter. Mr. Fritschle's second marriage took place in the spring of 1878, to Mrs. Hagerman, a native of Richland County. They have two sons. She has one son by her former marriage. The couple own 200 acres of land, which is well improved.  [Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical; F.A. Battey & Co, 1884]

G. W. FULK was born March 5, 1833, in Washington County, Ind., and was the son of Jacob Fulk, who was born in North Carolina. When he was about the age of eighteen years, Jacob moved to Indiana, where he followed farming, and in 1838 the family came to Clay County, Ill. George, in 1849, returned to Indiana, and there was married to Catharine Boss, who was born in Indiana. She died in 1861, aged twenty six years. This union was blessed with three children, two daughters and one son. Mr. Fulk's second marriage took place in 1862, to Sarah Harmon, who was born in Richland County. They have nine children, five sons and four daughters. In 1857 Mr. Fulk returned to Illinois, and settled in Claremont Township. When in Indiana he learned the trade of blacksmith and wagon maker, and this trade he has since followed. Mr. Fulk owns thirty acres of land where he resides. He enlisted, in 1862, in Company H, One Hundred and Thirtieth Illinois Infantry, and served till June of 1864. He participated in the battle at Saint Joseph's Lake, also the siege of Vicksburg and others. [Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical; F.A. Battey & Co, 1884]



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