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I. N. MARTIN was born in Kenton County, Ky, and came to Madison Township, October 24, 1853, where he has since resided, with the exception of three years he served in the late war. He enlisted in 1862, as Sergeant of the Company H, Ninety-Eighth Illinois Mounted Infantry and served until the close of the war. He participated in the battles of Hoover's Gap, Chickamauga, Mission Ridge, Buzzard's Roost and other lesser engagements, and was mustered out in July, 1865. Mr. MARTIN's marriage occured July 2, 1868, to Virginia R. POWELL, of Covington, Ky. They have seven children-six sons and one daughter. [Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical; F.A. Battey & Co, 1884]

N. L. McCAULEY -- farmer, was born in Jefferson County, Ky, October 26, 1833, is the son of Daniel and Mary Ann (JEFFREY) McCAULEY, is the second in a family of nine children, and is of the Scoch-Irish extraction. Mr. McCAULEY is one of the early settlers of Richland County, having come to the county from Kentucky in 1835, in company with his parents, and settled in what is now Decker Township. The father of Mr. McCAULEY was born in Jefferson County, Ky., his paternal grandfather, in Virginia, his great grandfather in Ireland. The marriage of N. L. McCAULEY, occured December 24, 1857, to Miss Mary J. RUSK, daughter of Thomas RUSK. Mrs. McCAULEY is a native of Clay County, Il., the RUSK family coming originally from Virginia. Mr. McCAULEY cast his first Presidential vote for Millard FILMORE; at that time there were only three Whigs in Decker Township. He is now a Republican, and in 1859, was elected Assessor of Decker Township; he also served as Justice of the Peace for four years, and is now Commissoner of Highways. In August, 1862, he enlisted in Company H, Ninety-Eighth Illinois Infantry, and was honorably discharged in February, 1863, on account of disability. Mr. McCAULEY now owns 153 acres of well-improved land, three miles southwest of Noble. In addition to the farm, Mr. McCAULEY has been engaged in running a saw mill for a number of years. He is a member of the I.O.O.F., Noble Lodge, No. 182, and is a man of public spirit and enterprise. [Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical; F.A. Battey & Co, 1884]

R. N. McCAULEY -- attorney-at-law, was born in this county, October 19, 1843, and is the seventh of the ten children of Daniel and Mary A. (JEFFREYS) McCAULEY, the former a native of Kentucky, the latter of Maryland. Daniel McCAULEY followed the Profession of school teacher until he was twenty-seven years of age, after which he devoted his time to farming in this county, where he located in 1836, and where he now resides at the advanced age of eighty-one, his wife being seventy-one years of age. The boyhood of our subject was divided between farm work and schooling; he was a great lover of learning, and was notably proficient in the mathematics, the most so of any one in the county. He afterward read law with Mr. LONGNECKER, prior to entering the law school at Ann Arbor, Mich. from which he graduated in the spring of 1880, since which time he has lived at Noble, and practiced in this, Clay and other counties, with much satisfaction and profit, being the only licensed attorney in this township. In 1870, he married Hattie E., daughter of Ira MENDENHALL, of Peru, Ind, to which union where born four children- Myrtle B., Mattie C., Edward and William. Mr. McCAULEY was a candidate for judgeship in 1882, also Commander of Noble Post, G.A.R. Mrs. McCAULEY is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. [Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical; F.A. Battey & Co, 1884]

Major James T. McGINNIS was born in Pennsylvania, and is a son of Joseph R. and Elizabeth (STERLING) McGINNISS, the former a native of Allegheny County, Penn., the latter a native of New York. In April, 1861, he enlisted in the First Ohio Volunteers, and was called to the defense of Washington, D.C., and was also engaged in the action of Vienna, and the first battle of Bull Run. In June, 1862, he enrolled in the Eighty-Fourth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, in which he rose to the rank of Sergeant, but was soon after discharged. In September, 1862, he was commissioned Second Lieutenant in the One Hundred and Twenty-Fourth Ohio Infantry, and was sent to Ohio on recruiting duty, afterward he accompanied his regiment to Franklin, Tenn. In April, 1863, he was promoted to First Lieutenant; was engaged in the defense of Franklin, Tenn., the pursuit of the rebel, Gen. VAN DORN, the actions of Thompson's Station and Triune, the advance on Tullahoma, the battle of Chickamauga (where he was twice wounded), the actions of Rossville, the later operations about Chattanooga, and the actions of Bryon's Ferry and Orchard Knob (where he was again wounded). He also participated in the battle of Missionary Ridge, the East Tennessee campaign, the pursuit of Gen. LONGSTREET into Virginia, the actions of Dalton and Rocky Face Ridge, the battle of Resaca, the actions of Adairsville and Cassville, and the battles of New Hope Church and Dallas, where he was twice wounded. In July, 1864, he was commissioned as Captain and Brevet-Major of United States Volunteers, for gallant and meritorious services at the battles of Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge and Dallas. In October, 1864, he was appointed Recorder of an Examining Board, upon which he served until in December of the same year. After the close of the civil war, he returned to his home with his parents in Olney. In February, 1866, he was commissioned Second Lieutenant of the Thirteenth United States Infantry, and in the same month was promoted to be First Lieutenant in the same regiment, and was stationed at Fort Columbus, New York harbor, till the following June, when he rejoined his regiment at Fort Leavenworth, Kan. In July of the same year, he was appointed Adjutant of the First Battalion of his regiment, serving as such until December, 1866. In July, 1867, he was appointed Quartermaster of his regiment, and was brevetted Captain of the United States Army; about the same time he was brevetted Captain in the United States Army for gallant and meritorious services at the battle of Chickamauga, and was also brevetted Major in the United States Army for like services at the battle of Missionary Ridge. He served with honor and distinction at various western posts until August 31, 1871, when he was commissioned Captain in the Thirteen United States Infantry. After this he served at various posts in the West and South, when he was sent to Cleveland, Ohio, on recruiting service; afterwards, he served at Atlanta, New Orleans, and other stations, until March 13, 1878, when he was retired, on account of wounds, as Captain and Brevet-Major in the United States Army, since which time he has made his home with his parents, in Olney. [Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical; F.A. Battey & Co, 1884]

J. L. McMURTRY -- merchant at Noble, is a native of Warwick County, Ind., was born January, 1848, and is the third of the five children of J.U. and Elizabeth C. (ANGELS) McMURTRY, the former a native of Kentucky, the latter of Ohio. The father of our subject, was a pioneer farmer of this county, where he located about the year 1851, rich in the experiences of trials and privations so common to those early comers. Both parents now reside in Noble- the father age seventy, the mother, fifty-seven. J. L. McMURTRY was reared on the paternal farm, on which he labored in the summer and went to the common schools in the winter, and by which he aquired a good education for the times. In 1880, at Noble, he married Mrs. STEWART, a native of Ohio, a union which has been cemented by the birth of two children, named Lettie and Clyde. Mr. McMURTRY was Collector for two years, and has served several terms on the Town Board. He commenced the general merchandise business in April, 1883, and carries a stock of about $6,000. He is an active tradesman and an esteemed citizen. [Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical; F.A. Battey & Co, 1884]

William McWILLIAMS was born in Guernsey County, Ohio, December 30, 1819, and is the eldest in a family of eight children born to George and Jane (HAWKINS) McWILLIAMS, the father of a native of Saint Clair County, Ohio. In 1839, the family moved to Richland County, Ill., where they entered land and began to build a home. Mr. McWILLIAMS died in the forty-fourth year of his age, and his wife in the sixty-fourth year of her age. They both were members of the Methodist Church. Our subject at the age of twenty-two years began farming for himself on forty acres of land given to him by his father. With hard labor, and with the help of an industrious wife, he has accummalted a farm of 305 acres. He was married in 1841, to Matilda H., daughter of Richard and Sarah (LAWRENCE) PHILLIPS, who are old and respected citizens of the county. Mrs. PHILLIPS was born May 7, 1823, and came to this county with her parents in 1826. To this couple have been born nine children -- Richard who served in the late rebellion, George, Catherine (Mrs. FLEMING), Hugh, Mary ( Mrs. ZIRKEL- deceased), William, Martha (Mrs. KYLE), Lu (Mrs. MATHEWS), and Matilda. Mr. and Mrs. McWILLIAMS have been industrious people. Her mother being a invalid, Mrs. McWILLIAMS performed most of the house hold duties. She also did the spinning when so small that she was obligated to stand upon a block of wood in order to do so. Mr. McWILLIAMS split rails for $3 a thousand, and also had to take his wheat to market a distance of eighty-five miles, where he sold it at 50 cents per bushel in trade. They are both members of the Methodist Church, and highly respected. He is a Republican. [Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical; F.A. Battey & Co, 1884]

Rev. J. W. MERSCHER- pastor of Saint Joseph's Catholic Church, was born December 4, 1853, in Aviston, Clinton Co., Ill. His father, J. A. MERSCHER, was born in Hanover, Germany, and was there engaged in farming; in 1844, he came to America, located in Clinton Co., where he remained engaged in farming till 1882, when he removed to Nodaway Co., Mo., where he now resides. The subject of this sketch commenced a regular course of studies, preparatory for the priesthood, in 1866, with the Franciscan Father's Seminary, near Milwaukee, and prosecuted his studies there till December, 1876, when he was ordained a priest. In January, 1877, he became a pastor of this church, which has a membership of about seventy. [Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical; F.A. Battey & Co, 1884]

Nathaniel MILLER -- farmer, was born in Gibson County, Ind., March 27, 1847, is the son of Nathaniel and Lucinda (MONTGOMERY) MILLER, is the youngest of seven children and is of Dutch-Irish extraction. The father of Mr. MILLER was born in Kentucky, and his mother in Indiana. In the spring of 1852, the subject of this mention, in company with his parents came to Richland County, Ill., and made settlement in Decker Township. His father died in November 1868, and here Mr. MILLER has since resided. His marriage took place January 13, 1867, to Sarah C. WILLIAMS, a native of Richland Co., Il. To this union have been born seven children- Sarah L., Jacob N., John M. (deceased), Jane, Margaret E., George W., and Charley T. After the death of his father, Mr. MILLER came into possession of the old MILLER Homestead, four miles southeast of Noble. This land was entered, in 1839, by John CLARK, and the first log cabin is still standing. Our subject is a true Democrat. His maternal grandfather was a soldier in the war of 1812, and was at the battle of Tippeeanoe. Mr. MILLER has been Township Collector, Clerk and Commissioner of the Highways in Decker Township. Mrs. MILLER is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He is a leading citizen and an influential man. [Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical; F.A. Battey & Co, 1884]

August F. G. MUENCH & Son- are manufacturers of boots and shoes. August F.G., was born in Germany, February 22, 1832, and is one of eight children born to John Frederick and Anna E. (SCHULTZ) MUENCH, of German nationality. John F. was reared and married in the Fatherland, and followed the vocation of tailoring. He served during the Napoleonic wars in the Prussian army, and was engaged at the famous battle of Waterloo, under the command of General BLUCHER. He died in 1838, having attained the age of sixty. He and his wife were of Lutheran faith. August received a good German education, and at the age of sixteen, was apprenticed to a shoemaker, served for three years, then was a journeyman for two years, and finally opened a shop at Pyritz, Germany, and remained there for seven years. He then went to Cunow, and in 1874, came to the United States. He came to Olney, and was a journeyman, for some two years, and then opened a shop independently, and has succeeded his business ever since. In 1856, Mr. MUENCH married Anna D. LEMKE. They had ten children, all born in the Fatherland. Five are only living. The parents belong to the Evangelical Association. His eldest living son, Bernhard A., is a member of the firm. He was born December 27, 1858, and was married in Olney, January 18, 1882, to Sarah GUYOT, a native of Edwards County, and of French-German descent. One daughter has been born to them-Anna E. The parents belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Association. The youngest son of Mr. A.F.G. MUENCH is learning the trade with his father and brother. [Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical; F.A. Battey & Co, 1884]

Elijah MURRAY -- grocer, was born in Lawrence County, Ind., March 22, 1837, and is the youngest of eight children, born to Timothy and Catherine (FINGER) MURRAY, natives, respectively, of North Carolina and Germany; and the father of Scotch-Irish descent. At the age of sixteen years, Timothy removed with the parents to Lawrence County, Ind; which was then a wilderness, scarcely disturbed by white man. Here he attended the common schools, in the log buildings, and also took a wife. Soon after, in 1822, he entered 200 acres of land, erected a log cabin, and improved his farm. He lived here until he departed this life on July 13, 1881. He and wife were members of the Baptist Church. Elijah was educated in the rude-school houses of the time, and also assisted in his father's farm work until he attained his majority. In 1858, he came to Noble Township of this county, where he purchased 370 acres, and was employed in agricultural pursuits for fifteen years. In 1873, he came to this city and opened a grocery and provision store. He also ships produce, and is carrying a large, well-selected stock in his line, and his business is a thriving one. For some five or six years, he was Collector of Noble Township, and is at present a Councilman of this city. On February 14, 1858, Mr. MURRAY married Lucetta, daughter of Col. John SHEEKS, a pioneer of Lawrence County. By this union there have been four children, two daughters and two sons. Mr. and Mrs. MURRAY are members of the Baptist Church. He is a member of the Olney Lodge, No.140, A.F. & A.M., Richland Chapter, No. 38, R.A.M., Olney Council, No. 55., R. & S.M., and Gorin Commandery, No. 14, K.T. In politics he is a Republican, is a pioneer, and one of the most prominent business men and highly respected citizens of Olney. [Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical; F.A. Battey & Co, 1884]

William P. MUSGROVE -- The gentleman who's name heads this sketch is one of the oldest settlers in Richland County, coming here with his parents in 1820. He was born July 13, 1816, in Jefferson County, Ky, and when he was about two years old, his parents brought him to Lawrence County, Ind., and two years later removed to Lawrence County, Il., and settled on what is known as the Springtown Prairie. Here William was reared, and when a boy, drove team from Louisville, Ky., and Evansville, Ind., for John C. RILEY, of Lawrenceville, Il., working for him in this way for about five years. He afterwards teamed for Steward about two years, and since that time, he has been engaged in farming. In about 1838, he entered forty acres of land, adding from time to time by purchasing as he was able to do so, until he now owns 300 acres, 160 which he has under improvement. Flies in the early time was so numerous, that on riding a horse across the prairie, he would drop instantly and roll, the rider would hurriedly dismount, and as the horse would rise, he would as quickly remount, and proceed a short distance, when the horse would again fall, continuing this way until the end of the journey. Wheat was hauled to Evansville at 37 1/2 cents a bushel, and pork sold at $1.50 per 100 pounds. A good cow at that time could be bought for $6.00. Mr. MUSGROVE has been Town Commissioner and School Treasurer. He also packed the mails from Mt. Carmel to Lawrenceville, Stringtown, St. Marie, Newton, and to Greenup in Cumberland County. He was about two years engaged in this work. He was married in 1839 to Martha BULLARD, of Illinois. Mrs. M. died July 1854, aged thirty-eight years. Six children blessed this union, five sons and one daughter. He was next married January 22, 1855, to Mrs. Sophia BURNELLl, daughter of Benjamin SUMNER, in honor of whom the town of Sumner was named. She was born July 21, 1826. They have four children: two sons and two daughters. His son John B., served in the late war. [Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical; F.A. Battey & Co, 1884]

JOHN W. MATTOON, M. D. (deceased), was a native of Vermont, born in 1801. His parents removed to Franklin County, Ohio, in 1806. His father being a physician, he studied medicine with him, and graduated from the Worthington Medical College, Ohio, on April 4, 1834. He then practiced in different places in Ohio, also in Crawford County, Ill., where he also examined applicants for teachers' certificates. In 1857 he came to the farm which the family now occupies. He first bought eighty acres, but they now own 158 acres, 120 of which are under cultivation. He died on October 3,1879. In 1833 he was married to Charlotte Penney, who was born on October 5, 1807, in Worthington, Ohio. Nine children were born to them, seven of whom are living; Eugene and Charles Edwin now manage the old farm. Eugene has been Township Collector and School Director. [Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical; F.A. Battey & Co, 1884]

J. A. McKNIGHT, general merchant and produce dealer, was born in Orange County, Ind., on August 7, 1829, is the son of Joseph L. and Elizabeth (McColloch) McKnight, and is of German Irish descent. His father was a native of the Empire State, and his mother of Maryland. In 1862, J. A. McKnight came to Illinois, settled in Clay County, and there engaged in the milling business, in which he is still engaged; the work being carried on by two of his sons. In 1880, our subject came to Wakefield and engaged in general merchandising, and keeps on hand a complete line of dry goods, boots, shoes, groceries, etc. He has been successful in business. Mr. McKnight married on November 8, 1851, Susan Lewis, a native of Kentucky. To this union has been born nine children. He is a Democrat and deposited his first Presidential vote for Franklin Pierce. Our subject received a fair common school education, and by practice has acquired a good business knowledge. He had two brothers in the late war, one of whom died at Nashville, Tenn. Mr. McKnight is a prominent and successful citizen of Denver Township, and a man of extended enterprise and energy. [Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical; F.A. Battey & Co, 1884]

CHRISTIAN E. MILLER was born October 16, 1853, in Claremont Township. He is the son of Christian Miller, who was born in Switzerland and came to Richland County in 1845, where he finally died. The subject of this sketch was brought up by his step-father. Mr. Miller owns 100 acres land upon which he lives, and mostly improved. He was married in 1875 to Sophia Hostettler, who was born in Ohio, and died in March, 1878, aged twenty eight years. They had one daughter. Mr. Miller's second marriage occurred in March, 1879, to Rachel E. Gardner. She was born in Claremont Township. Two sons bless this union. [Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical; F.A. Battey & Co, 1884]

HAYS B. MILLER, farmer and stock dealer, was born at Rising Sun, Ohio Co., Ind., July 1 1850, is the son of John C and Mary (Turner) Miller, is the youngest of three children, and is of German Irish lineage. The parents of Hays B. were natives of the old " Penn State" but in early life emigrated to Ohio County, Ind., and there his father now resides, and there his mother died in 1851. John Miller is one of the prominent men of that county, and has been County Treasurer for a number of years. In the fall of 1868 our subject left his native home, went to Bureau County, Ill., and there remained eighteen months. He then returned to his native county, in Indiana, and remained one year, next coming to Denver Township, this county. The first year he farmed with S. C Wilson, then rented a farm for three years, and in 1877 moved to that place where he now lives. Mr. Miller was married in the centennial year, to Alice O., a daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Gray, and a native of Keokuk, Iowa. To this marriage has been born three children, viz.: Albert M. (deceased), an infant (deceased, unnamed) and Mary E.
Mr. Miller is a radical Republican, cast his first Presidential vote for Hayes, and is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mrs. Miller is a member of the Baptist Church. He is one of the successful young men of Denver Township, a prominent citizen and a thorough gentleman. He has a good common school education. For a number of years Mr. Miller has been engaged in raising fine stock, his cattle having several times taken first premiums at the Richland County Fair. [Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical; F.A. Battey & Co, 1884]

JOHN MONTGOMERY, farmer, was born in Gloucester County, N. J., November 19,1829, is the son of William and Mary A. (Extel) Montgomery, is the eldest living of ten children, and is of English Irish descent. The father was born in the old "Penn State," and his mother in New Jersey. When the subject was nine years of age, he emigrated with his parents to Clinton County, Ohio, and there his father died in 1869; and when he was twenty two years of age he began the struggle of life alone. He married on December 25, 1858, Belinda Simmons, a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, and was born May 14, 1838. To this union has been born eleven children. In March, 1863, Mr. Montgomery came to Richland County, Ill., settled in Denver Township, and in 1866 settled where he now resides. He is a stanch Republican. Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, to which body he has belonged since 1848. In 1876 he was elected Assessor of Denver Township, has served in that office three terms, and two terms as Township Collector. [Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical; F.A. Battey & Co, 1884]

ISAIAH J. MOWRER, farmer, was born March 3d, 1832, in Ashland County, Ohio, and was the son of Henry Mowrer, who was a native of Maryland, and carried on the stone mason trade in his younger days. He afterwards engaged in farming. In 1836 he came West with a view of finding a desirable location to settle with his family. He then entered three quarter sections, which land he afterwards deeded to his sons, George W., and the subject of this sketch, Isaiah J., who, in 1854, came to this farm and has since resided here. He now owns 420 acres which is improved with a comfortable stone house. The stone used in its construction was taken from a quarry on the farm, and the foundation of his barn and other out buildings are also built of stone. Mr. Mower has about eight acres of orchard and about 200 acres in improvement. He was married in 1853 to Julia Ann Cliffe, who was born in Ashland County, Ohio. They have had nine children, eight of whom are now living, six sons and two daughters. Our subject's farm is situated two and three quarter miles east of the village of Claremont, and the residence is in Section 12.
[Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical; F.A. Battey & Co, 1884]



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