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Guardianship Petitions

Matilda Schunck
Petition of Elizabeth Schunck in the matter of the Estate of John Schunck deceased, for letters of Guardianship.
To the Hon. John D. Richards. Judge of the County Court of Richland County.
The petition of the undersigned Widow, respectfully represents that Matilda Schunck is a minor aged 16 years on the 1 day of June A.D. 1858;  that Andrew Schunck is a minor aged 14 years on the 9 day of April A.D. 1859; thatWilliam Schunck is a minor aged 11 years on the 4 day of July A.D. 1857; that said minors are residents of this County; that they have no father living, or other living guardian residing in this State; that said minors  have personal effects in (cant read) of the probable amount of $100.00; and that your petitioner is the mother and desires to be the appointed guardian of said minors at there request and petitioners.

This is a letter wriiten by Elizabeth Schunck
This is to certify that John Schunck my husband departed this life on the 6th day if this month & leaving personal property of the proable value of $700.00 and that i desire letters of administration so that may issue to me on my said husbands Estate.
(March 25, 1859)   Elizabeth Schunck - mark
Attest: J. Hofman-Clerk



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