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Fraternities and Secret Organizations

Source: "Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: Historical and Biographical"
F.A. Battey & Co, 1884

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The Masons

The Masonic Fraternity is the most important of these societies in Richland County, and is represented by Olney Lodge, No. 140, Noble Lodge, No. 362, Parkersburg Lodge, No. 509, F & A. M., Richland Chapter, No. 38, R. A.M.; Olney Council, No. 55, R. & S. M., and Gorin Commandery, No. 14, K. T.

The following sketch of this society is from the pen of G.H.B. Tolle, K.T., thirty-two degrees, S.P.R.S.: As in almost all other energetic and progressing communities so has in Richland County the Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons taken a strong foothold, and has, in the most unmistakable manner, made her beneficiary influence felt. She has taken into her folds not only men from all spheres of life but especially have the most prominent and influential men of the county been closely identified with the institution, and, like the "Father of our Country," prided themselves in being one of the mystic tie, thus gladly assisting in the faithful but unostentatious discharge of the self imposed duties of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth, the happy and lasting effects of which, upon the society, the scrutinizing eye of the close observer of social and private life can not fail to discern nor deny.

On the 24th day of August, 1853, Messrs. E. B. Page, H. Clark, T. M. Hinman, F. D. Preston, S. M. Hinman, Joseph Yocom, William Combs and Samuel McClure assembled as Masons, and after due deliberation concluded to and did petition E. B. Ames, Esq., Grand Master of Masons, of Illinois, for a dispensation to form and open in Olney a regular Lodge of Masons, which prayer was promptly granted, and on September 10, 1853, Olney Lodge, U. D. (under dispensation), A.F. & A.M., held its first regular meeting, with E.B. Page as the first Worshipful Master, and F.D. Preston as the first Secretary. Many Masons, especially from Hutsonville, Ill., where the nearest lodge was then located, prominent among whom was the late Hon. Jesse K. Dubois, well known as one of the foremost men of the State, actively participated in the exercises. Mr. John H. Gunn, the well known dry goods merchant of Olney, had the honor of being the first to recieve Masonic light, in the young Lodge. At the session of the Grand Lodge of Masons of Illinois, I.S. Anderson, Grand Master, held October 2, 1854, Olney Lodge, U. D., as a reward for well conducted and faithfully performed work, was duly chartered as Olney Lodge, No. 140, A.F. & A.M., with E.B. Page as Worthy Master; and ever since, Olney Lodge has enjoyed not only a happy existence but also the honor of ranking to-day among the best working lodges in the State. On February 14, 1854, for the first time, the Masons of Olney were called upon to perform the solemn rites of burial over the remains of a departed brother. Mr. John McCollough, the father of Mrs. E. J. Hayward and Mr. John L. McCollough, of Olney, a member of Venus Lodge, No. 8, located at Mansfield, Ohio, had died at his residence in the city of Olney. Heavy, indeed, has the hand of death rested upon the members of the order, and often can one see the mourners go about the streets. Only two of the charter members remain among the living — Judge T. D. Preston and Dr. Samuel McClure. Yet notwithstanding the ranks are rapidly closing our young men take the place of the fallen heroes. Numbered among the many who now inhabit the silent city of the dead are Judge Horace Hayward, of whom it may be justly said that he was by far the best posted and most influential Mason in this section of the State. The loss which the craft in Olney has sustained in his death is almost irreparable. The Rev. S. A. Blair, William Cliffe and G. W. Eaton, Col. M. O'Kean, Maj. J. S. Campbell, for many years postmaster in Olney, Jacob Hoffman, E. B. Page, J. P. Cullen, W. H. Cobbs and Father John Knight, who served for over twenty years faithfully as Tyler of Olney Lodge, No. 140, are, with many others, resting from their labors here on earth.

But, notwithstanding these heavy losses, the craft grows stronger, and on October 3, 1857, Richland Chapter, No. 38, R. A. M., was duly chartered by E. M. Clark, M.E.G.H. Priest of Illinois, and this move was followed by the charter of Olney Commandery, No. 14, K.T., dated October 4,1865, and issued by N. F. Prentice, then Grand Commander of Illinois. The Commandery subsequently changed her name to Gorin Commandery, No. 14, K.T., in honor of the Hon. Jerome R. Gorin, Past Grand Commander, a most prominent citizen and Mason of this State and especially of the city of Decatur, where he still resides.

In order still better to supply the wants of the rapidly growing fraternity in Richland County, Maysville Lodge, No. 362, located at Ingraham, Clay County (chartered October 29, 1861), was moved to the town of Noble, on October 5, 1864, continued its labors under the name of Noble Lodge 362, and under the able management of the late Henry Palmer, for many years its Worshipful Master, it attained to the well merited place in the craft and which it continues to occupy under the rule of David Anderson, Esq., its present Master, who also holds the responsible position of Supervisor of the county. All this, however, was not yet sufficient to accommodate the members, especially in the south and southwest part of the county. Grand Master Gorin granted on June 30, 1866, a charter to Messrs. George Mason, M. L. Howe, J. B. Jolly, and others, to form and open Parkersburg Lodge, No. 509, at Parkersburg, Ill. This Lodge, as its sisters at Olney and Noble, is in a very prosperous condition; and in order to have the American rite of Freemasonry fully represented in the county, a council of Royal and Selected Masters was organized at Olney and a charter granted to Thomas R. Austin, D. D., and others, by W. H. Levanway, M.P.G.M., on October 23, 1872, thereby giving Olney a full representation of all the different bodies constituting the American rite of Freemasonry. (The members being strongly imbued with the principles of mutual relief, are also largely interested in Masonic Mutual Insurance, represented by the Illinois Masons' Benevolent Society, of Princeton, Ill., and especially by the Masonic Benevolent Association of Central Illinois, of Mattoon, with G.H.B. Tolle, Esq., of Olney, as their special agent for Southern Illinois and Indiana).

Special mention deserves the splendid and substantial building which the Masons of Olney have selected for their home, and while it is surpassed by many others as regards the elegance and expense of its furniture, yet it is second to none of those it has been the good fortune of the writer to visit, as regards adaptation to the work, and especially as regards ventilation.

The building, owned by Messrs. Frank Powers and Charles Schulz, is situated on the corner of Main and Fair streets.

On the first floor are two storerooms with a sixteen feet ceiling. The second floor is used as a public hall, finely finished, well ventilated, has an eighteen feet ceiling, and will seat 550 persons comfortably. Access to the second and third stories is gained at the middle of the west side of the building by a stairway, the steps of which are seven feet wide. The third story has been leased by the Gorin Commandery, No. 14, K.T., for a term of twenty years; sub-let to Olney Council, No. 55, Richland Chapter, No. 38, and Olney Lodge, No. 140, and is divided into such rooms and apartments as are needed for a full exemplification of all the degrees conferred by the above named bodies. 

The lodge-room proper is 40x40, the banquet hall 30x25, the hall of the west 25x16, the parlor 15x15; the remaining rooms are of proportionate size, and all ceilings are fifteen feet high. The body of the building is of brick; the front of the first story is of iron, with four magnificent windows twelve feet high. The second and third stories are of pressed brick with galvanized iron window caps and cornices. The height of the building from the ground is sixty feet. The structure is the most imposing and by far the most substantially built one in the city of Olney. Nothing has been spared to make it strong and durable, and for ventilation, it is, as said  before, second to none. It was erected under the immediate supervision of H. M. Hall, Esq., superintendent of buildings and bridges of the O. & M. Railway. The corner stone of the building was laid with the proper Masonic ceremonies, by Rev. W. H. Scott, Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons, on the first of June, 1880, who, on the evening of the seventh of February, 1881, dedicated the hall to the service of Freemasonry, with the impressive and solemn ceremonies of the craft, in the presence of many distinguished Masons from abroad and about 250 ladies and gentlemen of the city. 

The membership of these bodies is approximately as follows: Symbolic Lodges, 190; Capitular Masonry, 85; Cryptic Masonry, 37; Chivalric Masonry, 120.


The Odd Fellows

Richland Lodge, No. 180, I.O.O.F., of Olney, Ill., was organized by James E. Starr, G. M., July 27, 1855. Charter members: William Newell, George W. Leaf, John Banks, Thomas J.Rusk, George W. Haynie. First officers: William Newell, N. G.; Thomas J. Rusk, V. G.; G. W. Haynie, Secretary; John Bank, Treasurer. Past Noble Grands: William Newell, G. W. Haynie, G. W. Heap, J. Banks, N. Whitney, R. Byers, E. Kitchel, I. C. Upton, G. W. Carothers, E. Bowyer, I. S. Robinson, A. Martin, D. Kieffer, S. W. Gunn. S. Baird, W. T. Shelby, James Cochran, John Tagart, K. D. Horrel, W. C. Rickard, William Wilson, L. M. Parker, George Kipp, Asher Gaslin, D. T. Clark, Levi Notestein, Henry Marshal, J. R. Johnson, R. G. Fowler, J. H . Roberts, W. E. Robinson, J. A. Bourrell, John Gaddis, J. D. Chauncy, W. H. Wallace, William Rhode, A. A. Allbright, G. H. B. Tolle, A. J. Goetz, James Bourrell, R. A. Kinney, H. J. Sheets, R. Ginther, H. McClurg, O. Jones, J. J. Chastine, E. W. Ridgeway, S. S. Millner, M. Froelich, George Hill, H. L. Ince, J. N. Eggleston, John Gruber, A. H. Knost, C. Hasler, J. M. Price, N. S. Marshal, W. A. Cope, J. S. Jinkins, F. M. Bourrell, B. E. Betebenner, W. F. Rolan, A. J. Finch, S. J. Baker. In the year 1862, the membership was thirty-nine; and the finances were low, consisting of Illinois "wild cat" money worth 12 cents on the dollar. At the close of the war - the membership increased to 109 members, in the year 1867, with finances $1,500; 1871, cash on hand, $2,309; 1883, cash, $226, with $1,300 invested in real estate. The cause of decrease in finances was on account of paying a sick brother benefits for a period of eight years, amounting in all to $1,600. From January 1, 1883, to June 30, 1883, sick and funeral benefits were paid to the amount of $326.25. Membership at July report, 1883, sixty-six. Present Officers: W.A. Cope,N.G.; N. Niblo, V.G.; J. C. Herron, Secretary; G. E. Gaddis, Treasurer.

List of deaths: John Banks, J. H. Cartwright, L. M. Parker, Charles Wetzlau, Henry Palmer, John Palmer, H. J. Sheets, William Calvert, Alexander Steward, A.J. Goetz, J. C. Armstrong, O. Armstrong, George W. Heap, James Cochran, Jacob Blackford, W. E. Robinson, I. S. Robinson, S. S. Burnett, J. M. Brown, William Cobbs, J. B. Gharst, David Holmes, J. H. Parker, Henry Seibert, W. W. Wise, A. W. Brewster, F. S. Benton, E. Kitchel, M. Chaplin, A. J. Finch. Sick and funeral benefits paid, $4,375.


Olney Encampment, No. 61, I.O.O.F., was organized April 5, 1866, by Dr. Samuel Willard, G.C.P., of Chicago, Ill. Charter members: J. H. Cartwright, J. R. Hargrave, F. J. Hinman, Asher Gaslin, J. Brillhart, J. Oldendorf, P. Hires. First Officers: C. P., J. H. Cartwright; H. P., F. J. Hinman; S. W., J. Brillhart; J. W., J. R. Hargrave; Scribe, J. Oldendorf; Treasurer, P. Hires. Past Chief Patriarchs: J. H. Cartwright, J. Brillhart, Asher Gaslin, William Newel, W. C. Richard, J. R. Johnston, O. Armstrong, J. D. Chauncy, A. A. Allbright, John A. Bourrell, G. H. B. Tolle, A. Martin, J. S. Armstrong, Joseph Bourrell, J. H. Roberts, O. Jones, R. Ginther, M. Froehlich, H. L. Ince, S. S. Millner, J. Gruber, C. Hasler, M. Mantz, A. H. Knost, W. A. Cope, W. F. Rolen. Total membership at last report, eighteen. Present officers: C P., John Balmer; H.P., H. L. Ince; S. W., B. E. Betebenner; J. W., W. A. Cope; Scribe, A. Martin; Treasurer, John Gruber. Financial condition at present, $400. Deaths since organization: John Brillhart, G. W. Heap, J. H. Cartwright, O. Armstrong, J. S. Armstrong, John M. Brown. Sick and funeral benefits since organization, $278.


Noble Lodge, No. 482. Charter granted March 12,1872. Charter members: I. S. Armstrong, George Ellis, W. E. Alcorn, Henry Cox, and N. Fryburger. James C. Beeler was the first man initiated. I. S. Armstrong was the principal mover in the institution of the Noble Lodge. George Ellis and H. Friburger (sic) are the only surviving charter members. First officers: I.S. Armstrong, N.G.; W. E. Alcorn, V.G.; N. Fryburger, Secretary; H. Cox, Treasurer. Present officers: Ira P. Jones, N.G.; John Shields, V.G.; Harry C. Falconer, Secretary; George Ellis, Treasurer. Since the institution of the Lodge, there have been sixty-seven members initiated. The Lodge now has twenty-eight active members. Property worth at least $400, and $300 in the treasury. The Lodge is in a most prosperous condition.


Knights of Pythias.

Marmion Lodge, No. 52, Knights of Pythias, was organized and instituted September 30, 1874, by D. G. C., J. V. Swarthout, of Centralia, Ill., with the following charter members: N. S. Marshall, W. F. Beck, Jacob Carter, William Ratcliff, O. C. Moorhead, H. V. Fulton, Ed. F. Ridgway, G. C. Ridgway, A. Chaplin, L. Johnston, D. J. Parish, H. Marshall, W. M. Robinson, George Passmore, J. W. Phillips, H. C. Sands, F. P. Borden, T. Tippit, A. Tippit. The first officers were, Jacob Carter, P. C.; N. S. Marshall, C. C; W. F. Beck, V. C.; J. W. Phillips, Prelate; Thomas Tippit, M. of E.; G. C. Ridgway, M. of F.; O. C. Moorhead, K. of R. and S.; W. M. Robinson, M. at A.; Lon. Johnston, I. G.; A. Chaplin, O. G. From that time the Lodge has progressed steadily, taking a front rank among the benevolent orders in our city. Its membership is composed mostly of young men, and among its ranks you will find the County Clerk, Circuit Clerk, County Superintendent of Schools, City Clerk, the editors of both of the county papers, many merchants and influential citizens of Olney. They have lost but three members by death, viz.: Ed. F. Ridgway, John O. Ebert, and Jonathan Mills. They occupy an elegantly fitted room in Wisshack's building, and have property and moneys amounting to nearly $1,200. Its present membership is seventy-five, among whom are ten Past Chancellors. The Lodge has one member who is an officer of the Grand Lodge of Illinois, in the person of W. F. Beck. There is also the Endowment Rank of the K. P.'s with a membership of twenty, who carry an insurance on their lives of $40,000. The present officers are as follows: P. C, T. M. Richardson; C C , R. N. Stotler; V. C., J. B. Newman; Prelate, H. B. Wheeler; M. of E., J. T. Ratcliff; M. of F., O. C. Palmateer; K. of R. and S., N. A. Lough; M. at A., Ed. Von Gunten; I. G., C. Weiland; O. G., A. Ensey; Trustees: W. F. Beck, R. N. Stotler, T. M. Richardson.



Olney Post, No. 92, G. A. R., Department of Illinois, is one of the largest and most flourishing Grand Army posts in the State of Illinois. Comrades Robert Sims and William Mattoon took the initiatory steps for its organization. Gen. Rowley Page, of Galesburg, Ill., mustered the Post on April 7, 1881. There were twenty-four charter members, viz.: Eli Bowyer, David Edunston, John J. Coons, Theodore Schifferstein, William Bower, Oris C. Palmateer, I. P. Cope, James M. Bradford, Beriah Bicknell, J. A. Salisbury, E. M. Cummins, J. T. McGinnis, Robert Sims, J. C. Rush, John E. Jones, Philip Heltman, Chris. Hasler, William H. Myers, George Hall, O. H. Clark, H. Bolinger, Jonathan Mills, T. O. Besley and William Mattoon. The Post selected its first officers as follows: Post Commander, Gen. Eli Bowyer; Senior Vice Post Commander, David Edunston ; Junior Vice Post Commander, John J. Coons; Surgeon, Theo. Schifferstein ; Officer of the Day, John C. Rush; Chaplain, Rev. O. H. Clark; Adjutant, T. O. Besley; Quartermaster, William Rhode; Officer of the Guard. Robert Sims; Sergeant-Major, William Mattoon; Quartermaster-Sergeant, William T. Prunty.

Memorial Day, May 30, 1881, was duly observed by the Post, whose membership at this time had swelled to one hundred. The Olney Cornet Band and the different societies of the city, in full uniforms and regalias, assembled at the schoolhouse yard, where the vast crowd listened to music and to speeches by Comrade William Mattoon and Gov. John P. St. John, of Kansas; thence proceeding to the cemetery in the presence of 5,000 people, the ritualistic services of the G. A. R. for Decoration Day were held in an impressive manner.

Memorial Days, May 30, 1882, and May 30, 1883, were observed by Olney Post in a like solemn and impressive manner. Speeches were delivered by Hon. J. C. Allen and by Hon. E. Callahan, of Robinson, Ill., to immense throngs, who came in delegations from a distance. William Mattoon, for the year 1882, and J. H. Senseman, for the year 1883, were elected and served as Commanders of the Post.

Among those who are deserving of special mention for their generous and untiring work in promoting the welfare of Olney Post, we mention Eli Bowyer, J. C. Rush, Theodore Schifferstein, J. A. Berry and David Fleming. Our Post has enrolled about 250 members, of whom 150 comrades are at this writing in good standing. We have lost but two members by death since our organization, viz.: Comrades H. J. Sheets and Jonathan Mills. Olney Post has been instrumental in the organization, and actually mustered sixteen new posts of the Grand Army at places as follows: Newton, Mount Carmel, Sumner, Fairfield, Enfield, Xenia, Noble, Jeffersonville, West Salem, Louisville, Ingraham, Bible Grove, Bone Gap, Bird Station, Willow Hill and Rose Hill. This Post is also entitled to the credit of having successfully planned and managed the grand Soldiers' Reunion, held at Olney, Ill., on October 10, 11 and 12, 1883. Major H. M. Spain, Commander of the Camp, Captain H. M. Hall, Chairman of the Executive Committee, and Philip Heltman, Quartermaster, performed faithful and invaluable services. Captain John S. Cochennore, the one-legged soldier, mounted on his dashing steed, in the sham battle, achieved great honor for his chivalry in the charge, and final victory, amid the roar of cannon and the din of musketry. All the State officers but one were present. Gov. Hamilton, Old Dick Oglesby, Gen. Cullom and others, delivered able addresses, that were listened to with deepest interest by the great multitude of 20,000 people.

Olney Post has always been free from political dissension, and her charities have relieved many soldiers and their widows and orphans in distress. During the late Soldiers' Reunion, October 10, 11 and 12, 1883, held at Olney, Ill., through the efforts of Mrs. Dr. Rowland and others, a fine silk banner worth forty dollars was procured and presented to Olney Post, No. 92.

The present officers, elected December 7, 1883, are as follows: H. M. Spain, Commander; J. C Rush, S. V. C.; George Hall, J. V. C; J. A. Berry, O. D. ; I. O. Wolf, O. G.; Dr. E. Rowland, Surgeon; H. I. Ince, Chaplain; W. H. Wolf, Quartermaster.



Olney Lodge, No. 95, of I.O.M.A., of Illinois, was organized October 5, 1880, with thirty-five members, by M. L. Ross, D. G. P., of Quincy, Ill., (since deceased). Original members: Fletcher T. Phillips, Fred. Sterchi, William Allen, Samuel P. Herron, J. M. Price, S. S. Millner, William Voigt, John Balmer, Frank Boon, L. Gossman, H. J. Hahn, A. E. Stamm, Simon B. Reinhard, Austin F. Struble, Alex. Tennyson, N. S. Marshall, W. J. Wolfe, J. J. Coons, S. Y. Pearson. Chris. Balmer, D. Bryan, Albert Ratcliff, Peter Dietrich, S. A. Whitney, John T. Shaw, Peter Brillhart, William A. Thompson, F. M. Bourrell, H. H. Kingsbury, G.H.B. Tolle, J. L. Randel, L. A. Warren, W.H.H. Tooley, Jonathan Mills, (deceased), John Gries. Joined since, up to November 30, 1883: G. W. Armsey, G. W. Sparr, J. F. Runyon, F. E. Schonert, Charles Fletcher, Martin Mantz, W. A. Cope, Chris. Launer, B. E. Betebenner, John Krieg, David Jones, John Robards, H. G. Fahs, A. H. Newsum, D. H. McGahey, William Rhode, William Ferriman, L. W. Palmateer.

The officers at organization were: Past President, J. J. Coons; President, S. S. Millner; Vice President, H. H. Kingsbury; Recording Secretary, W. J.Wolfe ; Financial Secretary, J. M. Price; Treasurer, F. M. Bourrell; Trustees, N. S. Marshall, J.J.Coons, S. P. Herron; Conductor, A. Tennyson; Inside Guardian, P. Brillhart; Outside Guardian, J. Balmer; Chaplain, J. T. Shaw. Present officers: President, B. E. Betebenner; Vice President, J. F. Runyen; Recording Secretary, N. S. Marshall; Financial Secretary, J. M. Price; Trustees, Fahs, McGahey, Runyen; Conductor, W. A. Cope; Inside Guardian, John Balmer; Outside Guardian, P. Dietrich. The Lodge is in a flourishing condition, financially and otherwise.


Catholic Knights of America.

Olney Branch, No. 173, Catholic Knights of America, was chartered March 31, 1881, with the following charter members: Rev. John W. Muscher, Thomas Brassie, John T. Dolan, Richard Lewis, Maurice Buckley, Felix Brassie, William Steed, Sebastian Gast, William Harget, Frank P. Gillespie, Isadore Brassie, Augustus Brassie and L. J. Schifferstein. Charter received and organized, Ambrose Schneider being admitted as member with card from Trenton Branch, No. 50, C. K. of A., and the following officers were elected to serve until last meeting in December, except two trustees, which were to serve, one for one year following from last meeting, and second for two years following from last meeting in December; following officers were elected: Rev. John W. Muscher, Spiritual Director; Frank P. Gillespie, President; William Harget, Vice President; Ambrose Schneider, Recording Secretary; John Thomas Brassie, Financial Secretary; Felix Brassie, Treasurer; William Steed, Sentinel; Isadore Brassie, Sergeant-at-Arms; L. J. Schifferstein, Maurice Buckley, A. Brassie, Trustees. The Branch is in a flourishing financial condition, and has a membership of thirteen. Following are the present officers (December, 1883): Rev. John W. Muscher, Spiritual Director; William Sargent, President; William Steed, Vice President; Ambrose Schneider, Recording Secretary; John Thomas Brassie, Financial Secretary; Sebastian Gast, Treasurer; Isadore Brassie, Sergeant-at-Arms; Richard Lewis, Sentinel; Isadore Brassie, Trustee for one year; Rev. John W. Muscher, for two years; Maurice Buckley, for three years.



This is a fraternal organization which combines with it a feature of insurance, which guarantees to the legatees of the member the sum of $2,000 upon his demise. Olney Lodge, No. 76, was organized May 3, 1877, by W. H. McCormick, of Beardstown, Ill., Deputy Grand Master, with the following officers and charter members: P. M. W., J. M. Longenecker; M. W., W. F. Beck; F., T. H. Johnson; O., J. J. Coons; Recorder, W. H. Wolfe; Fin., J. H. Roberts; Receiver, J. B. Gharst; Guide, N. S. Marshall; I. W., H.G. Fahs; O. W., S. C. Wilson. Members: J. C Brockman, O. B. Morehouse, S. Bacharach, C. Launer, D. Scott, J. S. Johnston, M. Froehlich, R. H. Harrison, W. A. Campbell, M. E. Bacharach, John Fleming, C. F. Fleming, C. S. Mitchell, L. J. Schifferstein, Henry Godeke, Aden Knoph, P. Shepherd, C. N., Payn, J. P. Wilson, Chris. Eggler, S. T. Wells, H. M. Hall, J. Carter, D. B. Ridgley. This Lodge has been exceedingly prosperous, and to-day has a membership of one hundred. It has lost by death four members, J. B. Gharst, W. H. Richey, Chris. Burgener and E. B. Barnard. They formerly occupied the hall of the Knights of Pythias, but in October, 1882, they rented their present hall, leasing the hall for twenty years. They were partially burnt out November 8, 1882, by the burning down of the Von Gunten building. It was with difficulty that the building was saved, but its trustees being practical business men, had their property insured, thus meeting with no financial loss. The Lodge has been very prosperous since its organization, and to-day has a handsome cash surplus in the treasury. The Lodge has been honored by having its first Master Workman, W. F. Beck, elected to the second highest position in the Grand Lodge, that of Grand Foreman. The Lodge is composed mostly of business men, and comprises among its members many prominent citizens, viz.: the Sheriff of the County, the Mayor, City Clerk, and City Marshal. They meet regularly every Tuesday night, in their hall opposite the court house, and where visiting brethren are cordially invited. The present officers are as follows: P. M. W., William Rhode; M. W., W. H. Wolfe; F., F. Bohren; O., J. H. Roberts; Guide, G. P. Kaley; Recorder, F. H. Fisk; Fin., O. C. Palmateer; Receiver, J. H. Shepherd; I. W., C. Eggler; O. W., A. Ensey.


Olney Legion, No. 18, Select Knights.

This Legion was instituted October 11th, 1882, by Deputy Grand Commander John L. Hundley, of Fairfield, Ill., with thirty-eight members. This is a higher grade of the order of Ancient Order of United Workmen, and is a semi-military organization, and is beneficiary in its objects. A person to become a Select Knight must be a Master Workman in good standing. First Officers: H. Godeke, S. C; S. Fishback, V. C; O. C. Palmateer, L. C.; R. R. Byers, Recorder; H. Mehmert, Treasurer; E. M. Spring, Recording Treasurer; F. Bohren, Chaplain; W. L. McFarland, S. B.; J. C. Van Allmen, S. W.; W. P. Shepherd, J. W.; J. J. Coons, M.; John Schaar, Sr., G.; James Hollister, William Rhode and F. Schmadel, Trustees. Present officers: H. Godeke, S. C; W. F. Beck, V. C.; O. C. Palmateer, L. C.; G. P. Kaley, Recorder; G. Gaddis, Treasurer; E. M. Spring, Recording Treasurer; F. Bohren, Chaplain; F. H. Fisk, S. B.; J. C. Van Allmen, S. W.; John Bohren, J. W.; Arch. Spring, M.; Jacob Schiet, G.; W. F. Beck, C. F. Fleming and G. R. Kaley, Trustees. Meet first and third Thursday evenings of each month.

Calhoun Lodge, No. 166, A.O.U.W., of Fairview, Madison Township, Richland Co., Ill., was instituted in April, 1880, by W. F. Beck, D.G.M.W., with some eighteen or more charter members, whose names, as well as those of the first officers, are to the writer unknown. At this date (January, 1884), the Lodge has a membership of some fifty or sixty, and is in a flourishing condition, both financially and otherwise. The Lodge contemplates the erection of a new and elegant hall during the coming summer.

The first or charter members were: Warren Frazee, J. E. Willson, F. M. Heath, S. S. Canby, R. A. Hunt, James Dodds, D. W. Pritchett, F. M. Kent, J. H. Deem, J. P. Soliss, J. R. Roberts, Cable Hauser, Levi Williamson, R. F. Crandell, M. Von Congdon. Officers: M. Von Congdon, P. M. W.; J. P. Soliss, M. W.; Levi Williamson, F.; Warren Frazee, O.; R. A. Hunt, Financier; J. E. Willson, Receiver; S. S. Canby, Guide; James Dodds, G.W.; F. M. Heath, O. W.; J. H. Deem, R. F. Crandell and D.W. Pritchett, Trustees. Opened with fifteen members; now have forty-eight; have lost two by death. Our first assessment was $15. The first Financier's Report was $6.50, and the Receiver's Report $7.50. We now have over $200 in notes, in the hands of the Trustees, and the last report of the Receiver was $77.50. The Financier's Report of November 24, was $63.75.



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