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Locations within Richland County

Source: GNIS

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Adventist Church church Clay City
Amity pop place Landes
Amity Cemetery cemetery Landes
Amity Chapel church Landes
Amity School (historical) school Landes
Antioch Cemetery cemetery Claremont
Antioch Church church Noble
Antioch Church church Claremont
Asbury Church church Landes
Assembly of God Church church Olney
Bare Creek stream West Salem
Barlow School (historical) school Noble
Barton School (historical) school Mount Erie
Berryville pop place Berryville
Bethel Cemetery cemetery West Salem
Bethel Church (historical) school West Salem
Big Creek stream Olney
Bird Haven Cemetery cemetery Dundas
Bird School (historical) school Olney
Blackoak School (historical) school Claremont
Blain Cemetery cemetery Noble
Blue Jean School school Wakefield
Blue Ridge School (historical) school Noble
Bonpas Townhall building Claremont
Bonpas, Township of civil Berryville
Bower Park park Olney
Breston School (historical) school Claremont
Brinkley Cemetery cemetery Claremont
Brinkley School (historical) school Olney
Brown Creek stream Noble
Brush College School school Wakefield
Brushville School (historical) school Clay City
Buck Run stream Berryville
Calfkiller Creek stream Landes
Calhoun pop place Olney
Calhoun Cemetery cemetery Olney
Calhoun Oil Field oilfield Mount Erie
Camp Branch stream Dundas
Carson Cemetery cemetery Mount Erie
Center School (historical) school West Salem
Central Elementary School school Olney
Cherry Elementary School school Olney
City Park park Olney
Claremont pop place Claremont
Claremont Elementary School school Claremont
Claremont, Township of civil Claremont
Coon Creek stream Dundas
Cotterell School (historical) school Landes
Cow Ford Ferry (historical) locale Landes
Crest Haven Cemetery cemetery Claremont
Crum School (historical) school Landes
Decker Cemetery cemetery Noble
Decker Townhall building Noble
Decker, Township of civil Noble
Denver School school Wakefield
Denver, Township of civil Wakefield
Douglas Creek stream Landes
Dundas pop place Dundas
Dundas Cemetery cemetery Dundas
Dundas Post Office post office Dundas
Dutch Flat Cemetery cemetery Claremont
East Fork Fox River stream Dundas
East Fork Lake reservoir Dundas
East Fork Lake reservoir Dundas
East Fork Lake Dam dam Dundas
East Richland High School school Olney
East Richland Middle School school Olney
Ebenezer Cemetery cemetery Olney
Ebenezer Church church Olney
Elbow pop place Olney
Elliott Street Historic District park Olney
Elston Cemetery cemetery Noble
Elwood School (historical) school Noble
Ensor School (historical) school West Salem
Eureka Cemetery cemetery Claremont
Eureka Church church Claremont
Eureka School (historical) school Claremont
Eyer School school Dundas
Fox River stream Mount Erie
Fransonia (historical) pop place Noble
Fransonia School (historical) school Noble
Freedom School (historical) school Noble
Fritschle Cemetery cemetery Olney
Gallagher pop place Noble
Gallagher Cemetery cemetery Mount Erie
Gallagher School (historical) school Noble
Gassmann Park park Olney
German, Township of civil Landes
Glenwood (historical) pop place Clay City
Glenwood Church church Clay City
Glenwood School (historical) school Clay City
Goss Cemetery cemetery Landes
Grass Valley School (historical) school West Salem
Green Hill Cemetery cemetery Noble
Greenwood Branch stream Wakefield
Gumble School school Wakefield
Hahn Lake reservoir Olney
Hahn Lake Dam dam Olney
Hanna Cemetery cemetery Clay City
Harrison School (historical) school West Salem
Haven Hill Cemetery cemetery Olney
Hawthorne School school Wakefield
Hazel Dell School school Wakefield
Hedrick School (historical) school Mount Erie
Hickory Point School (historical) school Claremont
Higgins Creek stream Berryville
Hinman School school Dundas
Hog Run Creek stream Enterprise
Houser Cemetery cemetery Wakefield
Illinois No Name Number 2037 Dam dam Olney
Illinois No Name Number 2037 Reservoir reservoir Olney
Jack Oak Creek stream Dundas
Jesse Creek stream Wakefield
Jones Ditch canal West Salem
Jordan Lake reservoir Olney
Jordan Lake Dam dam Olney
Kimmel School (historical) school Olney
Kinkade School school Wakefield
Leaf School school Dundas
Liberty Lawn Cemetery cemetery Olney
Liberty Lawn School (historical) school Olney
Linder School school Dundas
Little Fox Creek stream Olney
Lone Oak School (historical) school West Salem
Long Branch stream Dundas
M D Borah Lake reservoir Dundas
M D Borah Lake Dam dam Dundas
Macksburg School school Dundas
Madison, Township of civil West Salem
Maple Dale Cemetery cemetery Olney
Mash Creek stream Dundas
Mason School (historical) school West Salem
McBurg Cemetery cemetery Dundas
McCarthy Lake reservoir Noble
McCauley School (historical) school Noble
Millers Lake reservoir Olney
Millers Lake Dam dam Olney
Montclare, Lake lake Claremont
Moore School (historical) school Claremont
Mount Hope Cemetery cemetery Claremont
Mount Hope Church church Claremont
Mount North School school Landes
Mount Olive Cemetery cemetery Claremont
Mount Olive Church church Claremont
Mount Olive Church church Wakefield
Mount Pleasant Cemetery cemetery Claremont
Mount Pleasant Church church Claremont
Mount Zion Cemetery cemetery Olney
Mulberry School (historical) school Claremont
Murphy Creek stream Landes
Nix Lake reservoir Wakefield
Nix Lake Dam dam Wakefield
Noble pop place Noble
Noble, Township of civil Noble
North Freedom Cemetery cemetery Noble
North Freedom Church church Noble
Oak Grove School (historical) school West Salem
Oak Hill Cemetery cemetery West Salem
Oak Ridge School (historical) school Olney
Oakdale School school Dundas
Old Saint Josephs Cemetery cemetery Landes
Olive Branch Cemetery cemetery Noble
Olive Branch Church (historical) church Noble
Olney pop place Olney
Olney Central College school Olney
Olney Lake reservoir Dundas
Olney Post Office post office Olney
Olney, Township of civil Olney
Olney-Noble Airport airport Noble
Onion Hill summit Wakefield
Oregon School (historical) school Olney
Otterbein Cemetery cemetery Claremont
Otterbein Church church Claremont
Parkersburg pop place West Salem
Passport pop place Wakefield
Perry Cemetery cemetery Olney
Pleasant Grove School (historical) school Olney
Pleasant Ridge Church church Wakefield
Pleasant Valley Church church Wakefield
Pleasant Valley School (historical) school Olney
Pleasant View Cemetery cemetery Wakefield
Pleasant View Church church Wakefield
Pleasant View Church (historical) church Noble
Pleasant View School school Wakefield
Prairie Hall Church church Landes
Prairie Hall School (historical) school Landes
Prairieton Church church Claremont
Preston, Township of civil Dundas
Pureton pop place Noble
Redhead School (historical) school Berryville
Richland Cemetery cemetery Olney
Richland Church (historical) school Olney
Richland Country Club locale Dundas
Richland County civil Olney
Richland County Courthouse building Olney
Richland Memorial Hospital hospital Olney
Richland Memorial Hospital Heliport airport Olney
Ridgely Cemetery cemetery Berryville
Ritter School (historical) school Olney
Rock Branch stream Noble
Rock Branch School (historical) school Noble
Roney School (historical) school Landes
Saint Joseph Cemetery cemetery Olney
Saint Joseph Church (historical) church Landes
Saint Joseph School school Olney
Saint Joseph School school Landes
Saint Pauls Lutheran Cemetery cemetery Dundas
Saron Cemetery cemetery Dundas
Saron Church church Dundas
Schnell pop place Noble
Schnell East Oil Field oilfield Noble
Seminary pop place Mount Erie
Seminary School (historical) school Mount Erie
Seminary Tabernacle (historical) church Mount Erie
Shady Grove School school Wakefield
Shields Cemetery cemetery Noble
Shields School (historical) school Noble
Shiloh Cemetery cemetery Berryville
Shiloh Cemetery cemetery Noble
Simmons Cemetery cemetery Berryville
Simmons Creek stream Berryville
Smith Cemetery cemetery Clay City
Sodom School (historical) school Olney
South Freedom Church church Clay City
Springtown Cemetery cemetery Dundas
Stoltz Cemetery cemetery Landes
Stringtown pop place Landes
Sugar Creek stream Noble
Sugar Creek Church church Noble
Sunnyside School (historical) school Noble
Susan Branch stream Noble
Sylvan Iris School school Dundas
Taylor School (historical) school Noble
Totten School (historical) school Noble
Trinity Church church Olney
Trobraugh Cemetery cemetery Wakefield
Troy School (historical) school Olney
Turkey Creek stream Noble
Union School (historical) school Claremont
Utterback Cemetery cemetery Claremont
Van Matre School (historical) school Noble
Vernor Lake reservoir Dundas
Vernor Lake reservoir Dundas
Vernor Lake Dam dam Dundas
Victory School (historical) school Berryville
Village of Noble Cemetery cemetery Noble
WSEI-FM (Olney) tower Olney
WUSI-TV (Olney) tower Wakefield
WVLN-AM (Olney) tower Olney
Wakefield pop place Wakefield
Wakefield Cemetery cemetery Wakefield
Wakefield School school Wakefield
Walnut Grove Cemetery cemetery Berryville
Walnut Grove Church church Berryville
Walnut Grove School school Wakefield
Watertown (historical) pop place Olney
Webber Lake reservoir Dundas
Webber Lake Dam dam Dundas
West Richland Elementary School school Noble
West Richland High School school Noble
Whitaker School (historical) school Olney
Wilson School school Wakefield
Wilsonburg (historical) pop place Wakefield
Wynoose pop place Mount Erie
Zion School (historical) school West Salem


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