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List of Pensions Granted

As reported in the Newton Press, Jasper County, IL

Below we give a list of pensions granted to applicants from Richland County


Widow of William L. Smith applied October 17 1885 

9 Jul 1887 

Reissue - Joseph W. WASHBURN, Wakefield 

16 Jul 1887 

New Pensions Granted - George ARMSEY, Olney 

27 Jul 1887 

Original - Albert G. KINKADE, Olney 


30 Dec 1887 

Increases -

Wm. R. COMBS, Olney
John WOODS, Olney
Isaac N. MARTIN, Olney

6 Jan 1888

Increases -

Thos. ENGLESON, Olney
Isadore BRASSIE, Olney
Samuel STAGE, Olney
Louis RHOADS, Wakefield 

13 Jan 1888

Increase - John C. PRICE, Olney 

27 Jan 1888

Increase - Wm. SHOOK, Olney 

3 Feb 1888

Increases -

Christian WHEELER, Olney
Elbannan W. ZOOK, Olney

10 Feb 1888 

Increase - Gottlieb MILLER, Claremont

Original - Invalid - Jacob A. PALMER, Noble 

17 Feb 1888

Original Pension -  
David C. PHILLIPS, Dundas (deceased)
Benj. F. ROUSH, Olney
Increase - Jacob M. BOLINGER, Calhoun 

2 Mar 1888
Increases -

Willis HUBBARD, Noble
Benjamin F. HEAP, Olney
Alexander B. MOOREHEAD, Olney
Harrison M. SPAIN, Olney

Mexican War - Jane, widow of Jefferson SPRAY, Parkersburg

 Harvey VARNEY, Olney

23 Mar 1888
Increase - John A. BERRY, Olney



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