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Rock Island County
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Biographies of Rock Island County

- Early Settler Memories of Marshall, Huntoon, Davenport, Indian Jim, Britch

B Surnames
Thomas Bardwell
Samuel Baldwin (NEW)
James Beardsley
pic only
Francis Black
Francis R. Bennett 
Seranus I. Brettun
Mrs. P. R. Brown
Robert Brunk
John Buford
J. M. D. Burrows

William Channon
Samuel Cowers

Col. George Davenport
John Deere
William Dickson
Courtney Drury 
Judge John W. Drury
Reynolds Drury
Silas Drury
William Drury


E Surnames
John Edgington

Harry Elwell (NEW)

Henry Farnam
Josephine & Jasper Forsythe  - pic only
Dr. William Freek
John Gerhart Frels

G Surnames
Andrew P. Gibson (NEW)

Catherine Hammer
Daniel Hayes
Milton Howard
Rev. Michael Hummer


John Looney - Road to Perdition Movie

John Mahoney
William G. Marshall
Charity Golden Marshall
John McDannell
Henry McNeal



Christian Schafer
Charles Schuler
David B. Sears
David Sears (Jr.)
Elijah H. Stanley (NEW)

Joel Thompson
George W. Turner

Stephen Velie - pic only

Eudell Watts
Weatherhead Family
Frederick Weyerhauser -pic only
James R. Wood (NEW)
Maverick Wright


The following individuals are listed in the A History of Hampton, Illinois 1838-1938 History book, by George McNabney.
Information submitted by Mary and Rock Nelson of the Hampton Historical Society
(note the county host has no access to this book)

 Ephraim W. Adams*
August Anderson*
Joseph Atkinson*

Thomas Bailey*
Leonard F. Baker*
Henry Baumbach*

Alonzo Clapp*
DeLance Cook*
Samuel S. Crompton*


Peter Edelman*
Hugh Fullerton*
Henry C. Harttung*
Robert Harvey*
Samuel Heagy*
Joseph Hermes*

John P. Lemmon*
George R. McMurphy*
William J. McNabney*
Peter Mohr*

Henry O. Norton*
John Odell*
Jeremiah Payne*
Leonard G. W. Poston*
Abel Probst*


Martha Sikes*
Manuel Smith*
Francis Stevens*
Albert R. Stoddard*

Henry F. Thomas*
Samuel W. Twining*
Dr. George Vincent*

Milton Ward*
William B. Webster*
Lucius Wells*
Frederick Wendel*
Carl Wilkin*
Sidney W. Willis*




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