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Churches of Old and New
Rock Island County, Illinois

The first sermon preached in this locality, so far as at present known, was on the island, in 1826.
The second was in 1829, Rev. John Kinney, a local Methodist Episcopal preacher delivering the discourse.
To-day almost all the leading denominations are represented.
[Source: Portrait and Biographical album of Rock Island County, Illinois; 1885 -Transcribed by Candi H. 2009]

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Rock Island County, Illinois
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Organized 1844. First pastor, Reverend A.B. Hitchcock, a Yale graduate, and a man of great influence in the community. The first chorister was Anson M. Hubbard, and who organized the first brass band in the three cities. He developed a strong chorus choir, the parent of all Moline's later musical organizations. The first church building was a small wooded structure, now occupied as the freight depot of the Burlington railroad. A brick structure was erected at Seventeenth street and Fifth Avenue in 1869, and this was remodeled at an expense of $40,000 in 1900. The church is unusually complete in its appointments, having parlors, a dining room and kitchen capable of serving three hundred people at once, gymnasium and shower baths for the boys' club, etc. The church has a magnificent organ of 1,500 pipes, built on the Bennett system, the gift of Sarah M. Atkinson, in memory of her husband and son.

Among the pioneers in the church were John Deere, D.C> Dimock, Charles Atkinson, Jonathan Huntoon, Joseph Huntoon, R.K. Swan, Thomas Merryman, N.C. Tyrrell and W.H. Edwards. The church has given birth to three other churches, the Second Congregational, now some 18 years old, and the he Ridgeview and East Moline churches, organized three years ago. It has given several thousand dollars to the work of these organizations. The present pastor is Paul W. Brown, who has been with the church since 1904.

Historic Rock Island County, 1908, Transcribed by K. Torp

The church was organized in September, 1849, by Reverend Jonas Hedstrom of, it is said, seven members. Among them was Claus Bengston, the first Swedish settler in Moline. The meetings of the church were held in Mr. Bengston's home for more than ten years. In 1860 the first church was built on Park Street and Boardman Avenue, now Seventh Avenue and Fifteenth Street or "Five Points." That building was sold in 1871 and the old American Methodist church was bought and moved to the corner of Henry and Lynde Streets, now Fifth Avenue and Sixteenth Street, where the new church was built in 1889, during the pastorate of Martin Hess. During all these years the church has had a steady growth and progress, so from the seven first members the total number counts to date two hundred and twenty-five. If all the members who have joined and later moved to other places had held their membership here the church would now number more than twice its present membership.
About twenty-five pastors have, served the church during the past sixty years. Among them many of the pioneers in Swedish Methodism. The present pastor is John P. Miller, who is serving his fourth year. The parsonage was built about thirty-five years ago. The church property is worth today about $30,000.
Historic Rock Island County, 1908, Transcribed by K. Torp

This church was organized with fifty members about 1850. Its membership is considerably over a thousand, with over three hundred Sunday school scholars. Reverend L. P. Esbjorn, in charge at Andover, Henry County, was pastor also of this church up to 1856, and under his ministry the first church was built. He was succeeded by Reverend O. C. T. Andreen, till 1860; Reverend G. Peters, till 1863; Reverend J. S. Benson, from 1866 to 1873; followed by the Reverend A. G. Setterdahl. The present pastor is Reverend Lawrence A. Johnston. The present church building is of brick, in the Gothic style of architecture, of very handsome design, costing nearly $30,000.
Historic Rock Island County, 1908, Transcribed by K. Torp

Reverend Joseph Elliot, a clergyman from Ohio came here in November, 1850, on a visit to his son, residing here. He was invited to preach, and did so; curiosity drawing a large congregation to hear the stranger. On the evening of January 18, 185,1, the church was organized, with twenty members, the Reverend Mr. Elliot being its first pastor, succeeded by Reverends Ebernhart, L. C. Carr, F. D. Rickerson, William Patterson, Isaac Newell, T. F. Borchers and G. F. Linfield, respectively. The present pastor is the Reverend Benjamin F. Martin.
Historic Rock Island County, 1908, Transcribed by K. Torp

The first Catholic priest to officiate at Moline was Father Allemann, of Rock Island, in 1857. lie held services at different places outside of his regular parish, at Moline, Hampton, and other points. In 1858 the church was built in Moline.
Historic Rock Island County, 1908, Transcribed by K. Torp

Is located at the southeast corner of Tenth Street and Fourth Avenue. Reverend Joseph S. Kelly is rector, and Reverend Michael Gildea, assistant rector.
Historic Rock Island County, 1908, Transcribed by K. Torp

The First Swedish Baptist Church of Moline, Illinois, was organized May 7, 1876. Those organizing themselves to a church were before members of the Swedish Church in Rock Island, which was organized in 1853.

The counsel present at the organization was: Doctor Nasbitt, D. Hawes and D. Colby from the American Church in Rock Island; Reverend Powell, Rockbausch ,and Williams, from Davenport; Reverend L. L. Frisk, P. Hailing, A. Y. Yonson, P. Flodin and C. 0. Yensen from the Swedish Baptist Church, of Rock Island; Reverend T. F. Borches, Frank Sinnet and O. Gunnell, from the American Baptist Church, Moline.

Reverend T. F. Borches was elected chairman and Reverend O. Lind clerk. The membership of the new church at its organization was seventy-four. The following officers were elected: Deacons, Yohannes Anderson and Christoffer Lofquist; trustees, Charles Carlson, Nels Rundquist and P. Erickson. Properties owned by the church are a church building, a parsonage and a house for the janitor.

The seating capacity of the church is five hundred. It is built of brick. The parsonage is located in the finest part of the city. The church has had a steady growth since its organization. Over three hundred have been baptized; about two hundred and twenty-five received by letter and about fifty by experience. The total number of members received since its organization is over six hundred. The membership at present is two hundred and thirty-five.

The pastor now having charge of the church is Reverend Detlof Lofstrom, who began work in connection with the church April 6, 1905. He came here from McKeesport, Pennsylvania. He is a graduate from the Swedish Department of the University of Chicago since April 14, 1892. Reverend Lofstrom was born in Sweden and came to this country twenty years ago.
Historic Rock Island County, 1908, Transcribed by K. Torp

The Second Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in the year 1890 by the Reverend Addis Albro, who was then pastor of the First Methodist Episcopal Church, and Presiding Elder M. A. Head of the Rock Island District. The United Brethren church owned a building in Stewartville, and their membership was fast becoming extinct, when they decided to dispose of their church property. The building was purchased from the United Brethern people, and steps were taken at once to organize a Second Methodist Church in Stewartville, now known as South Moline. Into this new organization were received forty-eight members from the First Methodist Episcopal Church. The first pastor appointed was Reverend S. L. Guthrie. During the first year, revival services were held and sixty-six members were added to the roll. His pastorate was blessed with great results. The second year plans were made to improve the building. A league room was added at a cost of nearly $1,000. Reverend Guthrie was pastor two years. In September, 1892, Reverend J. W. Edwards was appointed pastor, and remained one year. Reverend Fletcher DeClark was appointed pastor in 1893. He was followed in 1894 by Reverend W. H. Crane, who was pastor two years. In 1896 Reverend R. G. Pearce was appointed pastor and remained one year and six months; owing to failing health he resigned. January 10, 1898, Reverend A. H. Smith was appointed pastor and served the church two years and six months. Reverend G. H. Thorpe was the next pastor taking up the work June 2, 1900. Reverend C. C. McKown was appointed pastor September, 1900, followed by Reverend A. E. Ioder, September 23, 1901. September 26, 1904, the present pastor, Reverend D. S. Andrewartha, was assigned the charge.
During all these pastorates the church has steadily made gains. The members are earnest in their efforts, for the success of their church. At present improvements are being made, and when completed, will put the property in splendid condition, making it one of the most attractive churches for its size in the City of Moline.
Historic Rock Island County, 1908, Transcribed by K. Torp

The Second Congregational Church of Moline was started as a Mission Sunday School sometime between 1880 and 1890. It was organized as a church June 7, 1891, Reverend J. M. McKnight being its first pastor. There were thirty-two members, twenty-six coming in by letter and six on confession of faith. The first clerk and treasurer was William Gamble. The trustees were C. T. Guy, W. V. Richards, John Williams, J. Stofft and W. T. Ball.
The parsonage was built in 1903. The present membership is one hundred and seventy. The present pastor is Reverend Richard S. Haney.

Historic Rock Island County, 1908, Transcribed by K. Torp

The Episcopal church was late in coming to Moline. It was organized May 22, 1891, as a mission under grant from Bishop Burgess. Sixty persons signed the application to the Bishop and called the Reverend Robert Hewitt as first priest in charge. For several years the organization met in the association rooms in the auditorium. The congregation was incorporated under the laws of the State on September 11, 1891, and adopted a constitution. The first wardens were George 13. Hull and John A. Mann. Reverend L. Sinclair came from Sudbury, Ontario, to the charge of the parish in September, 1892, and remained until the spring of 1894, when a call was extended to Reverend F. K. Howard of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, to become rector.

During the rectorship of Father Howard the present church building was erected and occupied January 1, 1895.
Reverend Robert Hewitt was again called to the parish in 1897 and remained in charge until June 1, 1899. The parish was then without the regular ministrations of a priest until June 1, 1900, when the Reverend Doctor F. H. Burrell was called from Darlington, Wisconsin.

No missions have been organized as offshoots of this parish, but it is in a healthy, growing condition, and future prospects bright.
Historic Rock Island County, 1908, Transcribed by K. Torp

In the Summer of 1903, the Reverend W. A. Elliott (under the auspices of the Congregational Sunday School Society, directed by Reverend W. F. McMillan, secretary), entered East Moline and succeeded in organizing a school. Although difficult, it has proven beneficial to the community, and has been well attended, especially by the young. In December, 1903, under direction of the First Congregational Church of Moline, the Reverend Frank Hoover, state evangelist of the Congregational Home Missionary Society of Illinois, held a series of evangelical services, assisted by Reverend W. W. Willard of the First Congregational Church of Moline, and Reverend J. W. Davies of Creston, Illinois; meetings being held in the John Deere School buildings. As a result the names of twenty-five people were received for membership.

Organization was perfected January 15, 1904, and incorporation February 28, 1905. The council unanimously voted to recognize the Plymouth Congregational Church of East Moline, Illinois. An unusually pleasant evening of song service, scriptural reading and hand of fellowship was indulged in, followed by an exceedingly fine sermon by Doctor A. M. Brodie, of Chicago, closing with prayer and benediction. Reverend J. W. Davies was the first ordained pastor, followed by the Reverend Henry Harris of Chicago, whose strong efforts and skill as an organizer and builder, with the assistance of the Reverend Paul Brown, the regular pastor, and his congregation succeeded in erecting a fine church of concrete blocks. Reverend Walter H. North is the present pastor.
Historic Rock Island County, 1908, Transcribed by K. Torp

The Belgian Catholic population of this city had worshiped at St. Mary's church ever since the organization of that parish, some thirty years ago. But with the growth of the city, the need of a separate congregation became more and more apparent. In answer to an often expressed desire, Bishop John Lancaster Spalding of Peoria organized this congregation in September, 1906.
Building operations were started in November of the same year, and completed in March, 1907. The work has met with the hearty and enthusiastic support of the membership, which is upward of three hundred families.

In September, 1907, there was opened in connection with the church, a parochial school, numbering at present two hundred and sixty pupils. This school follows the public school program in all its grades and is free to children of all denominations.
The congregation possesses at present a church and school edifice, a parsonage, and a residence for the Sisters conducting the school. The present pastor is Reverend J. B. Ceulemans, residence 1304 Sixteenth Avenue, Moline, Illinois.
Historic Rock Island County, 1908, Transcribed by K. Torp

Rock Island County, Illinois
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