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Saline County
1883 Pensioners


1883 Pensioners

Submitted by K.T.

(We've alphabetized this list - the original is sorted by Post Office address)

Name of Pensioner

Post Office address

Cause for which pensioned


Date of Original Allowance

Aaron, Wm R Gallatia wds r thigh & face $6.00  
Abney Sarah A Gallatia dep mother $8.00 Mar 1876
Abney, Francis M Harrisburgh dis eyes $6.00 Apr 1882
Abney, Paul Carrier's Mills dis of lungs $4.00 Jun 1882
Allen, Richard Texas City chr diarr $8.00  
Arnold, Aaron Stone Fort ch diarr $6.00 Aug 1881
Arnold, Samuel Stone Fort wd r side, sh, and arm $8.00  
Bain, Nancy El Dorado dep mother $8.00 Dec 1869
Baker, James Harrisburgh paralysis agitans $18.00  
Barton, Thomas B Long Branch ch diarr, dis lungs & liver $6.00 Apr 1882
Barton, William B Gallatia injury to abdomen $8.50  
Baugh, David M Harrisburgh rheum $12.00 Jun 1881
Belliew, Eliza El Dorado dep mother $8.00 Jun 1880
Berry, Margaret Hall Town widow $8.00 Nov 1865
Bishop, Abner Raleigh g s w thigh and bayonet wd l thigh $6.00 Oct 1881
Bixler, Julia El Dorado widow $12.00  
Bixler, Sarah El Dorado dep mother $8.00 Sep 1868
Blackman, Bennett L Carrier's Mills ch diarr and dis lungs $6.00 Aug 1881
Blake, Ann J Gallatia dep mother $8.00 Apr 1880
Blake, Howell Gallatia dis of abdominal viscera $8.00  
Blankinship, Andrew J El Dorado wd r hand $4.00  
Boatright, Daniel Gallatia enlargement of spleen $8.50 Jul 1880
Bocroc, Samuel Harrisburgh loss r leg $24.00  
Boren, Marina J Stone Fort widow $8.00  
Brandon, James M Mitchellsville loss r index finger $3.00 Jun 1878
Brandon, John Stone Fort wd l side & lung $12.00  
Brandon, Wm W Mitchellsville wd rt arm $18.00  
Brown, Nathan D Mitchellsville wd neck $2.00  
Brush, Wm Harrisburgh chr diarr $8.00 May 1882
Bull, Samuel Harrisburgh wd r thigh $6.00  
Burks, Wm L Gallatia chr diarr $8.00 Feb 1881
Burleson, Geo W West End inj back & chest and dis kidneys & heart $8.00 Dec 1880
Burnett, Geo B Harrisburgh typh fever and results $10.00  
Butler, Lucretia El Dorado widow $8.00 Aug 1884
Bybee, Wm J Harrisburgh minors of $10.00 Jul 1880
Cain, George W Harrisburgh injury to abdomen $4.00 Mar 1882
Cain, James L Raleigh wd l arm $4.00  
Cain, Thomas J Harrisburgh wd l hip $15.00  
Campbell, Manan Stone Fort scurvy & dis of legs & groins $6.00 Jan 1882
Cannon, Elizabeth Mitchellsville dep mother $8.00 Aug 1887
Cannon, James H. Harrisburgh ch bronch and catarrh $12.00  
Carter, Jane Stone Fort widow 1812 $8.00 Aug 1879
Cassles, Malinda Stone Fort dep mother $8.00 Apr 1870
Chandlur, David A West End dis bowels & sciatica $4.00 Aug 1882
Cheany, Samuel L Harrisburgh dis l eye $12.50 May 1882
Choat, John D Stone Fort dis lungs & throat $12.00 Dec 1881
Choisser, Wm jr Gallatia chr diarr and dis lungs $8.00 Oct 1880
Clayton, George W Gallatia scurry and var veins r leg $6.00 Aug 1881
Clendenin, Thomas Stone Fort dep father $8.00 Jan 1876
Cleveland, Andrew J Gallatia chr diarr and dis of abd vis. $8.00  
Coffee, Archelaus Long Branch dis lungs 13.33 1/3  
Coffee, Grandison G Harrisburgh heart dis $12.00  
Corner, Sarah Gallatia widow $8.00 Mar 1866
Cotton, John H Harrisburgh inj r groin $4.00 Mar 1881
Covey, Lucinda Stone Fort widow $8.00 Mar 1868
Cowsert, Malinda Mitchellsville widow $8.00  
Cropper, John El Dorado dep father $8.00 Mar 1881
Cullum, James R Mitchellsville dis eyes $18.00  
Cummins, Zacharial El Dorado dis of lungs $4.00 Jul 1882
Davenport, James Gallatia chr diarr sunstroke and nervous prostration $8.00 Dec 1882
Davis, Sophia Carrier's Mills mother $8.00 Jan 1882
Davis, William M. El Dorado dis lungs and l arm $8.00 Feb 1881
Degroat, Sarah Gallatia widow $10.00 Nov 1877
Dejarnatt, Julia A. Gallatia widow $20.00 Mar 1881
Dew, Wm A Harrisburgh sunstroke and dis heart $6.00 Nov 1881
Dixon, Andrew J Harrisburgh wd r leg $6.00  
Dollins, Presley D Harrisburgh dis lungs & liver and indiges $8.00 Jul 1881
Douglass, James Raleigh phthisis $10.00  
Dove, Wm H Harrisburgh ch rheum $8.50  
Duncan, James H Mitchellsville wd r hip $6.00  
Dunn, John C Stone Fort bronchitis $6.00 Mar 1882
Dunn, John J Harrisburgh wd l side, lung $10.00  
Durfe, Wm F Stone Fort dis eyes $6.00 Nov 1881
Eaton, George W Texas City ch bronch $8.00  
Edwards, Wm H Gallatia injury to abdomen $4.00  
Elder, Samuel El Dorado dis of eyes $12.00 Aug 1881
Empson, Gregory Gallatia chr rheum $6.00  
Enscore, Dicey Gallatia dep mother $8.00 Nov 1879
Evans, Delila T Gallatia widow $8.00 Sep 1880
Evans, James L Harrisburgh g s w low. jaw $8.00  
Farmer, George M El Dorado wd l thigh $2.00 May 1879
Ferguson, Caroline F Gallatia widow $8.00  
Frammell, J Van Stone Fort dis liver & kidneys from typh fever $6.00 Apr 1882
Gard, Ezekial M. Harrisburgh part. deafness $4.00 Nov 1878
Gaskins, Wm Harrisburgh wd r leg $4.00  
Gassaway, Thos M Gallatia dis lungs and chr diarr $8.00 Jun 1881
Gassaway, Thos S Gallatia inj to ab & chr diarr $12.00  
Gates, John W El Dorado deafness $2.00 May 1879
Gibbons, Thos M Mitchellsville abdominal tumor $8.00  
Gilbraith, Rebecca Hall Town dep mother $8.00 May 1880
Gill, Stephen T Stone Fort g s w of abdomen $2.00 Dec 1882
Greathouse, Harmon El Dorado chr nephritis $6.00 May 1880
Greene, George B El Dorado g s w lft side, dis of lungs $18.00  
Grisham, Rowena Gallatia widow $8.00 Mar 1868
Gunter, Nathan Stone Fort g s w head $4.00 Dec 1881
Gurley, Isaish Stone Fort diarr & dis throat $4.00 Jun 1882
Hall (or Ball?), Russell Hall Town chr diarr $4.00 May 1882
Hall, Cynthia Hall Town widow 1812 $8.00 Dec 1878
Hall, Isaac W Stone Fort wd r hand $4.00  
Hall, John F El Dorado rheum $4.00 Jun 1880
Hancock, Charlotte S Stone Fort widow $8.00  
Hancock, Wm F Mitchellsville dis of abdominal viscera $2.00 Jun 1879
Hargrave, John R Long Branch injury to abdomen $4.00 May 1882
Harn, Winfield M South America ch diarr $6.00  
Harris, Joseph B Carrier's Mills ch rheum and parals $24.00 Jan 1882
Harris, Nathan G West End chr diarr and asthma $8.00 Jun 1881
Hatton, Francis Carrier's Mills ch diarr and dis lungs $8.00 Oct 1881
Heith, Hutson, A Texas City inj lft shoulder $6.00  
Henshaw, Margaret Stone Fort widow $8.00  
Herford, Adam El Dorado dis lungs, rheum, and dis of heart $8.00 May 1881
Hill, Elizabeth J Stone Fort widow $14.00 Feb 1882
Hill, Silas P Mitchellsville ch diarr and dis lungs $4.00 Dec 1882
Holiday, Joel J Gallatia ch diarr $8.00 Apr 1879
Holliday, Joel Gallatia surv 1812 $8.00 Feb 1872
Horn, James W Gallatia minor of $10.00 Aug 1882
Howe, Polly Gallatia dep mother $8.00 Jul 1884
Hughes, Patrick Stone Fort dis eyes $14.00 Feb 1882
Hutchinson, Indiana Stone Fort dep mother $8.00 Oct 1875
Hutchinson, John H Stone Fort wd l arm $4.00 Mar 1878
Hutchinson, Wm H Mitchellsville inj r wrist $8.00  
Hutson, John South America wd both thighs $8.00  
Ingram, John W Harrisburgh frac l leg $8.00  
Ingram, Sally Harrisburgh widow $8.00  
Ingram, Wm A Harrisburgh loss r arm $24.00  
Irvin, Savanah Harrisburgh widow $10.00 Mar 1879
Irwin, William El Dorado wd rt side $8.00  
Jerdan, Doctor F Gallatia inj l shoulder $18.00  
Johnson, Fredk F Stone Fort dis bowels $8.50 Aug 1882
Johnson, Margaret El Dorado widow $8.00 Jun 1865
Johnson, Rebecca Raleigh widow $8.00  
Jones, James F Raleigh injury to abdomen $4.00 May 1882
Jones, Sarah El Dorado mother $8.00 Mar 1878
Karnes, Americus Raleigh g s w l side face $2.00 Oct 1882
Karnes, Daniel Raleigh dis eyes $4.00 Apr 1882
Kelley, Geo W Stone Fort rheum, dis lungs & neu $18.00 Apr 1880
Kirichelve, John D Rileyville wd r foot $6.00  
Knight, Mary Hall Town widow 1812 $8.00 Jul 1879
Lamb, William M El Dorado dis of lungs $4.00 Nov 1879
Langford, Thos J Mitchellsville wd l hip $8.00  
Lawyer, Wm Raleigh ch dirarr $6.00 Mar 1881
Lemmon, Wm G Stone Fort minors of $10.00 May 1880
Limerick, Geo Raleigh deaf and ch bron $8.00  
Lockwood, John M. Harrisburgh ch rheum and diarr $15.00 Jun 1881
Mallady, Martin V Stone Fort scurvy $4.00 Jan 1879
Maloney , William Harrisburgh minors of $10.00 Jun 1879
Mandrell, Nathaniel South America shell wd chest and debil $4.00 Apr 1881
Matthews, Frances Stone Fort dep. mother $8.00 Jun 1875
Mc Kinzie, John W El Dorado dis brain and and loss rt eye and affection l. $18.00 Dec 1880
McIntosh, James D Mitchellsville loss r arm $24.00  
McSparin, James H Stone Fort neuralgia $4.25 Jun 1881
Mick, Cornelius R. Harrisburgh rheum $4.00 Nov 1882
Middleton, Joseph C Stone Fort wd r sh and dis of abd. vis $8.00  
Miflin, Sarah A South America widow $8.00  
Miller, Harrison Gallatia neuralgia head and eyes $4.00 Mar 1882
Miller, John S Raleigh dis eyes $4.00 Nov 1880
Milligan, Wm T Rileyville wd l hip $6.00  
Miner Wm Gallatia chr diarr and dis lungs $2.00 Jun 1881
Mitchell, Anderson G Harrisburgh inj to abdom and dis back $12.00 May 1880
Mitchell, Geo R Harrisburgh g s w r shr $15.00 Jan 1882
Moheendre, Peter J Gallatia minor of $10.00 Oct 1873
Moore, Joab Harrisburgh loss l eye and part nose $15.00  
Morgan, Hezekiah South America loss rt arm $24.00  
Morris, Annis Hall Town widow $8.00  
Morris, Caroline El Dorado widow $10.00 May 1872
Morris, Hester A El Dorado widow $8.00  
Neal, Andrew J Raleigh inj to back $4.00 Jun 1881
Odum, Martin Stone Fort wd l thigh and ft $6.00  
Ogden, Sally B Stone Fort dep mother $8.00 Jan 1877
Osburn, Thomas J Stone Fort inj r sh and back $4.00 Sep 1880
Owen, Anna M El Dorado widow 1812 $8.00 Feb 1879
Owen, Louisa E Gallatia widow $8.00  
Ozment, Wm. L South America minors of $10.00 Jun 1881
Parker, James A Stone Fort inj l breast & dis lung $8.00 Apr 1882
Parks, Samuel M Carrier's Mills wd l thigh $6.00 Jun 1880
Patterson, Timothy Harrisburgh wd posterior l hip $10.00  
Patton, Michael S Harrisburgh ax wd l foot $8.00  
Penninger, Levi C Stone Fort wd r shoulder $10.00  
Pickett, Francis M Harrisburgh wd r arm $6.00 May 1880
Pierson, Caroline Harrisburgh widow $8.00 Aug 1882
Pinnel, John C Harrisburgh minors of $14.00 Nov 1878
Pinnell, Madison C Gallatia g s w l arm $4.40 Jun 1882
Plumb, Andrew Gallatia ch diarr $4.00 May 1882
Pribble, Michael P Harrisburgh g s w r leg $4.00 Jun 1881
Priest, Thomas Mitchellsville wd r arm $4.00  
Pritchett, Duncan N. Stone Fort var veins l leg $8.00 Feb 1881
Purnell, John N Stone Fort wd l shr $4.00 Apr 1878
Quillman, Daniel El Dorado g s w r arm and l hand $4.00 Jul 1881
Randolph, Nancy P Stone Fort dep mother $8.00 Jun 1876
Rawlins, John Raleigh wd forehd and dis. brain $6.00  
Reed, Lewis Mitchellsville wd l chest $6.00 May 1880
Rice, Benj H Harrisburgh ch bronch $17.00 Aug 1880
Rice, James A Harrisburgh wd l hand $18.00  
Rice, Wm R Carrier's Mills dis of abdominal viscera $2.00 Sep 1882
Robertson, John D. El Dorado wd rt side $6.00  
Rollery, Joseph Harrisburgh wd rt leg $8.00  
Roper, Wm C South America ch inflam hips $18.00  
Ruddle, Sarah C Raleigh widow $8.00 Apr 1872
Russell, Delila Hall Town widow $8.00 Sep 1868
Scott, James H El Dorado shell wd l eye, dis lungs and throat $6.00 Nov 1882
Shaw, Sebastian Gallatia inj l arm $6.00  
Shomate, Mary El Dorado mother $8.00  
Simons, John Gallatia wd l shoulder and hem $12.00  
Sims, Cryus C Carrier's Mills scurry and rheum $8.00 Aug 1881
Sisk, Benj Harrisburgh g s w l breast $3.75 Jun 1882
Sisk, Jasper Stone Fort wd r leg $6.00  
Skeggs, Pryor L Harrisburgh chr diarr $6.00 Nov 1879
Smart, Wiley L South America inj l leg, ulcer, and varicose veins $8.00 Apr 1882
Smith, James Gallatia chr diarr and dis heart $4.00  
Smith, Jesse A Gallatia chr bronchitis and chr diarr $18.00 Dec 1880
Smith, John Mitchellsville ch diarr $8.00 Jun 1881
Smith, La Fayette El Dorado wd l hand $8.00  
Smith, Richard J. El Dorado dis of lungs $4.00 May 1880
Smith, Wm E Gallatia dis lungs res of fever $6.00 Jan 1881
Snayzee, David E Harrisburgh chro diarrh, froz toes rt ft $6.00 Apr 1881
Somers, John W Gallatia wd l thigh $14.00  
Spann, Mary J Gallatia widow $17.00 Nov 1865
Spencer, Lafayette Gallatia chr rheum $6.00 Apr 1882
Stephenson, Mitty A El Dorado widow 1812 $14.00  
Stone, Wm r Gallatia dis lungs res of meas $2.00 Apr 1882
Stucker, Matilda B.A. Stone Fort widow $12.00  
Suggs, Mary Stone Fort widow $8.00 Sep 1870
Talcott, Elijah El Dorado injury to spine $18.00  
Tate, James Gallatia wd back $12.00  
Taylor, Pleasant Harrisburgh loss r arm $24.00  
Thomas, Doctor J R El Dorado chr diarr and dis lungs $4.00 Aug 1881
Thomas, Joseph Rileyville ch diarr $4.00 Sep 1882
Thompson, Mary South America widow $8.00  
Tucker, Green B Harrisburgh dis of eyes $4.00  
Tucker, Lucy E Long Branch dep mother $8.00 Mar 1869?
Turner, Chas W Harrisburgh dis lungs $8.00 Oct 1882
Tuttle Wm Harrisburgh wd r arm $8.00  
Upchurch, Joseph C Raleigh dis lungs $8.00 Dec 1882
Vineyard, Amy El Dorado widow 1812 $8.00 Oct 1880
Vineyard, Elizabeth Harrisburgh widow $8.00 Jan 1881
Vinson, Wm Stone Fort wd r shldr $8.00  
Ward, Jasper Gallatia inj r eye $4.00 Aug 1881
Washam, Wm. B Harrisburgh ch diarr $4.00 Dec 1881
Watkins, Lewis Mitchellsville minors of $10.00  
Watson, John West End dis lungs & throat and ch diarr $12.00 Apr 1880
Weber, Elijah M Gallatia injury to abdomen $17.00  
Weir, Green B Gallatia chr rheum $8.00  
Westfall, Harrison El Dorado wd l foot $4.00  
White, James T Stone Fort g s w rt elbow $2.00  
White, Rhoda Gallatia dep mother $8.00 Nov 1872
Whiteside, John G Harrisburgh inj head, rt thigh & rheum $8.00 Apr 1881
Wilkerson, Rachel Hall Town widow $8.00  
Williams, Elizabeth El Dorado widow 1812 $8.00 Dec 1878
Willis, Alexander R West End dis lungs $6.00 Mar 1882
Wilson, Daniel J Carrier's Mills g s w l ankle $6.00 Dec 1881
Wilson, Margaret E. Long Branch widow $12.00  
Wise, Hiram H Stone Fort dis liver, spine, & inj to abd $8.00 Jun 1882
Yahne, John Stone Fort chr diarr and dis of abd. vis $6.00 Mar 1881
Yearian, Sarah E Long Branch widow 1812 $8.00 Apr 1880
Youngblood, Nancy Stone Fort widow $16.00  


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