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Saline County, IL

Will of Thornton CLAYTON
I, Thornton Clayton of the county of Saline in the state of Illinois do make and publish my last will and testament in manner and following that is to say, first, it is my will that funeral expenses and just debts be fully paid. second I give, advise and bequeath to my beloved wife Elizabeth and Thomas Jefferson Clayton my beloved son, in lieu of his dowery, one hundred acres of land, the plantation on which we now reside, enduring her widowhood or lifetime, then this land to be selected by Elizabeth H. Clayton, and all of the livestock, horses, cows, hogs, and "c" (other things) by me owned and kept therein. Also, all the household furniture and other items not furthur described and otherwise disposed of in the will during her natural life as aforesaid. She, however, first disposing of a sufficiency thereof to pay my just debts as aforesaid .. or so much there of as may remain to my son Thomas Jefferson Clayton and his heirs and assignees forever. I give and devise to my three sons, George Washington and Eliak Sander (Alexander) and James Briley (James Riley) the remaining land that is now owned by me which is 160 acres and "c" to them and to their heirs and assignees forever, lastly, I hereby constitute and appoint my wife Elizabeth Clayton to be the executor for this my last will and testament, revoking and annulling all former wills by me made and ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament and that my wife Elizabeth settle all the debts without administering if the law will admit of such a testimony where of I have herein to set my hand and seal the 27th day of November 1857, signed and published and declared by the above Thornton Clayton to and for his last will and testament in presences of us who at his request have signed as witnessess to the same. William Abney, N.D. Brown ......Thornton Clayton (seal)

State of Illinois, Saline County at a court of probate judicially setting at the town of Harrisburg in Saline County. December 21st, 1857 personally appeared in open court, Nathan Brown and William Abney, seen two subscribing witnessess to the foregoing will and after being duly sworn say respectfully that they were well acquainted with Thornton Clayton of Saline County, Illinois in his lifetime that he died on the 28th day of November 1857, the instrument in writing so produced by Elizabeth Clayton purporting to be the will of Thornton Clayton, they further respectfully say that they were present when the SAME WAS EXECUTED BY THE SAID Thornton Clayton, and saw him sign it and there to be his act and did that each of them believed at the time of signing, the same of sound mind and memory, that each of them signed the same as afore said attesting witnessed at the request of said Thornton Clayton.
[Submitted by Betty Moake]

The following wills were abstracted from the originals in the Court House by Bernard W. Moore




Date of Will

Date Probated


Children and/or Heirs


Catharine Carson

45 1, pg 141 March 15, 1869 January 1870   Daus: Mary E. Tanner, Hannah J. Manier; Cordelia C. Carson
Sons: George Abney, Isaac C. Abney, William A.H. Carson
Stepdau: Martha E. CArson
W.J. Blackman
G.J. Empson

Eliza J. Craig

  1, pg 247 April 2, 1890 April 1890   Daus: Juritha
Sons: Bluford, Anderson, Stephen
Grandson: George, son of Bluford
Mary J. Ozment
W.W. Harris

Daniel Curtner

  1, pg 180 Aug 29, 1874   wife Absil, Executrix Heirs: Sarah, Elizabeth, Luerisa, Duncan, Daniel Gilbert Y. Ozment
Mary A. Ozment
Nancy Curtner
James M. Murray
John Curtner

Wilson Henderson

  1, pg 1 Sep 12, 1847 Nov 15, 1847 at Raleigh, IL   Sons: Wilson, James, Edward, Davis, Robert
Daus: Sally Carpenter, Martha Gasaway
Absolem Miller
James H. Hill
John Miller
Executor: Wilson Henderson, son

Thompson Harris

72 1, pg 178   Dec 31, 1875, Salina   Heirs: Martha Harris Pankey, Alsey Harris Wm. A. Harris, John E. Russell

Amos Lewis

  1, pg 150   March 1, 1872   Heirs: Priscilla Lewis (decd') wife of David F. Ballard; Asenath Lewis, wife of George Koehler; Phebe Lewis, wife of Dowel Roper; Syrena Lewis (dec'd), wife of (N?)ason Roberds Executors: Nancy Lewis
Aquilla Lewis

Aquilla Lewis

  1, pg 271 Jan 16, 1893 Jan 23, 1893 Harriet E. Lewis, Executrix Sons: Albert W., Edgar, Clark
Dau: Ella Ledford
Grandchildren: Gertie Luckett, Mary Luckett, Thomas Luckett
Lizzie May Page,
Charlotte A. Baker

Sarah Ozment

  1, pg 176 Nov 28 1874 Dec 1874   James M Ozment, McDonel Ozment, Sarah J. Tuttle, Susan F. Parker, Adda P. Finney (dec'd) , JOhn E. Finney, Elizabeth L. Creg(?) Witnesses William C. Travelstead
Joseph B. Travelstead
Executor: Joseph Reynolds

Hankerson Rude

  1, pg 92-3 Apr 29, 1861 March 1863   Heir: William Alves Rude to receive any share of Handerson from the estate of Harvey Rude, dec'd  

David B. Russell

  1, pg 71-73 March 8 1859 Proof of Will Nov 23 1859 Mary
to get all land belonging to David, total of 90 acres
At wife's death, land to go to son George W. Russell
Zachariah B. Russell to get cabinet tools
J.A. Harris
G.W. Carrier

Executor: James W. Russell

Jerome W. Russell

  1, pg 248 Mar 3, 1890 May 1890 Sarah Elizabeth
all estate goes to her
  J.A. Harris
G.W. Carrier

Executrix: Sarah Elizabeth Russell

James W. Russell

65 1, pg 318 Jan 16, 1890 proof of will by witnesses Oct 7 1895   John W. Russell, Sarah Ann Blackman, Isabella (dec'd).
Grandsons: Moses Weaver, Ruben Weaver, Sampson Weaver, Elijah Russell, Manerva Jane Wise, Rebecca Ozment, Jennie L. Morse
J.E. Harris
D.A. Russell both of Carrier Mills, IL
Executors: Sons John W. and Elijah Russell

John E. Russell

40 1, pg 182 Dec 5 1878 Dec 1878 Henrietta Harris B Russell, Jonathan O. Russell, Julia Ann Russell, Izza D. Russell, Laura J. Russell, Thomas Russell, Silva russell  

Joseph W. Russell

65 1, pg 266 Dec 26 1891 April 1892 Nancy dau: Harriet E. Russell,
James R. Russell (dec'd); granddau: Eva Russell, dau of James R and his only surviving child;
Sons: W.D., Albert
B.D Russell, Z.B. Russell
Executors: daughter Harriet and son Albert

Thomas W. Russell

66 1, pg 307 Aug 26 1893 died Dec 28, 1894
Jan 1895
  All to N.C. Carson and Sin J. Carson - both to be executors C.G. Harris, Daniel Roper

Z.B. Russell

56 1, pg 302 Nov 15 1894 Dec 1894   Eliza J. Pankey, Banjamin D. Russell, Niverva J. Sllivan, Mary E. Absher, Sarah F. Russell, Isabelle H. Russell  

John C. Shaw

  1, pg 142 Feb 13 1870 Mar 21 1870 Elizabeth James Shaw, Christopher C. Shaw, John W. Shaw, Augustus Shaw, Sarah Shaw Marion Ozment, Thomas M. Cook, Thomas J. Cain

Executors: Elizabeth and James H. Shaw

Elias Weaver

69 1, pg 364 Sep 3, 1885 -- Malvina Weaver Sons: Christopher C., Braxton P.
Granchildren: Moses, son of Christopher; James A. Harris, son of Nancy A. Weaver (dec'd)
John M. Gregg
Thos. Y. Reynolds
James J. Baker


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