The History of Sangamon County

Sangamon County become the 21st county in Illinois on January 30, 1821. Before 1821 it was a part of Madison and Bond Counties.

Sangamon County was named after the Sangamon River which flows through the county. The name Sangamon is derived from the Pottawatomie Indian word "Sain-guee-mon" - pronounced "sang-ga-mun" (the "a" has a two dots above it), which means "where there is plenty to eat" or "the land of milk and honey". Sangamon County was regarded to the Indians as the "Happy Hunting Grounds", they called it Sangamon Country.

Sangamon County is the home of two out of the last nine covered bridges in the state of Illinois. Sugar Creek Covered Bridge was built about 1829. It was renovated in 1965. The other one was built in 1833 and is located about nine miles west of Springfield, off of Washington Street Road.

Early Settlers

In the spring of 1818, William Drennan, Joseph Drennan, Joseph Dodds, Mr. Vancil and George Cox settled in township 14, north of range 5, west, in what is now Ball township.

James McCoy and Levi W. Goodin, in the fall of 1818, settled in township 14, range 4, but moved to township 15, range 4, what is now known as Rochester township. Mr. McCoy and Mr. Goodin brought their wives, who were the first white women to come to the county for the purpose of making it their home. It is said that but six women came that year, the other four being wives of William and Joseph Drennan, Mr. Vancil and Joseph Dodds.

In what is now Auburn township, Jacob Ellis, James Black, Samuel Vancil, and John Wallace settled in 1818. In other parts of the county were Zachariah Peter, Justice Hinkle, William Nelson, Mason Fowler, Joseph Dixon, Joseph Neeley, and others.

1876 History of Early Settlers in Sangamon County IL
by John Carroll Powers

Transcribed by Debbie Quinn

Columns (comma separated) =

1- Year of Arrival
2- Surname & Given Name
3- Migrated from County
4- Migrated from State
5- Point of Origin County
6- Point of Origin State
EXAMPLE: 1829, ABELL, Jeremiah, Rockingham, VA, Rockingham, VA.
Meaning = to Sangamon County in 1829, ABEL, Jeremiah, came from Rockingham, VA, resided earlier in Rockingham, VA


- A -

1836, ABEL, Roswell, Washington, NY, Sharon Mnt, Litchfield, CT
1829, ABELL, Jeremiah, Rockingham, VA, Rockingham, VA
1821, ADAMS, James, Hartford, CT, Hartford, CT
1828, ALEXANDER, Henry, Christian, KY, Fleming, KY
1826, ALEXANDER, John S., Fayette, KY, Lexington, KY
1835, ALEXANDER, Thomas, Montgomery, KY, , IRE
1828, ALKIRE, Harmonas, Pickaway, OH, Bourbon, KY
1831, ALLEN, Robert, Green, KY, Greensburg, Green, KY
1835, ALLEN, William S., Bourbon, KY, Bourbon, KY
1829, ALLISON, Isaac F., Fleming, KY, , VA
1819, ALLISON, Margaret, , , Philadelphia, PA
?, ALSBURY, Charles D., , IN, , IN
1825, ALVEY, William, Washington, KY, Washington, KY
1835, AMOS, Joshua, Washington, MD, Washington, MD
1838, AMOS, Sarah (Mrs.), Washington, MD, Washington, MD
1829, ANDERSON, Moses K., Butler, KY, Butler, KY
1820, ANDERSON, James, , IN, Botetourt, VA
1829, ANDERSON, Tavner B. Tabvavner, Butler, KY, Butler, KY
1830, ANTLE, John, Morgan, IL, Cumberland, PA
1822, ARCHER, Michael, Madison, IL, , NC
1820, ARCHER, Robert, Madison, IL, , NC
1921, ARCHER, Jemima, Madison, IL, , NC
1820, ARCHER, Moses, Madison, IL, , NC
1821, ARCHER, Obadiah, Madison, IL, , NC
1820, ARCHER, William, Madison, IL, , NC
1837, ARMSTRONG, John, Chester, PA, Chester, PA
1840, ARMSTRONG, Thomas, Logan, OH, Augusta, VA
1829, ARMSTRONG, Hugh, Madison, IL, Warren, KY
1823, AYLESBURY, Charles, Greenbrier, VA, , NC

- B -

1835, BAKER, Edward D., Carrolton, IL, London, ENG
1819, BAKER, William, St.Clair, IL, Sevier, TN
1826, BAKER, Thomas, Kanawha, WV, Campbell, KY
1829, BAKER, Isaac, Bourbon, KY, Fredericktown, MD
1835, BAKER, John L., Campbell, KY, Shelby, IN
1824, BALDWIN, Johnson, Gallatin, KY, Scott, KY
1829, BALL, Smith, Madison, KY, Madison, KY
1835, BALL, William, Madison, KY, Madison, KY
1837, BALL, Jacob, Nassau, GER, Flersheim, Nassau, GER
1825, BALL, Japhet A., Caldwell, KY, Madison, KY
1837, BALL, John S., Eddyville, KY, Madison, KY
1839, BANCROFT, Isaac, St.Lawrence, NY, Boston, MA
1839, Barbara LEMON, , VA, Washington, MD
1835, BARBRE, Eli, Posey, IN, , KY
1826, BARGER, Adam, Kanawha, WV, Botetourt, VA
1840, BARNES, Daniel, Lancaster, PA, Bucks, PA
1833, BARNES, Ezra, Hartford, CT, Groton, New London, CT
1829, BARNETT, Thompson, Menard, IL, , KY
1830, BARRETT, R. F., Green, KY, Green, KY
1835, BARROW, Abraham, Berkley, VA, Frederick, VA
1839, BARROWS, Josiah, New Haven, VT, Thompson, Windham, CT
1830, BASHAW, Ellen (Mrs.), Bourbon, KY, , PA
1833, BATES, Oliver, St. Lawrence, NY, Cheshire, NH
1833, BATES, James, St.Lawrence, NY, Cheshire, NH
1837, BATES, Isaac, St.Lawrence, NY, Jaffrey, Cheshire, NH
1822, BATTERTON, Amor, Menard, IL, Loudon, VA
1835, BEACH, Jared, New York, NY, Essex, NJ
1835, BEACH, Job A., Dearborn, IN, Morris, NJ
1828, BEAM, Jacob, Manchester, OH, , NJ
1828, BEARDON, Samuel L., Christian, KY, Christian, KY
1827, BEAUCHAMP, Joshua, Washington, KY, Washington, KY
1836, BEDINGER, Christian, Cadiz, OH, Berkley, VA
1820, BEERS, Philo, Clinton, CT, Woodbury, CT
1840, BEERUP, Thomas, Canandagua, NY, Canandagua, NY
1837, BEERUP, Andrew, , CAN, Canandagua, NY
1843, BEERUP. William W., Sidney, CAN, Sidney, CAN
1834, BELL, Zebulon, Berkely, WV, Gerrardstown, Berkley, WV
1834, BELL, Bailey, Clarke, KY, Fauquier, VA
1830, BELL, Robert, Nicholas, KY, Bourbon, KY
1830, BENHAM, John T., Addison, VT, Cheshire, New Haven, CT
1833, BENNETT, Thomas L., Jefferson, VA, Sherpherdstown, Jefferson, VA
1833, BENNETT, William A., Jefferson, VA, Sherpherdstown, Jefferson, VA
1834, BENNETT, William T., Jefferson, VA, Sherpherdstown, Jefferson, VA
1839, BENNINGTON, James M., Owen, IN, Owen, IN
1828, BERGEN, John G., Morgan, IL, Hightstown, Middlesex, NJ
1840, BERRY, Robert E., Christian, IL, Davidson, Nashville, TN
1839, BETTIS, James H., Hamilton, OH, Lincoln, KY
1828, BEVANS, John, Woodford, KY, , MD
1834, BICE, John, Henry, KY, Henry, KY
1840, BILLINGS, Robert, Baltimore, MD, Dorchester, MD
1840, BILLINGTON, John, Shrophshire, ENG, Shrewsbury, Shrophshire, ENG
1829, BILYEU, Peter, Overton, TN, Alleghany, MD
1835, BIRD, Richard, Mason, KY, Shelby, KY
1836, BIRD, Henry, Mason, KY, Mason, KY
1836, BIRD, Abraham, Mason, KY, Mason, KY
1835, BIRD, John Family, Mason, KY, Essex, NJ
1835, BIRD, Morris, Mason, KY, Harrison, KY
1839, BLACK, William, Philadelphia, PA, Edinburgh, SCOT
1825, BLACK, Samuel, Christian, KY, Augusta, VA
1819, BLACK, Thomas, Christian, KY, , SC
1830, BLUE, John, Green, OH, , SC
1837, BOLL, Valentine J., Nassau, GER, Flersheim, Nassau, GER
1828, BONDURANT, Joseph, , KY, Bedford, VA
1827, BOWEN, Zaza, Cabel, WV, Guilford, NC
1819, BOWLING, James, Bond, IL, Fauquier, VA
1819, BOYD, John, Franklin, OH, , PA
1840, BOYER, William T., Morgan, IL, Adair, KY
1825, BOZARTH, William H., Grayson, KY, Grayson, KY
1840, BRADFORD, John S., Philadelphia, PA, Philadelphia, PA
1834, BRADFORD, James M., Franklin, KY, Culpepper, VA
1834, BRADLEY, Terry, Rutherford, NC, Rutherford, NC
1830, BRANCH,, Nicholas, KY, , VA
1822, BRANSON, John, Green, OH, , NC
1846, BRAUGHTON, William, Pickaway, OH, Ross, OH
1836, BRAUGHTON, Peter, Pickaway, OH, Worcester, MA
1829, BRAWNER, William T., Madison, KY, , MD
1829, BRAWNER, John, , KY, , MD
1834, BRECKENRIDGE, Preston, Nicholas, KY, Paris, Bourbon , KY
1824, BRIDGES, William, Fayette, IN, , SC
1835, BRIDGES, William, Montgomery, KY, Montgomery, KY
1835, BRIDGES, George, Montgomery, KY, Montgomery, KY
1833, BRIDGES, Milton, Montgomery, KY, Montgomery, KY
1832, BRITT, John P., Greenbrier, VA, Greenbrier, VA
1820, BRITTIN, Evans E., Ross, OH, Bucks, PA
1825, BRITTON, Benjamin, , IN, , VA
1820, BROADWELL, Moses, Clermont, OH, Elizabethtown, NJ
1840, BROADWELL, Josiah, Dayton, OH, Morris, NJ
1827, BROWN, Thomas, Allen, KY, , SC
1832, BROWN, William, , , Frederick, VA
1831, BROWN, James M., Davidson, TN, Davidson, TN
1823, BROWN, Jacob J., , NY, , VT
1833, BROWN, Morgan, IL, ,
1824, BROWN, James L., Union, KY, , SC
1819, BROWN, Joshua, St. Clair, IL, Davis, KY
1839, BROWN, William B., Athens, IL, Greensburg, Green, KY
1819, BROWNELL, John, Seneca, NY, , RI
1834, BRUCE, Benjamin P., Morgan, IL, Carroll, TN
1824, BRUNK, David, Miami, OH, Miami, OH
1821, BRUNK, George, Miami, OH, Miami, OH
1821, BRYAN, Larkin, Woodford, KY, Woodford, KY
1834, BUCHANAN, Reuben, Morgan, IL, Woodford, KY
1834, BUCKMAN, Joel, St. Lawrence, NY, Bethel, VT
1835, BULLARD,Reuben, Shelby, KY, Caroline, VA
1828, BURCH, John, Gallatin, KY, , GA
1842, BURKHARDT, John M., , MS, Schwarzenberg Neurmberg, Wurtem
1829, BURNS, Thomas, Clarke, KY, Alexandria, VA
1826, BURTLE, William, Washington, KY, Montgomery,, MD
1825, BURTON, Edward, Rutherford, TN, Roanoke, VA
1831, BUTLER, Nathan M., Morgan, IL, Adair, KY
1828, BUTLER, William, Adair, KY, Adair, KY

- C -

1836, CALDWELL, William, Green, IL, Nansemond, VA
1830, CALHOUN, John, , NY, Boston, MA
1828, CALLERMAN, Daniel, Fleming, KY, Fleming, KY
1822, CALLERMAN, Uriah, Fleming, KY, Fleming, KY
1838, CAMPBELL, Antrim, , NJ, , NJ
1838, CAMPBELL, David B., , NJ, , NJ
1830, CAMPBELL, Hugh, Cabaras, NC, Caboras, NC
1835, CAMPBELL, Enos, Butler, OH, Scotland or Trenton, NJ
1830, CAMPBELL, Nelson, Carabas, NC, Caboras, NC
1828, CAMPBELL, Robert, Cabaras, NC, Caborras, NC
1823, CAMPBELL, Thomas, Caldwell, KY, Yorkville, SC
1823, CAMPBELL, Maxwell, Cabarras, NC, (grandfather from:), SCOT
1835, CAMPBELL, Robert, Kanawha, WV, Kanawha, WV
1844, CAMPBELL, Thomas H., Randolph, IL, , PA
1819, CAMPBELL, John, Madison, IL, Carter, TN
1830, CANEDY, Peleg C., Middlebury, VT, Enfield, Hampshire, VT
1834, CANFIELD, John E., Morristown, NJ, Morristown, NJ
1826, CANTERBURY, Asa, Fleming, KY, , VA
1833, CANTRALL, Zebulon G., Clarke, OH, Botetourt, VA
1819, CANTRALL, Wyatt, Clarke, OH, Bath, KY
1824, CANTRALL, William G., Pickaway, OH, Botetourt, VA
1819, CANTRALL, Levi, Madison, OH, Botetourt, VA
1828, CANTRILL, Thomas, Green, KY, Orange, NC
1830, CAPPS, Charles, London, ENG, London, ENG
1820, CAPPS, Ebenezer, London, ENG, London, ENG
1830, CAPPS, John, London, ENG, London, ENG
1819, CAPPS. Jabez, London, ENG, London, ENG
1828, CARPENTER, William, Licking, OH, Philadelphia, PA
1825, CARSON, William, Hamilton, OH, Westmoreland, PA
1820 , CARSON, John, Madison, IL, Saluda river, SC
1839, CARTER, Platt S., Waverly, IL, Warren, Litchfield, CT
1829, CARTMELL, Andrew, Bath, KY, Greenbrier, VA
1824, CARTWRIGHT, Peter, Christian, KY, James River, Amherst, VA
1830, CARVER, Jacob, Dayton, OH, , PA
1826, CASS, Robert, Clarke, KY, Iredell, NC
1830, CASSITY, Alexander, Bath, KY, Bath, KY
1835, CASSITY, William, , KY, Bath, KY
1840, CHAMBERS, Henry, Adams, IL, Dover, DE
1832, CHANDLER, Overton, TN, , KY
1819, CHERRY, Benjamin, St.Claire, IL, Franklin, GA
1833, CHILD, Stephen, , NY, Waitsfield, VT
1827, CHURCHILL, George, Shelby, KY, , VA
1819, CLARK, Edward, Rye, ENG, Rye, ENG
1821, CLARK, Barzilla, Menard, IL, ,
1823, CLARK, Elisha, , IN, , IN
1825, CLARK, Philip, London, ENG, London, ENG
1819, CLARK, Oramel, Kaskaskia, IL, Lebanon, CT
1829, CLARK, David, Miami, OH, Essex, NJ
1835, CLAYTON, John S., Morgan, IL, Caldwell, KY
1829, CLAYTON, John C., Caldwell, KY, Caldwell, KY
1830, CLEMENTS, George, Garrard, KY, Amherst , VA
1834, CLIFTON, Elias, Clarke, IN, Sussex, DE
1819, CLINE, John, Madison, OH, Frederick, VA
1825, CLINKENBEARD, William, Clarke, KY, Clarke, KY
1825, CLOYD, David, Washington, KY, Botetourt, VA
1825, CLOYD, Samuel, Washington, IL, Culpeper , VA
1825, CLOYD, Thomas, Fayette, IL, Botetourt, VA
1840, COATS, Ralph, Wyoming, NY, Wyoming, NY
1839, COE, Ebenezer, Loudon, VA, Loudon, VA
1851, COE, Ebenezer, Loudon, VA, Loudon, VA
1821, COLBURN, Isaac, Louisville, KY, Sterling, MA
1822, COLBURN, Ebenezer, Long Island, NY, Sterling, MA
1821, COLBURN, William, Hebron, NH, Sterling, MA
1821, COLBURN, Paul, Marietta, OH, Hollis, Hillsboro, NH
1827, COLEMAN, Jonathan, Rutherford, TN, Rutherford, TN
1820 , COLEMAN, Abigail (Mrs.), Cumberland, KY, Surry, NC
1823, COLEY, Willis, , , Ballston Springs, NY
1831, CONANT, Sullivan, Randolph, IL, Oakham, Worcester, MA
1838, CONKLING, James C., Morristown, NJ, New York City, NY
1837, CONNELLY, John, Washington, DC, Washington, DC
1826, CONSTANT, John, Clarke, KY, Clarke, KY
1826, CONSTANT, Jacob, Clermont, OH, , VA
1830, CONSTANT, Rezin, Clarke, KY, Clarke, KY
1820 , CONSTANT, Thomas, Xenia, OH, , VA
1830, CONSTANT, Isaac, Clarke, KY, Clarke, KY
1837, COOK, Preble, OH, ,
1820 , COOPER, John, Jefferson, TN, Jefferson, TN
1823, COOPER, Ambrose, St. Claire, IL, Botetourt, VA
1823, COOPER, Meredith, St. Claire, IL, Botetourt, VA
1819, COOPER, Jacob, Jefferson, TN, Jefferson, TN
1822, COOPER, John, Jefferson, TN, , SC
1830, CORRELL, Levi, Bath, KY, , NJ
1819, COUNCIL, Hardy, White, IL, Tarboro, Edgecomb, NC
1830, COUNCIL, David G., Christian, IL, Montgomery, TN
1821, COUNCIL, William, White, IL, Tarboro, Edgecomb, NC
1832, COWGILL, William M., Lebanon, Warren, OH, Lebanon, Warren, OH
1818, COX, George, , SC, , SC
1825, COX, Samuel, , , ,
1831, CRAFTON, Wiley, Vandalia, IL, Lunenburgh, VA
1832, CRAIG, William, Williamson, TN, Fayette, KY
1839, CRESSE, George, , NJ, Cape May, NJ
1839, CROOKER, G. W., Cheshire, NH, Cheshire, NH
1829, CROSS, Alvin, Johnson, IL, Madison, KY
1834, CROUCH, David, Nicholas, KY, Nicholas, KY
1820, CROW, William, Madison, IL, Botetourt, VA
1822, CROW, Robert, Christian, KY, Wythe, VA
1830, CROWDER, Philip, Greene, KY, Petersburg, VA
1834, CROWL, Joseph, Washington, MD, Shepherdstown, VA
1822, CUMMINGS, Thomas, Breckenridge, KY, Breckenridge, KY
1841, CURRY, James, Rush, IN, Augusta, VA
1828, CUTTER, Seth R., Cincinnati, OH, Boston, MA


- D -

1835, DALLY, Crawford, Washington, PA, , PA
1840, DARNALL, Isaac T., Montgomery, MD, Montgomery, MD
1830, DARNALL, Amelia (Mrs.), Funk's Grove, IL, Lexington, KY
1819, DARNEILLE, John, Bourbon, KY, Bourbon, KY
1819, DAVENPORT, George, Casey, KY, , NC
1840, DAVIDSON, Samuel, Macoupin, IL, Morgan, TN
1826, DAVIES, John, Adair, KY, , Wales
1830, DAVIS, Richard, Nelson, KY, , KY
1837, DAVIS, John, Preble, OH, Baltimore, MD
1820, DAVIS, Aquilla, , KY, St. Mary's, MD
1834, DAVIS, Israel, Green, IL, Rutherford, TN
1839, DAWLEY, Harrison, Chatauqua, NY, Chatauqua, NY
1827, DAWSON, John, Bracken, KY, Fairfax, VA
1837, DAY, George, Havana, IL, Sheffield, MA
1823, DEARDORFF, Anthony, Franklin, OH, , PA
1829, DELAY, John, Bath, KY, , VA
1831, DICKERSON, Samuel, Logan, IL, , VA
1831, DICKERSON, Chesley, Gallatin, KY, , VA
1830, DILLARD, William, Todd, KY, , VA
1834, DILLON, Joshua, Culpepper, VA, Fauquier, VA
1838, DIVELBLISS, Jacob, Westmoreland, PA, Franklin, PA
1834, DIXON, James M., Mason, KY, Harrison, KY
1824, DODDS, Gilbert, Caldwell, KY, Spartanburg, SC
1818, DODDS, Joseph, Caldwell, KY, Abbeville, SC
1824, DOHERTY, James Hill, Cumberland, KY, , VA
1828, DONNER, Jacob, Decatur, IN, Salem, Rowan, NC
1828, DONNER, Tobias, Decatur, IN, Salem, Rowan, NC
1828, DONNER, George, Decatur, IN, Salem, Rowan, NC
1822, DORRANCE, , , ,
1838, DOUGHERTY, Charles, Coles, IL, Derry, Donegal, IRE
1827, DOUGLAS, Samuel, Adair, KY, Loudon, VA
1833, DOUGLAS, Milton, Greene, KY, Greene, KY
1833, DOZIER, Nancy (Mrs.), Montgomery, KY, Montgomery, KY
1818, DRENNAN, William, Caldwell, KY, Pendleton, SC
1818, DRENNAN, Joseph, Caldwell, KY, Pendleton, SC
1838, DRESSER, Charles D. D., Dinwiddie, VA, Pomfret, CT
1819, DRYER, John, , NY, Great Barrington, MA
1819, DUFF, Abraham, St. Clair, IL, , SC
1837, DUNCAN, Rice, St. Clair, IL, , NC
1820, DUNCAN, Marshall, Cumberland, KY, , NC
1827, DUNCAN, John, Cumberland, KY, Cumberland, KY
1826, DUNCAN, Moses, , TN, , SC
1828, DUNLAP, John, Carter, TN, , PA
1825, DUNN, Elijah, Fleming, KY, Fleming, KY
1829, DUNN, William, Fleming, KY, Fleming, KY
1829, DURBIN, Joseph, Madison, KY, Madison, KY
1835, DUTTON, Matthew, Decatur, IL, Windsor, VT

- E -

1840, EACHUS, Robert, Chester, PA, Chester, PA
1825, EADES. William, , MO, , KY
1831, EARLY, Jacob M., , VA, , VA
1819, EARNEST, Thomas, Simpson, KY, , SC
1819, EARNEST, Jacob, St. Clair, IL, , SC
1830, EASLEY, Daniel, Caldwell, KY, Stokes, NC
1836, EASTMAN, Thomas, , ME, Kingston, NH
1838, EATON, John, Merrimack, NH, Bradford, Merrimack, NH
1831, EBEY, George, Franklin, OH, Huntington, PA
1821, ECKEL, John C., Jefferson, TN, Baltimore, MD
1833, EDWARDS, Benjamin S., Frankfort, KY, Frankfort, KY
1835, EDWARDS, Ninian W., Vandalia, IL, Frankfort, KY
1837, EDWARDS, William, Adair, KY, Adair, KY
1837, EDWARDS, James Jordan, Jacksonville, IL, Adair, KY
1834, ELDER, Samuel, Bourbon, KY, , NC
1825, ELKIN, William F., Brownsville, IN, Clarke, KY
1823, ELKIN,Garrett, Lexington, KY, Clarke, KY
1819, ELLIOTT, Andrew, Rutherford, NC, Rutherford, NC
1835, ELLIOTT, James, Woodford, KY, Richmond, VA
1830, ELLIOTT, Sarah (Mrs.), Gallatin, KY, , MD
1825, ELLIS, Henry, Warsaw, KY, Lexington, KY
1830, ELLIS, Miletus W., Albemarle, VA, Albemarle, VA
1817, ELLIS, Levi D., Cumberland, KY, , SC
1834, ELMORE, Hardin H., Adair, KY, Cumberland, KY
1819, ENGLAND, Stephen, Madison, IL, , VA
1831, ENOS, Abner, Clark, KY, Utica, Oneida, NY
1823, ENOS, Pascal P., Madison, IL, Windsor, CT
1834, ENYART, Silas, Hardin, KY, Hardin, KY
1837, EUSTACE, William, Eastport, ME, Eastport, ME

- F -

1837, EWELL, Issac L., Peacham, VT, Barnett, Caledonia, VT
1819, FAGAN, William, Christian, KY, , NC
1833, FAIRCHILD, Moses, Essex, NY, Essex, NY
1825 ?, FARQUAR, George, Monroe, IL, Uniontown, PA
1831, FAY, Michael, Baden, GER, Baden, GER
1836, FERGUSON, Lucy (Mrs.), Culpepper, VA, Culpepper, VA
1835, FIREY, Joseph, Washington, MD, Washington, MD
1836, FIREY, Jacob, Washington, MD, Washington, MD
1839, FISHER, John B., Bourbon, KY, Bourbon, KY
1840, FISHER, Samuel, Franklin, PA, Franklin, PA
1828, FLETCHER, Thomas P., Union, KY, Richmond, VA
1830, FLETCHER, John, Christian, KY, Rockbridge, VA
1819, FLETCHER, Job, Christian, KY, Rockbridge, VA
1828, FLETCHER, James, Adair, KY, Rockbridge, VA
1831, FLORVILLE, William, Baltimore, MD, Cape Haytien, INDIA
1839, FLYNN, Catharine, Philadelphia, PA, Dublin, IRE
1838, FOLEY, William C., Prince William, VA, Prince William, VA
1835, FORD, Thomas, Fauquier, VA, Fauquier, VA
1838, FORD, Daniel, Fayette, KY, , NJ
1831, FORDEN, John, Bourbon, KY, Elkton, MD
1835, FORREST, Dennis, Nicholas, KY, , NC
1832, FORTUNE, Benjamin, Shelby, KY, Nelson, VA
1834, FORTUNE, Thomas E., Anderson, KY, Nelson, VA
1833, FOSTER, Constantine, Dayton, OH, Cape May, NJ
1829, FOSTER, Ivins, Gallatin, KY, Harrison, KY
1826, FOSTER, George, Clarke, KY, Clarke, KY
1826, FOSTER, Peyton, Scott, KY, Winchester, Scott, KY
1835, FOSTER, Meredith, Culpepper, VA, Louisa, VA
1825, FOUTCH, John, Harrison, IN, Loudon, VA
1826, FOWKES, William L., Warren, KY, Loudon, VA
1820, FOWLER, Mason, Nashville, TN, , VA
1835, FOWLER, Thomas, , NY, Lincolnshire, ENG
1837, FRANCIS, Calvin, Wesley, Tazewell, IL, Wethersfield, CT
1836, FRANCIS, Josiah, Wayne, NY, Pitsfield, Berkshire, MA
1835, FRANCIS, Charles B., Pittsfield, MA, Pittsfield, MA
1831, FRANCIS, J. Newton, , CT, , CT
1834, FRANCIS, Allen, St. Louis, IL, Wethersfield, CT
1835, FRANCIS, Charles, Otsego, NY, Wethersfield, CT
1831, FRANCIS, Josiah, Wethersfield, CT, Wethersfield, CT
1838, FRAZEE, Henry S., Somerset, NJ, Monmouth, NJ
1827, FRENCH, John, Christian, KY, Christian, KY
1834, FULLINWIDER, Henry, Shelby, KY, Hagerstown, MD
1817, FUNDERBURK, Henry, St. Clair, IL, Orange, SC
1819, FUNDERBURK, David, Orange, SC, Orange, SC


- G -

1825, GAINES, Richard, Christian, KY, Charlotte, VA
1835, GALT, Thomas, Washington, PA, Lancaster, PA
1839 GARD, Ephraim, Fayette IN, Union PA
1833, GARDNER, Hiram, Trimble, KY, Trimble, KY
1833, GARDNER, John, Trimble, KY, Gallatin, KY
1832, GARLAND, Nicholas A., Carondelet, MO, Alabemarle, VA
1837, GARRETSON, Ssamuel, An\ne Arundel, MD, York, PA
1830, GARVEY, Samuel, Owen, KY, Culpepper, VA
1831, GATES, Michael, Muhlenburg, KY, Lancaster, PA
1827, GATTON, Ruth (Mrs.), Grayson, KY, Grayson, KY
1839, GELLING, John, Switzerland, IN, Douglas, Isle of Man, ENG
1829, GEORGE, William, Cabell, WV, Cabell, WV
1833, GEORGE, Edward, Fauquer, VA, Fauquer, VA
1835, GIBSON, Preston H., Gallatin, KY, Gallatin, KY
1829, GIBSON, William, Fayette, KY, Staunton, VA
1840, GIBSON, James H., Gallatin, KY, Warsaw, Gallatin, KY
1829, GIBSON, James M., Gallatin, KY, Gallatin, KY
1820, GIGER, Henry, Jefferson, TN, Jefferson, TN
1829, GIGER, Benjamin, Jefferson, TN, Jefferson, TN
1833, GLASCOCK, Daniel M., Fauquier, VA, Loudon, VA
1839, GOLD, Hezekiah S., Litchfield, CT, Cornwall, Litchfield, CT
1820, GOODAN, Levi W., Bath, KY, , PA
1824, GOODELL, Calvin, , NY, , CT
1838, GRAGG, Martha (Mrs.), Montgomery, KY, Albermarle, VA
1838, GRAHAM, Robert, Richland, OH, Washington, PA
1826, GRAHAM, Nathaniel, Fleming, KY, , PA
1834, GRANT, James, Rutherford, NC, Rutherford, NC
1830, GREEN, George, Lexington, KY, Lexington, KY
1839, GREEN, James, Loudon, VA, Loudon, VA
1828, GREEN, Josiah, , KY, , SC
1830, GREENAWALT, Thomas, Hardin, KY, Hardin, KY
1830, GREENAWALT, Jacob, Larue, KY, Hardin, KY
1839, GREENING, John F., Hamilton, IN, Clairborne, TN
1830, GREENING, Thomas A., Montgomery, MO, Fauquier, VA
1836, GREENSLATE, John, Alton, IL, Lexington, KY
1831, GREENWOOD, John, Barren, KY, Warren, KY
1824, GREENWOOD, William, Cabell, WV, Petersburg, VA
1836, GREGORY, George, Chester, PA, Ripley,Derbyshire, ENG
1824, GREGORY, James, Gallatin, IL, New York City, NY
1839, GROESBECK, Cornelius, Renssellaer, NY, Renssellaer, NY
1836, GROVE, Henry, Dauphin, PA, Ephrata, Lancaster, PA
1835, GROVE, John R., Bath, KY, Montgomery, KY
1839, GRUBB, Samuel, Clarke, OH, Loudon, VA
1838, GRUBB,Samuel, Madison, IL, Chester, PA

- H -

1830, HAGGARD, Harmon, Christian, KY, Boonesboro,Clark, KY
1829, HAINES, Christopher, Barren, KY, Russell, VA
1839, HALBERT, James, Ross, OH, Essex, VA
1839, HALE, Albert, Boston, MA, Glastenbury, Hartford, CT
1833, HALL, Hannah (Mrs.), Pendleton, VA, Pendleton, VA
1828, HALL, Henry, Martin, IN, Hagerstown, MD
1830, HALL, Elizabeth (Mrs.), Adair, KY, Bedford, VA
1833, HALL, Benjamin Logan, Shelby, KY, Shelby, KY
1834, HALL, David, Shelby, KY, Shelby, KY
1831, HAM, Hezekiah, Nicholas, KY, Nicholas, KY
1819, HAMILTON, George, Davidson, TN, Davidson, TN
1839, HAMLIN, William N., Oneida, NY, Oneida, NY
1839, HAMMOND, Charles, Rappahannock, VA, Woodford, KY
1825, HAMMOND, John, Woodford, KY, Woodford, KY
1830, HAMPTON, Samuel C., Franklin, KY, Franklin, KY
1829, HAMPTON, James P., Franklin, KY, Hampton Roads, VA
1838, HAND, Elias, Cape May , NJ, Cape May, NJ
1819, HARBOUR, Samuel, Madison, IL, Garrard, KY
1820, HARBUR, Levi, Madison, IL, Garrard, KY
1832, HARDIN, Asa, Morgan, IL, Adair, KY
1830, HARGIS, Thomas, Cumberland, KY, , WV
1839, HARLAN, John C., Cecil, MD, Cecil, MD
1827, HARLAN, Silas, Christian, KY, Berkley, VA
1827, HARMON, Catharine (Mrs), Simpson, KY, , NC
1839, HARNSBERGER, Jacob, Clinton, IN, Rockingham, VA
1831, HARPER, James, , TN, , TN
1822, HARRIS, Job F., St. Louis, IL, Rockbridge, VA
1822, HARRISON, Fielding, Christian, KY, Rockingham, VA
1822, HARRISON, Ezekiel, Christian, KY, Rockingham, VA
1838, HARROWER, William, New York, NY, Stirling, SCOT
1831, HARVEY, Abner, Menard, IL, Adair, KY
1835, HARVEY, William, Washington, MD, Harrisburg, PA
1838, HATHAWAY, Wesley, McConough, IL, Boone, KY
1834, HATLER, James, Allen, KY, , TN
1822, HAWLEY, Eliphalet, Menard, IL, , NY
1835, HAWN, Frederick, Tryon, NY, Danube, Herkimer, NY
1828, HAZLETT, Robert, , VA, Stokes, VA
1826, HEDGES, Josiah, Grayson, KY, , MD
1830, HEDRICK, Charles, Greenville, TN, Greenville, TN
1830, HEDRICK, Jonathan, Fleming, KY, , KY
1834, HELM, Meredith, , MD, Williamsport, MD
1830, HENDRIX, Anthony, Clark, KY, Fleming, KY
1818, HENKLE, Justus, Belleville, IL, , VA
1838, HENKLE, Jason C., Pendleton, VA, Pendleton, VA
1826, HENRY, James D., , PA, , PA
1823, HENSLEY, Simon, Montgomery, OH, Washington, VA
1828, HENTON, William, Bond, IL, Green, KY
, HENWOOD, Berry, Cabell, WV, Cabell, WV
1830, HERMON, David H., Grant, KY, Wilkes, NC
1821, HERNDON, Archer G., Madison, IL, Culpepper, VA
1833, HERRIN, James, Harrison, KY, Harrison, KY
1837, HESSER, Armstead N., Winchester, VA, Winchester, VA
1836, HESSER, Samuel L., Frederick, VA, Winchester, VA
1833, HICKMAN, William, Shelby, KY, Winchester, WV
1836, HICKOX, Addison, Jefferson, NY, Middlebury, New Haven, CT
1836, HICXOX, Horrace, Jefferson, NY, Middlebury, New Haven, CY
1830, HIGGINS, William, Fayette, KY, , VA
1818, HIGGINS, William, St. Clair, IL, Barren, KY
1836, HILL, William R., Jessamine, KY, Jessamine, KY
1839, HILLMAN, Oliver, , NJ, Philadelphia, PA
1822, HINMAN, John B., Madison, NY, Madison, NY
1834, HINSLEY, Alfred, White, IL, , NC
1836, HOAG, William C., Butler, OH, Oxford, Butler, OH
1839, HODGE, Richard, Jefferson, VA, Smithfield, Jefferson, VA
, HODHERSON, John, Cabell, WV, Greenbrier, VA
1830, HOFFMAN, Moses, Clark, OH, Greenbrier, VA
1831, HOLLAND, Turner, Bath, KY, , MD
1830, HOLLENBACK, Andrew F., Berkshire, MA, Barrington, Berkshire, MA
1839, HOPPIN, Charles T., Madison, NY, Madison, NY
1839, HOPPIN, Franklin B., Madison, NY, Madison, NY
1839, HOPPIN, Daniel, Madison, NY, Madison, NY
1840, HOUGHTON, Alvin, , ME, Madison, Somerset, ME
1841, HOUSTON, John, , VA, Rockingham, VA
1833, HUCKLEBERRY, Henry, Clark, IN, , PA
1829, HUDSON, John, Rutherford, TN, Roanoke, VA
1826, HUDSON, John, Cabell, WV, Mecklenberg, VA
1819, HUFFMASTER, William , St. Clair, IL, , GER
1840, HUGGINS, John, Carter, KY, , NY
1836, HUGHES, Charles F., Baltimore, MD, Baltimore, MD
1828, HUMPHREYS, Owen, Bath, KY, Montgomery, PA
1828, HUNTER, James, Gallatin, KY, Loudon, VA
1837, HUNTER, Thomas S., Hardin, KY, Hardin, KY
1834, HURST, Charles R., Philadelphia, PA, Philadelphia, PA
1820, HUSBAND, Harmon, Christian, KY, , NC
1819 , HUSSEY, Nathan, Green, OH, York, PA
1841, HUSTON, Martha, Cumberland, PA, Cumberland, PA
1827, HUTTON, Charles K., Rutherford, TN, Rutherford, TN

- I-

1821, ILES, Elijah, , KY, Fayette, KY
1825, ILES, Bath, KY, , KY
1837, INGLES, James V., Gentry, MO, Fayette, KY
1837, INGLES, John, Gentry, MO, Fayette, KY
1835, INNIS, Alexander, St.Lawrence, NY, Bellarona, Down, IRE
1834, IRWIN, Robert, St. Louis, MO, Monongahela City, PA
1820, IRWIN, Samuel L., , TN, Cabarras, NC
1827, IRWIN, William, , NC, Cabaras, NC


- J -

1825, JACOBS, Daniel, Clark, KY, Winchester, Clark, KY
1825, JACOBS, George, Clarke, KY, Clarke, KY
1829, JAMES, Abraham, Nicholas, KY, , PA
1828, JARRETT, William, Kanawha, VA, Kanawha, VA
1826, JARRETT, Jonathan, Kanawha, WV, Kanawha, WV
1820, JAYNE, Gershom, Orange, NY, Orange, NY
1826, JEFFERIES, Elias, , OH, Ross, OH
1836, JOHNSON, Lue, Pontiac, MI, Middlebury, VT
1830, JOHNSON, Elias, Clark, IN, Fayette, KY
1825, JOHNSON, John, , NY, Cazenovia, Madison, NY
1838, JOHNSON, Lewis, Somerset, PA, Somerset, PA
1832, JOHNSON, Joel, Berkshire, MA, Berkshire, MA
1839, JOHNSTON, Adam, Jefferson City, MO, Glasgow, SCOT
,JONES, Enoch, , MD, , MD
1828, JONES, John, Kaskaskia, IL, Fleming, KY
1828, JONES, James, Kaskaskia, IL, Fleming, KY
1836, JONES, Emanuel RmsnurlqGlrminhqKY, Kaskaskia, IL, Fleming, KY
1825, JONES, Andrew, Bath, KY, Culpepper, VA
1827, JONES, Alexander, Wayne, IL, Orange, NC
1824, JONES, Levi, Fleming, KY, , VA
1824, JONES, Reuben, Fleming, KY, , VA
1828, JONES, William, , IL, , KY
1827, JONES, William, Wayne, IL, Orange, NC
1828, JONES, Robert, Wayne, IL, Orange, NC
1835, JONES, Haskins, Jefferson, TN, , MD
1834, JONES, Henry, Todd, KY, Caroline, VA
1836, JONES, Strother G., Mercer, KY, Lincoln, KY
1834, JONES, Thomas, Bourbon, KY, , VA
1828, JONES,Thomas, Wayne, KY, Pulaski, KY
1826, JUDD, Corban C., Brown, OH, Marion, KY
1825, JUDD, Ezekiel, Brown, OH, Mason, KY

- K -

1849, KALB, Daniel G., Loudon, VA, Frederick City, MD
, KANE, Andrew J., Greene, IN, , NC
1835, KEAGLE, John, Ross, OH, Harrisburg, PA
1838, KEEDY, John, Washington, MD, , PA
1838, KEIGWIN, Sterry S., McLean, IL, Windham, CT
1821, KELLY, John, Macoupin, IL, Rutherford, NC
1821, KELLY, George, Rutherford, NC, Rutherford, NC
1821, KELLY, Elijah, Rutherford, NC, Rutherford, NC
1819, KELLY, William, Rutherford, NC, Rutherford, NC
1819 , KELLY, Elisha, Macoupin, IL, Rutherford , NC
1827, KENNEY, Matthew P., Christian, KY, Christian, KY
1836, KENT, Josiah P., Ross, OH, Bainbridge, Ross, OH
1838, KENT, Jesse H., Christian, KY, Ross, OH
1827, KESSLER, Benjamin, Botetourt, VA, Botetourt, VA
1840, KESSLER, Adam, , OH, Baden, Heidelburg, GER
1830, KEYES, Humphrey, Monroe, VA, Keyes Ferry, Jefferson, VA
1819 , KEYS, Isaac, Pickaway, OH, Fayette, KY
1832, KILGOUR, James W., Chillicothe, OH, Chillicothe, OH
1827, KING, Jeremiah, Xenia, OH, , KY
1840, KING, Turner R., Worcester, MA, Sutton, Worcester, MA
1821, KING, John, Xenia, OH, , KY
1830, KING, William B., Bracken , KY, Fauquier, VA
1822, KINNEY, Henry, Madison, NY, Woodstock, CT
1836, KIRK, William B., Bath, KY, , VA
1839, KNIGHT, Elizabeth (Mrs.), Cabell, WV, Guilford, NC
1819, KNOTTS, Thomas, Washington, IN, Lee, VA
1820, KNOX, Thomas J., , KY, Wheeling, VA

- L -

1830, LACY, , , ,
1827, LAKE, Bayliss G., Clark, OH, Fauquier, VA
1833, LAKE, Thomas, Fauquier, VA, Fauquier, VA
1831, LAMB, James L., Randolph, IL, Fayette, PA
1836, LAMB, George, Randolph, IL, Hagerstown, MD
1844, LAMUN, James, Ross, OH, Ross, OH
1820, LANGSTON, Jechoniah, Champaign, OH, , SC
1840, LANHAM, Ann E. (Mrs.), Perry, OH, Loudon, VA
1826, LANHAM, Elijah T., Clermont, OH, Frederick, MD
1839, LANPHIER, , , ,
1819, LANTERMAN, Abraham, , MD, , MD
1819, LANTERMAN, John, Fleming, KY, , MD
1819, LANTERMAN, Peter, , MD, , MD
1819, LANTERMAN, Peter, , MD, , GER
1835, LARD, John, St. Louis, IL, Charleston, SC
1824, LASWELL, Andrew, Green, KY, Loudon, VA
1819, LATHAM, James, Logan, KY, Loudon, VA
1828, LAUGHLIN, John, Caldwell, KY, , SC
1830, LAVELY, William, Baltimore, MD, Baltimore, MD
1836, LAW, Benjamin C., Dickson, TN, Huntington, PA
1829, LAWLEY, Stephen, Smith, TN, , NC
1828, LAWSON, William P., Fleming, KY, Grassy Lick, KY
1836, LEEDS, Peter T., Moscow, OH, Leeds' Cove, Gloucester, NJ
1826, LEMMON, Ulick, Baltimore, MD, Baltimore, MD
1839, LEMON, Barbara,,VA,Washington, MD
1834, LEMON, John I., Scott, KY, Scott, KY
1828, LEVEL, James M., Pickaway, OH, Pickaway, OH
1819 ?, LEVI, John M., , ?, , ?
1830, LEWIS, Samuel, St. Francis, MO, , PA
1835, LEWIS, Levi D., Morristown, NJ, Morristown, NJ
1839, LEWIS, John R., Carlinville, IL, Farmington, CT
1837, LEWIS, Thomas, Somerset, NJ, Somerset, NJ
1837, LEWIS, John, Somerset, NJ, Somerset, NJ
1837, LEWIS, Eliphalet C., Somerset, NJ, Somerset, NJ
1838, LEWIS, Larkin, Caldwell, KY, Caldwell, KY
1830, LEWIS, Eddin, Caldwell, KY, Caldwell, KY
, LEWIS, John, , KY, , KY
, LEWIS, Morgan, , KY, , KY
, LEWIS, William, , KY, , KY
1838, LEWIS, Obed, Chester, PA, Chester, PA
1830, LIGHTFOOT, Henry, Warren, KY, Madison, VA
1830, LILLARD, Thomas, , TN, , NC
1837, LINCOLN, Abraham, Macon, IL, Hardin, KY
1820, LINDLEY, Simon, Madison, IL, Orange, NC
1836, LINDSAY, Isaac, Franklin, PA, Franklin, PA
1819, LINDSAY, John, St. Clair, IL, Pittsburgh, PA
1836, LINDSAY, Morris, Franklin, PA, Franklin, PA
1819, LITTLE, Samuel, St. Clair, IL, , VA
1838, LITTLE, Thomas S., Northampton, MA, Northampton, MA
1832, LOCK, John, Essex, NY, Farrisburg, Addison, VT
1835, LOCKRIDGE, William A., Montgomery, KY, Montgomery, KY
1835, LOCKRIDGE, John, Montgomery, KY, Augusta, VA
1838, LOCKRIDGE, John, Owen, IN, Montgomery, KY
1840, LOGAN, James M., Bourbon, KY, Bourbon, KY
1832, LOGAN, Stephen T., Glasgow, KY, Franklin, KY
1824, LOGSDON, Joseph, Madison, KY, Madison, KY
1824, LONG, Thomas, Caldwell, KY, Nelson, KY
1836, LOOSE, Jacob G., Washington, PA, Washington, PA
1819 ?, LORD, Joseph T., , ?, , ?
1833, LYMAN, Alvan, St. Lawrence, NY, Brookfield, VT
1833, LYMAN, Cornelius, Clinton, IL, Brookfield, VT
1833, LYMAN, Ezra, Potsdam, NY, Brookfield, VT
1833, LYMAN, Azel, Potsdam, NY, Lebanon, CT
1833, LYMAN, John, Brookfield, VT, Lebanon, NH
1825, LYNN, James, Barren, KY, Rowan, NC
1834, LYON, Henson, Shelbyville, KY, Loudon, VA


- M -

1827, MALLORY, Valentine, Bracken, KY, Bourbon, KY
1834, MALONE, John W., Brown, IL, Richmond, VA
1840, MALONE, Alfred C., McMinn, TN, Richmond, VA
1836, MALONE, Jesse J. , Crawford, MO, Richomnd, VA
1822, MALTBY, Josiah, Tioga, NY, , CT
1831, MANN, Uriah, Bracken, KY, Bracken, KY
1837, MARSH, William H., Lancaster, PA, Lancaster, PA
1834, MARTIN, George, Licking, OH, Hampshire, VA
1830, MARTIN, Abraham, Lawrence, IN, , KY
1837, MASON, John A., Buffalo, NY, Swanton, Franklin, VT
1828, MASSIE, Thomas, Montgomery, KY, Albemarle, VA
1821, MATHENY, Charles R., St. Clair, IL, Loudon, VA
1835, MATHER, Thomas, Randolph, IL, Simsbury, Hartford, CT
1833, MATTHEW, Simon, Washington, IN, , VA
1836, MATTHEW, William, Marion, IN, Bracken, KY
1854, MATTHEWS, Schuyler, Greene, KY, Greene, KY
1830, MATTHEWS, Joseph, Cumberland, KY, Buckingham, VA
1834, MAXCY, James -son of Joel, Bowling Green, KY, Prince Edward, VA
1838, MAXWELL, Archibald, Philadelphia, PA, Doune, Perthshire, SCOT
1825, MAXWELL, Elias, Green, OH, Green, OH
1836, MAY, William L., , ?, , ?
1825, MCATEE, Smith, , KY, , KY
1825, MCATEE, Andrew, , KY, , KY
1837, MCBRIDE, James, Montgomery, KY, Bedford, VA
1830, MCCLEES, Thomas, Fleming, KY, , PA
1819, MCCLELLAND, Robert, White, IL, , OH
1837, MCCOLLY, John, St. Lawrence, NY, , NY
1825, MCCOMAS, Elisha, Cabell, WV, Cabell, WV
1827, MCCOMAS, David, Cabell, WV, Cabell, WV
1840, MCCONNELL, James, Madison, NY, Belfast, IRE
1829, MCCORMACK, Alexander, Fleming, KY, Nashville, TN
1829, MCCORMACK, John, Fleming, KY, Nashville, TN
1920, MCCORMACK, William, Fleming, KY, Nashville, TN
1829, MCCORMACK, Andrew, Fleming, KY, Nashville, TN
1829, MCCORMACK, James, Fleming, KY, Nashville, TN
1818, MCCOY, James, Nicholas, KY, Nicholas, KY
1819 , MCCOY, David, Montgomery, IL, , GA
1821, MCCOY, Joseph E., Nicholas, KY, Nicholas, KY
1836, MCCOY, Hamilton, Mason, WV, Mason, WV
1832, MCCUNE, Gavin, , KY, Nicholas, KY
1835, MCDANIEL, Jonathan, Harrison, KY, Clark, KY
1835, MCDANIEL, Robert, Bracken, KY, Clark, KY
1833, MCDANIEL, William, Harrison, KY, Clark, KY
1838, MCDANIEL, James, Bracken, KY, , PA
1834, MCDANIEL, Henry, Clark, KY, Harrisburg, PA
1836, MCDANNOLD, Eliz.(Mrs.), , KY, Bath, KY
1829, MCELVAIN, Samuel, Adair, KY, Augusta, VA
1827, MCGINNIS, William S., Mercer, KY, Mercer, KY
1827, MCGINNIS, Greenberry D., Boone, Ky, Mercer, KY
1827, MCGINNIS, David, Boone, KY, Mercer, KY
1827, MCGINNIS, Smith, Mercer, KY, Mercer, KY
1836, MCGRAW, Absalom D., Harrison, KY, Harrison, KY
1836, MCGRAW, Charles C., St. Louis, MO, Mason, KY
1819 ?, MCHENRY, Joseph, , KY, , KY
1829, MCKEE, John, Harrison, KY, Harrison, KY
1829, MCKEE, James, , ?, , ?
1826, MCKINNIE, Lewis, Fayette, KY, , VA
1837, MCLOUD, John K., Washington, TN, Washington, TN
1837, MCMURPHY, David, St. Lawrence, NY, Windsor, VT
1821, MCMURRY, Eliza. (Mrs.), St Clair, IL, , VA
1820, MCNABB, William, Logan, IL, , IRE
1839, MCNEILL, William, Allegheny, MD, Allegheny, MD
1835, MCNEILL, Francis A., Shepherdstown, VA, Allegheny, MD
1830, MEACHAM, Edom, , KY, , KY
1840, MEACHAM, Joseph , Christian, KY, Christian, KY
1819 ?, MEACHAM, Joseph K., , KY, , KY
1819, MEACHAM, Adin E., St. Louis, MO, Benson, Rutland, VT
1839, MEADER, William W., , NH, , NH
1834, MEADER, Timothy E., , ME, Rochester, NH
1837, MEGREDY, Enoch, , MD, Cecil, MD
1838, MENGEL, Isaac R., Lancaster, PA, Lancaster, PA
1838, MENGEL, Levi B., Lancaster, PA, Lancaster, PA
1829, MEREDITH, Absalom, Miami, OH, , VA
1829, MERRIMAN, Reuben, Scott, KY, , CT
1830, MERRIMAN, Elias H., St. Louis, MO, Baltimore, MD
1829, MERRIMAN, Lyman, Scott, KY, , CT
1839, MERRIWEATHER, John H, Clark, OH, Baltimore, MD
1830, MESLER, Cornelius, Newark, NJ, Morris, NJ
1829, MESSICK, Joseph W., Christian, KY, Christian, KY
1837, MILLER, Michael, Morgan, IL, Rowan, NC
1834, MILLER, Christian, Miami, OH, Loudon, VA
1835 ?, MILLER, Nathan, Loudon, VA, Loudon, VA
1835 ?, MILLER, George, Loudon, VA, Loudon, VA
1835 ?, MILLER, Adam, Loudon, VA, Loudon, VA
1824, MILLER, Jacob, Clark, KY, , KY
1820, MILLER, Solomon, St. Clair, IL, Adair, KY
1839, MILLINGTON, Peter, , OH, , VT
1840, MILLS, James, Tippecanoe, IN, Augusta, VA
1834, MILSLAGLE, Andrew, Hampshire, VA, Hampshire, VA
1840, MISCHLER, Philip, St. Louis, MO, Heppenheim, Hesse Darm., GER
1824, MITCHELL, Edward, Botetourt, VA, Botetourt, VA
1828, MITTS, Cyrus, Pickaway, OH, Chillicothe, OH
1829, MOFFITT, George, Christian, KY, Augusta, VA
1826, MOFFITT, Thomas, Morgan, IL, Bath, KY
1822 ?, MOORE, John, Shoreham, VT, Shoreham, VT
1834 ?, MOORE, Enoch, St. Clair, IL, Waterloo, St. Clair, IL
1836, MOORE, Bushnell, St. Lawrence, NY, Shoreham, VT
1836, MOORE, Joseph, Bath, KY, Shenandoah, VA
1838, MOORE, John B., Morris, NJ, Warren, NJ
1828, MORGAN, Daniel, Monroe, IN, Warm Springs, Hampshire, VA
1826, MORGAN, Charles, Clermont, OH, Hampshire, VA
1822, MORGAN, Thomas, Hamilton, OH, , KY
1826, MORRIS, Achilles, Kanawha, WV, Kanawha, WV
1825, MORRIS, John, Cabell, WV, Cabell, WV
1825, MORRIS, William D., Cabell, WV, Cabell, WV
1839, MORSE, James M., Vandalia, IL, Newburyport, MA
1830, MOSTELLER, Christopher, Butler, OH, Buncombe, NC
1836, MOTT, James, Jacksonville, IL, Kent, ENG
1836, MOURER, William, Washington, MD, Berkley, VA
1839, MOWRY, John H., Dixon, Lee, IL, Charleston, SC
1829, MULKEY, Jesse H., KY or , TN, TN or, KY
1838, MYERS, Henry C., Chambersburg, PA, Chambersburg, PA

- N -

1839, NAVE, Henry, Washington, IN, Carter, TN
1835, NEAL, Nathaniel B., Bourbon, KY, Bourbon, KY
1830, NEAL, James W., Bourbon, KY, Bourbon, KY
1828, NEAL, Daniel, Bourbon, KY, Bedford, VA
1824, NEALE, Tom M., Bowling Green, KY, Fauquier, VA
1817 ?, NELSON, William, St. Clair, IL, St. Clair, IL
1837, NESBITT, Samuel G., Juniata, PA, Juniata, PA
1824, NEWCOMER, Christopher, Franklin, OH, Huntington, PA
1828, NEWMAN, Henry, Knox, TN, Baltimore, MD
1828, NEWSOM, David, Monroe, VA, Greenbrier, VA
1829, NIPPER, Williamson, Nashville, TN, , VA
1836, NORRED, Richard C., Maryland, OH, Loudon, VA
1838, NORRED, William, Frederick, MD, Loudon, VA
1835, NORRIS, Aquilla, Baltimore, MD, Baltimore, MD
1829, NORTH, John, Jefferson, TN, Bent Creek, Buckingham, VA
1832, NORTH, Robert, Jefferson, TN, Buckingham, VA
1840, NOTTINGHAM, Jonathan, Cape May, NJ, Cape May, NJ
1820, NUCKOLLS, James, Madison, IL, Botetourt, VA
1826, NUCKOLLS, John, Grayson, VA, Hanover, VA

- O -

1827, OGDEN, Zachariah, Grayson, KY, Fredcerick City, St. Mary's, MD
?, ONEAL, Samuel, , KY, , KY
1835, OPDYCKE, Stacy B., Randolph, IL, New Castle, NJ
1828, ORGAN, Micajah, Jessamine, KY, Nicholasville, Jessamine, KY
1826, ORR, Robert, Wythe, VA, Connersville, IN
1819, OVERSTREET, John, Cabell, VA, Bedford, VA
1830, OVERSTREET, Dabney, Greenbrier, VA, Bedford, VA
1840, OWEN, Thomas J. V., Kaskaskia, IL, Halifax, VA


- P -

1835, PAINE, Enoch, Macoupin, IL, Kaskaskia, IL
1828, PARK, John, Logan, KY, Antrim, IRE
1836, PARKES, William, Posey, IN, Jonesboro, Washington, TN
1831, PARKINSON, James, Marshall, WV, Belmont, OH
1840, PARKS, Beaumont, Middlebury, VT, Norwich, CT
1839, PARRISH, Samuel, Franklin, OH, Franklin, OH
1821, PASFIELD, George, Bourbon, KY, London, ENG
1827, PATRICK, John H., Clarke, KY, Clarke, KY
1830, PATTON, James, Christian, KY, Baltimore, MD
1838, PAULEN, Debold, Beardstown, IL, Strasburg (now Germany), FRAN
1838, PEABODY, Calvin, Essex, NY, Essex, NY
1836, PEACOCK, Caleb, Hardy, VA, Hardy, VA
1818, PEASE, Abram, Cayuga, NY, Dukes, MA
1827, PELHAM John, Quincy, IL, Hamilton, OH
1822, PENNY, Hiram, Pope, IL, , NC
1818, PETER, Zachariah, Washington, KY, Amherst, VA
1834, PETTUS, Thomas P., Nicholas, KY, Nicholas, KY
1840, PHELPS, Adna, Grafton, NH, Grafton, NH
1829, PHILLIPS, Francis, Green, KY, , MD
1831, PICKRELL, Abel, Shelby, KY, Loudon, VA
1833, PIERSON, Moses, Lebanon, OH, Lebanon, OH
1829, PIKE, John, Bourbon, KY, Bourbon, KY
1830, PIPPIN, Joseph, Allen, KY, Cecil, MD
1820, PIRKINS, Edward, Madison, IL, Yadkin, Wilkes, NC
1835, PLAIN, David S., Mechlenburg, KY, Greenville, Mechlenburg, KY
1826, PLANCK, Jacob C., Fleming, KY, , MD
1823, PLUNKETT, John H., Cabarras, NC, Cabarras, NC
1839, POFFENBERGER, Chris., Franklin, OH, Washington, MD
1839, POFFENBERGER, William, , OH, Washington, MD
1829, POLEY, Joseph, Muhlenburgh, KY, Paris, FRAN
1837, POLLOCK, Thomas, Brownsville, PA, Brownsville, PA
1832, POND, Billious, ST. Lawrence, NY, Plymouth, Litchfield, CT
1829, POOR, Evan, , TN, , TN
1836, PORTER, Josiah, Dewitt, IL, Chester, SC
1836, POTTLE, Jeremiah, Indianapolis, IN, Camden, Knox, ME
1828, POWELL, Abel, Pickaway, OH, , VA
1821, POWER, George, Bath, KY, Fayette, KY
1839, PRENTICE, William Swain, Vandalia, IL, St. Clair, IL
1839, PRESTON, Ebenezer, Cape May, NJ, Cape May, NJ
1835, PRICKETT, David, Tazewell, IL, Franklin, GA
1840, PRIEST, John W., Columbus, MS, Pomfret, Windsor, VT
1820, PRIMM, Thomas, St. Clair, IL, Stafford, VA
1820, PRIMM, John, Monroe, IL, Stafford, VA
1837, PROCTOR, Simon L., Hardin, KY, Shelby, KY
1817, PULLIAM, Robert, St. Clair, IL, Henry, VA
1833, PURSELL, William, Ottawa City, CAN, White Park, Belfast, IRE
?, PURVIANCE, John, Cabarras, NC, Cabarras, NC
1820, PURVINES, James S., Cabarras, NC, Cabarras, NC
1819 ?, PURVINES, Samuel, Cabarras, NC, Cabarras, NC
1820, PURVINES, David Simpson, Cabarras, NC, Cabarras, NC
1820 ?, PURVINES, James, Cabarras, NC, Cabarras, NC
1819 ?, PURVINES, John G., Cabarras, NC, Cabarras, NC
1819, PURVINES, Alexander C., Cabarras, NC, Cabarras, NC
1825, PYLE, Nicholas, St. Clair, IL, , ENG

- R -

1828, RALSTON, William, Montgomery, KY, , VA
1830, RAMES, Nathaniel, St. Louis, MY, , TN
1827, RANDALL, Thomas E., Fleming, KY, , VA
1833, RANSOM, Luther N., Clinton, NY, Chazy, Clinton, NY
1835, RANSOM, John G., Clinton, NY, Chazy, Clinton, NY
1834, RANSOM, Loring, Clinton, NY, Chazy, Clinton, NY
1826, RAPE, John, , TN, , SC
1826 ?, RAPE, Jacob, , SC, , SC
1825, RAPE, Peter, , SC, , SC
1825, RAPE, Henry, , SC, , SC
1829, RAUCH, John Jacob, Muhlenburg, KY, Stutgardt, Wirtemburg, GER
1824, RAY, Thomas, Gallatin, KY, Gallatin, KY
1823, RAY, Reason, , MD, , KY
1830, REDMAN, James B., St. Louis, MO, St. Louis, MO
1831, REED, James E., Wayne, KY, Wayne, KY
1831, REED,James Frazier, Armagh, IRE, Armagh, IRE
1827, REID, Samuel H., Warren, KY, Richmond, VA
1850, REISCH, Frank, Beardstown, IL, Baden, GER
1840, RENN, Henry, Franklin, PA, Franklin, PA
1821, RENSHAW, Wiley P., Madison, IL, Salisbury, GA
1827, RHEA, James, Jefferson, IL, Greenbrier, VA
1826, RHODES, Randolph, , MO, , NC
1832, RICHARDS, Andrew, Nicholas, KY, Nicholas, KY
1829, RICHARDSON, William, Madison, KY, Madison, KY
1824, RICHERDSON, Lewis, , ?, , ?
1830, RICKARD, Peter, Fauquier, VA, Loudon, VA
1836, RIDDLE, William, Logan, OH, , KY
1822, RIDDLE, David, Washington, IL, Mifflin, PA
1835, RIDGELY, Nicholas H., St. Louis, MO, Baltimore, MD
1829, RIDGEWAY, Samuel, Lincoln, KY, Berkley, VA
1828, RIDGEWAY, Ausburn, Washington, KY, Berkley, VA
1827, RIGG, Samuel, Greenup, KY, Rutherford, NC
1838, RIGGINS, William, Cape May, NJ, Cape May, NJ
1830, ROBB, David, , WV, Acworth, NH
1821, ROBBINS, Hiram, Madison, IL, Buncombe, NC
1832, ROBERTS, Edmund, Chester, PA, Farmington, NH
1836, ROBINSON, William R., Barren, KY, , ENG
1831, ROBINSON, Barton, London, ENG, New Malton, Yorkshire, ENG
1836, ROBINSON, Mary (Mrs.), Cincinnati, OH, Martha's Vineyard, MA
1830, ROBINSON, James T., Yorkshire, ENG, New Malton, Yorkshire, ENG
1830, ROBISON, Edward, Pope, IL, Loudon, VA
1821, ROBISON, John, Nicholas, KY, , VA
1837, RODGERS, Robert B., Medina, OH, Westmoreland, PA
1837, ROGERS, Jotham S., Bangor, ME, Bangor, ME
1830, ROLL, William, Morris, NJ, Springfield, Essex, NJ
1825, ROLL, Jacob C., Cincinnati, OH, Springfield, Essex, NJ
1839, ROSS, Nancy (Mrs.), Cincinnati, OH, Essex, NJ
1836, ROSS, William, Adair, KY, , NC
1824, ROYAL, Thomas, Franklin, OH, Manchester, ENG
1836, RUCKEL, Daniel E., New York City, NY, New York City, NY
1840, RUCKEL, Jacob, New York City, NY, New York City, NY
1832, RUCKER, Thomas, Woodford, KY, Caldwell, KY
?, RUSK, Benjamin D., , VA, , VA
1839, RUTH, Reuben F., York, PA, Wrightsville, York, PA


- S -

1830, SACKETT, Thomas, Butler, OH, Hamilton, Butler, OH
1839, SACKETT, Claudius C., Waverly, IL, Summitt, OH
1820, SAFLEY, Adam, , OH, Loudon, VA
1830, SALISCH, William, London, ENG, , ENG
1838, SANDERS, Robert W., Rutherford, TN, Harper'sFerry, VA
1829, SANDERS, Elisha, Green, KY, Green, KY
1819, SATTLEY, Robert, White, IL, Vergennes, VT
1819, SATTLEY, Archibald, White, IL, Vergennes, VT
1828, SAUNDERS, Gunnell, Fleming, KY, Loudon, VA
1834, SAYRE, John, Green, OH, Bridgeton, Cumberland, NJ
1824, SCOTT, John, , PA, , PA
1819, SCOTT, Dallas, Cumberland, KY, Cumberland, KY
?, SCOTT, James, Morgan, IL, Culpepper, VA
1835, SEELEY, Bishop, St. Lawrence, NY, Williston, Chittenden, VT
1824, SELLS, Daniel K., Ross, OH, Ross, OH
1828, SHANE, John, Kanawha, KY, Kanawha, KY
1830, SHELLHOUSE, Lydia, Mrs, , KY, , GA
1826, SHELTON, Stephen, Cabell, VA, , NC
1838, SHEPHERD, Henry, Chillicothe, OH, , VA
1833, SHEPHERD, Joseph H., , OH, , OH
1836, SHEPHERD, Joseph, Jefferson, VA, Shepherdstown, Jefferson, VA
1836, SHEPHERD, Thomas C., Washington, MD, Shepherdstown, Jefferson, VA
?, SHEPHERD,John J., , VA, , VA
1835, SHIELDS, Alexander, Philadelphia, PA, Franklin, PA
1826, SHINKLE, Christian, Brown, OH, Berks, PA
1826, SHINKLE, John, Brown, OH, Berks, PA
1837, SHIPLEY, Richard A., Washington, MD, Baltimore, MD
1836, SHORT, Samuel, Mechlenberg, KY, Batetourt, VA
1822, SHORT, James, Greene, KY, , SC
1825, SHORT, Joshua, Green, KY, , VA
1831, SHOUP, Jacob, Pickaway, OH, Huntington, PA
1837, SHRYER, Ephriam, Christian, KY, Christian, KY
1833, SHUFF, Hannah (Mrs.), Gallatin, KY, Greenbrier, VA
1833, SHUTT, Eliza (Mrs.), Loudon, VA, Shepherdstown, Jefferson, VA
1829, SHUTT, Henry, Muhlenberg, KY, , PA
1830, SIMPSON, Richard, Washington, KY, , MD
1833, SIMPSON, Jordan, Lexington, KY, Lexington, KY
1829, SIMPSON, William, Simpson, KY, Simpson, KY
1828, SIMPSON, James, Washington, KY, , MD
1839, SIMPSON, John P., Somerset, NJ, Somerset, NJ
1824, SIMPSON, John, Shelby, IL, , TN
1819, SIMS, John, St. Clair, IL, Spartanberg, SC
1820, SIMS, James, St. Clair, IL, , VA
1819 ?, SIMS, William, , SC, , VA
1838, SKEEN, James, Lancaster, PA, Lancaster, PA
1838, SKIPTON, Daniel, Muskingum, OH, Muskingum, OH
1818, SLATER, Elijah, Ithica, NY, Wyoming, PA
1818 ?, SLATER, Jay, , MA, , MA
1834, SMITH, George M., Jennings, IN, , VA
1833, SMITH, James D., Harrison, KY, Harrison, KY
1836, SMITH, Jonas, Monroe, IL, Long Island, NY
1830, SMITH, Greenbery, Washintgon, KY, Washington, KY
1822, SMITH, Thomas, Madison, IL, , VA
1822, SMITH, Philip, Montgomery, NC, Montgomery, NC
1834, SMITH, Joseph, Franklin, KY, Loudon, VA
1841, SMITH, John, St. Louis, MO, Hartford, CT
1820, SNODGRASS, Joseph, Cocke, TN, Cocke, TN
1820, SNODGRASS, James, Cocke, TN, Cocke, TN
1819, SOUTHWICK, Jesse, Seneca, NY, Lebanon, CT
1828, SOWELL, Stephen, Rutherford, TN, Roanoke, Charlotte, VA
1837, SPATH, George, Alton, IL, Baden, GER
1836, SPENCER, John, Adair, KY, Adair, KY
1833, SPICER, Lemuel, Clarke, IN, Kent, DE
1839, SPRINGER, Francis D. D., Washington, MD, Roxburry, Franklin, PA
1833, ST. CLAIR, Levi H., Cleveland, OH, Lake Champlain, NY
1836, STAFFORD, Caleb, Essex, NY, Coventry, Kent, RI
1825, STAFFORD, Jewett, Essex, NY, Coventry, Kent, RI
1825, STAFFORD, Oliver, Addison, VT, Coverntry, Kent, RI
1824, STAFFORD, Christopher, Essex, NY, Coventry, Kent, RI
1834, STAFFORD, William, Essex, NY, Coventry, Kent, RI
1826, STALEY, Daniel, Cabell, WV, Jefferson, VA
1829, STANLEY, Thomas, , OH, , VA
1830, STARR, Andrew, Bourbon, KY, Bourbon, KY
1828, STARR, Adam, Clarke, KY, Culpepper, VA
1833, STEELE, Elizabeth (Mrs.), Nicholas, KY, , DE
1825, STEPHENSON, James, Wayne, IL, , SC
1822, STEVENSON, Miles, , TN, , TN
1820, STEWART, James, Junius, Seneca, NY, Fort Ann, Washington, NY
1820, STILLMAN, Abigail (Mrs.), , ?, , ?
1838, STITT, William, Warren, OH, Levanon, Warren, OH
1830, STOKES, John, Nicholas, KY, Nicholas, KY
1834, STONE, Dan, Cincinnati, OH, Monkton, Addison, VT
1831, STONE, Asahel, Addison, VT, Chesterfield, NH
1836, STOUT, Philemon, Fayette, KY, , NJ
1838, STOVER, Samuel, Washington, MD, Franklin, PA
1823, STRAWBRIDGE, Thomas, Clark, OH, Conegal, IRE
1837, STRICKLAND, George, Northampton, MA, Amherst, MA
1820, STRINGFIELD, James, Warren, KY, Buncombe, NC
1820, STRODE, John, Warren, KY, Greenbrier, VA
1828, STUART, John T., Richmond, KY, Fayette, KY
1834, STUBBS, Robert L., Green, KY, , VA
1826, SWEET, Robert, Scott, IL, Otsego, NY
1830, SWEET, Joseph, Otsego, NY, Otsego, NY
1820, SWEET, Theopilus, Morgan, IL, Otsego, NY
1838, SWINLEY, Samuel, Washington, MD, Washington, MD

- T -

1839, TAFT, Phoebe, Mrs., , VT, , VT
1835, TALBOTT, David, Shelby, KY, Baltimore, MD
1826, TALBOTT, Benjamin, , KY, Fairfax, VA
1819, TAYLOR, Edmond, Christian, KY, Christian, KY
1833, TAYLOR, John, Wayne, IL, , MD
1828, TAYLOR, Isaac, Wayne, IL, Hart, KY
1834, TAYLOR, Francis, Spencer, KY, Shelby, KY
1819, TAYLOR, John, Edwardsville, IL, Danville, KY
1829, TAYLOR, James, Wayne, KY, Chester, SC
1829, TAYLOR, Simeon, Wayne, IL, Chester, , SC
1838, TAYLOR, William B., Cape May , NJ, Salem, NJ
1833, TAYLOR, John Wickliffe, Tremble, KY, Boone, KY
1837, TAYLOR, John, Cape Girardeau, MO, , TN
1839, THAXTON, James H., Allen, KY, Allen, KY
1834, THAYER, Joseph, Amherst, MA, Amherst, MA
1838, THAYER, William P., Cumberland, PA, Petersburg, VA
1839, THAYER, Asahel, Amherst, MA, Amherst, MA
1837, THOMAS, Frances (Mrs.), , MO, Culpepper, VA
1836, THOMPSON, John, Montgomery, KY, Dauphin, PA
1824, THOMPSON, Robert B., Saratoga, NY, Saratoga, NY
1828, THOMPSON, Samuel M., Davidson, TN, Davidson, TN
1834, THORNTON, William, Montgomery, KY, Caroline, VA
1838, TIPTON, David B., Clarke, IL, Blount, TN
1827, TODD, John, Edwardsville, IL, Lexington, Fayette, KY
1823, TOLLEY, Isom, Morgan, IL, , VA
1837, TOMLIN, Almarin, Cape May, NJ, Cape May, NJ
1829, TOMLINSON, Eliza. (Mrs.), Fayette, KY, Orange, VA
1834, TORRENCE, William, Hampshire, VA, Hampshire, VA
1836, TORREY, Joseph, Millbury, MA, , CT
1836, TRIMBLE, George, Montgomery, KY, Montgomery, KY
1826, TROTTER, James, Bourbon, KY, Culpepper, VA
1835, TROTTER, George, New York City, NY, Dunbarton, SCOT
1836, TROXELL, Sarah Washington (Mrs.), Washington, MD, Washington, MD
1832, TRUE, Susannah (Mrs.), Randolph, MO, Richmond, VA
1828, TRUMBO, Adam, Bourbon, KY, Bourbon, KY
1827, TURLEY, Thomas J., Logan, IL, Montgomery, KY
1820, TURNER, Archibald, Wabash, IN, , IRE
1831, TURPIN, Elizabeth (Mrs.), , KY, , KY
1826, TWIST, John, Seneca Falls, NY, Cambridge, MA

- U -

1834, UNDERWOOD, William, , KY, , KY
1833, UNDERWOOD, Reuben, Harrison, KY, Nicholas, KY
1829, UNDERWOOD, John, Sumner, TN, , NC
1835, UTTERBACK, Elijah, Henry, KY, Culpepper, VA

- V -

1818, VANCIL, Samuel, Union, IL, Patrick, VA
1835, VANDEREN, Bernard, Harrison, KY, Harrison, KY
1829, VANDEVER, Aaron, Washington, IN, Henry, KY
1839, VANDOREN, Joseph, Warren, OH, Somerset, NJ
1838, VANHOFF, Henry, Philadelphia, PA, Philadelphia, PA
1829, VANMETER, Abraham, Champaign, OH, Hardy, VA
1834, VANMETER, Seymour, Champaign, OH, Champaign, OH
1825, VANNATTEN, Daniel, Fleming, KY, Fleming, KY
1839, VANNORSTRAND, Wm.., Somerset, NJ, Somerset, NJ
1838, VANPATTEN, Mindert, Somerset, NJ, Scoharrie, NY
1840, VEATCH, William, Harrison, KY, Harrison, KY
1840, VIGAL, Mathias, Clark, IN, Westmoreland, PA
1819, VINEY, Abraham, Warren, KY, Greenbrier, VA
1835, VREDENBERGH, John, New York City, NY, Somerset, NJ


- W -

1840, WADSWORTH, Daniel, Winthrop, ME, Winthrop, ME
1822, WAGGONER, George, Licking, OH, , PA
1828, WALKER, Samuel, Rutherford, TN, Campbell, VA
1835, WALKER, Daniel, , OH, Fauquer, VA
1830, WALL, Isaac, Rockingham, TN, , VA
1822, WALLACE, James, Pendleton, SC, Pendleton, SC
1819, WALLACE, James, Shawneetown, IL, , SC
1836, WALLACE, William S., Philadelphia, PA, Lancaster, PA
1829, WALTERS, Green B., Decatur, IN, Jefferson, KY
1839, WALTERS, Lydia (Mrs.), Decatur, IN, Salem, Rowan, NC
1838, WARD, John, Romney, VA, Romney, VA
1839, WASH, Milton H., Todd, KY, Todd, KY
1840, WASHBURN, William, Shelby, KY, Westminster, Windham, VT
1829, WATSON, John B., Randolph, IL, York, SC
1825, WATSON, Arthur, Mason, KY, Berkley, Va
1836, WATSON, William W., St. Louis, MO, Sussex, NJ
1837, WATTS, Benjamin, Grafton, NH, Warwick, Franklin, MA
1838, WAY, John, Chester, PA, Lancaster, PA
1838, WEAVER, Lewis, Jefferson City, MO, Rhine River, GER
1830, WEBB, William, Warren, TN, , VA
1826, WEBB, James G., Clarke, KY, Winchester, Clarke, KY
1834, WEBB, Luther, Rockingham, VT, Rockingham, VT
1844, WEBER, Elizabeth (Mrs.), , VA, , VA
1837, WEBER, Peter S., Frederick City, MD, Frederick City, MD
1855, WEBER, Jacob J., Frederick City, MD, Frederick City, MD
1837, WEBER, Philip W., Raymond, MS, Shepherdstown, VA
1836, WEBER, John B., Shepherdstown, VA, Shepherdstown, VA
1835, WEBER, George R., Shepherdstown, VA, Baltimore, MD
1835, WEST, Elijah, Macoupin, IL, Carlisle, Nicholas, KY
1834, WEST, Samuel, Boston, MA, Boston, MA
1838, WHITED, James, Fentress, TN, , VA
1831, WHITESIDES, Charles, Cumberland, KY, , VA
1837, WIKOFF, William W., Warren, OH, Monmouth, NJ
1821, WILCOCKSON, William, Bath, KY, Rowan, NC
1819, WILCOX, John, St. Clair, IL, Chesapeake Bay, MD
1835, WILEY, Edmund R., New York City, NY, New York City, NY
?, WILKISON, Cary, , KY, , KY
1837, WILLARD, Alexander, Chemung, NY, Vernon, Oneida, NY
1826, WILLIAMS, Edward, Ohio, KY, Hardin, KY
1823, WILLIAMS, Joseph, Bath, KY, Bath, KY
1824, WILLIAMS, John, Owensville, KY, Bath, KY
1834, WILLIAMS, James M., Rutherford, NC, Rutherford, NC
1822, WILLIAMS, Elias, Wayne or Henry, IN, Clarendon, VT
1829, WILLIAN, Thomas, Green, KY, Kent, DE
1825, WILLIS, Henrietta (Mrs.), Simpson, KY, , SC
1830, WILLIS, William, Adair, KY, , NC
1833, WILSON, Robert L., Bath, KY, Washington, KY
1830, WILSON, Thomas, Roane, PA, Buncombe, NC
1858, WILSON, Samuel M., Dewitt, IL, Harford, MD
1839, WILSON, John L., Montgomery, IL, Bedford, TN
1828, WILSON, Samuel, Clarke, OH, , VA
1818, WIMER, George, Philadelphia, PA, Philadelphia, PA
1831, WINCHELL, Ira, St. Lawrence, NY, Franklin, NY
1823, WINEMAN, Philip, Botetourt, VA, Botetourt, VA
1820, WISE, Frederick, , IL, Nelson, KY
1825, WITHROW, Joseph, Washington, KY, , PA
1840, WOFGAMOT, Samuel, Franklin, PA, Washington, MD
1837, WOLFGAMOT, John, , MD, , PA
1840, WOLTZ, John C., Shepherdstown, Va, Shepherdstown, VA
1839, WOMACK, George B., Wayne, IL, Butler, KY
1818, WOOD, William, Madison, IL, Knox, TN
1831, WOOD, Seneca, Springfield, MA, Springfield, MA
1821, WOODWORTH, Daniel, Sterling, MA, Sterling, MA
1830, WORKMAN, James, Overton, TN, Alleganey, MD
1829, WORKMAN, David, Overton, TN, Alleganey, MD
1829, WORKMAN, William, Overton, TN, Alleganey, MD
1829, WORKMAN, Stephen, Overton, TN, Alleganey, MD
?, WORKMAN, John, , TN, Alleganey, MD
1842, WRIGHT, Doctor N., Derby, VT, Bernardstown, MA
1821, WRIGHT, Erastus, Derby, VT, Bernardstown, MA
1821, WRIGHT, Charles, Derby, VT, Bernardstown, MA
1822, WYCKOFF, Samuel, Bourbon, KY, Loudon, VA

- Y -

1831, YATES, Henry, Gallatin, KY, Caroline, VA
1819, YOAKUM, Matthias, Claiborn, TN, , VA
1819, YOAKUM, William, Montgomery, IL, , VA
1819 ?, YOAKUM, James, Claiborn, TN, , VA
1828, YOCOM, Jacob, Marion, IL, Bourbon, KY
1827, YOUNG, Ezekiel, Trigg, KY, Trigg, KY
1837, YOUNG, Casper, St. Clair, IL, Hesse Darmstadt, GER
1838, YOUNG, James, Montgomery, KY, Wilkes, NC

- Z -

1850, ZANE, Charles, Cumberland, NJ, Cumberland, NJ
1839, ZANE, John, , NJ, Gloucester, NJ
1835, ZIMMERMAN, Robert, Elmira, NY, Centre, PA


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