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 Listed are only the people who had to pay a tax.
  Taxes were levied on only the following things:
  Town Lots; Carriages; Wagons; Carts; Distilleries; Horses; Cattle; 
  Clocks; Watches; Stock in Tan Yard; House furnishings; 
  Hogs and Sheep; Mechanic Tools.
  I do hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true assessment of
  Taxable property in Schuyler County for the year 1838.
  William Cox TSC

NOTE from Sara: As I typed this for the website, my accounting side has complained constantly.
There are errors.  I wanted to fix them but I rechecked what was written and have put them here as found.

Column 1: Town Lots; Column 2: Carriages; Column 3: Wagons; Column 4: Carts;  Column 5: Distilleries; Column 6: Horses; Column 7: Cattle; Column 8: Clocks;  Column 9: Watches; Column 10: Stock in Tan Yard; 
Column 11: Hogs, Sheep, Household furnishings; Column 12: Mechanic Tools;  Column 13: Total amount of property; Column 14: Total tax.

Alphabetized with found in other letter sections at the bottom of each letter.

NOTE: Cattle included oxen used to pull wagons and plows,  milk cows, and raised for meat. 
Most of Column 11 (hogs, sheep and household furnishings)  were hogs.  Household furnishing that were taxed mostly were bought items.  Most home furnishings  were home-made.  Most sheep were raised for wool to make clothing, blankets and rugs out of.

NOTE: The pages are full of mistakes, both spellings and additions/divisions. 
 Handwriting is always hard the decipher.
Also many scratching out and over writes. 
Remember: these pages were done with quill and ink. 
There weren't such things as erasers, and adding machines/calculators. 
Also some ink has faded over the years.

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