*NOTE: Typed in the following order:  License Number (#); Groom's name, age; Bride's name age; if given: parent or parents {f  is father, m is mother} who gave consent will be put after the person; date of issue or ceremony; Who performs the ceremony.

*NOTE: J. P. is Justice of the Peace;  M. G. is Minister of God.

*NOTE: Listed in order of Number (#).

*NOTE: Mrs. means she was married before.

*NOTE: Carol Miller donated this page.  I don't have a key for this page so some info maybe mixed up.  I made a educated guess on who was father (f) and mother (m).  I will make the changes needed when I received the key.

November 10th - November 24th

Lic #8218
William F. Paisley    21         Woodstock
Emma Griffith     19               Woodstock
10 November 1881

Lic #8219
William O. L.  Gillenwater     21      Huntsville
Mary Cleck     18                              Camden
3 November 1881
Lic #8220
T. Trone     28                            Browning
Josephine Wright      21             Rushville
15 November 1881 
Lic #8221
Edward Howe       42        Illinois        Rushville
                            f.  Milton Howe     m.  Nellie Bailey
Alice VanOrder     20       Schuyler     Rushville
                       f.  Horace VanOrder     m.  Sarah Beghtol
19 November 1881         by:  James Leaton
Lic #8222
Perry Brown     43          Illinois            Frederick 
                        f.  John Brown     m.  Mahala Clark
Arabella Burleigh     28     Morgan Co, Ill     Frederick
                     f.  Andrew Burleigh     m.  Nancy Potter
27 November 1881         by:  Hudson M. Deane J. P.
Lic #8223
Jesse W. Hale     24       Littleton
Abby E. Davis                Littleton
24 November 1881

Lic #8224
George D. Houston     23      Schuyler     Oakland
                           f.  Henry Houston       m.  Sarah Oliver
Mary Hale        28                 Schuyler     Rushville
                        f.  Demond G. Hale     m.  Priscilla Baker
23 November 1881           by:  James Leaton  M. G.

Lic #8225
Albert L. Gavit     43        Rhode Island    Rushville
                  f.  Sanford Gavit     m.  Susan Gardiner
Effa E. Eales        18         Rushville          Rushville
                                    f.  George Eales     m.  Jennie
23 November 1881          by:  D. P. Lynn  M. G.

Lic #8226
John A. Young        48          Buenavista
Elizabeth Dewitt      26         Littleton
24 November 1881          by:  D. P. Lynn  M. G.

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