*NOTE: Typed in the following order: 
             *License Number (#); 
             *Groom's name, age, residence (r.), place of birth (b.), groom's father 
               (f.), groom's mother's maiden name(m); 
             *Bride's name, age, maiden name of widow (w), residence (r.), birth 
              place (b.), bride's father name (f), bride's mother's maiden name (m); 
             *If given: parent or parents {f  is father, m is mother} who gave 
             *Date of issue or ceremony; 
             * Who performs the ceremony.

*NOTE: J. P. is Justice of the Peace;  M. G. is Minister of God.

*NOTE: Listed in order of Number (#).

*NOTE: Mrs. means she was married before.

Marriages Schuyler County 1877 - 1890
February 14th - March 18th

Lic #8948
John A. Bradham     21              b. Hickory twp
Laura Rhodes     17                    r. Sheldon’s Grove, Ill 
                                                  b. Hickory twp
                                                  f.  Isaac Rhodes
14 February 1886         by:  Herman C. Schultz 

Lic #8949
Edward C. Armer     23              r. Rushville
                                                 b. Buenavista
                                                 f.  Samuel Armer
                                                m. Anna Armstrong
Ethel M. Sargent     18              r.  Rushville
                                                 b. Rushville
                                                 f.  John Sargent 
                                                m. Sarah Potter
17 February 1886          by:  Samuel C. Palmer 
Lic #8950
James Allen Skiles     20           r.  Browning
                                                 b.  Browning
                                                 f.  William C. Skiles
                                                m.  Margaret Pierce
Rosa Ann Stambaugh     18       r.  Bader
                                                  b. Bader, Ill.
                                                  f.  Amos D. Stambaugh
                                                 m. Catherine Stambaugh
23 February 1886          by:  Harvey A. Skiles
Lic #8951
Mike Schuman     22                  r.  Astoria Twp, Fulton Co
                                                  b. Browning
                                                  f.  George Schuman
Lizzie Lane     20                       r.  Hickory
                                                  b. Hickory
                                                  f. (Alfred Lane)
                                                 m. (Lydia Stambaugh)
28 February 1886           by:  Herman C. Schultz 
Lic #8952
James C. Thompson     20            r.  Bainbridge
                                                    b.  Bainbridge
                                                    f.   James A. Thompson
                                                   m.  Malinda Mason
Eliza J. Downs     22                     r.  Bainbridge
                                                    b.  Bainbridge
                                                     f.  William Down
                                                   m.  Elizabeth Loyd(d?)
1 March 1886                 by:  Hudson M. Deane
Lic #8953
Solon Ware     28                          r.  Fulton
                                                     b.  Frederick
                                                      f.  Pollard Ware
                                                     m. Nancy Boyd
Nellie Frances Jack     22              r.  Rushville
                                                     b.  Rushville
                                                      f.  Rowan Jack
                                                    m.  Agnes Bell
3 March 1886                by:  Samuel C. Palmer 
Lic #8954
Jonathan N. Roudebush     27         r.  Schuyler
                                                       b.  Rushville
                                                        f.  Christian Roudebush
                                                      m.  Lula Martin
Nora M. Fulk     20                           r.  Schuyler
                                                       b.  Rushville
                                                        f.  Levi Fulk 
                                                      m.  Elizabeth Swope
4 March 1886                 by:  Phillip C. Skiles 
Lic #8955
Charles Rhodes     24                     b.  Birmingham
Maggie Cooper     19                     b.  Birmingham
10 March 1886                 by:  L. J. McCreery
Lic #8956
James McCabe     24                       r.  Illinois
                                                       b.  Rushville
                                                        f.  Miles McCabe
                                                      m.  Blandon
Susie Jaques     19                          r.  Rushville
                                                       b.  Rushville
                                                        f.  James Jacques
                                                      m.  Catherine Barclay
18 March 1886                by:  Philip C. Skiles 
*NOTE: Bride's surname and Father's surname are spelled different on the copy.

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