December 12th - December 25th

*NOTE: Typed in the following order:  License Number (#); Groom's name, age; Bride's name age; if given: parent or parents {f  is father, m is mother}  who gave consent will be put after the person; date of issue or ceremony; Who performs the ceremony.
*NOTE: J. P. is Justice of the Peace;  M. G. is Minister of God.

*NOTE: Listed in order of Number (#).

*NOTE: Mrs. means she was married before.

*NOTE: Sherry McCullough donated this page.  I don't have a key for this page so some info maybe mixed up.  I made a educated guess on who was father (f) and mother (m).  I will make the changes needed when I received the key. December 12th - December 25th
Lic #9458
Jeptha P. Wilson     23                 Fulton Co.         Astoria, Ill.
                                  f.  Jeptha Wilson     m.  Lucy Hoelscher
Florence L. Bair      20                 Hanover, Penn         Oakland
                                  f.  Solomon Bair     m.  Elizabeth Myers
12 December 1889                       by:  S. B. Montgomery

Lic #9459
Charles B. Miller     23                 Littleton         Littleton
                                  f.  Augustus Miller     m.  Dora Yaap
Maggie J. Black      18                 Littleton         Littleton
                                  f.  Richard Black     m.  Matilda Wheat
18 December 1889                       by:  J. F. Foley, M. G.

Lic #9460
Thomas A. Martin     23                 Pike Co.         Rushville
                                  f.  D. C. Martin     m.  Elizabeth A. Campbell
Mary Sherman      19                 Springfield         Rushville
                                  f.  John E. Sherman     m.  Annie Eifert
17 December 1889                       by:  William H Hodges L. P.

Lic #9461
William W. Davis     24                
Della J. Roudebush      17                

Lic #9462
George Giddings     33                          Brown Co., Pea Ridge Twp.
Linnie J. Mendenhall      19                          Huntsville
31 December 1889                      by:  Henry Hillyer, J. P.

Lic #9463
William Washington Davis     24              Rushville         Rushville
                                  f.  Fields E. Davis     m. 
Della Jane Roudebush      17                          Rushville
                              m.  Mary Roudebush     gm.  Margaret Roudebush
19 December 1889                       by:  H. K. Jones, M. G.

Lic #9464
Charles E. Sellars     23                 Doddsville         Buenavista Twp
                                  f.  Leroy Sellars     m.  Mahala E. Moore
Maggie C. McGraw      23                 Buenavista         Bainbidge
                                  f.  Matthew McGraw     m.  Julia A. Biggs
20 December 1889                       by:  John N. Dewll, M. G.

Lic #9465
Darius Runkle     27                 Rushville         Littleton
                                  f.  John Runkle     m.  Margaret Stout
Lila Chipman      21                 Littleton         Littleton
                                  f.  Daniel Chipman     m.  Catherine Little
25 December 1889                       by:  J. F. Foley, M. G.


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