JUNE 4th - JUNE 18th


*NOTE: Typed in the following order:  License Number (#); Groom's name, age; Bride's name age; if given: parent or parents {f  is father, m is mother} who gave consent will be put after the person; date of issue or ceremony; Who performs the ceremony.

*NOTE: J. P. is Justice of the Peace;  M. G. is Minister of God.

*NOTE: Listed in order of Number (#).

*NOTE: Mrs. means she was married before.

*NOTE: Carol Miller donated this page.  I don't have a key for this page so some info maybe mixed up.  I made a educated guess on who was father (f) and mother (m).  I will make the changes needed when I received the key.

June 4th - June 18th   October 1st - October 15th

Lic #9519
Sherman  Beghtol
Emma VanOrder

Lic #9520
Loren Walker?
Loren Walker?
                        Don't know which
                        *NOTE:  Yes, it's the same number.
Lic #9520
William Thomas Frizzell     23     Carroll Co, Md     Rushville
                         f.  Edward  Frizzell     m.  Margaret E. Brown
Molly Bowers Noble            19           Rushville
                           f.  W. L. Noble            m.  Susan Goodwin
4 June 1890                        by:  D. W. English
Lic #9521
John H. Trone           20                 Browning          Browning
                   f.  William S. Trone                m.  Magdelina
Anna B. Anderson     16                Browning
                   f.  James Calvin Anderson      m.  Sarah Pettigrew
8 June 1890                       by:  William C. Reno J. P.
Lic #9522
John Sayrs        23                      Schuyler             Browning
                        f.  Lemuel J. Sayrs     m.  Anna L. Quillen
Louisa  Geiss     24                     Germany             Browning
                        f.  John Geiss         m.  Schristina Schombert
10 June 1890                    by:  John N. Dewell
Lic #9523
John L. Adkinson     35     Schuyler     Rushville
                                   f  Henry Adkinson   m  Polly Cooney
Lina VanOrder     20     Schuyler     Bainbridge
                                 f  Andrew VanOrder   m  Nancy Bonser
11 June 1890                   by:  Andrew  Hodges M. G.
Lic #9524
Dwight E. Lawler     28                Rushville
                            f.  Geogre E. Lawler    m.  Caroline Hymer
Rose L. Crosier        26                Rushville
                                f.  William B. Crossier
17 June 1890                     by:  D. W. English M. G.
Lic #9525
Maurice Worley     21                  Augusta
Annie Dean           20                   Birmingham
18 June 1890                      by:  Lewis E. Parsons M. G.
Lic #9526
Robert L. Love      23      Cleveland, Ohio       Galesburg, Ill
                          f.  Thomas H. Love       m.  Imogene Pearce
Julia A. Church     20      Quincy, Ill                Rushville
                     f.  Homer K. Church      m.  Sarah W. Flanders
18 June 1890                    by:  D. W. English M. G. 
October 1st - October 15th
Lic #9580
Frank E. Danner      25      Lewisburg, Penn      Rushville
                                   f.  John Danner          m.  Mary Kline
Eva Wheelhouse     20      Schuyler      Rushville
                                  f.  Samuel Wheelhouse     m.  Lawler
1 October 1890                   by:  D. W. English M. G.
Lic #9581
Perry Marshall        24             Adams Co, Ill.           Rushville
                             f.  Elisha Marshall     m.  Lydia Jane Bolo
Emma VanOrder     18             Schuyler                  Rushville
                            f.  James VanOrder     m.  Frances Fowler
4 October 1890                  by:  William H. Hodge J. P.
Lic #9582
George Marlow     21
Ida Whiteman     17
Lic #9583
Archie A. Call         22      Camden
Emma  R. Evans     22      Camden
8 October 1890                  by:  O. F. Rogers M. G.
Lic #9584
Dexter W. Corle  32 Shelby Co  Sioux City, Woodbury Co, Ia
                  f.  B. W. T. Corley             m.  Lois Wakefield
Jessie  Sanders Sweeney     31      Rushville          Rushville
              f.  Joshua M. Sweeney     m.  Mary Margaret Scripp
8 October 1890                by:  D. W. English
Lic #9585
Amos A. Cairns      26     Herman, Ill      Rariton, Ill
                                          f  William Cairns   m  Ada Smelt
Ollie B. Edwards     18      Schuyler      Camden
                              f  James M. Edwards   m  Malinda Hoats
9  October 1890              by:  S. B. Montgomery Co J 
                             *NOTE:  Co J, I think is County Judge in above License.
Lic #9586
Jesse Skiles                               20     Schuyler      Browning
                            f.  Moses M. Skiles         m.  Mary Dawson
Laura Mary Belle Thompson     18     Browning     Browning
                         f.  Obediah Thompson   m.  Mary H. Sherrill
12 October 1890            by:  William C. Reno  J. P.
Lic #9587
Charles Creamer      19      Rushville          Huntsville
                             f.  Phillip Creamer       m.  Hulda Jennings
Lydia Call                 19      Hersman, Ill      Huntsville
                         f.  Lyman G. G. Call    m.  Susan E. Thomas
12 October 1890             by:  L. A. Powell  M. G.
Lic #9588
Harvey Stambaugh       23            Browning
               f.  Alfred Stambaugh     m.  Helen Potter
Inez M. Bader                17           Browning
              f.  Henry O. Bader     m.  Loucetta (Lucetta) Saucer
15 October 1890            by:  D. E. Hughes  M. G.

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