*NOTE: Typed in the following order:  License Number (#); Groom's name, age; Bride's name age; if given: parent or parents {f  is father, m is mother} who gave consent will be put after the person; date of issue or ceremony; Who performs the ceremony.

*NOTE: J. P. is Justice of the Peace;  M. G. is Minister of God/Gospel.

*NOTE: Listed in order of Number (#).

*NOTE: Mrs. means she was married before.

*NOTE: Carol Miller donated this page.  I don't have a key for this page so some info maybe mixed up.  I made a educated guess on who was father (f) and mother (m).  I will make the changes needed when I received the key.

November 26th - December 16th

Lic # 510
John Crafton         25                Browning               Browning
                                f.  Thomas Crafton     m.  Jancy Jenkins
Anna E. Gobble     29               Frederick                Browning
                             f.  David Gobble         m.  Isabelle Spillers
26 November 1896                  by:  William C. Reno J. P.

Lic #511
Dr. Harlan Horney     27              Littleton             Littleton
                             f.  Samuel M. Horney      m.  Mary Sellers
Mary E. Preston        17               Littleton             Littleton
                             f.  P. Preston         m.  Emma A. Dewitt
27 November 1896                  by:  James Dewitt M. G.
Lic #512
W. M. Stringfield     28     Cooperstown     Beardstown
                            f  W. P. Stringfield   m  Elizabeth Conrad
Mrs. Fanny Darby     30     Minnesota     Beardstown
                                  f  David Wagner   m  Mary Ann Stace
1 December 1896                   by:  D. L. Mourning Co J 
                        *NOTE:  Co J, I think is County Judge.
Lic #513
B. M. Drake     22    Centerville, Butler Co, Penn    Birmingham
                                   f.  D. L. Drake         m.  Eliza J. Slavger
Jennie Grove     22     Augusta                             Birmingham
                                    f.  John H. Grove   m.  Barbara A. Monk
10 December 1896                 by:  Calvin Talbott Mg
Lic #514
Charles Hake         25              Summoms          Hickory
                                      f.  George Hake     m.  Sarah Danner
Elizabeth Harris     25               Schuyler            Browning
                                      f.  ?                         m.  ?
5 December 1896                  by:  ?
Lic #515
James D. Skiles      24     McDonough      Rushville
                                   f.  Moses Skiles     m.  Louisa Mitchell
Lillian VanOrder     18      Rushville          Rushville
                                   f.  James VanOrder   m.  Frances Fowler
5 December 1896                  by:  W. H. Hodge J. P.

Lic #516
Newman Smith                  26     Chambersburg     Versailles
                  f.  Eli Smith                         m.  Elizabeth McDonald
Maggie J. Vandeventer     18      Brown Co.           Versailles
                  f.  William Vanderventer     m.  Maggie Curran
10 December 1896               by:  J. B. Horney M. G.
Lic #517
Ralph B. Easley         23             Buda               Rushville
                             f.  John H. Easley          m.  Alida McIntosh
Elizabeth Berry         22              Rushville         Rushville
                             f.  Frederick E. Berry     m.  Margaret  Milby
12 December 1896              by:  Edwin  L. Lord M. G.
Lic #518
Daniel D. Brennaman     30    Bader                         Browning
                    f.  Daniel Brennaman     m.  Mary
Lydia Briney                   38    Cedar Rapids, Iowa    Hickory
                    f.  John Briney                m.  Elizabeth Stambaugh
16 December 1896            by:  Soloman (Solomon) Stamy M. G.

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