*NOTE: Typed in the following order:  License Number (#); Groom's name, age; Bride's name age; if given: parent or parents {f  is father, m is mother} who gave consent will be put after the person; date of issue or ceremony; Who performs the ceremony.

*NOTE: J. P. is Justice of the Peace;  M. G. is Minister of God/Gospel.  I think Co. J. is County Judge.

*NOTE: Listed in order of Number (#).

*NOTE: Mrs. means she was married before.

*NOTE: Carol Miller donated this page.  I don't have a key for this page so some info maybe mixed up.  I made a educated guess on who was father (f) and mother m).  I will make the changes needed when I received the key.

August 15th - September 5th

Lic #599
Alexander Lenover         71         Ohio                  Bainbridge
                                 f.  John Lenover     m.  Malinda C.
Mrs. Sarah J. Herran       56        Center                Bainbridge
                                 f.  John Renn             m.  Sarah Young
15 August 1897                       by:  W. D. Blaylock 

Lic #600
Thomas H. VanOrder      24        Schuyler             Oakland
                    f.  Andrew J. VanOrder   m.  Bonser
Alice Montooth     20     Schuyler     Oakland
               f.  George Montooth        m.  Jane Elizabeth Sloan
15 August 1897                        by:  D. E. Hughes M. G.
Lic #601
Fred Persinger              21          Rushville           Rushville
                               f.  William Persinger     m.  Jennie Briggs
Fannie Strausbaugh     18           Rushville           Rushville
                               f.  John Strausbaugh     m.  Nina Settles
22 August 1897                       by:  D. E. Hughes M. G.
Lic #602
Obediah Griffith     25     Brooklyn     Brooklyn
                        f  Absalom Griffith   m  Sallie Ann Robinson
Anna F. Trone     22      Browning     Brooklyn
                                    f  Charles Trone   m  Rachel Gossage
23 August 1897                      by:  D. L. Mouring Co. J. 
Lic #603
William Law         21      Pike Co     Winchester, Scott Co, Ill
                                  f.  Erving  Law     m.  Sarilda Stevens
Florence Caiger   20      Green Co   Winchester, Scott Co, Ill
                                  f.  Nicholas Caiger    m.  Louisa Breed
24 August 1897                      by:  Stephen Robertson  M. G.
Lic #604
William Sumter     22       Pike Co          Chambersburg, Ill
                               f.  William Sumter     m.  Mariah Todd
Kate M. Morris       23       Pike Co        Chambersburg, Ill
                              f.  William Morris        m.  Mary F. Metz
26 Aug 1897                         by:  D. L. Mourning  Co. J.
Lic #605
Charles Norris     21         McDonough Co        Bethel Twp
                                     f.  Alec Norris          m.  Sallie Gamble
Ana Dewitt          16         McDonough Co         Bainbridge
                                     f.  George Dewitt     m.  Jane Elam
30 August 1897                   by:  D. L. Mourning  Co. J.
Lic #606
Thomas J. Maxwell Jr     22     St. Louis Mo      St. Louis Mo
                   f.  Thomas J. Maxwell Sr     m.  Adelia D. Sexton
Abbie E. McCreery          21      Rushville           Buenavista
                   f.  William R. McCreery        m.  Fannie Dunlap
1 September 1897              by:  J. B. Horney
Lic #607
Marian F. Hodges         36         Schuyler              Bainbridge
                       f.  Benjamin Hodges     m.  Temperance Evans
Sarah Belle Sassher     24         Kentucky             Bainbridge
                       f.  Therde Sassher        m.  Catherine McClure
5 September 1897              by:  W. D. Blaylock 

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