*NOTE: Typed in the following order: 
      *License Number (#).
      *Groom's name, age, residence (r.), place of birth (b.), groom's father  (f.), groom's mother's maiden name (m).
      *Bride's name, age, maiden name of widow (w), residence (r.), birth place (b.), bride's father name (f), bride's mother's maiden name (m).
      *If given: parent or parents {f  is father, m is mother} who gave  consent.
      *Date of issue or ceremony.
     *Who performs the ceremony.

*NOTE: J. P. is Justice of the Peace;  M. G. is Minister of God/Gospel.
*NOTE: Listed in order of Number (#).
*NOTE: Mrs. means she was married before.

Marriages Schuyler County 1890 - 1907
November 22nd - December 14th

Lic #930
J. Walter Montooth     20       r.  Oakland
                                                     b.  Oakland
                                                      f.  George Montooth
                                                    m.  Mary Sloan
Hattie Ashwood     19              r.  Browning
                                                     b.  Oakland
                                                      f.  Thomas Ashwood
                                                    m.  Sarah Aten
22 November 1899               by: John W. Solomon 

Lic #931
William S. Farwell     22        r.  Huntsville
                                                     b.  Huntsville
                                                      f.  Stoddard Farwell
                                                    m.  Ellen Wells
Mrs. Alta Alters     21             r.  Rawls Co, Mo
                                                     b.  Huntsville
                                                      f.  Meredith Youell
                                                    m.  Kate Scobie
23 November 1899               by:  Alex M. Campbell M. G.
Lic #932
Charles W. Nell     19              r.  Rushville
                                                     b.  Rushville
                                                      f.  George Nell
                                                    m.  (Henrietta) Orth
Lutie (Lucy) May Rebman  18     r.  Frederick
                                                     b.  Frederick
                                                      f.  Adam Rebman
                                                    m.  Lavinia Hill
26 November 1899               by:  W. H. Clark 
Lic #933
Paul Victor Lancaster 22      r.  Browning
                                                    b.  Browning
                                                     f.  John G. Lancaster
                                                   m.  Caroline Sherrill
Margaret Mitchell     19       r.  Bader
                                                    b.  Browning
                                                     f.  George W. Mitchell
                                                   m.  Nancy E. Venters
30 November 1899              by:  Thomas M. Dillon 
Lic #934
John H. Beaston     45           r.  Woodstock
                                                   b.  Bainbridge 
                                                    f.  John D. Beaston
                                                  m.  Margaret Cox
Lu Emma Brown     34          r.  Beardstown
                                                   b.  Bainbridge
                                                    f.  William H. Brown
                                                  m.  Margaret Garm
30 November 1899              by:  James A. Burchet M. G.
Lic #935
Leonard R. Mitchell     26    r.  Schuyler
                                                    b.  Browning
                                                     f.  Albert F. Mitchell
                                                   m.  Louisa Williams
Dollie May Grove     16         r.  Fulton Co
                                                    b.  Browning
                                                     f.  G. A. Grove
                                                   m.  Emma Danner
4 December 1899               by:  E. B. Dixson
Lic #936
Robert Earl McClelland  21    r.  Astoria
                                                  b.  Astoria
                                                  f.  John McClelland
                                                 m.  Pauline Maria Barthalow
Vada Odescor? Conner 19    r.  Scott Co
                                                     b.  Frederick
                                                      f.  William Barr Conner
                                                    m.  Hattie Ann Stewart
14 December 1899               by:  Thomas M. Dillon
Lic #937
Granville McCombs    25      r.  Browning
                                                     b.  Browning
                                                      f.  Alec McCombs
                                                    m.  Miller
Esther Robbins     18                r.  Brown Co
                                                      b.  Browning
                                                       f.  Edwin Robbins
                                                      m.  Withraw
12 December 1899              by:  Joseph M. Walton M. G.
Lic #938
Charles D. Campbell     19      r.  Augusta
                                                      b.  Augusta
                                                       f.  John Campbell
                                                     m.  Susan Mathews
Etta C. Little     20                   r.  Littleton
                                                      b.  Littleton
                                                       f.  James Little
                                                     m.  Anna Abbott
13 December 1899             by:  W. E. Rose 

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