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             *License Number (#).
             *Groom's name, age, residence (r.), place of birth (b.), groom's father (f.), groom's                   mother's maiden name(m).
             *Bride's name, age, maiden name of widow (w), residence (r.), birth place (b.),                         bride's father name (f), bride's mother's maiden name (m).
             *If given: parent or parents {f  is father, m is mother} who gave consent.
             *Date of issue or ceremony.
             *Who performs the ceremony.

*NOTE: J. P. is Justice of the Peace;  M. G. is Minister of God/Gospel.

*NOTE: Listed in order of Number (#).

*NOTE: Mrs. means she was married before.

Marriages Schuyler County 1890 - 1907
January 3rd - March 8th

Lic #1532
F. C. Ebert                            41     Indiana             Quincy
                                  f.  Charles Ebert
Mrs. Alice Alta VanOrder     29      Vermont, Ill      Rushville
                               f.  Abraham David     m.  Martha Toland
3 January 1905                            by:  H. V. Teel 

Lic #1533
Harry Spillers                     21     Schuyler     Canton
                                  f Isaac Spillers     m Sarah Jenkins
Effie Gibson                        19     Schuyler     Browning 
                               f Peter Gibson       m  Hannah McCombs
11 January 1905                            by:  W. C. Reno  JP
Lic #1534
Russ McNutt                   72     Indiana     Cedar Bluff, Nebr.
                                f David McNutt     m Melcha Beaucham
Mrs. Matilda Evaline Wilcox 71   Woodford Co, Ill     Browning
                                    f Thomas Dixon     m Cornelia Radclift
18 January 1905              by: W. C. Reno  J. P. 
Lic #1535
George A. Moore             42     Illinois     Schuyler
                                f Solomon Moore     m Sarah J. Logan
Mrs. Alice Williams          41     Illinois     Rushville
                                f Lloyd Hall              m Angeline Haffland
27 January 1905                     by:  P. C. Skiles Mg 
Lic #1536
James H. Holmes Jr           18      Camden     Camden
                      f James H. Holmes     m  Lydia A. Smith
Estella M. Shelts                16      Camden     Camden
                       f Phillip Shelts     m  Lena Phillips
28 January 1905              by:  Levi S. Marlow
Lic #1537
Carl W. Finch     22
Allie Crum     24
Lic #1537
Harry Beatty                   24     Rushville     Rushville
                                      f Charles Beatty    m Ellen Vancleave
Minnie Smith                 18     Rushville      Rushville
                                       f Amos Smith       m Martha Toland
11 February 1905                    by:  P. C. Skiles  Mg 
Lic #1538
James A. Hughbanks         25     Tennessee, Ill     Birmingham
                            f George Hughbanks     m  Martha Coziar
Myrtle E. Beck                    22     Bader                 Bader
                            f William Beck              m Ella  Moore
5 March 1905                      by:  David E. Baer Mg 
Lic #1539
Fred Miller                          20      Schuyler     Buenavista
                                           f John Miller    m Lizzie Green
Bard Miller                          19      Camden     Camden
                                            f John Miller    m Iola Anderson
8 March 1905                     by:  Levi S. Marlow J. P. 

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