1956 Illinois Honor Roll Those Buried In Schuyler County
Above pictures are left: Joel Robertson, Civil War; right: Dallas "Dal" Roudebush

1956 Illinois Honor Roll
Schuyler County, State of Illinois
By the Illinois Veterans' Commission

Honor Roll, State of Illinois, William G. Stratton, Governor

Illinois Veterans' Commission
Willard A. Manning, Administrator
Ralph B. Johnson, Assitant Administrator
James P. Ringley, Chairman
John S. Gleason, Jr.
William M. P. Smith

  Through legislation passed by the 68th General Assembly, the Illinois Veterans' Commission was charges with the responsibility of compiling, publishing, and distributing an up-to-date Honor Roll.  This Honor Roll includes the names, burial places, and other related information concerning all members of the Armed Forces of the United States buried in the State of Illinois.  The intenet of this legislation was to provide a record to assist in honoring our dead.
  This booklet contains the names of those veterans buried in this county prio to July 1, 1955. the burials are listed by cemetery and are as correct as possible.  In some instances it has been impossible to locate graves and available records have not always supplied needed information.
  The Illinois Veterans' Commission wishes to acknowlege the contribution made by the individual members of the various veteran organizations in obtaining the data contained in this publication.

October 1, 1956
by Authority of the State of Illinois

Note: If the info is in "()", it came from a Cemetery Book.
          If the info is in "{}", it was hand written on the page.

Link to each Cemetery's Listing from the 1956 Honor Roll
Bader Cemetery
Bethany Cemetery Bethol Cemetery Birmingham Cemetery
Blackburn Cemetery
Bluff City Cemetery
Bowling Cemetery
Brooklyn Cemetery
Browning Cemetery
Cady Cemetery
Calm (Palm?) Cemetery
Camden Cemetery
Cashman Cemetery
Christian Neck Cemetery
Cox Cemetery
Dron Cemetery
Ebenezer Cemetery
Gapen Cemetery
Gillette Cemetery
Good Hope Cemetery
Greenlief Cemetery
Hawkins Cemetery
Herche Cemetery
Hosmer Cemetery
Houstin Cemetery
Hughes Cemetery
Huntsville Cemetery
Johntee (Jonte) Cemetery
Langford Cemetery
Lawler Cemetery
Littleton Cemetery
Lynn Cemetery
Markey Cemetery
Marlow Cemetery
McHatton Cemetery
McKee Cemetery
Messerer Cemetery
Mitchell Cemetery
Moore Cemetery
Oakland Cemetery
Old Order Cemetery Palm Cemetery
Penn Cemetery
Persinger Cemetery
Phillips Cemetery
Pittenger Cemetery
Pleasant View Cemetery
Prather Cemetery
Pruett Cemetery
Ridgeville (New) Cemetery
Ridgeville (Old) Cemetery
Rushville City Cemetery
Seasley Cemtery
Serrott Cemetery
Sheldon's Grove Cemetery
Smith Cemetery
Sugar Grove Cemetery
Taylor Cemetery
Thompson Cemetery
Ward & Melvin Cemetery
Weightman Cemetery
West Camden Cemetery
White Oak Cemetery
Unknown Cemetery

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