Browning Couple Married Sixty Years Last Sunday

Browning Couple Married Sixty Years Last Sunday

  Sunday, January 12, 1941, was one of the best Sundays ever seen in any January, but for Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stambaugh of Browning township it was by far the best, for this day marked the sixtieth anniversary of their wedding, and they celebrated it with their children in an all-day family reunion and homecoming at their farm home, three miles northwest of Browning.
  All of these sixty years of happy married life, Mr. and Mrs. Stambaugh have spent in the Ridgeville community near Browning.  It was on Friday, January 12, 1881, that they were married in Browning by Rev. John P. Skiles, a Methodist minister.  Mrs. Stambaugh, in recalling their marriage, which she stated was at 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon, informed a Times reporter that she well remembered the event, for she said: "That new husband of mine tipped over the sleigh in which we were riding, after our marriage, and we both got a good wetting in a drift of snow."

  Both Mr. and Mrs. Stambaugh are enjoying good health, and they had one of the happiest days of their life on Sunday, welcoming the many members of their family and friends, who called to extend congratulations on this eventful day.

   Mr. Stambaugh, a son of Amos and Kathryn Stambaugh, was born at Hancock, York Co., Pa., October 17, 1859, and came with his parents to Illinois in 1865.

  At the age of twenty-one years he was united in marriage to Susan Robertson, a daughter of Alex and Sarah Robertson, who is a year younger than her husband, who observed his eighty-second birthday anniversary October 17, 1940.  Mrs. Stambaugh is a native of the Ridgeville neighborhood, where she was born August 23, 1860.

  Mr. and Mrs. Stambaugh are parents of the following children: Corban of near Rushville, Mrs. Oscar Mathis of Macomb, Mrs. Agnes Frew of Canton, Mrs. Bessie Patton of Littleton, Earl Stambaugh of Browning, and William Stambaugh of London Mills, all of whom were present Sunday, with the exception of the latter, to help their parents celebrate their happy anniversary.

  Following are the grandchildren and other relatives, who were also present for the celebration Sunday, and who enjoyed the bounteous cafeteria dinner served at the noon hour, and which was followed by a program of music and singing:

Fairview -- Mr. and Mrs. Dayle Mathis.

Havana -- Mr. and Mrs. Edward Clark and daughter.

Canton -- Earl Frew and sister, Rosilee.

Pleasant View -- Mrs. Louis Park, Ethel Park.

Astoria -- Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Stambaugh, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Danner, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Zeigler and her children, Ruth, Norma, and Homer, Keith Stambaugh.

Rushville -- Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Kirby, Edward Guy, Leroy and Jimmie Stambaugh, Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Stambaugh, Mr. and Mrs. Fern Hess and daughter.

Browning -- Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Stambaugh and children, Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Thornton, Amos Stambaugh, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wilson, and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Piper.

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