The pictures are taken of the land and buildings that Alva "Bob" Roudebush farmed.

Taken about 1943
Freeda Roudebush, Donna Toland, Geraldine Toland, Kenny Lee Toland, 
Betty Roudebush and Richard "Dick" Roudebush

Taken about 1943
Robert "Bobby" Roudebush, Richard "Dick" Roudebush, 
Kenny Lee Toland, Kenneth Toland, and Geraldine Toland

Taken about 1940
Horse Barn
John "Walter" Walter Montooth

Taken about 1950
Bank Barn

 Taken about 1955
Tool Shed (left door) and Coal Bin (right door)

Behind to the right: back of Garage and Milk Cooler

Behind to the left: Horse Barn, now Tractor Barn

Patty, Dana, and Barbara Roudebush

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