From: History of Schuyler County, Illinois; Schuyler County Jail and Historical Society; Rushville, Illinois; Published 1983; pages 502-504
  Allen Robertson (1841-1878)  was one of nine children born to William Robertson (1780-1867) and Elizabeth Kirtlin.  William was the son of Daniel Robertson who came to America from Scotland in the early 17th century to North Carolina.  William built the first cabin in Browning Township in what is now Section 16 in 1827.  Being a bee hunter and hunter of fur bearing animals, he made many canoe trips down the Illinois River to St. Louis to market his products of venison hams, honey, bees-wax and pelts.
  Elizabeth Kirtlin, a pioneer girl from Tennessee, walked from Scott County, Illinois to Beardstown, then only a town of a few log houses, to visit the Justus family whom she had known in Tennessee.  After learning the location of the Justus's from the ferry man at Beardstown, she secured transportation by horseback to their home.  They were operating a mill in Browning Township on the Sugar Creek {northside of the river - Beardstown is on the south}.  There she met William Robertson who frequently came to their mill.  They were married in 1830 being the first couple married in the township.  He was forty years of age, and she was eighteen.  Their children were George, John, Alexander, Katie, Daniel, Allen, Joel, Sarah, and Malcolm.
  Most of these brothers and sisters remained to make their homes in the Browning area.
  George, however,  went to Texas and served in the Confederate Army in the Civil War.
  Daniel, Joel and Allen served in the Union Army.  Daniel and Allen died young from hardships during the war years.  Accounts of the Alexander and Joel  Robertson families appear elsewhere in this volume of Schuyler County history.
  Allen (1841-1878) married Mariah Wisdom (1850-1923) and established a home near that settled by his father.  They parented Curtis, James, William and Carrie.  All children attended Ridgeville School and Ridgeville Church being closely associated with cousins living on adjoining farms.
  Curtis (1868-1951) married Ida Berry of Cedar City, Missouri.  When their sons Ross and William Hugh (Bob) were only teenagers, the family moved to New Mexico because of the mother's health.  There the father and sons worked on railroad and bridge construction until retirement.
  James (1870-1952) work in railroad car shops in Beardstown.  He married Hattie Wessel, a widow with two children Helen and Elmer.
  William (1872-1962) married Ella Gragg.  They too were farmers in the Ridgeville neighborhood and parents of seven girls.  They were Beulah, Bernice, Rita, June, Fannie, Wealtha and Carolyn.
  Beulah married George Smith, a farmer.  They adopted a son, Dale.
  Bernice, a teacher, married Wilbur Stauffer, a railroader. They had one son, William Kieth {Keith}.
  Rita, married Parker Lee who worked on the railroad.  They were parents of Dianne.
  June, a teacher, married Rankin Condit, a clothier in Astoria, {Fulton County} Illinois. They parented a daughter, Mary Margaret.   The latter had a degree in pediatrics and served her country receiving the Commission of Lieutenant Colonel in 1969.
  Wealtha died while an infant.
  Fannie married Jewell Anderson.  Their children are Mary Lee, Allen and Lawrence.
  Carrie (1874-1974) married Jefferson Ernest Skiles.  To them were born Faye, Allie, Clyde, Leisle {Leslie}, Freida and Winfield.  More will be found about these six children under  the name of Jefferson Ernest Skiles in this volume of Schuyler County History.
   The Robertsons of Browning Township were mostly Baptists.
  William, the first settler, his wife Elizabeth, two sons Daniel and Allen are buried in the Old Ridgeville Cemetery.

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