From: Schuyler County Illinois History, compiled in 1983 by the Schuyler County Jail Museum, printed by Taylor Publishing Co., Dallas Texas, Genealogy Section, page 339.
August Hess Family
   August Hess was born October 18, 1897 in Schuyler County one of twelve children born to George and Mary (Hughes) Hess.  George Hess came over from Germany with his parents, August and Catherine Hess, when he was eleven years old.
  The Hess family settled in Woodstock township and attended Lamoine Schools near Scotts Mill.  George died 7-24-1924 at the age of 62.  His wife Mary died 7-3-1924 at the age of 55.  Both are buried in Herche Cemetery in Woodstock township near Ripley.
  On November 22, 1924, August Hess married Florence Eckroy, daughter of John and Mary (Miltenburger) Eckroy.  Florence was born August 7, 1902 in Schuyler Co.  Florence had one brother, Winn born Feb. 27, 1896 and died in World War II in LaMons France.
  When Florence was six years old, her family moved from the Lusured Bottom in Brown County to the "John Rhinehart Farm" in Schuyler County.  Her parents milked sixteen or seventeen cows morning and night and separated the milk by hand.  The cream and butter was placed in an open well which had two buckets that has to be pulled up by hand.  They churned the butter in a barrel churn and made it into pound rolls, and sold it to Homer Strong's grocery store for fifty cents a pound.
  Once a week "Old Maude" the family horse would take the family to Ripley to Stout’s grocery store for supplies.
  The fall was time for apple butter making.  Lots of work as well as lots of fun took place on "apple peeling night."  The following day the apples were put in a big iron kettle with six or seven gallons of cider.  It was stirred for 1/2 day and sugar and cinnamon was added, then it was put in stone jars and sealed.  The wheat and oats was cut with a binder, shocked the wheat in bundles then threshed thru a thresh machine.  No fertilizer was used, no weed killer, clover was plowed under for fertilizer.
  August and Florence Hess lived in Woodstock township until 1978 when they sold their farm and purchased the Les Gains property in Rushville.  They attend the Free Methodist Church in Rushville.  They have one son, Ralph Russell Hess, born June 23, 1942.
  Ralph attended Bethel School in Woodstock Township and Memorial Chapel Church while growing up.  In June 1970 he married Ruby Krohe, daughter of Philip and Dollie (Jockisch) Krohe of Beardstown, Il.  Ruby is one of six children.  Ralph and Ruby Hess have two children, Jerry Lee born March 28, 1971 and Aaron August, born May 26, 1978.  They reside in Bainbridge township near Schy-Rush Lake on the former “Robert Goodwin” farm.  They attend the Church of the Nazarene in Beardstown, Il.

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