Christian Neck School

Taken mid 1950's.
Just off Highway 24 northeast of Rushville.
In the photo is Rolla Fulk, who went to school there.
His nieces and nephews and great neices and nephews also went there, 
last one graduating 8th grade in 1947.

Taken by the front door.
Kneeling, left to right: Ernest Payne; Robert Lee Marquis; Lester Burgard;
Robert Anderson.

2nd row, left to right: ?; Louisa Roudebush; Mary Ellen Marquis; Wanda Kalebaugh; 
Richard "Dick" Roudebush; Marion Burgard; ?.
3rd row, left to right: Rita Ralston; Joan Marquis; Marjorie Anderson;
Mary Ann Roudebush; 

Teacher, Miss Bartlow; Betty Roudebush; Louisa Vollmer; Homer Stambaugh.

Taken 1942-43 by the back (fire escape) door.
My Mother said when they played that under the stoop was always the jail.
Front row, left to right: ?; Don Neil; Keith Roudebush.
Next row, left to right: Marion Burgard; ?; ? ; ? Irwin; ?; ?; Louisa Roudebush.
Next row. left to right: Mary Ellen Marquis; ?; ? Hopkins; Rita Ralston; Lester Burgard; Richard "Dick" Roudebush; ? Irwin; ?.
Teacher: Mrs. Dean.
The key is messed up -- not sure if I have the names in right place.

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