Schuyler County
1861 Militia Roll Census
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List of ablebodied male citizens in Schuyler County, Illinois between the ages of 18-45 years subject to military duty.


Name Township of Registration Note
Nall, Charles N. Rushville Township
Nall, Henry Rushville Township
Nardin, James O. Woodstock Township
Naught, George Woodstock Township
Naught, James Woodstock Township
Neay, David Rushville Township
Neeley, J. G. Huntsville Township
Neff, John Huntsville Township
Neff, William Frederick Township
Neidy, Emanuel Littleton Township
Nelson, John Huntsville Township
Nelson, Frederic Rushville Township
Nelson, Teel Buena Vista Township
Nelson, W. A. Huntsville Township
Newall (Newell), F. M. Bainbridge Township
Newell, Michael Bainbridge Township
Newell, William Bainbridge Township
Newman, Peter L. Littleton Township
Nichols, George W. Littleton Township
Nichols, L. D. Buena Vista Township
Niell, James E. Rushville Township
Noble, A. L. Buena Vista Township Bio
Noble, Alford Camden Township
Noble, William L. Rushville Township
Noel, William Birmingham Township
Nooner, John Buena Vista Township
Norris, Robert Browning Township
Norton, Jacob Browning Township
Norton, John Rushville Township

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Name Township of Registration Note
O'Brien, Dennis Littleton Township
O'Dell, Alfred J. Littleton Township
O'Dell, Canada H. Littleton Township
O'Dell, Dewitt C. Littleton Township
O'Dell, John Camden Township
O'Dell, Warren S. Littleton Township
O'Donald, John Oakland Township
Operty, Raymond Woodstock Township
Orris, Robert Jo Browning Township
Osborn (Osborne), James Hickory Township
Owen, Ethan Oakland Township
Owen, Ethan Camden Township
Owen, George F. Buena Vista Township Bio
Owen, Harrison Oakland Township
Owen, Herman Camden Township
Owen, Ira Camden Township
Owen, Jacob Oakland Township
Owen, John Woodstock Township
Owen, Peter Brooklyn Township
Owen, Samuel A. Oakland Township
Overhaltzer, Christian Littleton Township
Overstreet, J. B. Huntsville Township

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Name Township of Registration Note
Paison, George Buena Vista Township
Pain (Paine), Thomas J. Littleton Township
Pain (Paine), William J. Littleton Township
Paisley, James Woodstock Township
Palmer, James Camden Township
Palmer, William Camden Township
Palmeter, Channcy Littleton Township
Pare, David Oakland Township
Pare, Josiah Oakland Township
Park, Joseph Brooklyn Township
Park, Overton Woodstock Township
Park, William Woodstock Township
Parker, Daniel Rushville Township
Parker, John W. Rushville Township
Parker, Thomas Hickory Township
Parker, Westly M. Bainbridge Township
Parkinson, George Browning Township
Parr, John Littleton Township
Parris, Jessee Woodstock Township
Parrish, Charles Rushville Township
Parrott, Benjamin Buena Vista Township
Parrott, James Rushville Township
Parrott, Josiah Rushville Township
Parrott, Thomas P. Buena Vista Township
Patenbrinder, August Woodstock Township
Paterson (Patterson), Robert Woodstock Township
Patten, Francis M. Woodstock Township
Patterson, Charles Buena Vista Township
Patterson, John E. S. Oakland Township
Patterson, Robert Huntsville Township
Payton, Augustus Oakland Township
Peacock, Elijah Birmingham Township
Peckenpaw, John Bainbridge Township
Peeler, Samuel Rushville Township
Pelsor, G. W. Buena Vista Township
Pelsor, John Camden Township
Pemberton, Ephriam J. Oakland Township
Pemberton, Henry C. Oakland Township
Pemberton, Jesse W. Oakland Township
Pendarus, A. R. A. Birmingham Township
Pendleton, William Huntsville Township
Pennington, Alexander Littleton Township
Pennington, James Littleton Township
Pennington, Henry Littleton Township
Peregoy, Jacob Buena Vista Township
Perkins, Andrew J. Oakland Township
Pershing, Charles P. Littleton Township
Presinger, Liberty G. Woodstock Township
Pestle, Jacob Brooklyn Township
Peter, Augustus Buena Vista Township
Peter, Forie Browning Township
Peterson, Benjamin Camden Township
Petrez, Wittiem Camden Township
Pettygrew (Pettigrew), Henry Browning Township
Pettygrew (Pettigrew), James M. Browning Township Bio
Pettyjohn, Jerome Huntsville Township
Phelps, Charles Birmingham Township
Phelps, John Browning Township
Phillips, A. Huntsville Township
Phillips, Asahel Oakland Township
Phillips, Alfred Bainbridge Township
Phillips, Benjamin Frederick Township
Phillips, Daniel Oakland Township
Phillips, George Huntsville Township
Phillips, James Browning Township
Phillips, Nathan S. Browning Township
Phillips, Peter Oakland Township
Phillips, Robert H. Rushville Township
Phillips, Samuel Oakland Township
Phillips, Zebulon Huntsville Township
Pierson, Edward Bainbridge Township
Pierson, John Bainbridge Township
Pilgrim, Martin Bainbridge Township
Pitman, Barel, D. Littleton Township
Pittenger, Charles Frederick Township
Pittinger (Pittenger), John Oakland Township
Pittinger (Pittenger), Samuel Oakland Township
Pittman, Sanford Littleton Township
Plunkett, William Camden Township
Poe, Virgil Huntsville Township
Points, John A. Camden Township
Points, John B. Camden Township
Pollock, William Littleton Township
Pool, Amos B. Buena Vista Township
Post, Lewis Hickory Township
Potts, Charles Rushville Township
Potts, George Rushville Township
Potts, George W. Rushville Township
Potts, W. W. Rushville Township
Potts, Wilson Rushville Township
Powers, John Bainbridge Township
Prather, A. W. Brooklyn Township
Prather, Riley Hickory Township
Predmore, George Bainbridge Township
Presson, Joseph Rushville Township
Preston, Barnet Littleton Township
Preston, Mark Littleton Township
Price, Henry Huntsville Township
Price, Henry Rushville Township
Price, John Rushville Township
Price, Stephen Camden Township
Prunty, Joel Huntsville Township
Prunty, Robert Birmingham Township
Punkett, John Camden Township
Purdam, Mashar Brooklyn Township
Purdam, Samuel Brooklyn Township
Purdy, John Hickory Township
Purkins, David Browning Township
Purkins, John Browning Township
Putman, W. B. G. Buena Vista Township

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Name Township of Registration Note
Queen, William Huntsville Township
Queenouer, Benjamin Huntsville Township
Quinlan, Barney Frederick Township
Quinlan, John Camden Township
Quinn, John Oakland Township
Quinn, Mason Littleton Township
Quinn, Salathiel Woodstock Township
Quinn, Thomas Rushville Township
Quinn, William Littleton Township

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Name Township of Registration Note
Race, Moses Frederick Township
Ragan, George W. Birmingham Township
Ralls, William C. Brooklyn Township
Ramey (Ramsey?), Elijah Huntsville Township
Ramsey, George W. Rushville Township
Ramsey, William Rushville Township
Randall, Richard R. Littleton Township
Rannell, Samuel Brooklyn Township
Raper, R. C. Littleton Township
Raper, Smith M. Littleton Township
Rawson, William Bainbridge Township
Ray, Adam Hickory Township
Ray, Charles Buena Vista Township
Raymond, C. F. Birmingham Township
Raymond, Ellis Birmingham Township
Raymond, Gabriel Birmingham Township
Raymond, John B. Birmingham Township
Raymond, John W. Birmingham Township
Reaves, Noble Rushville Township
Reddick, John J. Woodstock Township
Redman, John Jr. Frederick Township
Redman, Joseph T. Rushville Township
Reed, James Birmingham Township
Reed, Joseph Brooklyn Township
Reed, Thomas K. Birmingham Township
Reese, Robert Buena Vista Township
Reeve, S. A. Bainbridge Township
Ren, Harry C. Frederick Township
Ren, John W. Jr. Frederick Township
Ren, Johnson Frederick Township
Ren, William Frederick Township
Reno, G. W. Browning Township
Reno, John Hickory Township
Reno, Louis B. Browning Township
Reno, Nathan T. Browning Township
Reno, O. R. S. Bainbridge Township
Reno, Thomas T. Browning Township
Reno, William C. Browning Township Bio
Reynolds, James Bainbridge Township
Rhoades, Isaac Woodstock Township
Rhoades, Jackson Woodstock Township
Rice, Jacob Camden Township
Rice, Samuel Frederick Township
Rice, William Frederick Township
Rich, Pierce Oakland Township
Richards, Josiah Camden Township
Richardson, Jerry Frederick Township
Richardson, William Camden Township
Riddeck, George H. Bainbridge Township
Riddle, John Bainbridge Township
Ridenger, George Camden Township
Ridenger, Jesse Camden Township
Ridenour, J. L. Birmingham Township
Ridings, David Woodstock Township
Ridings, J. E. Woodstock Township
Ridings, William Woodstock Township
Riggs, Andrew J. Camden Township
Right (Wright?), Smith Rushville Township
Rigsbee, George Brooklyn Township
Rigsbee, Marion C. Brooklyn Township
Rinehart, Phillip Rushville Township
Rink (Rinke), W. N. Huntsville Township
Rinke, W. H. Huntsville Township
Ripeto, James Buena Vista Township
Riley, Benson Bainbridge Township
Riley, George W. Woodstock Township
Riley, Isaac Woodstock Township
Riley, John Woodstock Township
Riley, Mitchell W. Woodstock Township
Riley, Timothy Rushville Township
Ritchey, A. B. Littleton Township
Ritchey, Jacob Buena Vista Township
Rittenhouse, Enoch Bainbridge Township
Rittenhouse, Henry Bainbridge Township
Rittenhouse, William Bainbridge Township
Ritter, Daniel Huntsville Township
Roach, John M. Birmingham Township
Roach, Levi Birmingham Township
Roades, M. E. Woodstock Township
Roberts, Charles Huntsville Township
Roberts, D. M. Huntsville Township
Roberts, George W. Birmingham Township
Roberts, John F. Birmingham Township
Roberts, Mournem W. Buena Vista Township
Roberts, Thomas Oakland Township
Roberts, William Bainbridge Township
Roberts, William Woodstock Township
Roberts, William Huntsville Township
Roberts, William C. Littleton Township
Robertson, Alexander Browning Township
Robertson, Allen W. Browning Township
Robertson, Daniel Browning Township
Robertson, J. W. Bainbridge Township
Robertson, John Browning Township
Robertson, William Browning Township
Robeson, Edward Brooklyn Township
Robeson, James M. Birmingham Township
Robeson, William Birmingham Township
Robins, Francis Woodstock Township
Robins, John Woodstock Township
Robins, W. J. Hickory Township
Robinson, Albert Rushville Township
Robinson, George Oakland Township
Robinson, John Oakland Township
Robinson, Lyman Oakland Township
Robinson, Nimrod Brooklyn Township
Robinson, Samuel Brooklyn Township
Rolland, William Frederick Township
Roney, John Woodstock Township
Rose, Samuel J. Hickory Township
Rose, Warren P. Rushville Township
Rose, William B. Rushville Township
Ross, Watson F. Buena Vista Township
Roudawalt, Charles Brooklyn Township
Rouser, George Rushville Township
Royiser (Royster?), William Huntsville Township
Royster, J. J. Brooklyn Township
Ruark, A. G. Rushville Township
Ruark, McHenry Browning Township
Ruble, Jacob B. Brooklyn Township
Rucker, A. J. Rushville Township
Rucker, Ezikel Rushville Township
Runkle, John P. Buena Vista Township
Rupell, Isaac Rushville Township
Ruth, Jacob Rushville Township
Ryan, John Buena Vista Township
Ryan, William Frederick Township

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Name Township of Registration Note
Sackman, George Hickory Township
Sackman, John Hickory Township
Sackman, Leonard Hickory Township
Sanders, Thomas Woodstock Township
Sandford, John Rushville Township
Sandidge, Daniel Oakland Township
Sandidge, William Oakland Township
Sands, William Buena Vista Township
Sanford, Farmer Huntsville Township
Sanford, George Huntsville Township
Sanford, Volney Rushville Township
Sankey, George Woodstock Township
Sapp, Adam Birmingham Township
Sapp, David Birmingham Township
Sapp, Isaac Birmingham Township
Sapp, J. N. Huntsville Township
Sapp, John W. Birmingham Township
Sapp, N. F. Birmingham Township
Sapp, N. J. Birmingham Township
Sapp, S. R. Birmingham Township
Sapp, William P. Birmingham Township
Sargent, John Buena Vista Township
Satean, John T. Buena Vista Township
Sawtel, William H. Birmingham Township
Saylor, W. B. Buena Vista Township
Schoonover, Henry Brooklyn Township
Schramm, Frederic Woodstock Township
Schramm, Henry Woodstock Township
Schramm, Phillip Woodstock Township
Schramm, William Woodstock Township
Schroder, William Oakland Township
Scott, Charles Brooklyn Township
Scott, Charles Huntsville Township
Scott, Hiram Birmingham Township
Scott, James Rushville Township
Scott, John Huntsville Township
Scott, Peter B. Browning Township
Scott, Richard Rushville Township
Scott, Serleg Woodstock Township
Scott, Solomon Brooklyn Township
Scott, W. R. Huntsville Township
Scott, William B. Rushville Township
Scott, William W. Woodstock Township
Scripps, George H. Buena Vista Township
Scripps, George W. Buena Vista Township Bio
Scripps, John C. Rushville Township
Scripps, John M. Buena Vista Township
Scripps, William A. Buena Vista Township
Seabright, John Huntsville Township
Seargent (Sargent), James Rushville Township
Sechrist, Samuel Oakland Township
Seeley, Albert Rushville Township
Seeley, J. M. Rushville Township
Seeley, John J. Rushville Township
Seeley, Wallace Buena Vista Township
Seeley, James W. Buena Vista Township
Seeley, N. B. Buena Vista Township
Seiburn, Jacob Buena Vista Township
Sell, David Birmingham Township
Sell, Henry N. Birmingham Township
Sell, Jacob Birmingham Township
Sellars, Albert Littleton Township
Sellars, Andrew Littleton Township
Sellars, Andrew Littleton Township
Sellars, George Littleton Township
Sellars, John Littleton Township
Sellars, John Oakland Township
Sellars, John E. Littleton Township
Sellars, Leroy Littleton Township
Sellars, William H. Oakland Township
Serrott, John Woodstock Township
Serrott, Leonard Woodstock Township
Serrott, Marcus Woodstock Township
Settles, Davie Browning Township
Settles, Gilderoy Browning Township
Severns, Lemuel Hickory Township
Seward, Garrett Littleton Township
Shafer (Shaffer), Benjamin F. Camden Township
Shafer (Shaffer), H. M. Brooklyn Township
Shaffer (Shafer), Louis B. Browning Township
Shank (Shanks), Jacob Huntsville Township
Shanks (Shank), George Brooklyn Township
Shanks (Shank), William Brooklyn Township
Sharp, Green B. Brooklyn Township
Sharron, William Birmingham Township
Shaw, David Hickory Township
Shaw, Libert Browning Township
Shawgo, George Browning Township
Shean, John Woodstock Township
Shearn, William Browning Township
Sheldon, Byron Hickory Township
Shephard, Robert Buena Vista Township
Sherrill, Isaac Hickory Township
Shields, Benjamin Oakland Township
Shirk, Abraham Littleton Township
Shirrell (Sherrill), A. C. Browning Township
Shirrell (Sherrill), Leonard Browning Township Bio
Shirrell (Sherrill), William Browning Township
Shirtliff, Eli Camden Township
Shore, Simon P. Rushville Township
Shoultz, Charles Hickory Township
Shren, Washington Bainbridge Township
Shular, Amos Birmingham Township
Shular, John A. Birmingham Township
Shupe, William K. Woodstock Township
Shusley, Aaron Littleton Township
Shusley, Daniel Littleton Township
Shusley, Josiah Littleton Township
Sidebotham, J. H. Buena Vista Township
Sidener, G. P. Huntsville Township
Silsby, Gilson Rushville Township
Simpson, Alexander Buena Vista Township
Simpson, George Rushville Township
Simpson, Lemuel L. Birmingham Township
Simpson, Samuel Rushville Township
Simpson, William Rushville Township
Simpson, William F. Rushville Township
Sims, M. C. Huntsville Township
Sims, John Huntsville Township
Sinclair, John Woodstock Township
Sipe (Sipes), John Hickory Township
Sipes (Sipe), , Joseph Rushville Township
Slack, Josiah Camden Township
Slack, N. G. Buena Vista Township
Sloan, James Littleton Township
Sloate Arthur Rushville Township
Slauter, Charles Woodstock Township
Skaggs, James Woodstock Township
Skiles, George M. Frederick Township
Skiles, P. C. Browning Township
Skiles, Thomas J. Browning Township
Skiles, William C. Browning Township
Skiles, William C. Jr. Browning Township
Skiles, William T. Rushville Township
Smedley, John M. Bainbridge Township
Smedley, Thomas J. Bainbridge Township
Smedley, William A. Bainbridge Township
Smith, A. N. Frederick Township
Smith, Alexander Woodstock Township
Smith, Benjamin Woodstock Township
Smith, Clarke Buena Vista Township
Smith, Conrad Woodstock Township
Smith, Daniel Bainbridge Township
Smith, Daniel Woodstock Township
Smith, Daniel Woodstock Township
Smith, Franklin Woodstock Township
Smith, G. W. Birmingham Township
Smith, Henry A. Birmingham Township
Smith, Hezekiah Frederick Township
Smith, John Bainbridge Township
Smith, Joseph Bainbridge Township
Smith, L. C. Hickory Township
Smith, M. H. Rushville Township
Smith, Peter F. Camden Township
Smith, William Woodstock Township
Smithers, Charles W. Rushville Township
Smithers, George W. Rushville Township
Smithers, James H. Rushville Township
Smithers, Samuel F. Rushville Township
Snider, David H Littleton Township
Snider, James Littleton Township
Snider, M. O. Littleton Township
Snider, William Littleton Township
Snowden, David Oakland Township
Snyder, Frederic H. Birmingham Township
Snyder, G. E. Buena Vista Township
Snyder, George Birmingham Township
Snyder, John Buena Vista Township
Snyder, Joseph W. Buena Vista Township
Snyder, Ephraim L. Littleton Township
Snyder, William P. Littleton Township
Sorrell, George Hickory Township
Soward, Michael Hickory Township
Sowers, Daniel Rushville Township
Sowers, Michael Rushville Township
Spangler, Martin Birmingham Township
Sparks, B. W. Birmingham Township
Sparks, Edward Bainbridge Township
Sparks, Fountain Rushville Township
Sparks, Hamilton Rushville Township
Sparks, James F. Buena Vista Township
Sparks, John B. Buena Vista Township
Sparks, William R. Frederick Township
Spencer, Edward Woodstock Township
Spillar (Spiller), John Frederick Township
Spiva, Andrew Littleton Township
Spiva, James Huntsville Township
Spoonemore, John Browning Township
Sprigg, T. C. Huntsville Township
Stacker, Abram C. Brooklyn Township
Stadler, Lucus Camden Township
Stambach (Stambaugh), Henry Oakland Township
Stambaugh, Abram Browning Township
Stambaugh, Alford Browning Township
Stambaugh, Michael Browning Township
Stanley, Enoch Woodstock Township
Stanley, Samuel Woodstock Township
Starr, Edward Rushville Township
Starr, Isaac Buena Vista Township
Starr, Richard Buena Vista Township
Starr, Robert Buena Vista Township
Starr, William T. Buena Vista Township
Stedman, David Browning Township
Stedman, John Browning Township
Stedman, Martin E. Browning Township
Stein, John Brooklyn Township
Stein, John E. Birmingham Township
Stephens (Stevens), Caleb Bainbridge Township
Stephens (Stevens), Daniel Baianbridge Township
Stephens (Stevens), Ebenezar Woodstock Township
Stephens (Stevens), George W. Bainbridge Township
Stephens (Stevens), Isaac Buena Vista Township
Stephens (Stevens), John Bainbridge Township
Stephenson (Stevenson), William M. Bainbridge Township
Stephenson, James Rushville Township
Stevens (Stephens), Eli Bainbridge Township
Stevens (Stephens), John M. Bainbridge Township
Stevens (Stephens), William Birmingham Township
Stevenson (Stephenson), William Buena Vista Township
Stewart, John Hickory Township
Stodgill, William Littleton Township
Stokes, Brenton Brooklyn Township
Stone, A. C. Woodstock Township
Stone, Benega Brooklyn Township
Stone, John Huntsville Township
Stone, Lauree Camden Township
Stoneking, Jacob Bainbridge Township
Stoneking, Samuel Brooklyn Township
Stoneking, Washington Bainbridge Township
Stoner, A. E. Birmingham Township
Stoner, Daniel Birmingham Township
Stoop (Stoops), Permeneas Browning Township
Stoops (Stoop), , Jerimiah Browning Township
Stott, John Rushville Township
Strate, Silas H. Littleton Township
Strausbaugh, Abraham Rushville Township
Streeter, W. H. Rushville Township
Stremble, George Woodstock Township
Stremble, Jacob Woodstock Township
Strong, Enos Rushville Township
Strong, George W. Bainbridge Township
Strong, N. D. Huntsville Township
Strong, Stephen Browning Township
Strong, Thomas L. Rushville Township
Strong, Webster Huntsville Township
Stroops, John Browning Township
Stuart, James Birmingham Township
Stuart, Milton W. Rushville Township
Stuart, Robert Rushville Township
Stucker, A. J. Birmingham Township
Stucker, Thomas N. Birmingham Township
Stutesman, John S. Woodstock Township
Suddith (Suddeth), William Bainbridge Township
Suddith (Suddeth), William H. Bainbridge Township
Swan, Jason W. Brooklyn Township
Sweeney, Charles H. Rushville Township
Swicegood, John F. Birmingham Township
Swift, Charles Browning Township
Swift, John Oakland Township
Swift, Horace Oakland Township
Swift, Philedus Oakland Township
Swink, George Oakland Township
Swink, John Oakland Township
Swisher, Solomon Woodstock Township
Sylvester, Amos Rushville Township
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