Cyrus L. DeWitt

From: "Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois Illustrated 1908, edited by Newton Bateman, LL. D. and Paul Selby, A. M., Volume II, Schuyler County", edited by Howard F. Dyson, pages 814, a Reprinted by Stevens Publishing Company, Astoria, Illinois 61501, 1970, is sold by the Schulyer County Historical Society, Rushville, Illinois.
  DeWitt, Cyrus L. - Of the men whose half-century of experience has been centered in Schuyler County, none express in more forcible language the value of homely, sterling virtues  than Cyrus L. DeWitt.  The industry, honesty and public-spiritedness of this well-to-do retired citizen of Rushville, has been a source of unfailing pride to his fellow townmen for many years, and his rise from small beginnings, and with comparatively meager early advantages, has been an inspiration to many of the youth of the present generation.  Mr. DeWitt was born in the then very small village of Littleton, Schuyler County, December 20, 1857, and his early influences were such as to bring out the best traits of his character.  Of his father, Rev. James DeWitt, an old time Methodist Episcopal clergyman, mention is made elsewhere in this work {pages 814-815}.
  Mr. DeWitt received his preliminary training in the public school of Littleton, and, what was better, acquired a taste for learning which has increased steadily with the passing years.  He remained on his father's farm until about twenty years of age, in 1887 locating on a rented farm near Littleton, where he engaged in general farming and stock-raising until his marriage, February 1, 1888, to Bertha McKee, daughter of William McKee, one of the successful and honored pioneers of Schuyler County.  Mrs. DeWitt was born near Rushville, Ill., July 2, 1863, and was educated in the public schools.  the young people began housekeeping on the old McKee homestead, in Section 18, Rushville Township, making that their home, and devoting its 320 acres to produce and stock-raising until Mr. DeWitt retired from farming and purchased his present beautiful and costly home in Rushville in the fall of 1906.  Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt are the parents of one daughter, Helen, born Oct. 27, 1895.  As a result of his unremitting industry and good judgement, he now is the owner of 160 acres in Littleton Township, 100 acres in Rushville Township, a part of which lies in the town of rushville.  William McKee died several years ago, and his wife, who now is in her eighty-third year, is living with Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt.  Mrs. McKee retains her faculties practically unimpaired, and delights in recalling the pioneer days of which she was an impoetant and industrious part.
  In addition to his substantial success as a farmer, Mr. DeWitt has achieved notice in the community in a variety of ways, and at the present time is General Superintendent of the Grange Telephone Company, the most extensive telephone organization in Schuyler County.  He was one of the organizers and a charter member of this organization, and its present excellent standing speaks well for the enterprise and practical interests of its present Superintendent.  Although stanchly in favor of Republican principles and issues, he has steadfastly refused official honors, preferring the duties which have lain closer at hand, and which are less variable in their demands upon his time and strength.  He is a keen appreciator of the advantages of fraternal associations, and has been a member of the Masons for many years.  Education, ethics, good roads, charitable organizations and county interests in general, have received his earnest and practical support, and his advice regarding importantissues in the community ever has been sound, far-sighted and worthy of confidence.  Many good deeds and many disinterested kindnesses are attributed to him, and his name stands for the strong character and worth of the community.

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