Schuyler County Death Certificates plus genealogy info
Researched and Compiled by Lavina Walton

Sorted by: Surname, First Middle.
If no county or state included in a column means it's in Schuyler County, Illinois.

"**" means that person was single.
"*" means that space was blank or unknown.

"Wives" in the Spouse column are written as their maiden names.
*NOTE: Remember Death Place doesn't always mean where they lived.  
Rushville Twp. has the Town of Rushville and it's hospital, Sarah Culbertson Memorial Hospital.
People also stay with relatives or friends when ill.

Birth Date
 & Place

Death Date
& Place

Father &
Birth Place

Mother &
Birth Place

Info Giver
Cable, Rachel
Daniel Cable
Browning Twp.

Jonathan Kessler,
Catherine Garber,
Old Order, Mud Valley Cemetery, ?
Isaac Cable
Cert. info
Luanna Stillman

1. William H. (Stillman?);
 2. ? Cady

Camden Twp.

Camden Twp.

James A. West,
Mary Goodwin,

Camden Twp.
Mrs. Herman Fetch
Cert. info
Ora Ansel

Hada Burmood
Camden Twp.

Camden Twp.

William H. Cady,

Luanna Stillman West,
Camden Twp.
Camden Twp.
Herman Cady
Cert. info
Samuel Oscar

Ruthie Elvira Portwood
Green Co., IL

Camden Twp.

John Cagle, NC
Mary Mulk, NC
Rushville City Cemetery
Robert O. Portwood
Cert. info


County Home

John M. Cagle, SC
Mary Mills,
Schuyler Co., IL

Messerer Cemetery
James W. Cagle
Cert. info
Cain, Aaron
Susan Amanda Simpson
02-23-1834 Coshocton Co., Ohio
12-21-1924 Huntsville Twp.
Enos Cain
Nancy Welling
Mt. Horab Cemetery, Adams Co., IL
C. E. Cain
Cert. info
Cain, Charles Emery
Dora Dell
09-17-1862 Augusta, Hancock Co., IL
06-14-1934 Huntsville Twp.
Aaron Cain, Coshocton Co., Ohio
Susan Amanda Simpson, Indiana
Mt. Horab Cemetery, Adams Co., IL
Dora B. Cain
Cert. info
Cain, Dorothy
Calvin L. Cain
11-25-1879 Villa Ridge, Pulaski Co., IL
06-03-1917 Rushville Twp.
Orrin Lufkin, Portland, Maine
Jennie Winter, Dayton, Ohio
Rushville City Cemetery
Mrs. Jennie Lufkin
info given by mother, Cert. info
Cain, Susan Amanda
Aaron Cain
01-26-1842 IN
09-06-1924 Huntsville Twp.
Jacob Simpson, Indiana
Mt. Horab Cemetery, Adams Co., IL
Charles E. Cain
Cert. info
Caldwell, James Wright
Jennie Horton
10-14-1851 Georgetown, Indiana
01-18-1929 Littleton Twp.
Daniel Caldwell, VA
Elizabeth Rysinger, KY
Littleton Cemetery
Jennie Caldwell
Cert. info
Caldwell, Lewis Carl
06-04-1920 Near Industry, Littleton Twp.
06-04-1920 Littleton Twp.
Harold Caldwell
Beulah Pickenpaugh, Camden Twp.
Littleton Cemetery
John S. Caldwell
Cert. info
Caldwell, Nellie
Ross Caldwell
01-31-1883 Farmington, Iowa
01-12-1930 Littleton Twp.
Hugh Swearinger, Fulton Co., IL
Mary Toland, McDonough Co., IL
Industry Cemetery,  McDonough Co., IL
Ross Caldwell
Cert. info
Callison, John Logan
Elizabeth "Eliza" Ann Smith
08-23-1836 Schuyler Co., IL
02-22-1916 Camden Twp.
William Callison, Lincoln Co., KY
Martha Davis, VA
Rushville City Cemetery
Sidney R. Callison
BIO, Cert. info
Callison, Mary Margaret
03-08-1916 Schuyler Co., IL
03-10-1916 Camden Twp.
Charles Callison, Schuyler Co., IL
Minnie Merritt, Camden Twp.
King Cemetery
Charles E. Shelts
Cert. info
Cameron, Blanche Alice
Thomas Cameron
01-17-1860 Rushville Twp.
03-26-1931 Woodstock Twp.
Amos Travis, KY
Harriett Newberry, Ohio
Rushville City Cemetery
Mrs. E. C. Krohe
Cert. info
Cameron, Robert Franklin
Sarah Addie Huffman
06-15-1923 Rushville Twp.
Thomas Cameron
Nettie Northern
Ripley Cemetery, Brown Co., IL
Cert. info
Camp, Louisa
Peter S. Camp
03-10-1853 Fulton Co., IL
07-10-1923 Browning Twp.
John Rogers, Tennessee
Lida (Lydia) Veach, Tennessee
Browning Cemetery
Mrs. Dess Saul
Camp, Peter S.
Louisa Rogers
06-22-1839 Zaneville, Ohio
03-10-1920 Browning Twp.
Joseph Camp, Ohio
Elizabeth Parker, Ohio
Browning Cemetery
Mrs. Fred Saul
Cert. info
Camp, Robert Benton
02-09-1916 IL
03-31-1916 Oakland Twp.
Alva Camp
Anna Benton
Salem Cemetery, Fulton Co., IL
Henry Benton
Cert. info
Campbell, Amanda Brook
Oscar Campbell
03-13-1855 Louden Co., VA
10-13-1920 Schuyler Co., IL
Lewis Legg, Louden Co., VA
Melvina Finch, Louden Co., VA
Hughes Cemetery
Hughes Cemetery
Cert. info
Campbell, Austin
12-07-1854 Greene Co., IL
06-17-1917 Browning Twp.
William R. Campbell, Scott Co., VA
Catherine E. Whiteside, Greene Co., IL
Rushville City Cemetery
Mrs. Austin Campbell
Get obit, Cert. info
Campbell, Charles Wesley
Elizabeth Bates
02-07-1858 Browning Twp.
06-11-1927 Browning Twp.
Nancy Jane Campbell
Browning Cemetery
Frank Himmel
Cert. info
Campbell, Elizabeth
Joseph Willison Campbell
04-06-1849 Schuyler Co., IL
04-20-1933 Rushville Twp.
John McNeeley, Scotland
Elizabeth "Betsy" J. McNew, Ireland
Good Hope Cemetery
Otis Campbell
Cert. info
Campbell, Mrs. Ella Peter Lyle Campbell 12-12-1850, Schuyler Co., IL 02-18-1923 Rushville Twp. William Hawkins, VA Margaret Ransom, KA Rushville City Cemetery Lyle Campbell Cert. info
Campbell, Emma
Stewart Campbell
03-12-1859 IL
04-16-1929 Buena Vista Twp.
Hugh Hatfield
Louisa Swan
Rushville City Cemetery
Nellie Campbell
Cert. info
Campbell, Florence Virginia
George C. Campbell
04-29-1857 Rushville Twp.
09-16-1927 Schuyler Co., IL
Samuel R. Wilson
Susan C. ?, Indiana
Rushville City Cemetery
Alice Slack
Cert. info
Campbell, Harriet
1. George W. Campbell; 2. Thomas Campbell
11-07-1851 IL
09-28-1923 Browning Twp.
Peter Pittenger
Tabitha Walton, Tennessee
Bader Cemetery
George Campbell
Cert. info
Campbell, infant female
01-16-1930 Schuyler Co., IL
01-16-1930 Schuyler Co., IL
Lile (Lyle?) R. Campbell
Lily R. Burnsides
Sands Cemetery, ?
Lile R. Campbell
Campbell, infant son
04-27-1924 Rushville Twp.
04-27-1924 Rushville Twp.
Valentine Campbell, Schuyler Co., IL
Julia Croxton, Schuyler Co., IL
Good Hope Cemetery
Valentine Campbell
info given by father
Campbell, John Henry
03-05-1932 Schuyler Co., IL
12-30-1932 Brooklyn Twp.
Gene T. Campbell, Schuyler Co., IL
Florence Mary Icenogle, Schuyler Co., IL
Blackburn Cemetery
Gene T. Campbell
Cert. info
Campbell, Joseph Willison
Martha Ann Teel
01-29-1843 Armstrong Co., PA
02-25-1917 Schuyler Co., IL
Joseph Campbell, Armstrong Co., PA
Elizabeth Hollabaugh, PA
Good Hope Cemetery
George Campbell
Civil War: Co. D, 115th IL Inf., Cert. info
Campbell, Mildred Maxine
10-02-1927 Galesburg, Knox Co., IL
07-16-1931 Rushville Twp.
Charles Campbell, Honeywell, MO
Hazel Stevens, Clayton, Adams Co., IL
Southside Cemetery, Clayton, Adams Co., IL
Mrs. Hazel Campbell
Cert. info
Campbell, Peter Lyle
Ella Hawkins
12-19-1850 Schuyler Co., IL
02-03-1923 Rushville Twp.
Stephen Campbell
Mary Kathleen High, Ohio
Rushville City Cemetery
Guy Miller
Cert. info
Campbell, Ruth Jean
01-14-1919 Camden Twp.
04-28-1919 Camden Twp.
Raymond W. Campbell
Hallie Short
Weightman Cemetery
Mark Campbell
Cert. info
Campbell, Ruth Lawler
12-28-1895 Schuyler Co., IL
01-09-1919 Woodstock Twp.
Lewis E. Campbell, Schuyler Co., IL
Nancy Lawler, Schuyler Co., IL
Serrot Cemetery
Sarah Lawler
Mother's OBIT, Cert. info
Campbell, Stewart
Emma Hatfield
07-01-1857 IL
07-27-1931 Buena Vista Twp.
George Washington Campbell, Marietta, Ohio
Laura A. Neill, Marietta, Ohio
Rushville City Cemetery
Nellie C. Campbell
Cert. info
Campbell, William Charles
Mary ?
12-28-1875 IL
01-14-1926 Bainbrdge Twp.
Nathan Campbell
Tieldon, Illinois
Cert. info
Canida, Homer
01-13-1903 Birmingham Twp.
01-13-1903 Birmingham Twp.
John Canida
William Moon farm, Birmingham Twp.
Carey, Charles Benson
? McDonough Co., IL
07-03-1927 Rushville Twp.
James Riley Carey, McDonough Co., IL
Emma Frakes, Schuyler Co., IL
Macomb, McDonough Co., IL
Simon Carey
car accident, Cert. info
Carey, Merritt O. Sarah A. Adams 09-05-1834 Wilkesbarre, PA 03-23-1922 Brooklyn Twp. Nathan Cary, PA ?, England Brooklyn Cemetery Mrs. Susie Fagle Cert. info
Carey, Sarah A.
Merrett O. Carey
02-23-1836 Ohio
01-28-1919 Brooklyn Twp.
John Q. Adams, Ohio
Emily Lickey, Ohio
Brooklyn Cemetery
N. O. Carey
Cert. info
Carlock, James Madison
Mary Elinor Alcorn
02-23-1838 Dark Co., Ohio
09-16-1917 Browning Twp.
James Carlock
Alorna Mariah Hurley
Griggsville, Pike Co., IL
Richard O. Carlock
Cert. info
Carlock, Mary Elenor
James Madison Carlock
07-24-1845 Hartford, IL
04-29-1933 Browning Twp.
Jesse E. Alcorn, KY
Mary E. Gratten
Richard O. Carlock
Cert. info
Carlyle (Carlisle), Hannah
Thomas Thompson Carlisle
02-14-1852 IL
11-30-1922 Bainbridge Twp.
Abraham Cokensur, Ohio
Hannah Bartmass, Ohio
Bell Cemetery
Jesse Cokensur
Cert. info
Carnaham, Mary Josephine
Sidney Carnaham
02-14-1868 Fandon, McDonough Co., IL 03-15-1929 Oakland Twp.
George W. Champ, IL
Eliza Jane Wayland, IL
Camp Creek Cemetery, ?
Hazel Foster
Cert. info
Carnes, John B.
1. Mary Boice; 2. Eliza Miller
08-01-1837 PA
01-16-1929 Brooklyn Twp.
William Carnes, PA
Doddsville Cemetery
G. F. Carnes
Cert. info
Carpenter, Flora
Lafayette Carpenter
10-18-1856 IL
01-05-1917 Browning Twp.
George Brown, IL
Susan Tracy, Ohio
Bader Cemetery
Grove Carpenter
Cert. info
Carrick, George Stewart
Minnie King
12-01-1861 Rushville Twp.
08-18-1929 Rushville Twp.
Barton C. Carrick, KY
Eliza A. Bradley, Ohio
Mausoleum, Rushville City Cemetery
Roy Carrick
Cert. info
Carrick, William Fletcher
Mary E. Davis
10-16-1858 Schuyler Co., IL
07-14-1919 Rushville Twp.
Barton Campbell Carrick, Scott Co., IL
Eliza Bradley, Ohio
Rushville City Cemetery
George S. Carrick
Cert. info
Carroll, Esther Violet
John Carroll
11-24-1894 Schuyler Co., IL
04-13-1917 Bainbrdge Twp.
Lee Grist, Schuyler Co., IL
Libby Shores, Schuyler Co., IL
Rushville City Cemetery
Lee Grist
info given by father, Cert. info
Carson, Laura Katherine
03-29-1849 Rushville Twp.
12-23-1935 Rushville Twp.
Willis Carson, Ohio
Anne Jackson, Ohio
Rushville City Cemetery
Bertha Babcock
Cert. info
Carson, Mary Eliza
04-27-1842 Rushville Twp.
10-11-1934 Rushville Twp.
Willis Carson, Tennessee
Anna M. Jackson, Ohio
Rushville City Cemetery
L. C. Carson
Cert. info
Carter, Alta Agnes
Jacob Smith Carter
11-06-1862 IL
12-27-1925 Birmingham Twp.
Asahel Phillips, KY
Esther Middleton, IL
Brooklyn Cemetery
Bessie Moore
Cert. info
Carter, infant son
12-31-1915 Rushville Twp.
12-31-1915 Rushville Twp.
Grover Bert Carter, Rushville Twp.
Myrtle Bates, Rushville Twp.
"on premises"
Grover Carter
info given by father
Carter, Jacob Smith
Alta Agnes Phillips
08-07-1863 Adams Co., IL
10-12-1924 Birmingham Twp.
Jacob Carter, PA
Elizabeth Walker, NC
Brooklyn Cemetery
Alta Agnes Carter
Cert. info
Carter, Kenneth Burton
12-13-1916 Camden Twp.
12-31-1916 Camden Twp.
Bert B. Carter, Camden Twp.
May Wright, Hersman, Brown Co., IL
King Cemetery
Bert C. Carter
Cert. info
Carty, Dora Belle
William Walter Carty
08-08-1870 Browning Twp.
11-09-1927 Rushville Twp.
Gilderoy Settles, Fulton Co., IL
Penina Tracy, Fulton Co., IL
Rushville City Cemtery
William Carty
Cert. info
Cashman, James
Evelyn Wainman
03-28-1861 Payson, IL
01-12-1931 Huntsville Twp.
Daniel Cashman
Bridget ?
Woodlawn Cemetery, Augusta, Hancock Co., IL
Evertt Cashman
Cert. info
Cassel, Matilda
Emmanuel Cassel
06-21-1841 Harrisburg, PA
01-31-1929 Bader, Browning Twp.
? Fackler, PA
South Fulton Cemetery, Fulton Co., IL
M. E. Cassell
South Fulton Cemetery listing, Cert. info
Cassiday, Laura Ann
Marion Frank Cassiday
03-26-1917 Birmingham Twp.
William B. Manlove, IL
L. Abigail Swisegood, NC
Round Prairie Cemetery, ?
Ivy C. Foster
Cert. info
Caster, Herbert Knox
Anna Eliza Toland
05-03-1845 KY
01-30-1926 Oakland Twp.
Conrad Caster, KY
Catherine Divens or Givens
Chockley Cemetery
George Caster
Cert. info
Caster, infant male
12-21-1926 Oakland Twp.
12-21-1926 Oakland Twp.
Lawrence M. Caster, Oakland Twp.
Ruth A. Wright, Astoria, Fulton Co., IL
Pittenger Cemetery
Lawrence M. Caster
Caster, Lucinda
Lewis Caster
11-21-1841 Rushville Twp.
06-18-1923 Rushville Twp.
Abisha Ashcraft
Sarah Seaton
Pittenger Cemetery
Lydia Weller
Cert. info
Cathers, Susan Luchia
L. Harvey Cathers
02-01-1841 New Madrid, MO
10-28-1922 Rushville Twp.
Berryman Woods
Katherine Brinkle, MO
Rushville City Cemetery
Mrs. Maro Cameron
Mrs. Maro Cameron's 1st name is Kate, Cert. info
Cavanaugh, James
1852 Indiana
11-06-1927 Hickory Twp.
Bluff City Cemetery
Fred Florin, Cert. info
Chadsey, Frances Louise
05-28-1925 Rushville Twp.
05-28-1925 Rushville Twp.
Craske Chadsey, IL
Dorothy Hindman, Rushville Twp.
Margaret Hindman
Chamberlain, Alice M.
Eugene Chamberlain
04-06-1929 Rushville Twp.
Washington M. Lawler, Zanesville, Ohio
Lillie Burnsides, Schuyler Co., IL
Rushville City Cemetery
Eugene Chamberlain
Cert. info
Chambers, Alice A.
John I. Chambers
08-27-1846 Milton, IL
01-12-1920 Rushville Twp.
Joseph R. Askew, NC
Nancy Evans, PA
Diamond Grove Cemetery, Jacksonville, Morgan Co., IL
H. A. McCune
Cert. info
Chandler, Audrey
James Chandler
03-27-1894 Schuyler Co., IL
10-02-1920 Bainbridge Twp.
Thomas Pyles, Indiana
Viola Lambert
Messerer Cemetery
Arthur Bradman
Cert. info
Chandler, James
05-16-1860 Schuyler Co., IL
10-24-1928 Buena Vista Twp.
William Chandler, IL
Messerer Cemetery
Edward Thurman
Cert. info
Chandler, Vern Henry
05-12-1917 Schuyler Co., IL
09-01-1920 Bainbridge Twp.
James Chandler, IL
Audrey Pyles, Schuyler Co., IL
Gillette Cemetery
Mrs. Charles Ward
Cert. info
Chapman, Chloria Mary
Chester L. Chapman
04-07-1864 Cusosten Co., IND
08-04-1921 Bainbridge Twp.
William F. Toland, Cleveland, Ohio
Ellen D. Markley, New Albany, New York
Oak Grove Cemetery, Beardstown, Cass Co., IL
Ellen Chapman
Cert. info
Chapman, Fred Earl
Pauline Campbell
09-30-1880 Camden Twp.
01-04-1931 Camden Twp.
Jacob Chapman, Brown Co., IL
Alberta Parker, Ohio
Hughes Cemetery
Pauline Chapman
Cert. info
Chapman, J. C.
06-14-1892 IL
06-20-1917 Bainbrdge Twp.
Chester L. Chapman, IL
Mary Chloris Toland, Indiana
Oak Grove, Beardstown, Cass Co., IL
Mrs. J. C. Chapman
Cert. info
Chapman, Lewis Monroe
03-01-1887 Mason City, Wayne Co., Ind.
08-21-1934 Frederick Twp.
John Chapman
Maranda Ford, Indiana
Messerer Cemetery
James Morris
Cert. info
Chestnut, Franklin Henry
09-29-1932 Huntsville Twp.
11-11-1932 Huntsville Twp.
Frank Chestnut, Brown Co., IL
Martha Johnson, Beardstown, Cass Co., IL
Augusta, Hancock Co., IL
Frank Chestnut
Cert. info
Chestnutt, Sarah Ann William M. Chestnutt 06-26-1839 Brown Co., IL 12-30-1912 Rushville Twp. Henry C. Orr, Brown Co., IL Mary (Polly) Emerick Cooperstown, Brown Co., IL John M. Chestnutt
Chestnutt, William N.
Sarah Ann Orr
02-22-1825 Natches, Mississippi
03-25-1917 Huntsville Twp.
Cooperstown, Brown Co., IL
John Chesnutt
Cert. info
Childs, Trall Ben, Dr.
05-31-1925 Schuyler Co., IL
Browning Cemetery
Frank Himmel
Cert. info
Chipman, infant female
01-04-1928 Schuyler Co., IL
01-04-1928 Schuyler Co., IL
Edward Stanton Chipman, Schuyler Co., IL
Bertha May Roudebush, Schuyler Co., IL or Nebraska
Rushville City Cemetery
Edward S. Chipman
Chipman, Iva Margerate
01-12-1917 Buena Vsita Twp.
Edward Stanton Chipman, Schuyler Co., IL
Bertha May Roudebush, Schuyler Co., IL or Nebraska
Rushville City Cemetery
Edward S. Chipman
Cert. info
Chipman, Lilly M.
George M. Chipman
02-12-1872 IL
01-06-1923 Browning Twp.
John Rieves, MO
Emma Ewing, Ohio
Brooklyn Cemetery
G. M. Chipman
Cert. info
Chockley, James Edward
Mary Jane Mullins
11-09-1836 IL
01-23-1916 Oakland Twp.
Elem Chockley, KY
Jane Hunter, Scotland
Chockley Cemetery, McDonough Co., IL
W. C. Chockley
Cert. info
Chockley, Katherine Orba Chockley 03-02-1846 IL 03-07-1920 Oakland Twp. Jefferson Justus Anna Peak, Indiana Chockley Cemetery, McDonough Co., IL Orba Chockley Cert. info
Chockley, Martha Ann
Wesley Chockley
08-07-1869 IL
06-16-1916 Oakland Twp.
Benjamin Chockley, IL
Catherine Justus, IL
Chockley Cemetery, McDonough Co., IL
W. C. Chockley
Cert. info
Chockley, Sallie
Fountain T. Chockley
10-16-1859 Brown Co., IL
06-18-1922 Brooklyn Twp.
Richard VanBevers, Cumberland Gap, Tenn.
Mary Weaver, Littletin Twp.
Littleton Cemetery
Fount Chockley
Cert. info
Chockley, Susan Ann
Burrell Hunter Chockley
01-04-1929 Oakland Twp.
Asahel Phillips, KY
Dorcas Peak, Indiana
Phillips Cemetery
Blanche Baxter
Cert. info
Christian, John
1. Mary Adams; 2. Mrs. Margaret McRaynaids
08-07-1838 Tenn.
03-20-1926 Brooklyn Twp.
Jesse Christian
Elizabeth Shadrick
Soldier's Cemetery, Quincy, Adams Co., IL
C. H. Christian
Civil War, Cert. info
Chute, Margaret Elizabeth
1. Thomas Bunfill; 2. Alfred Chute
02-07-1829 Tenn.
09-17-1926 Rushville Twp.
William Bridgewater
Nancy Passley, Tenn.
Langford Cemetery
D. R. Smedley
Cert. info
Clark, Albert
Mary C. Sparks
03-05-1855 Brooklyn Twp.
11-21-1932 Rushville Twp.
John M. Clark
Mary ?
Brooklyn Cemetery
Clint Clayton
Cert. info
Clark, Elizabeth Ann
Jeremiah "Jerry" M. Clark
10-17-1837 Crawford Co., OH
10-04-1918 Woodstock Twp.
John Adkins
Ripley Cemetery, Browns Co., IL
Margaret Clark
married 06-07-1856 Bridgeport, Floyd Co., IN, Cert. info
Clark, Frank (Jeremiah Franklin)
Lola Cooper
05-03-1916 Woodstock Twp.
Jeremiah "Jerry" M. Clark, Indiana
Elizabeth Ann Adkins, Crawford Co., OH
Ripley Cemetery, Browns Co., IL
John N. Clark
Cert. info
Clark, James Levi
Sarah Avery
01-01-1856 Woodstock Twp.
03-30-1933 Woodstock Twp.
Henry Clark, Evansville, Indiana
Marguerite Bruner, Indiana
Palm Cemetery
Charles O. Clark
Cert. info
Clark, Margaret Ellen
John Morris Clark
01-13-1877 Bainbridge Twp.
07-07-1922 Woodstock Twp.
Joseph (Joshua) Joe Edwards, Wales
Margaret "Annie" Anna Croxton, Bainbrdge Twp.
Ripley Cemetery, Brown Co., IL
John Clark
Cert. info, Obit
Clark, Margaret Jane
Henry E. Clark
04-15-1829 New Albany, Indiana
04-04-1919 Woodstock Twp.
Lemuel Bruner, KY
Elizabeth Johnson, KY
Palm Cemetery
J. L. Clark
Cert. info
Clark, Marion Fay
06-03-1931 Buena Vista Twp.
06-03-1931 Buena Vista Twp.
Guy E. Clark, IL
Mary Ann Chockley
Palm Cemetery
Guy E. Clark
Cert. info
Clark, Mary Jane
11-29-1925 Rushville Twp.
01-24-1926 Rushville Twp.
Walter W. Clark, Tenn.
Louella Hollingshead, Schuyler Co., IL
Beardstwon Cemetery, Cass Co., IL
Mrs. W. C. Campbell
Cert. info
Clark, Mrs. Sarah "Millie" Permelia
Allen Clark
03-05-1863 IL
03-03-1926 Brooklyn Twp.
Jackson Young, Ohio
Matilda Miller, Ohio
Markee Cemetery
E. L. Young
Cert. info
Clarkson, Eliza Jane
Albert Clarkson
12-26-1835 KY
09-07-1916 Rushville Twp.
Samuel Lyle Crane/Crain, KY
Margaret Perkins, KY
Augusta, Hancock Co., IL
Mrs. Alice Parrott
Cert. info
Claus, Arthur E.
1903 Pittsfield, Pike Co., IL
09-14-1935 Woodstock Twp.
Wickham Claus, IL
Kate Ballanger, IL
Pittsfield, Pike Co., IL
Harry Claus
Shot himself with gun - 32 years, Cert. info
Clayton, Calvin
Elizabeth Jane Clark
06-15-1853 Brown Co., IL
03-27-1928 Woodstock Twp.
Earl Ezekiel Clayton, Tenn.
Mary Ann Wilson
Palm Cemetery
Arthur Clayton
Cert. info
Clayton, Julia Minerva
1. Frank Martin; 2. William C. Clayton
08-03-1882 Schuyler Co., IL
04-06-1921 Rushville Twp.
Daniel White, PA
Susan Corman, Armstrong Co., PA
Rushville City Cemetery
Mrs. Mike Smith
Cert. info
Cleek, Samuel
05-03-1922 Camden Twp.
05-03-1922 Camden Twp.
Paul Cleek, Brown Co., IL
Iva Yates, Camden Twp.
Cady Cemetery
E. L. Cleek
Cert. info
Clemens, Elizabeth
Joseph Clemens
04-29-1829 Dauphin Co., PA
01-12-1921 Rushville Twp.
Daniel Schwab, Harrisonburg, PA
Catherine Capenhaber, PA
Rushville City Cemetery
W. D. Clemens
Cert. info
Clements, Agnes Roberta
06-28-1927 Rushville Twp.
06-28-1927 Rushville Twp.
Louise "Earl" Earl Clements, Schuyler Co., IL
Hazel Bridgewater, Rushville Twp.
Newberry Cemetery
Earl Clements
Clements, Henry W.
Mary Ann VanOrmer
12-25-1853 IL
06-21-1929 Rushville Twp.
William Clements, KY
Julia A. Angel, KY
Palm Cemetery
William L. Clements
Cert. info
Clements, Isadora
George R. Clements
03-23-1867 Woodstock Twp.
04-28-1927 Rushville Twp.
Thomas Howell, Guilford Co., NC
Sarah Newberry, Marietta, Ohio
Newberry Cemetery
Earl Clements
Cert. info
Clements, John James
12-11-1861 Schuyler Co., IL
03-14-1926 Rushville Twp.
William Clements, KY
Julia Ann Angell, KY
Rushville City Cemetery
William Clements
Cert. info
Clements, Mary Ann
Henry W. Clements
03-21-1857 Schuyler Co., IL
07-02-1921 Woodstock Twp.
Peter VanOrmer, PA
Anna Berchtel, PA
Palm Cemetery
Henry Clements
Cert. info
Clements, Mary Ann
William D. Clements
08-27-1857 Schuyler Co., IL
04-03-1923 Rushville Twp.
David Beard, NC
Esther Howell
Siloan Springs, Arkansas
William D. Clements
Cert. info
Clifton, Vera Adele
Guy L. Clifton
06-11-1884 Rushville Twp.
08-31-1930 Rushville Twp.
James Montooth, Pittsburg, PA
Anna Belle Colt, Rushville, Schuyler Co., IL
Rushville City Cemetery
Mrs. Anna Montooth
OBIT, Cert. info
Cloe, Edith Alene
12-03-1906 IL
08-28-1916 Browning Twp.
J. Newton Cloe, IL
Gertrude Pratz, IL
Eureka, Illinois
J. N. Cloe
info given by father - obit has Alaine, Cert. info

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