Schuyler County Death Certificates plus genealogy info
Researched and Compiled by Lavina Walton

Sorted by: Surname, First Middle.
If no county or state included in a column means it's in Schuyler County, Illinois.

"**" means that person was single.
"*" means that space was blank or unknown.

"Wives" in the Spouse column are written as their maiden names.
*NOTE: Remember Death Place doesn't always mean where they lived.  
Rushville Twp. has the Town of Rushville and it's hospital, Sarah Culbertson Memorial Hospital.
People also stay with relatives or friends when ill.

Birth Date
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Death Date
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Info Giver
Dace, Edwin WallaceSarah Elizabeth Black03-08-1841 Richwoods, MO05-30-1927 Rushville Twp.Dennis Dace, VA or MOCatherine Peters, VARushville City CemeteryMrs. C. M. GarrisonCert. info
Dace, Henry MadisonFrances Katherine Delapp02-17-1843 IL06-18-1922 Rushville Twp.Dennis Dace, VA or MOCatherine Peters, VARushville City CemeteryDr. W. M. DaceCert. info
Dace, Marilda JaneMichael Homer Dace04-28-1846 Schuyler Co., IL04-18-1921 Rushville Twp.James Robeson, Allegheny Co., VAMary A. Jackson, Brandenburg, GermanyRushville City CemeteryA. H. DaceCert. info
Dace, Muriel**04-23-192709-08-1929 Rushville Twp.Rex Dace, Rushville Twp.Hazel Ford, ILPersinger CemeteryRex Daceinfo given by father, Cert. info
Dace, Sarah ElizabethEdwin Wallace Dace11-11-1850 Rushville Twp.08-29-1926 Rushville Twp.Isaac Black, Dubois Co., IndianaCynthia Edmonston, NCRushville City CemeteryAlice GarrisonCert. info
Dahman, Anna MarieJohn F. Dahman10-09-1835 Germany05-17-1916 Browning Twp.Casper Huge, GermanyMarie Peters, GermanyOetgen Cemetery, Cass Co., ILJ. H. WubkerCert. info
Dailey, Benjamin**05-09-1904 Schuyler Co., IL09-21-1920 Rushville Twp.John W. Dailey, ILArtemesia Ballou, ILRushville City CemeteryJohn W. DaileyCert. info
Dale, Nathaniel?185706-28-1917 County Farm**County Farm Cemetery*Obit says 27th, Cert. info
Daly, Charles MarionMary Ellen Crooks08-20-1850 Brown Co., IL11-19-1933 Camden Twp.Peter Daly, County Tyrone, IrelandAnna Queen, Tazewell Co., TennesseeCamden West CemeteryR. L. DalyCert. info
Daly, infant daughter**08-02-1920 Camden Twp.08-02-1920 Camden Twp.William DalyCara Ewing, Camden Twp.Camden, Schuyler Co., ILEd Daly*
Daly, infant male**03-18-1931 Camden Twp.03-18-1931 Camden Twp.Ernest Daly, Camden Twp.Bessie G. White, LaPrairie, ILCamden West CemeteryErnest J. Daly*
Daly, Mary E.Charles Daly12-08-1853 Brown Co., IL08-15-1932 Camden Twp.Samuel Crooker, EnglandSarah Wood, EnglandCamden West CemeteryRay C. DalyCert. info
Daniel, James HezekiahMary Katherine White03-14-1856 Schuyler Co., IL03-30-1919 Rushville Twp.Lewis B. Daniel, KYSardenia K. Canfill, OHRushville City CemeteryJohn DanielCert. info
Daniel, John O.**12-30-1859 Schuyler Co., IL03-26-1932 Rushville Twp.Lewis B. Daniel, KYSardina K. Canfield, OHSugar Grove North CemeteryGeorge W. DanielCert. info
Daniels, infant daughter**12-28-1922 Browning Twp.12-28-1922 Browning Twp.Theodore S. Daniels, ILEthel A. Pritchett, ILRidgeville CemeteryTheodore Daniels*
Danner, Elizabeth AnnSamuel Danner04-25-1854 York Co., PA07-10-1927 Rushville Twp.Samuel Baumgardner, PA?, PARushville City CemeteryC. O. DannerCert. info
Danner, Jesse B.Eliza Jane Baumgartner (Baumgardner)10-31-1851 York Co., PA04-14-1923 Littleton Twp.David Danner, PAChristine Baker, PALittleton CemeteryMrs. Eliza DannerCert. info
Danner, Merlin Dale**06-10-1918 Schuyler Co., IL07-04-1919 Brooklyn Twp.Ross Danner, ILBonnie Strong, ILBrooklyn CemeteryMrs. Ross DannerCert. info
Danner, Ralph Franklin**08-11-1917 IL05-04-1919 Browning Twp.Granville Danner, ILEssie Wallace, ILBader CemeteryGranville DannerCert. info
Danner, Ray N.Ethel Nancy Kelly08-25-1896 Schuyler Co., IL01-01-1924 Rushville Twp.Jesse B. Danner, PAJane Baumgardner, PARushville City CemeteryRoy DannerCert. info
Darling, Milton1. Ellen Robinson; 2. Kate Jones01-02-1846 Coshoston Co., OH12-14-1920 Hickory Twp.Reason Darling, OHpossibly Harriett ButlerBluff City CemeteryJesse DarlingCert. info
Daron, George ClintonSadie Lancaster12-06-1866 Dover, PA08-26-1929 Littleton Twp.? Kern DaronMary LeeseLittleton CemeteryRuth McIlhennyCert. info
Davenport, Hattie JaneMorris C. Davenport05-27-1845 Augusta, Hancock Co., IL11-14-1924 Birmingham Twp.John Ogle, OHJamima K. Burgus, PAAugusta, Hancock Co., ILNoah OgleCert. info
David, Chauncey C.Ella Cox04-03-1858 IL01-06-1921 Oakland Twp.John E. David, KYCassey Seward,  Industry Twp., McDonough Co., ILLittleton CemeteryHenry DavidMother's obit, Cert. info
David, Roy Edwin**02-15-1929 Bainbridge Twp.02-17-1929 Bainbridge Twp.Claude David, Paris, ILRuth Milton, Paris, ILMesserer CemeteryClaude DavidTwin to Ruth Frances David, Cert. info
David, Ruth Frances**02-15-1929 Bainbridge Twp.02-15-1929 Bainbridge Twp.Claude David, Paris, ILRuth Milton, Paris, ILMesserer CemeteryClaude DavidTwin to Roy Edwin David, Cert. info
Davis, Albert HomerNellie Ingram10-15-1888 Cooperstown, Brown Co., IL04-23-1933 Rushville Twp.Emsley A. Davis, Cooperstown, Brown Co., ILMary L. Stephens, Schuyler Co., ILVersailles, Brown Co., ILMrs. Nellie Davisinfo given by wife, Cert. info
Davis, AlexanderMargaret Jane Hoover07-31-1855 IL02-14-1917 Huntsville Twp.Henderson (John Henderson) DavisMarie ?Cedar CemeteryFinis DavisCert. info
Davis, Blanche AlmaJames Davis10-19-1896 Washington Co., Iowa12-08-1931 Schuyler Co., ILEd Knox, Washington Co., Iowa*Washington, IowaJames DavisCert. info
Davis, Charles WilliamSarah Seybold Stutsman08-05-1834 Standish, Maine10-11-1918 Bainbridge Twp.James Wiley Davis, Standish, MaineMary Jane Jones, MaineDavis CemeterySue DavisCert. info
Davis, CharleyEthel Beatty10-09-1887 Browning Twp.07-24-1929 Rushville Twp.Carro Davis, Schuyler Co., ILDicey Anderson, Brown Co., ILRushville City CemeteryRoy DavisCert. info
Davis, Fred N.Minnie Logsdon02-28-1880 Camden Twp.11-19-1933 Camden Twp.George W. Davis, Schuyler Co., ILSarah E. Whiteman, Schuyler Co., ILMarlow CemeteryMinnie Davisinfo given by wife, Cert. info
Davis, GroverGolda Fetch10-09-1889 Camden Twp.05-19-1928 Camden Twp.George W. Davis, Schuyler Co., ILSarah Whiteman, Schuyler Co., ILUnion CemeteryGoldie Davisinfo given by wife, Cert. info
Davis, Lena O.**10-02-1914 Schuyler Co., IL08-03-1919 Camden Twp.Edgar Davis, Schuyler Co., ILDella (Corsey) Coursey, Greene Co. or Schuyler Co., ILMarlow CemeteryEdgar DavisCert. info
Davis, Margaret JaneAlexander Davis07-15-1861 Doddsville, Schuyler Co., IL08-02-1925 Huntsville Twp.James Hoover, McDonough Co., ILLucinda Venard, McDonough Co., ILHuntsville CemeteryWilbur A. DavisCert. info
Davis, Orville Kenneth**10-15-190501-26-1918 Camden Twp.Edgar Davis, Schuyler Co., ILDella (Corsey) Coursey, Greene Co. or Schuyler Co., ILMarlow CemeteryEdgar DavisCert. info
Davis, Sarah SieboldCharles William Davis06-10-1834 Indiana09-12-1926 Bainbrdge Twp.Alexander Stutsman, PARhoda Siebold, OHDavis CemeteryEdward DavisCert. info
Davis, William SmithAmanda Russel Davis04-18-185905-27-1930 Rushville Twp.Joseph Davis, ILSerena Randall, ILGood Hope Cemetery*Cert. info
Day, Delbert H.Ethel Gay01-01-1896 Schuyler Co., IL02-07-1918 Oakland Twp.James H. Day, London, EnglandMary Josephine Hangstler, Schuyler Co., ILHouston CemeteryLloyd DayCert. info
Day, JamesMartha Moss06-10-187409-28-1928 Browning Twp.Oliver DayMartha MillerHavana, ILMartha MossCert. info
Day, Mary JosephineJames H. Day02-09-1863 Schuyler Co., IL05-07-1916 Oakland Twp.Barnhart Hangstler, GermanyMary N. Harmon, KYHouston CemeteryJ. H. DayCert. info
Dean, Agnes (Melissa Agnes)John Franklin Dean07-05-1866 Schuyler Co., IL02-02-1933 Birmingham Twp.Henry Price, KYElizabeth Cleek, KYHuntsville CemeteryElsie A. GaggCert. info
Dean, Alice Jeanette**06-04-1861 Pittsburg, PA05-10-1934 Rushville Twp.David Dean, Killybags, IrelandKatheine Montooth, Pittsburgh, PARushville City CemeteryMrs. I. B. RoseCert. info
Dean, Bertena BerthenaJoseph (N. or M.)07-04-1863 IL10-11-1931 Rushville Twp.John KnightJulia Ann Vincent, VAPalm CemeteryC. T. H. DeanCert. info
Dean, CatherineDavid Dean11-03-1839 Pittsburg, PA09-29-1933 Rushville Twp.James Montooth, IrelandJane Dean, IrelandRushville City CemeteryAlice Deaninfo given by daughter, Cert. info
Dean, Dollie Gladys**07-21-1919 IL08-15-1919 Birmingham Twp.Robert F. Dean, ILAnna Josephine Rigg, ILHuntsville CemeteryRobert F. DeanCert. info
Dean, Electra O.Elias Dean10-29-1839 IL12-25-1919 Birmingham Twp.William Graham, OH*Hawkins CemeteryGeorge W. DeanCert. info
Dean, John FranklinMelissa Agnes Price05-23-1862 Birmingham Twp.12-03-1927 Birmingham Twp.Elias Dean, Buckham, W VAElectra O. Graham, ILHuntsville CemeteryRobert F. DeanCert. info
Dean, Lona AlmaCharles S. Dean10-11-1879 Upshire Co., W VA02-14-1918 Birmingham Twp.Stephen V. (Matheny) Mathaney, W VASarah A. Arnold, W VALiberty, Adams Co., ILCharles S. DeanCert. info
Dean (Deane), SamuelEthel Acheson03-18-1875 Schuyler Co., IL03-02-1934 Rushville Twp.David Dean, Killybags, IrelandKatheine Montooth, Pittsburgh, PARushville City CemeteryEthel Deaninfo given by wife, Cert. info
Deane, Emma D.George R. Deane12-25-1880 IL07-09-1919 Oakland Twp.James Boyd, IrelandEliza Ritchey, IrelandRushville City CemeteryJames BoydCert. info
Deane, George N.Mattie Copeland09-24-1863 Pittsburg, PA09-03-1927 Rushville Twp.Thomas Deane, County Tyrone, IrelandSarah Ann McNeeley, Pittsburg, PARushville City CemeteryMrs. George DeanCert. info
Deane, Sarah A.Thomas Deane04-05-1844 Pittsburgh, PA03-08-1930 Rushville Twp.Charles McNeeley, IrelandMary Montooth, IrelandBethany CemeteryW. C. DeaneCert. info
DeCamp, Joel HenryViola Cordelia Fowler12-20-1869 Schuyler Co., IL01-21-1932 Buena Vista Twp.Barton DeCampAbbie E. JacksonCamp Creek Cemetery, ?Arthur Jones*
DeCamp, LealMary Frances Hillyer02-07-1873 IL02-02-1919 Brooklyn Twp.Samuel DeCampLouisa Redfield, ILBrooklyn CemeteryMary DeCamp*
DeCamp, Samuel Victor**11-12-1933 Brooklyn Twp.11-12-1933 Brooklyn Twp.Samuel T. DeCamp, Brooklyn Twp.Clesta Clannin, Woodford Co., ILBrooklyn CemeterySamuel F. DeCamp*
DeCounter, Samuel1. Catherine Ann Miller; 2. Harriett Stubbs (nee Clark)10-24-1827 Schuyler Co., IL10-26-1918 Rushville Twp.Peter Frederick DeCounter, FranceNancy Scuance, MORushville City CemeteryLottie BeeCert. info
DeFrates, Carl**08-04-1916 Browning Twp.08-04-1916 Browning Twp.Charles DeFrates, Jacksonville, Morgan Co., ILMyrtle Wilcox, Frederick Twp.Bader CemeteryCharles DeFrates*
Degitz, Corinne May**02-10-1919 Rushville Twp.02-11-1919 Rushville Twp.Edward Degitz, Quincy, Adams Co., ILAmelia Volmer, Quincy, Adams Co., ILRushville City CemeteryEdward DegitzCert. info
Degitz, Odlila**01-23-1903 Quincy, Adams Co., IL03-16-1917 Buena Vista Twp.Lewis Degitz, GermanyMary Rastary, GermanyRushville City CemeteryLewis DegitzCert. info
Degitz, Robert William**03-31-1915 IL02-16-1918 Buena Vista Twp.Louis Degitz, GermanyMary Bardon, GermanyRushville City CemeteryLouis DegitzCert. info
DeJanes, Ella MayHerbert DeJanes10-25-1882 Brown Co., IL05-30-1926 Birmingham Twp.? Wood*Woodlawn Cemetery, Augusta, Hancock Co., ILHerb DeJanesorphan raised by Alonzo Dorman, Cert. info
Delaney, Nannie FrancesDavid Delaney04-01-1889 Danville, KY04-21-1928 Rushville Twp.Henry Vaught, Boyle Co., KYTilda Clem, Boyle Co., KYMoss Cemetery, Morgan Co., ILGoldie DavisCert. info
DeMoss, Clarence**12-09-1931 Rushville Twp.12-09-1931 Rushville Twp.Clarence "Edwin" Edwin DeMoss, Rushville Twp.Pearl Beatrice Lindsey, Fulton, MORushville City Cemetery*Father's Obit
DeMoss, Edward**01-17-1927 Rushville Twp.01-17-1927 Rushville Twp.Clarence "Edwin" Edwin DeMoss, Rushville Twp.Pearl Beatrice Lindsey, Fulton, MOprivate burial*Father's Obit
DeMoss, Mary "Elizabeth" ElizabethMartin "Luther" Luther DeMoss05-12-1851 Louisville, KY12-05-1922 Rushville Twp.Andrew J. Dunlavy, PA or KYLucinda Jacobs, OH or KYRushville City CemeteryMrs. Clarissa DunlavyHusband's Obit, Cert. info
Dennis, George W.?06-13-1850 IL12-19-1929 County Home, Buena Vista Twp.Joseph Dennis, Ireland or Bulter Co., OHMary E. (Kirkham) KirklandCounty Farm CemeteryW. E. RoseBrother's Bio, Cert. info
Dennis, infant son**04-06-192504-08-1925 Littleton CemeteryWarren Dennis, Schuyler Co., ILLena Lickey, Littleton Twp.Doddsville CemeteryT. C. NardinCert. info
Dennis, William HenryJosephine Thomas08-22-1842 Steubenville, OH01-13-1925 Rushville Twp.Joseph Dennis, Ireland or Bulter Co., OHMary E. (Kirkham) KirklandRushville City CemeteryMrs. LermennCivil War: Co. A, 10th Missouri Inf. - Brother's Bio, Cert. info
Denny, James NelsonMartha Jenkins09-12-1864 Huntsville Twp.01-31-1932 Rushville Twp.William G. Denny, Boone Co., (KY?)Sarah Dewell, OHRushville City CemeteryMary RodewaldCert. info
Denny, MarthaJames Nelson Denny12-26-187411-16-1933 Rushville Twp.Orlando Jenkins, PAAmanda Osborne, PARushville City CemeteryIrene DennyCert. info
Denny, Mrs. Sarah E.1. Solomon Miller; 2. William G. Denny06-07-1835 IL01-06-1917 Rushville Twp.John Dewell, OHRebecca Wallace, PAHuntsville CemeteryC. A. RodewallCert. info
Derry, Betty Loraine**12-16-1932 Schuyler Co., IL12-05-1934 Oakland Twp.Roscoe Derry, Schuyler Co., ILFrances Kinne, Table Grove, Fulton Co., ILPhillips CemeteryRoscoe Derryinfo given by father; Mom's obit, Cert. info
Derry, Carrie**12-26-1919 Oakland Twp.12-26-1919 Oakland Twp.Arda (Orda) Derry, Oakland Twp.Grace Ellis, IL or Neb.Phillips CemeteryArda (Orda) DerryCert. info
Derry, infant daughter**06-18-1921 Oakland Twp.06-18-1921 Oakland Twp.Arda (Orda) Derry, Oakland Twp.Grace Ellis, IL or Neb.Phillips CemeteryArda (Orda) Derry*
Derry, infant male (R. Frances)
**12-18-1927 Oakland Twp.12-18-1927 Oakland Twp.Roscoe Derry, Vermont, Fulton Co., ILFrances Kinne, Table Grove, Fulton Co., ILPhillips CemeteryW. D. DerryMom's obit, Cert. info
Detrick, Hoyt Newell**10-24-1904 IL07-18-1917 Browning Twp.Dan Detrick, ILNellie Newell, ILBrowning CemeteryDan DetrickCert. info
Dettra, Abel1. Mary E. Hymer; 2. Nancy Ann Zeisler; 3. Philipena Volmer01-04-1856 PA04-25-1925 Buena Vista Twp.Benjamin Dettra, PAJoannah Wolf, PARushville City CemeteryB. F. DettraCert. info
DeVore, FannyBenjamin DeVore04-27-1834 Carroll Co., OH12-20-1919 Buena Vist Twp.John Walton, Washington Co., PALydia Marsh, Washington Co., PABader CemeteryEdward S. ChipmanCert. info
DeWitt, James LittleSarah F. Ross04-30-1845 Rushville, Schuyler Co., IL09-19-1918 Littleton Twp.James DeWitt, NJEleanor Little, PALittleton CemeteryClyde L. DeWittCert. info
DeWitt, John MartinDelilah Jane Evans03-07-1883 Industry, McDonough Co., IL12-11-1932 Rushville Twp.George C. DeWitt, Brown Co., ILMartha Jane ElainVance Cemetery, Industry, McDonough Co., ILIvan DeWittCert. info
DeWitt, Mrs. Sarah F.James Little DeWitt10-06-1850 Schuyler Co., IL01-01-1923 Littleton Twp.Tolbert RossKatherine Snyder, VALittleton CemeteryC. S. DeWittCert. info
DeWitt, Rebecca AnnJohn DeWitt04-07-1837 IL12-23-1916 Woodstock Twp.John D. Scaggs, KYJane Byers, KYWainman (Naught) CemeteryAllen DeWittCert. info
Dickinson, ArzuliaFrank H. Dickinson12-19-1871 Ipava, Fulton Co., IL07-07-1917 Browning Twp.R. T. Thomas, ILElizabeth Kost, OHRidgeville CemeteryF. H. DickinsonCert. info
Dickinson, Flora Frances**05-20-1920 Schuyler Co., IL10-28-1920 Browning Twp.Herbert "Earl" Earl Dickinson, Astoria, Fulton Co., ILGeraldine Peland, IlRidgeville CemeteryFrank H. DickinsonCert. info
Dickinson, Herbert "Earl" EarlGeraldine (Peland) Piland12-05-1898 Astoria, Fulton Co., IL07-13-1932 Browning Twp.Frank H. Dickinson, Watertown, NYArgulia Thomas, Ipava, Fulton Co., ILNew Ridgeville CemeteryF. H. DickinsonCert. info
Diebolt, Robert Eugene**10-25-192612-20-1926 Rushville Twp.Louis Diebolt, Beardstown, Cass Co., ILElla Thixton, Schuyler Co., ILBeardstown, Cass Co., ILLouis DieboltCert. info
Diesron, Donna Lee**08-10-1935 Rushville Twp.08-10-1935 Rushville Twp.John G. Diesron, Astoria, Fulton Co., ILGertrude Bonnefon, Atwood, ILRushville City CemeteryJohn G. Diesroninfo given by father,
Cert. info
Diesron, Shirley Jean**11-15-1933 Rushville Twp.11-15-1933 Rushville Twp.John G. Diesron, Astoria, Fulton Co., ILGertrude Bonnefon, Atwood, ILRushville City CemeteryJohn G. Diesroninfo given by father,
Cert. info
Diseron, infant son**01-16-1927 Huntsville Twp.01-16-1927 Huntsville Twp.Ernest DiseronPearl ?Huntsville Cemetery**
Diveley, Irene M.**12-10-1917 Browning Twp.12-11-1917 Browning Twp.Floyd E. Diveley, Fayette Co., ILMyrtle Johnson, White Co., ILBrowning CemeteryFloyd E. DiveleyTriplet to Paul J. & Pauline H. Diveley,
Cert. info
Diveley, Paul J.**12-10-1917 Browning Twp.12-11-1917 Browning Twp.Floyd E. Diveley, Fayette Co., ILMyrtle Johnson, White Co., ILBrowning CemeteryFloyd E. DiveleyTriplet to Irene M. & Pauline H. Diveley,
Cert. info
Diveley, Pauline H.**12-10-1917 Browning Twp.12-11-1917 Browning Twp.Floyd E. Diveley, Fayette Co., ILMyrtle Johnson, White Co., ILBrowning CemeteryFloyd E. DiveleyTriplet to Paul J. & Irenen M. Diveley,
Cert. info
Dixon, MiloAlice Prentice04-23-1863 Bluff City, Hickory Twp.02-18-1935 Hickory Twp.Robert Dixon Sr., IrelandMary DarlingBluff City Cemetery*Cert. info
Dixon, Robert Bruce1. Mary Parker; 2. Elizabeth Louderback; 3. Etta Taylor11-05-1853 IL01-31-1926 Hickory Twp.James Dixson, IrelandRhoda WelkerAstoria Cemetery, Fulton Co., ILG. C. DixonCert. info
Dixon, StewartJane Curless07-18-1854 OH11-16-1925 Hickory Twp.Robert Dixon, IrelandMary DarlingBluff City CemeteryJane DixonCert. info
Dobbs, Rachel "Elizabeth" Elizabeth Victoria1. Dale DeMoss; 2. Thomas Dobbs03-10-1878 Littleton Twp.04-06-1922 Camden Twp.William Reasor, Macomb, McDonough Co., ILMartha Rich, Macomb, McDonough Co., ILRushville City CemeteryThomas DobbsCert. info
Dober, FrancesAnton Dober02-26-1849 Germany04-02-1925 Frederick Twp.John Heitz, GermanyHer Ablouiable, GermanyArenzville, Cass Co., ILFrank DoberCert. info
Dodds, Carol Jean**04-27-1930 Frederick Twp.02-03-1931 Frederick Twp.Lawrence Dodds, Bainbridge Twp.Blanche Bellomy, Rushville Twp.Messerer CemeteryLawrence Doddsinfo given by father,
Cert. info
Dodds, JoanneJohn V. Dodds03-16-1855 Cooksfar, CA04-20-1920 Bainbridge Twp.Abraham Hatfield, Ind.Mary Thompson, MarylandGillette CemeteryMaude W. KirkhamCert. info
Dodds, Mary JosephineWilliam John Dodds08-11-1849 Schuyler Co., IL03-16-1921 Rushville Twp.Charles Hatfield, Ind.Mary LaMaster, KYGillette CemeteryWatson DoddsCert. info
Dodds, SamuelAnna Park09-25-1854 OH03-10-1919 Bainbridge Twp.Samuel Dodds County Downs, IrelandMargaret Wilson, County Downs, Ireland or OHGillette CemeteryMrs. Samuel DoddsCert. info
Dodds, Thomas1. Nancy E. Ward; 2. Dora E. Ward10-26-1852 Canfield, OH04-17-1928 Bainbridge Twp.Samuel Dodds, County Downs, IrelandMargaret Wilson, County Downs, Ireland or OHMesserer CemeteryDavid DoddsCert. info
Dodds, William JohnMary Josephine Hatfield12-25-1849 Canfield, Ohio08-18-1933 Rushville Twp.Samuel Dodds, County Downs, IrelandMargaret Wilson, County Down, Ireland or OHGillette CemeteryWatson DoddsCert. info
Dodge, Homer ParcilAnna Pierce01-19-1872 Littleton Twp.05-12-1929 Littleton Twp.John S. Dodge, Littleton Twp.Rachel A. Moore, Rushville Twp.Littleton CemeteryMrs. Homer P. DodgeCert. info
Dodge, Marian GarnetForrest Dodge01-26-1913 Rushville Twp.07-15-1933 Littleton Twp.Edward Corman, Schuyler Co., ILElla Nelms, East Alton, ILLittleton CemeteryEdward Cormaninfo given by father,
Cert. info
Donaldson, James A.1. Sarah Jane Skaggs; 2. Sarah M. Self07-22-1843 Schuyler Co., IL11-10-1916 Bainbridge Twp.Alexander Donaldson, ScotlandEliza WilsonLangford CemeteryMrs. J. A. DonaldsonCivil War: Co. C, 3rd MO Cav.,
Cert. info
Donaldson, Sarah MargaretJames A. Donaldson09-22-1853 Missouri08-10-1929 Bainbridge Twp.Jason Self, MissouriCatherine Byers, ILLangford CemeteryEunice CaldwellCert. info
Dooley, Mary E.William C. Dooley03-05-1844 IL02-06-1923 Browning Twp.George Willard, Mass.Rachel Garrett, Ind.Old Ridgeville CemeteryT. Russ WillardCert. info
Dore/Dorr, William*?, Ireland12-08-1925 Frederick Twp.**St. Paul, Minn.John Boydfound dead on RR tracks; watchman for contracting Co. on RR - 70 years,
Cert. info
Dorsett, Eliza ElsworthLydia May Allen10-11-1863 IL09-23-1917 Huntsville Twp.Elza Elsworth, Dorsett, OHMatilda Spriggs, OHHuntsville CemeteryGertrude BecraftCert. info
Dorsett, Francis AsburyLuticia Sims12-10-185105-28-1931 Camden Twp.Clarkson Dorsett, NCSarah Sprague, SCHuntsville CemeteryHomer DorsettCert. info
Dorsett, Vera Hortense**12-15-1918 (1917 ) Camden Twp.01-05-1923 Camden Twp.Homer A. Dorsett, Huntsville Twp.Florence "Flossie" Briggs, Camden Twp.Mausoleum, Rushville City CemeteryMrs. Flossie DorsettCert. info
Dorsett, Wayne LaverneImogene L. Snyder02-04-1908 Camden Twp.09-24-1933 Camden Twp.Homer A. Dorsett, Huntsville Twp.Florence "Flossie" Briggs, Camden Twp.Mausoleum, Rushville City CemeteryFlorence DorsettCert. info
Dosier, Raymond Hoyt**09-18-1934 Browning Twp.09-27-1934 Browning Twp.Raymond Hoyt Dosier, Beardstown, Cass Co., ILHelen Young, Rushville Twp.New Ridgeville CemeterySusan DosierCert. info
Douglas, Davis MalloryMary Elizabeth Murray12-08-1839 Ind.04-12-1917 Browning Twp.?, Ind.? Crawford, MOKane, ILCharles DouglasCert. info
Douglas, Richard Owen**11-25-192501-29-1925 Browning Twp.Charles Douglas, ILMildred Schultz, ILBader CemeteryCharles DouglasCert. info
Dowacter, SamanthaPhilo Dowacter10-04-1889 IL10-19-1918 Brooklyn Twp.Jacob PestleLouraine Frskes, ILBlackburn CemeteryPhilo DowacterCert. info
Downs, Alice M.Clifford Downs01-04-1899 Peoria, Peoria Co., IL04-18-1921 Bainbridge Twp.John M. Kupel, GermanyMartha Backsch, Brandenburg, GermanyLawler CemeteryMrs. J. M. KupelCert. info
Downs, Ester May**01-28-1929 Huntsville Twp.01-30-1929 Huntsville Twp.Clifford Downs, Rushville Twp.Bulah Chipman, Brooklyn Twp.Lawler CemeteryEugene MelvinCert. info
Downs, Lloyd Ralph**11-13-1906 Schuyler Co., IL12-28-1924 Rushville Twp.Carl Downs, Schuyler Co., ILPearl Adkinson, Schuyler Co., ILLawler CemeteryCarl DownsCert. info
Downs, ZephaniahMaranda Kimball11-02-1853 Vermillion Co., IL10-22-1924 Bainbridge Twp.William Downs, KYElizabeth Loyed, Jefferson Co., Ind.Lawler CemeteryCarl DownsCert. info
Doyle, AlfredMary Harriet Herrin04-04-1840 KY11-26-1928 Browning Twp.?, KY*New Ridgeville CemeteryMrs. W. Dosier*
Doyle, Charles MaroSarah Catherine Lambert07-30-1857 Rushville Twp.02-24-1934 Buena Vista Twp.Simon Doyle, KentuckyMildred Bagby, KentuckyRushville City CemeteryMrs. C. M. Doyleinfo given by wife,
Cert. info
Doyle, Charles Walker**03-19-1918 Rushville Twp.10-22-1918 Rushville Twp.Charles D. Doyle, ILSarah Mabel Walker, ILRushville City CemeteryAnna QuinnCert. info
Doyle, GeorgeLaura Green01-01-1865 Schuyler Co., IL06-03-1927 Rushville Twp.George Washington DoyleSusan Frances CorbinRushville City CemeteryRoy DoyleCert. info
Doyle, infant son**02-28-1916 Birmingham Twp.02-28-1916 Birmingham Twp.Alvy Doyle, MOFlorence Gossage, ILMarkee CemeteryAlvy DoyleCert. info
Doyle, John Harding**02-28-1923 Davenport, Iowa11-03-1923 Rushville Twp.Roy DoyleKatherine Campbell, ILRushville City CemeteryRoy DoyleCert. info
Doyle, Lester Harlan**03-20-1915 Rushville Twp.11-01-1918 Rushville Twp.Ula Doyle, Rushville Twp.Mabel Peterman, Rushville Twp.Rushville City CemeteryUla DoyleCert. info
Doyle, Mary JaneWilliam H. Doyle08-11-1957 IL01-14-1923 Brooklyn Twp.William H. GreenCaroline Blackley, IndianaRushville City CemeteryWilliam H. DoyleCert. info
Draine, CharlesMary E. Williams03-17-1845 New York, NY12-24-1929 Rushville Twp.Henry DraineJane RielRushville City CemeteryHarry DraineCert. info
Draine, Mary AnnCharles Draine05-07-1846 Nashville, Tenn.03-23-1923 Rushville Twp.Dennis Mitchell, Louisville, KYNancy Beghtol, Louisville, KYRushville City CemeteryMrs. Robert DraineCert. info
Drake, EdwardHelen Peacock Howell10-04-1887 Brown Co., IL08-25-1932 Rushville Twp.Stephen DrakeAlice I. Howell, Brown Co., ILCooperstown, Brown Co., ILF. McKownCert. info
Drake, Lydia Ellen1. Clarence Greenwell; 2. William Edward Drake07-24-1865 Brown Co., IL10-27-1931 Birmingham Twp.Harrison Howell, Brown Co., ILMalinda Shelby, Brown Co., ILHuntsville CemeteryLoren GreenwellCert. info
Drake, William Edward1. Lula Greenwell; 2. Lydia Greenwell10-02-1860 Marshall Co., PA05-15-1917 Huntsville Twp.Steven Drake, PANarcissus Anderson, PAHuntsville CemeteryMalinda DrakeCert. info
Drawve, Dora AnnHerman Drawve03-17-1870 Rushville Twp.11-01-1930 Rushville Twp.John "Henry" Henry Miller, Bippen, Hanover, GermanySarah F. Holland, Nashville, TennesseeRushville City CemeteryAnna McCormickFather's Bio,
Cert. info
Drawve, HenryMary Elizabeth Dodds10-17-1862 Beardstown, Cass Co., IL03-21-1921 Bainbridge Twp.Henry Drawve, GermanyMary Schweer, GermanyGillette CemeteryMrs. Henry DrawveCert. info
Dresher, Elizabeth H.Fred Rudolph Dresher08-16-186305-06-1927 Browning Twp.Solomon Hamm, PASarah Wolf, PAAstoria Cemetery, Fulton Co., ILFred DresherCert. info
Drummond, Catherine ElizabethGuy R. Drummond01-19-1859 Carroll Co., OH02-01-1927 Rushville Twp.William Clemens, Jefferson Co., OHRebecca Johnson Dilly, Huntsdron Co., NJRushville City CemeteryGuy DrummondCert. info
Drummond, Guy R. Katherine Elizabeth Clements01-29-1876 Pittsburgh, PA04-25-1933 Rushville Twp.Martin Drummond, ScotlandMary Clements, IrelandRushville City CemeteryMrs. Guy Drummondinfo given by wife,
Cert. info
Dugger, Harley Alvin**08-13-1918 Frederick Twp.08-16-1934 Rushville Twp.George A. Dugger, Scott Co., ILLucinda Rayborn, WinchesterMesserer CemeteryMrs. Harvey BrownCert. info
Dugger, LucindaGeorge A. Dugger09-22-1876 Winchester, IL06-201931 Rushville Twp.Thomas E. Rayborn, TennesseeMary Flynn, ILMesserer CemeteryMrs. Harvey BrownCert. info
Dunlap, Hannah "Matilda" MatildaJames Dunlap09-30-1833 OH08-26-1924 Rushville Twp.Josiah Steele, NJHannah Osborne, OHMesserer CemeteryMrs. James MalcomsonCert. info
Dunlap, JamesHannah "Matilda" Matilda Steele09-30-1825 Coshocton Co., OH09-28-1916 Rushville Twp.John Dunlavy, OH?Messerer CemeteryThomas MalcomsonCert. info
Dunlap, WilliamLouise Garrison06-22-1851 Frederick Twp.02-06-1925 Frederick Twp.**Messerer CemeteryRalph DunlapCert. info
Dunlavy, Andrew ClintonClarissa A. Grist08-04-1859 Schuyler Co., IL06-18-1917 Rushville Twp.Andrew J. Dunlavy, PA or KYLucinda Jacobs, OH or KYRushville City CemeteryClarissa DunlavyCert. info
Dunlavy, ClarissaAndrew Clinton Dunlavy06-23-1862 Woodstock Twp.02-09-1934 Rushville Twp.James M. Grist, Schuyler Co., ILMargaret Ann Pinkerton, Bainbridge, INRushville City CemeteryMrs. Fred ReedBrother's death cert., Cert. info
Dunlavy, Joseph*03-28-1855 KY06-19-1923 Buena Vista Twp.Andrew J. Dunlavy, PA or KYLucinda Jacobs, OH or KYRushville City CemeteryDan HaberCert. info
Dunn, Glenn Leo**11-12-1924 Rushville Twp.03-11-1932 Rushville Twp.Clarence Dunn, Rushville Twp.Ruby Kessinger, Greenfield, ILMesserer CemeteryHelen DunnCert. info
Dunn, MaryDaniel Dunn03-24-1852, Baden, Germany04-03-1926 Frederick Twp.Michael Hafer, Germany?, GermanyRushville City CemeteryA. F. DunnCert. info
Dutton, Virginia**05-23-1925 Hickory Twp.05-23-1925 Hickory Twp.Logan Dutton, ILNellie Winston, ILBluff City CemeteryLogan DuttonCert. info
Dyson, EdwinMary Frances Irvin07-28-1838 Lancaster, England03-27-1921 Rushville Twp.James Dyson, EnglandHannah Wilson, EnglandRushville City CemeteryH. F. DysonBio,
Cert. info
Dyson, MarthaJoseph Dyson04-27-1844 Newark, OH04-11-1931 Rushville Twp.George Wheelhouse, EnglandMary Brown, OHRushville City CemeteryGeorge DysonCert. info
Dyson, Mary FrancisEdwin Dyson09-29-1842 Danville, KY10-27-1929 Rushville Twp.William H. Irvin, KYMildred Clark, KYRushville City CemeteryMrs. H. F. DysonHusband's Bio, Cert. info
Dyson, Mary RuthGeorge Dyson10-09-1876 Paris, Missouri04-08-1929 Rushville Twp.Samuel S. Bassett, VAFrances Giddings, MissouriRushville City CemeteryGeorge DysonCert. info

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